Fug Madness 2009, Round 2: Cher Bracket


OMG I CAN BARELY STAND THIS ONE. It feels so….RIGHT. These two are peas in a pod, don’t you agree? Neither of their levels of fame are commensurate with their actual skill sets and neither of them practice much subtlety in their daily lives, shall we say? I actually am sorry that this has to be a fight for the death, because we’re going to miss items like these:

Or these:

Those are two unrepentant fame whores if I ever saw one. I suspect that, following the above events, each of these women got a “please, stop associating yourself with us” letter from the United States Department of Cake, and the Obama campaign respectively. And who can blame them? Regardless of your feelings about baked goods or the Democratic Party, you have to admit that these endorsements could do unmitigated harm to each.

Aubrey, I presume, also got a Cease and Desist from The Feather Boa Corporation, the National Association of Bath Towels, and — in an interesting turn of events, Phoebe Price herself, when she saw that Aubrey wore the same dress on TRL that she is currently wearing to besmirch cake.

Phoebs, on the other hand. is legally wrangling with The Very Dress She’s Wearing On Her Cake,  the city of Cannes, and books.

I admit that I have no idea who will win this one. It could go down to the wire!


Oh, Lisa, don’t look so surprised.

Did you really think that your Thigh Cleavage wouldn’t easily push you through the first round? Not to mention this hair, and, of course, the Leopard Print Obsession.

But Sarah Jessica Parker is a formidable opponent.

She sees Lisa’s thigh cleavage, and ups the ante with literal camel toe boots, people. Need we say more?

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Comments (225):

  1. loren

    Come on, people! Phoebe may be so clueless as to have a cake made (you really think someone ELSE gave that to her?!) in one of her all-time worst outfits but Aubrey is beyond fug with the matching pet! Aubrey, Aubrey, AUBREY!


    That was so hard – Phoebe or Aubrey? It’s like Sophie’s choice. I had to go with Phoebe based on the simple fact that she is older and should know better. Period.

    But now I feel guilty… like I left poor Aubrey out in the cold, wearing nothing but an oversized novelty tee and a clutch shaped like a chicken… I hope she’ll be ok.

  3. Susan

    I really had not paid attention to Aubrey before this tournament, but that second picture of her sealed the deal. Aubrey FTW!

    I am so sad – Lisa Rinna was so pretty as the original Billie on DOOL. Now – now she is just wrong. Original Billie FTW!

  4. burton21

    I mean, Phoebe Price is dead behind the eyes. I just couldn’t in good faith vote for her. It’s ALMOST sad, but not really. The true tragedy here is Aubrey’s poor, sad dog, hoping that one day someone will save it from it’s life of red onesies and inappropriate hats.

  5. Neffs

    I just wish someone would rescue the dog already.

  6. Amanda in Austin

    I voted for Aubrey because she drags her poor innocent dog into the fuggery. And SJP because she purports herself to be a “fashion icon,” but is just a whore for the designers. She’ll let them dress her in the fugliest clothes, just so she can stay in the limelight for one more day. And a SATC 2 movie makes my stomach turn. For that fact alone, she gets my vote.

  7. Catherine

    Aubrey O’Day is just young and stupid. Phoebe Price is sartorially REPULSIVE. And she should know better. Phoebe! Phoebe!

  8. Sandra

    Phoebe Price is far worse than Aubrey. She’s been at it longer so this isn’t just a woman going through growing pains. She CHOOSES to dress like that with the benefit of maturity and experience behind her.

    Lisa Rinna is so much more fug that SJP. If you squint your eyes and tilt your head to the side, SJP could pass herself off as artistic. Rinna is just desperate and, although I despise the term, cougar to the bone.

  9. Lauren

    I had to go SJP over Rinna for the same reasons I chose Maggie in the previous round. Dressing in tacky leopard print over and over again may be fug but more importantly it is boring. SJP gave us both a green birds nest hat and CLOVEN HOOVES this year. She wore demonic shoes, this one should be no contest.

    I’m sad that this isnt Maggie vs. SJP, a contest of supposed fashionistas would have been much more interesting.

  10. Stefanie

    This was a tough choice, but for me it was Phoebe. Anyone who shows up to Cannes wearing see through ‘dresses’ deserves to go into the next round. Better luck to Aubrey next year.

  11. D

    Aubrey vs. Phoebe

    Wow, just wow! This was hard but in the end I had to go with O’Day. Phoebe is just not as strong as she was last year. Both are indeed similar but what I really noticed was that O’Day can’t seem to buy a crazy outfits that actually FITS. They both wear very Fug-worthy outfits but O’Day looks like she raided a clowns wardrobe and never even thought to see if it was her size. You’d think someone who isn’t afraid to pose nude would at least want her outfits not to look like a burlap sack.

  12. Anonymous

    Oh Gawd. Cannes must be the fashion equivalent of a toxic waste dump.

  13. Valerie

    I just don’t know! All of these people turn it up to 11 on their fug dials!

  14. Samantha

    Aubrey takes it for accessorizing with a dog. A DOG, people.

  15. Elle

    Really? Lisa Rinna is beating SJP? Lisa Rinna is just blah and overexposed (in the literal skin-baring sense), but SJP goes for all out hideosity in the realm of clothes. And she considers herself a designer…

  16. Neil

    Is it possible to vote for all 4 of these hapless people?

    I just wasted 2 minutes trying to find a single redeeming quality in any of them. Utter failure.

    BTW, Fug girls, love your site. The writing is brilliant. Guaranteed laugh every day. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

  17. jen310

    Oh Phoebe, so sad to have to vote against you but O’Day brought her fug A game this year. And forced fug on her little dog, too. O’Day FTW, barely.

    Camel toe shoes are fug but “thigh clevage” is fuglier. Rinna’s body of fug work is formidable but I cannot forgive her for her almost visible vag. I don’t want to see your lady garden, Rinna. Sorry SJP, you’re no match for labia.

  18. Sairis

    Come on, people: camel toe boots! And from someone touted as a fashionista, no less. That beats washed up, shameless over-exposure any day.

  19. Lesley

    that alone deserves a win.

  20. Clancy

    Lisa’s unnecessary exposure makes her a shoe-in on this one. And despite the weirdness that is SJP’s hoof-shoe, I actually saw someone wearing them on the streets of Dublin just last week – the trend is catching on!

  21. Taia

    Aubrey O’Day vs. Phoebe Price? Hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. After soliciting the advice of friends, family, neighbors, and the mailman, I had to vote for Aubrey. Never (NEVER I SAY) did I think I would vote against Phoebe in Fug Madness. But Aubrey… too fug for words. I’m predicting an Aubrey v SWINTON finale.

  22. Kelsey

    Phoebe Price, I feel, has been around long enough to know better than to be this fugly, while Aubrey is just a cute young thing apparently too hopped up on controlled substances to realize what she’s wearing. So I had to go with Phoebe.

    I WAS going to cast my lot with Lisa Rinna, and then you reminded me of SJP’s ridiculous boots. Affronts to the name of footwear trump crotchtacularitude any day.

  23. Pia

    Aubrey is quite fug
    But Phoebe Price was there first.
    Miss Price will win this!

  24. heliotrope

    Phoebe is clueless and her clothes are repulsive, but I find her really hilarious, and yeah, she’s a fame whore, but she doesn’t seem like a particularly awful person.
    Aubrey, on the other hand, just absolutely disgusts me. Her clothes are so bad, and her shoot for Complex magazine awhile back is the definition of fug. It actually made me queasy to look at. Therefore, Aubrey gets my vote.

  25. Debbi

    Isn’t Phoebe like 100 years old? (Sorry if I’ve offended all those 100 year olds out there.) She’s just about too pathetic to vote for. And Rinna all the way, for the faux-Dynasty bouffant.

  26. liz r.

    I do feel sorry for Aubrey’s dog, but Phoebe’s recent “don’t show your ass in public” outfit has earned her my vote forever.

  27. ames

    Sadly, my vote for SJP isn’t going to keep her in this round. It’s just that I dislike her so intensely – I haven’t liked her since she was SanDeE* and you know, I rewatched that movie the other day, and it wasn’t remotely as cute as I remembered it being. Overpriced in the $5 bin at Wal-Mart. Lisa is really the more deserving of the vote, but I just cannot get behind SJP in any way.

    I voted for Phoebe Price because the self-satisfied smirk is the fuggiest thing ever.

  28. Suzy

    Had to vote for Aubrey O’MyGodYou’veGotToBeKiddingMe because Phoebles, at least, seems to have an occassional glint of awareness in her eyes that she is, indeed, over the top in a flaming fame-whoring way. Aubrey seems, for lack of a better word, sincere. Oh never mind. Now I just sound crazy. Vote for her, just so we can collectively say, “Hey, Aubrey. Hand over the dog, so we can find it a caring home with kind people WHO WON’T DIP IT IN DYE AND CARRY IT LIKE A CLUTCH!!!!” You see how bad it is? She made me shout.

    SJP, usually, hovers on the line between being interestingly chic and ridiculous. She just nearly misses being presentable by some small but egregious detail. Like fit, or a wierd hat, or stockings. Or (gulp) boots. So my vote went to the Rinna, for having no taste, ever, at all. Ever. And because I’m tired of looking at her giant chest. Put them away, Lisa. We’ve seen them.

  29. anner

    How can Pheobe Price not be winning!? At least Aubrey looks like a product of the current decade, and occasionally turns up looking not too terrible. P.P. ALWAYS looks hideous, and almost always augments her fug with terrible hats, tights, headbands, and other accessories. She looks like she’s from another planet where it will always be 1996, except they have hair today’s extensions and cheekbone “volumizing”. A.O. is actually sort of a cutie sometimes and just strikes me as extremely wayward. Whereas P.P.’s eye’s are filled with The Crazy, and she always looks like some sort of demon peering out from behind a semi-human mask. And the POSING! She’s so proud of this stuff, even though it all looks like it was made by Beyonce’s mom after someone slipped her some meth.

  30. Adrian

    Price!? O Day!? Price?! O Day?!

    I am literally pulling my hair out with indecisiveness and suspense. Truly one of the greatest match ups of our time

  31. Marph

    P Squared really brings the fug, but people, we *cannot* encourage her. Think of all the poor virgins and silkworms that have been sacrificed to create this horror. With any luck someone will bring a silver spike to the next movie premiere and put us all out of her misery.

  32. Pandora

    I wanted to vote for Aubrey so bad, mainly because she spreads the fug infection onto that poor, helpless dog she carries around as an accessory. It’s downright inhumane! But the sad fact is that it’s Phoebe’s wardrobe that makes me retch. I have to go with my gut. (Ha ha, pun.) I held onto my lunch (barely) and voted for Phoebe.

    And yes, SJP wore the cloven shoes of Hades, but La Rinna is wearing a tit sling in that first photo. Literally, a tit sling! Damn, that’s some fug, lady!


    Aubrey and the Phoebster. I was not expecting this level of competition so early on. After much debate, I HAD to go with Aubrey. Her fugitude has just rapidly progressed over the past year. I just want to rescue that poor Kool-aid stained pocket pooch.

  34. Colin O.

    Vote Aubrey. She MUST be punished for mistreating that poor little pooch.

  35. JESR

    Bad plastic surgery, the fug that keeps on giving, is the tie-breaker in both cases.

  36. AHM

    Gotta go with P Squared, simply because she IS NOT FAMOUS FOR ANYTHING. At least Aubrey was in a semi-recognizable ‘music’ group. A crappy semi-recognizable ‘music’ group, but at least it’s something…I guess. Maybe not. Oh, damn, did I vote incorrectly?!?!

  37. Dan

    SJP may look like a pipe bomb went off in her closet, but at least she hasn’t totally demolished her face. La Rinna gets my vote, simply because it’s the closest I can come to throttling her plastic surgeon.

    I picked P-squared, but it could very easily have gone the other way.

  38. Courtney

    Phoebe vs. Aubrey … Choosing between the two is quite possibly the toughest thing I have had to do today, and that is saying a lot considering I am writing an exam in a few hours!

  39. Robin

    Oh girls, I love you, but the word is “commensurate.” Although I totally understand why the word “commiserate” came to mind when writing on Ms. O’Day and Ms. Price.

  40. deb

    AUBREY: Because you are the Uber-attention-whore in that Obama shirt. (And I am from Europe, so this has nothing to do with politics for me..lol)

    SJP: As someone said above, leopard and cleavage are just boring, but CAMELTOE-SHOES???!!!

  41. Ignatz

    “Commensurate”, no? Although we must commiserate with all those who have been exposed to The Fug of the O’Day.

  42. amelia

    When I was first introduced to Phoebe Price here at GFY, I saw in her the psuedo-famous attention whore loony bin fashion sense that I equate with Edina Monsoon of Ab Fab…. and so my reaction to her antics was always, “Ohhh, Phoebe, sweetie dahling, you kook!”

    But now, I’ve gotten so sick of her swollen freckly visage, that voting for her would go against the very core of my being. SHE DESERVES NO MORE ATTENTION. SHE MUST NOT WIN.

    The fact that Aubrey O’Day dyes her dog with Kool-Aid only cements my vote.

  43. Erin

    Okay, so I’m totally sabotaging my own bracket by sharing this, but please check out this wonderful example of the Lisa Rinna brand of fugliness:


  44. Anonymous

    Finally had to go with Aubrey but it was tough. It’s really rather tragic when there is so little behind the mascara and the eye shadow that they both feel they have to put all their assets out there for the world to see just to get attention.
    And I had to go with SJP just because I have the feeling she really knows that flower pots aren’t hats.

  45. Debbi

    EXCELLENT use of wrong word. You said “Neither of their levels of fame are commiserate with their actual skill sets…”

    I think you meant that their levels of fame are not “commensurate” with their skill sets. However we Fug acolytes all “commiserate” that Fug Madness will be over all too soon. Or, Aubrey and Phoebe “commiserate” that they will not ever win anything, not even a competition for who is the fugliest of them all.

    Not being picky, just enjoying it all. Tit sling, that is hilarious. Sounds like a brand name for bad bras.

  46. Android

    Aubrey had better win this over Pheobe. That girl went pretty far in my pre-Fug Madness predictions. And I just can’t bring myself to acknowledge that Pheobe Price actually exists. Just… no.

  47. Maria

    Phoebe vs Aubrey… you’re KILLING me. I have to go soak my head before I vote.

  48. StephieD

    I voted for Phoebe, but barely! Honestly, either one of them is deserving!

  49. Laura

    Phoebe makes me want to get up on a clock tower with a long rifle…I refuse to vote for her in ANYTHING, unless they have a contest on who wins “The Poor Man’s Paris Hilton Strip Club Promotion Award.” Ick. Just ick.

    PLEASE keep voting for Aubrey — her potential is HUGE, and dog hats are expensive.

    Also, SJP is WAY more interesting and fugly than Lips. I mean, my MOM has issues with leopard print too, although she usually contains it to throw pillows and has never, to date, played peekaboo with her hoo-hah.

    SJP deserves the win for the hooves alone. I mean, who ever thought of putting your hoo-hah on your FEET? Brilliant!

  50. jwdream

    Aubrey deserves a win for that Obama fashion infraction alone. It’s a wonder he won with that horror circulating!

  51. Gayle

    We have to put aside these superficial comments .. and talk about what’s really important, SJP’s personal safety.
    I mean .. look at the camel-feet — people, she is gonna topple forward and hurt herself.

  52. Catherine

    Maybe Rinna is winning because SJP looks pretty ok in that photo?
    As opposed to the camel toes…

  53. Travis

    Yeah. I voted Pheebs based simply on the fact that I can sort of stand Aubrey because she actually works for her right to fug. And Lisa because when SJP WANTS to get it right, she does. So… simple explanation for the bloodiest matches so far.

  54. elise

    Aubrey & SJP take the cake for me.

    I’m sick of P squared, which is funny because I really only see her on this site.

    I’m really surprised that she-of-the-leopard-print-and-cleavage-obsession is beating SJP so handily right now!

  55. Jael_Paris

    I voted Aubry because I at least know what she does for a living. (Did? I guess Diddy booted her?)

    I had to vote for SJP because she insists she’s above it all. Plus, she can never be forgiven for Bitten.

  56. Ally

    Seriously? Lisa Rinna over SJP?? Lisa is just trying to get attention. SJP on the other hand claims to know and understand fashion!

  57. CocoG

    I handed the fug to Pheebs because, in the end, she had one more strike against her compared to her heinously worthy opponent.
    She’s too old to be dressed like lead Crazy Fairy in the Dolly Dinkle Ballet Academy’s spring dance recital.

    I want to be careful here, because I have much respect for women-of-a-certain-age who’ve
    paid their dues and are wiser, fiercer, and hotter than ever. In other words, I am not hating on Phoebe because she’s not a teenager.
    Time waits for no tool, and it is also a rapacious creditor. None of us is immune!
    But, my mom always made sure to council me on dressing for my age. Too old or too young, it’s a fug waiting to happen.

    SO. While Audaciously Awful Aubrey deserves to be under house arrest for her repulsive aesthetic choices, and while it’s almost too close a race to call, I am giving her a pass this time. She, at least, is only a few years older than I was when dressing like Madonna for snack trips to the A&P. No, there is no excuse for the horror that she inflicts.
    But, Fashion Goddesses willing, Aubrey may yet have time to learn from her disastrous displays of fug and “grow out of it.”

    Phoebe, on the other hand, should know better. In her case, the fug has had time to harden into a thick crust of calcified attention-seeking. To paraphrase my dad, “Beauty is skin deep, but FUGly goes clear to the bone.”

  58. GFY Jessica

    Thanks for the “commensurate” vs. “commiserate” catch. That was…very Freudian of me, no?


  59. furia

    Aubrey O’Day vs. Phoebe Price? TIE. Big time.

  60. KEISHA

    The O’Day/Price matchup brought JOY into my day. I have Aubrey moving through until round 5 where she challenges Solange in a fight to the death but then i cant decide between those two. I voted for Aubrey cause she thinks she is a fashionista and a star. P.Diddy didnt even want her in his band cause she is a fame whore. He was on to something.

  61. Emily

    Wow, thanks Laura- that comment about putting hoo-has on the foot is not only accurate, but has reduced me to a giggling heap for the rest of the day. Awesome.

    O DAY for the win!!!!!!!

  62. Miss V

    I have been longing for and dreading this day with Phoebe Price and Aubrey O’Day. Aubrey has a line of stupid, stupid headbands, which she is trying to foist upon us. Phoebe accessorizes with HER ASS, which I am equally offended that she has foisted upon us. Phoebe accessorizes with the Star Magazine she’s been in (on multiple occasions!). Aubrey accessorizes with the Playboy she’s been in, with her signature on the cover scrawled across her junk. But I have to agree with other commenters who’ve said Aubrey gets it for accessorizing with her dog, which is both a fashion crime and animal cruelty.

  63. callie

    See, Phoebe should be disqualified because she’s DOING IT ON PURPOSE. FOR ATTENTION.

    Aubrey is the winner because I’m sure she thinks she looks completely awesome. (Seconding all the “please rescue that dog” comments.)

  64. freak_inside

    I realize that Lisa Rinna’s “fashion” sense is both whorish and repugnant, but there is NO WAY she should win over SJP. Sarah Jessica Parker should be renamed Sarah Jessica POSEUR. She’s constantly trying to be this fashionista and always ends up dressing herself like the 6-year-old daughter of Phoebe Price and Willie Wonka. And she LOVES to raid Mommy and Daddy’s closet!!!!

  65. Rain

    Sure, it’s difficult to vote for P-Squared. But think of the puppy! If Aubrey wins, she’ll take that as encouragement to continue to abuse the little puppy!… Of course, if she loses then she’ll take that as a CHALLENGE to try harder for next year…crap, we’re screwed both ways. Somebody call the SPCA already.

    I went with Phoebs based on her formidable Cannes display alone. Well, and I want to see her go up against SWINTON.

  66. Sabine

    There is absolutely no excuse for those camel toe boots SJP wore! In my opinion, she takes it all!

  67. Lizzie

    SJP vs. Lisa Rinna really gave me pause. On the one hand, I really dislike animal prints and Rinna rarely leaves home without them. But really its her face that freaks me out. Some of her clothing choices are passable, if not my particular cup of tea. But SJP, whom I don’t think has had any weird facial reconstruction, is flat out a bad dresser. A bad dresser who thinks she is styling.

  68. Mel

    AMEN to Loren (commenter #1)… anyone with a dyed-to-match pet (that poor dog!) DESERVES to win.

  69. Rachel

    Aubrey gets my vote because I just CANNOT STAND to look at one more picture of Phoebe Price. Maybe playground principles still work, and if we ignore her she will leave us alone?

  70. Nora

    Difficult to say between Phoebe and Aubrey! Let’s say that I would like to vote for both parties but that feather shirt just sealed the deal- my vote goes for Aubrey.
    Ok, Lisa Rinna’s style is sort of a relic from the late 80′s and 90′s. I can live with that. But fashion guru SJP and her horrid clothes?! FUG! No way. She thinks that she can wear ANYTHING and EVERYTHING at the same time and look great?! Uh, no no missus. She gets my vote.

  71. Kristin

    A vote for Audrey is a vote AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY! She must be STOPPED!!!

  72. Catherine

    Definitely went with Phoebe here…Aubrey makes me snort, Phoebe makes me want to vomit. The choice was clear.

  73. Miss V

    And yet, now that I’ve voted for Aubrey, I find myself scrolling through Phoebe’s archives and thinking about the fug that might have been. Oh, Phoebe. Why do you do this to me?

  74. Richard

    One crazy week in Cannes is nothing next to the year Aubrey had. She’s got more orange spray headed her way than an explosion at the Sunkist bottling plant.
    I don’t even know who this FeeBee Woman is. From the pictures, I am guessing an actress/author/cake-eater. Or as I like to call it, a triple threat.
    Bring your A-Game next year, Price. You can’t hold a candle to veiny boobs and a malnourished Maltese as a brooch.

  75. sweetpea

    Phoebe vs. Aubrey is a perfect yet brutal match-up. It was tough, but I went for Phoebe, because whereas they are both shameless fame whores, Phoebe is also a fameless shame whore, and that takes something special.

  76. J

    I did NOT choose Phoebe Price event though she has numerous fashion sins, because COME ON, the woman is BEGGING to be in this competition and I still have no idea why she is famous or deserves the attention. Just FUGgeddabout Her!!!

  77. Jen

    Aubrey wins for counting as a double fug – her dog included! Poor little pink thing.

    Vote SJP!! Rinna is stuck on animal prints but Sarah is all over the board in fug!

  78. Stephanie S.

    I voted for Aubrey because she so consistently makes me want to THROW UP. Phoebe is annoying and makes me gag, but Aubrey is like a jet-stream of barf.

  79. Lughna

    Price just didn’t seem to be putting in the effort this year, whereas O’Day was everywhere, fugging up everything she could. I had to go with SJP though. She just gets everything so wrong! Rinna’s just slutty looking and since when has that been a crime?

  80. Erin

    Okay, people. Can we recall a little incident that I like to call the Mooning Photogs in Fugly Ripped Tights Ruin Lives Debacle? Yes, Aubrey O’Day needs a shower and possible an intervention hosted by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London, but Phoebe Price would be better off handed a canvas bag that comes to her knees. And possibly some corrective surgery for whatever plastic horrors she committed on her face.

  81. Sandy

    Rinni is a cougar who thinks she’s a leopard, but SJP is a fugger who thinks she’s all that. Review all her photos, then vote SJP!!

  82. ISBN

    I have been waiting for the day when SJP was acknowledged for her ridiculousity. Someone must tell her that when she is off the set, she is NOT Carrie Bradshaw. I can’t stand her clothes, her outfits, there are so many more that need to be up here for a fair decision to be made!!

    I voted for PP because I just don’t want Aubrey O to get any more anything in terms of fame and awards. Just to go away.

  83. Sandy

    Oops. Meant Rinna, not Rinni

  84. bbkf

    I was all set to hastily click for Aubrey, but then the orchid-expliding-from-bellybutton-complete-with-zebra-print gown made me do a 180. Phoebe, you never cease to amaze.

  85. weyes

    sjp tries so hard to be “fashionable” and just ends up being annoyingly in-your-face with it. ick! at least rinna is a tad more understated.

  86. coexxi

    Oh my… this was so hard. All this people are so fugly. But I had to go with the Phoeb and the Sar. The other two seem to be stupid slutty (Even so I have to admit that I have a soft spot for LR, can’t explain why. Must be the television shows she did.)

    P + S just try sooo hard.

  87. James

    omg this was hard.
    1- Had to vote for Aubrey. It was a very tough decision to make. It was sealed by the bowling pin and wearing something that Phoebe had worn before.
    It’s one thing to be fug, it’s another thing entirely to recycle fug. And off of Phoebe Price? Unforgivable.

    2- So so sooooo hard to choose! In the end I had to throw my vote at SJP (with malice). Lisa’s fug seems to just miss the mark. Like she’s soooo extremely close to looking wonderful but something just goes tragically wrong.

    SJP is never even close to a mark. She just looks like she’s been living as a squatter in the old SATC wardrobe room and stumbles out every now and then to attend something.
    It’s over woman. Move on.

  88. Elizabeth

    Wow… that was a tough one!! I had to go with Aubrey because she drags the poor dog into it. And I’m tired of giving Phoebe Price the attention she desperately craves. She’s insensitive to whether it’s positive or negative attention anyway…

  89. Scott

    Phoebe, like Bai Ling, is now just a caricature of a personality. I’ve decided not to vote for someone unless I can name one thing that they’ve done outside of appearing on Go Fug Yourself. Thus a vote for Aubrey, despite the heinous choices of Phoebe.

  90. Richard

    Lisa’s doing it on purpose. SJP just opens the boxes that show up on the doorstep and wears the mish-mosh items that crazy designers THINK they are sending to Carrie Bradshaw. And then runs into the bedroom and says, “Ooh, Mr. Big, look at my fancy moose-knuckle booties!” And Matthew Broderick looks at her says: “Please stop calling me that. And stop smoking in the house, we have children.”

  91. RightAsRain

    I really have to say that when you have tough match-ups like this where the opponents are so evenly “decorated” that the vote comes down to one thing – age.

    Most people might say that the older ones should know better. I say that the older ones deserve a vote for the sheer desperation that causes them to take such fantastical steps to remain in the public eye and garner attention, no matter how mocking or pity-induced it may be.

    Although SJP and her camel-toe boots deserve an MVP for sheer horrificness.

  92. Karen G

    Had to go with O’day here, as many commenters have said, because she doesn’t just inflict fug on herself, she fugs her dog too, and there’s really got to be some kind of law against that!

    SJP vs Lisa Rinna was very difficult. LR is shamelessly overexposed in a repulsive cougary way. Her outfits are frighteningly revealing; her hair is from somewhere else in time; and her face is surgically mis-enhanced. All fugly. But then SJP wears the wackiest ensembles, thinking they are sartorially wonderful. Could someone be messing with her? Matthew, “Oh Sarah, you should wear these great boots I just bought you. They’re the absolute latest style.” Sarah, “Gee, thanks, Babycakes.” Matthew, “Hee, hee.” And the fashion magazines, not in on the joke, declare her a fashion icon. Total lunacy. So, for the craziness of wearing the lamest collection on unmatched ensembles & the devil’s own boots, I have to vote for SJP, no matter how fugly Ms. Rinna is.

  93. Oh, dear GOD!

    PLEASE don’t vote for Phoebe Price, if only because she wants you to. You know, so she can show up somewhere and get photographed (WHY?!) holding the print-out of the screenshot declaring her something, anything at all…

  94. Tracy

    I can’t believe that Rinna is pulling ahead of SJP! This is just wrong! Lisa Rinna is a tragic and sad woman who is obsessed with flashing as much of her unmentionables as is physically possible without ripping her dresses off right in the middle of the red carpet. Sarah Jessica Parker is hailed as this fashion icon and is always praised for her hideous choices! She’s getting away with pure fug and no one seems to want to stop her! She really seems to think she actually IS Carrie Bradshaw and that’s just horrifying. Lisa Rinna is just skanky.

  95. Judi

    I clearly need to start working for the United States Department of Cake.

  96. Schadenfreudelicious

    The irony of pairing camel-toe boots against the eye searing vision of almost seeing the real thing was not lost here…Gotta go with Rinna on this one..SJP does fashion well on many occasions….Rinna?….not so much.

  97. Becca

    Aubrey takes it, just for the boa-shirt. Come on, that is tough to top! Rinna should also take this round on the strength of her “cosmetically-altered” features.

  98. Eshe

    wow… O’Day vs. Price, a match up of titans. I agonised over this decision but in the end went with Aubrey because there is just no excuse for inflicting fug on a poor, innocent animal.

    SJP also had my vote because.. hoo hah shoes!!! (hilarious Laura) Need I say more.

  99. Jenna

    Cloven Hooves, people, cloven hooves!!! This alone qualifies for a win…..
    SJP should be shot for starting that semblance of a trend….even if it is done unknowingly. Which, let’s face it, she doesn’t do ANYTHING unknowingly (as she professes to NOT trying to be a fashionista).
    And, as far as P Squared and Fug O’Day go – they both make my eyes bleed. I did have to go with Aubrey FTW, though, because she also subjects that poor puppy to her terminal fashion sense.

  100. Katie

    Pheobe and Aubrey are like Fug twins! They are so equal in their fugness, but Pheobe has been keeping this fug level up for so long. And that is a real accomplishment.

  101. Aurora

    Had to go with O’Day over Price, as repugnant as she is based on the make up alone. Blonde hair with jet black smeared all over her eye area and corpse-pale lipstick? Yuck. Not to mention the poor dog.

    SJP over Rinna. Rinna’s run of the mill, over the hill boring. SJP is true, off the wall fug. She works at it!

  102. Erin

    Aubrey completely takes out Phoebe. For one, Aubrey used to be really cute (yes, I did catch a bit of making the band before she had fake boobs, fake lips, fake tan, etc) and wore cute clothes. Secondly, her giant fake boobs and duck lips are horrible. Third, she needs to lay off the makeup worse than Christina Aguilera. Fourth, and this is a BIG fourth, SHE HAS A CLOTHING LINE! Did we all forget the atrocity that is http://www.heartonmysleeveshop.com?! She is trying to disperse her sense of fug to the unsuspecting public! And what’s even more frightening is that there is a good portion of her wares that are sold out. IT IS SELLING OUT PEOPLE!

  103. Molly

    These two match ups really made me think long and hard. I agree with whoever said that all of these atrocities need to be in some Fug Hall of Fame. (Which might be another idea for a group voting event half way between this year’s Fug Madness and next year’s.)
    I went with Aubrey just because I find her fug tackier than Pheeb’s. It’s the dog, you know? It’s just the dog.
    While a big, big part of me wanted to vote for Camel Toe Parker, I had to go with Rinna. Simply because anyone who parades up and down Hollywood Boulevard with a sandwich board sign on, trying to get back on Melrose Place, deserves to move forward another bracket in this contest. http://l.yimg.com/k/im_siggH8VKwnJqE7gLdbkEBSEXag—y626-x495-q75-n1/omg/us/img/d7/45/1760212077_3628693864.jpg

  104. Laura

    i refuse to vote for pheobe until i understand what the hell has made her famous!! has she ever been in a a movie?? help!

  105. Cecily

    Please don’t EVER show Obama that T-shirt of O’Days, he’s got enough problems. Could. Not. Bear. to give Phoebs any more attention.

    As posted before, that Lisa Rinna is in for a win. Her efforts to give us a bird’s eye view of her lady parts every time, she puts the F in Fug AND Filler!

  106. Sanne

    Oh Aubrey, how I love you. I voted for Aubrey, because Aubrey doesn’t just dress herself badly, she does the same horrors to that dog. That’s a true accomplishment. Also, I think Phoebe Price is boring.

    SJP all the way! First of all, I have no clue of who Lisa Rinna is (just like with Phoebe Price, by the way) and second: the hat! THE SHOES! Oh my God.

  107. Jill

    Having never heard of Aubrey O’Day or Phoebe Price anyplace other than GFY makes this a tough call. Aubrey seems to be in some kind of fake band, whereas I have absolutely no idea what P Squared does, and that gave her the edge. Plus the fact that she herself is just very ugly, while Aubrey is pretty much interchangeable with the other “demi-nude” blonde starlets running around Southern California. The poor dog almost did her in, though.

    As for Rinna vs SJP, having just watched the ep of Entourage where Lisa Rinna’s character is an old slut who has sex with Turtle, I think my judgement was cloudedwhen I cast my vote for her. Maybe I’m just used to SJP’s wacky brand of fug, which seems like a carryover from SATC and Patricia Field.

  108. Jill

    Great photo, Molly! At least she was wearing something underneath the sandwich board…

  109. Emily

    Phoebe Price is a tragic famewhore, but Aubrey O’Day is just all over awful. And I really wish someone would take that poor dog away from her. It boils my piss every time I see her clutching the poor thing like a Grammy while its little legs dangle in the wind. It’s gross and unforgivable.

    And I had to vote SJP on the basis of those egregious camel toe boots alone. Good god.

  110. nj

    this one was tragic…rinna vs sjp…both with awesome fug powers…only one can win
    i went with sjp…why should botox lips, crotch shots and leopard print beat a topiary hat and goat feet…rinna is just being a cougar,like thousans of others…sjp’s fug showed how ridiculous catwalk fashion looks on mere mortals!
    personally whopdido about the o’day price match up…6 is one half dozen is the other

  111. Molly

    Rinna just thinks she can get a job by showing her skin. SJP is supposed to be a fashion icon! I hope SJP gets voted into the next round where Aubrey can squash her.

  112. Anonymous

    I had to vote for Aubrey – just for the dog’s sake. It’s cruel to do that to an unsuspecting little lap dog.
    And SJP all the way – she thinks she’s stylish. Rinna’s just trying to look hawt.

  113. Cameron Johnson

    Camel Toe Boots do not a fug-champion make. Classless, yes? Reminiscent of the cloven hoof of the devil, obviously. But does it beat the perma-tanned, tire-lipped and vagina cleavage bearing fug that is Lisa Rinna?

    Methinks, no.

  114. Petite

    P Squared sealed the deal over Aubrey O’Day for me because I have seen her on one occasion where she was dressed kind of normal. Granted, it was daytime television so she probably was unable to get away with as much. Phoebe Price always looks tacky and that book just offends me as someone who enjoys reading.

    SJP always wears terrible clothing under the guise of being a fashion icon and I can’t stand her for unleashing yet another awful SATC film upon the public. Someone get these women other gigs so that SATC can finally die.

  115. Anonymous

    SJP works hard to look like she shops only discount ticket days at goodwill. Which is worse.

  116. Romesha

    I am so glad Aubrey is winning this one, Phoebe Price is not a celebrity people!

  117. Romesha

    I am so glad Aubrey is winning this one, Phoebe Price is not a celebrity people!

  118. therese

    oh man. choosing the battle of the attention whores gave me a headache, but in the best way possible. i voted phoebes, based on the fact that at least aubrey has a quasi-kinda-career (she’s on the radio, although i call shenanigans on her actual talent), but phoebes up there has no reason to show up in pictures. aubrey, being she’s a singer, should at least have a better stylist since she brings in money, right? (eh?) and thus, based on the fact that she exists in the celebrity world for a reason, a vote for aubrey it is.

  119. Andrea T.

    Word to all the comments on that poor, poor dog. If I ever see Aubrey O’Day, I’m pooch-napping the little guy (or girl) and bringing it home with me so that it can live a dye-free existence.

  120. Jessica

    It was the little dog that pushed me over the edge on this one. The poor thing deserves better. A pet is not an accessory! So, for me, Aubrey’s fug reigns supreme.

  121. LuvTheFuggers

    The cloven hoof incident earned SJP a Fug Lifetime Achievement Award so I had to vote for her. Rinna’s bad plastic surgery has actually drawn my eye from her clothes so we’ll look for next year after the swelling goes down.

    What is a Phoebe Price anyway? I had no idea she existed until GFY pointed her out. I gave my vote to the other idiot as her multi-colored outfit is actually fuglier than PP’s. And the tee-shirt is so, so, stupid.

  122. amazingal

    AUBREY VS. PHOEBE: Both ladies are equally heinous, but I had to vote for Aubrey because of her cruelty to her dog. Let the damn dog out of it!

    SJP VS. LISA: Lisa has had so much stuff injected and implanted into her…..it may have leaked into the fashion center of her brain. But SJP is touted as a fashion “icon”, and wore camel-toe boots. I will repeat myself for the sake of clarity: Camel. Toe. Boots. ‘Nuff said. SJP for the win.

  123. testington

    I am confused, why are we voting on Round 2 before all the Round 1 results have been posted….I don’t get it

  124. Jillylicious

    OMG. Headbands vs. dog as accessory? So, so hard. I ended up voting for Aubrey because of the dog, who as we all recall was the accessory of choice back in the days of Paris Hilton’s Coochie Unseen, and Britney and K-Fed: Full Head of Hair, Empty Womb. Pheeb’s hideousness is like the Price is Right of fug — unchanging, everlasting, so help us fug amen. But Aubrey is raking up passe trends (that happen to be cruel, btw) from years past. Pathetic – and fugly.

    And, nothing excuses camel toe boots. NOTHING.

  125. Cressida

    Phoebe won the day. It was neck and neck, until that photo of what she was wearing to Cannes popped up and I was actually startled. It was like, no matter how much I’d seen, no matter how prepared I was, I was totally not prepared.

    And Lisa Rinna just has this sleaziness that makes it hard not to pick her. Her sleaze is an actual, tangible thing. It’s not bottled tan, kids, it’s sleaze. You could scrape it off with a knife.

  126. Ariel

    I voted SJP, just for the camel-toe boots- seriously, what is up with that?!

  127. sasha

    Phoebe- Aubrey? I don’t even know who these two losers are. Publicity hounds from the looks of it.

  128. Jenny

    Obama himself wold vote Aubrey for the win after she set his campaign back by criminally splashing his name across her chest. Yes we can Audrey, Yes We Can. . .

  129. Megan

    Oh God, Phoebe is actually losing? I know Aubrey is a total disaster, but I actually saw Phoebe in person this year and I almost died (I squealed with glee and everyone else around me thought I had gone insane) She looked even more like a horror freakshow in person (if that’s even possible!?) She looks like a skeleton draped in tanned freckled leather. She swanned around in front of the photographers for a ridiculous amount of time and took herself so freakin’ seriously that no one beats her in my mind. *shudder*

  130. Alicia

    Aubrey – because she drags her dog into it!

    SJP – Camel tos shoes, need I say more?

  131. Karen

    I am forlorn over Rinna’s current whoop-ass on SJP. Yes, La Rinna is dreadful: there is no denying it. But SJP actually puts herself out there as some sort of arbiter of fashion, an icon, if you will, and she is a TRAIN WRECK. I wouldn’t be sorry if that sad sack took it all. And it would not fill me with the joy of Bai Ling’s 2008 victory. It would fill me with sourness and the smell of boiling cauliflower. SJP must be stopped.

  132. M.R.

    PEOPLE. I am bitterly disappointed that Lisa is winning over SJP. The BOOTS, people. And the HAT. And the CAMEL TOED BOOTS.

  133. anne

    Both Aubrey and SJP have flogged clothes for their own label… unattractive clothes. That counts for more, to my mind, than just dressing ghastly for “events.”

  134. lints

    It IS hard. Aubrey vs Phoebe.. it’s like committing a sin Not to choose both. but, Aubrey.. please, leave that poor dog alone! and by Not doing that, you just earned my vote, girl.

  135. Kiraela

    Okay, I had to go with Phoebe on this one – not that Aubrey has tolerable style, or anything, but christ on a stick, Phoebe: A) gives the state in which I was born a bad image. well, worse. and B) Is, frankly, freaking CREEPY LOOKING. Not in her fashion. No, she won this one on the strength of her face.

    And I was definately going to go with Rinna, but then… you reminded me about SJP’s boots. And I had managed to completely block that one – thanks bunches… :/

  136. M.R.

    Those boots were not….kosher.

  137. Kate

    I have to go with Phoebe Price here, although it was a seriously tough call. But I had to look her up to find out why she’s famous and why anyone would want to take her picture, and even the combined forces of the wikipedia and her own website (which is a trip, she has an intro song and publishes all her own bad press) I still do not know the answer to my question. In fact, the “celebrity” section of her site is curiously stark.

  138. Valerie

    This is so wrong, I can’t believe the hoof boots are losing. They are so unbelievably ugly and ridiculous it blows my mind. Will there be no justice?

  139. Gwen

    I was tempted to go with Phoebe based solely on her constant kewpie doll expression, however, I think Aubrey’s constant torture of that poor dog in her carnival of fug pushed her over the top for me.

  140. ladybirda

    SJP needs to win the whole thing – unless her cloven hoof shoes were just a way to get back at Maxim magazine for calling her horse-faced.

  141. girlgeek

    Those “camel toe shoes” are actually ninja tabi boots. The defined toe is for better grip and balance when scaling walls, kicking people in the face, etc. Some martial arts practitioners still wear them.

    Not that any of that explains why SJP put two inch heels on a pair and wore them for a shopping trip. Maybe she was expecting an attack from pirates?

  142. anner

    COCG — One of my least favorite things about Pheobs is that she doesn’t even admit to being “of a certain age”. She claims to be under 30! Your suggesting that she might want to consider dressing in a more mature way is rational and inoffensive. What’s offensive to me is the fact that she’s clearly lying about her age because she buys whole-heartedly into the misogynistic idea that to be young is the only way for a woman to be beautiful. Either that or it’s just been a really rough 29 years for her in terms of sun, booze, and plastic surgery, in which case, I guess I’m the one being a jerk…

  143. Sherri

    Oh, had to go with Aubrey based on body of work. Phoebe had at least 1 decent outfit (costume?) with the gift bag thing. Even the Bellybutton Flower of Doom can’t overcome that nasty rag-and-bowling-pin thing.

    Rinni over SJP because of overexposure. That woman needs a boobwrangler! SJP may be over the top and plain weird, but she keeps things I don’t need to know about secret. Rinni is into fugly full disclosure. My eyes!!

  144. Kate

    CAMEL TOE BOOTS! That’s all I can say.

  145. sparkalicious

    I will always come down harder on those who drag innocent dogs and children into their fuggage, so Aubrey got my vote.

    I think SJP knows what she’s doing with the self-inflicted hideousity. Lisa Rinna, on the other hand, is clueless. I’ve gotta go with the unintentional fashion fouls.

  146. JupiterPluvius

    One of my least favorite things about Pheobs is that she doesn’t even admit to being “of a certain age”. She claims to be under 30!

    So she thinks we’ll believe she was 13 when she played “Woman With Car” in the pilot of The X-Files?

  147. Suze

    I don’t know about you all, but this brackett business is taking up a lot of time when I should actually be working. Bless you, Fug Girls.

  148. Anonymous

    Although the logic for voting SJP over Rinna is irrefutable, I was overpowered by the memory of the crotch-baring slit. In a RED CARPET GOWN, no less! I feel that this is a cautionary tale that needs to be told, lest such things become a new trend. I’d rather see all the starlets in Hollywood wear flowerpots on their heads and camel-toe boots than do THAT. That said, I’ll be sad if SJP loses so early. That’s just not right.

    As for the other two, they’re virtually indistinguishable in my mind. I went with PP just because there seems to be more variety to her fug. Whoever wins, though, will surely take up the mantle of the other, and she will become “Pricey O’Day.”

  149. Janice Marie

    I said it before and I will say it until this wonderful contest is over:


    Mark my words – the girl is going ALL THE WAY!!!!

  150. Lisa

    Okay, I have ZERO idea as to who Aubrey and Phoebe are. So I just can’t muster up the enthusiasm to care, and since they are both quite fugly, I simply flipped a coin.

    SJP, on the other hand, is a masterpiece of fug because she honestly believes she is a style icon. Not that I think she’ll beat SWINTON (SWINTON for the WIN!), but the poor deluded dear will likely go far in this year’s competition.

  151. Mhristie

    I know the hoof boots are awful; they almost carried the vote for me, too, but you have to take into account LR’s Tanorexia. Ew. I forget the scale, but I’m thinking she’s approaching George-dom in that surprise picture. Added to her icky lipstick, she’s just ghastly enough to overcome even those boots.

    And whoever mentioned her titsling–I’m now going to have Bette Midler’s song from Beaches about Arthur Titsling, “Do you wear a Titsling, or do you wear a Brasseire?!” in my head all day. Sigh. Where is our friend Bette, anyway? She had a great fug or seventy, back in the day.

  152. Ivy Fabulous

    Aubrey- the boobs and the dog seal the deal. That said, this is the toughest match-up of the competition so far.

  153. RenaissanceGrrl

    I voted Phoebe, because both of them are about the same level of fug, but Aubrey WAS in that band…thing…so she actually sometimes has a reason to make the public appearances. I guess you could say that my vote was more for the level of fugly fame-whorey-ness than the fug itself, lol.

    And while SJP may wear something wack now and again, Lisa Rinna…argh. No. I think this is one of those cases where not trying is fuglier than trying too hard. I voted Lisa.

  154. Alyxherself

    These posts are the best on the web. Truly, post monitor if you will, but AT LEAST open comments regularly for the fug or fab voting, PLEASE. It will only enhance my GFY experience. I need it, I seriously need more of these comments in my daily life.

  155. Kate

    Aubrey O’No won it for me with the boa shirt. (((shudder)))

  156. freak_inside

    Anyone else notice how much Lisa Rinna’s lips resemble those of the Octomom? I just had to point that out…

  157. Kirby

    Thanks, Kate. Now you made me go and look for PP’s website. It has an irresistible magnetic attraction and I can’t…look…away. It’s almost as good as Fug Madness. So I voted for her because her fug has depth. She really works at it. Also, I just turned 30 and that woman gives people like me a bad name.

    I’m a waxing-beats-camel-toe girl myself, though in the Rinna/SJP case, there’s an eerie synchronicity there.

  158. Austin

    I was totally going to vote for Aubrey (I think she’s terribly trashy, but she thinks she’s being fashionable), but then I realized that not only does Phoebe think she’s being fashionable, but she’s trying to achieve SWINTON levels of fabulous fugliness with that last Cannes ensemble. Of course, she’s failing miserably. Phoebe FTW.

    No contest here. SJP is supposed to be a fashion icon, but she seems to be mis-stepping more than she’s hitting the nail on the head (see–or, rather, don’t–her Oscar 2009 ensemble). Lisa Rinna is…um, I don’t know. Fug Advantage: SJP.

  159. ringletwraith

    OMG!!! Phoebe vs Aubrey. My head is going to explode! And I have important work to do today! No…really.

    My gut is telling me to go with Aubrey, because, as many who have come before me have stated, Phoebe must cease to exist, and the more attention she receives (does she ever get anything other than negative attention) the more she seeks.

    That’s it. Aubrey gets my vote. PHOEBE, GO AWAY!!!

    I can now return to my regularly scheduled work day.

  160. Gigi

    Aubrey should totally win. Phoebe just redoes the same looks over and over, which are all ugly, but Aubrey is a breath of fresh fug. And she has many years ahead of her to keep delighting us with her fug, I think Phoebe has hit a fug wall. And with her weird looks, I think La Rinna may have a chance at going pretty far in this thing. She is terrifying.

  161. GatuBela

    What’s an Aubrey ODay? Never mind, I don’t really care.

  162. Cyren

    As nervous as Aubrey’s nipple-cage tops make me, and as deeply woed as I am by what her dog’s life must be like- Phoebe in Cannes was the straw that broke the camel’s back; just as she is the skinny twig which will someday ruin patterns for the rest of us.
    Oddly, I think she kind of resembles a camel, with eyeliner.

    Lisa Rinna’s intense early-mid-life crisis deeply offends me as a woman. Does anyone else feel like the drastic stress she applies to her face/hair/skin/wardrobe/body hair/our retinas/etc. only ages her MORE?

  163. camille

    I am yet another voter swayed, in the Aubrey/Phoebe matchup, by the animal cruelty issue. Dogs are not accessories, and dying them to match your outfit? In what world is that a reasonable notion? But if it hadn’t been for that poor, abused puppy, I might still be trying to decide.

  164. Scarlett

    Next year can there be a designated category for the offenders who insists upon subjecting their dogs (and us) to these public displays of fug? Please. I beg you. A new ‘Paris & Tinkerbell Bracket’ if you will.

  165. Scarlett

    Next year can there be a designated category for the offenders who insists upon subjecting their dogs (and us) to these public displays of fug? Please. I beg you. A new ‘Paris & Tinkerbell Bracket’ if you will.

  166. Amanda

    I have figured out why Phoebe Price looks so freaking weird. (Besides her clothing, that is.) Look at her face compared to the rest of her body. Girlfriend is COVERED in freckles, but she globs on so much foundation (in the wrong shade) that they’re all covered up and her face looks like it was grafted onto her from someone else’s body. I do not understand this. I love freckles! They are adorable! EMBRACE YOUR FRECKLES, PHOEBE!

  167. PetuniasMama

    What does SJP have to do for the win? Observe the hat from the London premiere of SATC. It had a butterfly and a plant for fug’s sake. Maybe if she had added fetlocks to her camel toe boots?! How can she not make it to face Aubrey/ Phoebe?

  168. Brenda

    OK, I understand the need to vote Rinna for the inexcusable thigh-cleavage – that was just wrong on so many levels. But if you look at the clothes themselves (not how she wears them) they’re not that bad. Whereas SJP has given us cloven hooves, inappropriate headgear, and crazy eye-searing color combinations. And this from a “style icon”.

    Whose wardrobe would you rather be forced to wear in public? Admit it: leopard-print may be a bit much but it’s way better than the devil’s footwear any day.

  169. Kathleen

    Like so many before me, my love of dogs makes me hate Aubrey’s “fashion” the most. I just hope my vote doesn’t encourage her to abuse little Fluffy even more…

  170. Erica

    I originally had Phoebe Price pulling an upset and getting to the top eight, but OH SNAP! I did not count on her being paired against Aubrey O’Day. This was hard. This was really, really hard. But while I’ve only ever seen and heard of Phoebe on this site, I watched the seasons of Making the Band when we first met Aubrey (yes, yes, I know. It was on and I got sucked in). And back then, I thought she was really cute and quirky. Her fashion choices, while a little wild sometimes, were still something that I wouldn’t shake my head at. And she was relying on her (debatable) singing talents rather than her nudity to get ahead on the show.

    And then … fame. And Aubrey sank. Horribly. Explosions and debris everywhere. I can’t even stand to look at her anymore. And to make it worse, there’s a poor dog involved in the fug. Aubrey might have lost the vote to P-squared in my book if I’d hadn’t watched her devolution on national television.

  171. Ann

    Couldn’t vote for La Phoebe – I’m so over her. She looks bad on purpose. If you will notice, she has the exact same expression in every photo!! Aubrey at least might have a career….

  172. tigerstripes

    Well, I almost bought a pair of boots like that once. It’s a story. A short story, but a story.
    Rinna gives me the serious creeps. Whoever here said (tried, but I can’t find the quote!) that every single thing she’s done to look younger has actually made her look *older* really nailed it.
    I, too, believe that it’s SWINTON for the win!

  173. Suzy

    I think Phoebe’s moment has come and gone, and Aubrey takes the Fug to new heights. The Obama thing alone–heck, what she does to her poor little dog alone–is like a knife to the gut, it’s so offensive. That’s it in a nutshell: Offensive Fug.

    Meanwhile, I’m shocked that SJP is losing to Lisa Rinna! Yeah, yeah, too much collagen and too much cleavage (of all kinds, thigh and breast, even back)! However, SJP’s clothes are simply vomitous. Also, she deserves a win just because of the horror that was the Sex in the City movie.

  174. Heather

    Aubrey vs. P² was TOUGH!! Aubrey is hideously fugly (and an animal abuser to boot) but on the other hand, Phoebe (as someone already pointed out) DOES NOTHING. She is a total, fame-whoring waste of space. At least Aubrey was in a band.

    Lisa Rinna vs. SJP: I will admit to sort of liking SJP, and thus forgiving her fugliness. I find Lisa R. way more fugly based on her plastic surgery alone. She barely looks human. Also…who IS she really, apart from someone with no dress sense, an overexposed crotch and bad plastic surgery? An actress of some sort? I live in Germany, so maybe I’m just way too far out of the pop-culture loop…

  175. Kevin

    I had to pick Phoebe. That gray/silver thing still imprints on the part of my brain that wants to set fire to things.

  176. NYCExPat

    Ugh. I don’t want either Phoebe or Aubrey to win.
    Lisa Rinna, on the other hand, I can get behind In fact, aside from SWINTON, Lisa may be my favorite contestant. I mean, I think SJP outfugs either Pheobe or Aubrey due to her status as fashion icon, but Lisa Rinna is just fantastic. I mean, she’s a fame whore, sure, but she’s also a “reporter”. You’d think she’d want to be taken at least a little seriously. But no. Awesome.

  177. Elena

    If by following the rules of fuggery, we only look at the clothes these people have worn in the last year I have to go with Aubrey and SJP. Phoebe just hasn’t gotten as much face time this year and I always hate people who have pets as fashion accessories.
    As far as SJP…camel-toe boots! They are seared into my brain!

  178. Ta

    I can’t believe Aubrey’s winning. It was a close call for me but when I saw that Cannes wardrobe I knew that Phoebe’s fug was of a higher class. She’s so much more creative. Aubrey’s fug is trashy and boring.

  179. Paula

    SJP v. Lisa “the Lips” Rinna- I think the Lips has it. While SJP can rock crazy craptastic gear- the camel toe boots are sooo unforgivable- I usually covet her footwear. In fact, most of the time I get why she is regarded as a fashion icon.

    Lips on the other hand has overdone the cosmetic procedures and tanning. She is not an ugly gal- why overdo it with the collagen?! I never feel inspired when I see her strutting around in what can be best described as “boudoir” wear. If I saw her I’d say, “honey-girl save it for Harry Hamlin.”

  180. Maria

    Had to go with Aubrey, the Obama dress brought back the tidal wave of terror from last fall when I actually feared The Dress could be to the Obama campaign what The Palin was to the McCain campaign. Don’t nobody want to be associated with the famewhore political party.

  181. BP

    So my dad and I were discussing the beautifulness that is Angelina in Changeling and he busts out that he saw someone who he thinks might be the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He proceeds to BRING OUT HIS PLAYBOY WITH O’DAY ON THE COVER. I almost died. Yes, the airbrushing is magnificent. BUT the most beautiful woman ever? Oh, honey no.

  182. Suzan

    Aubrey O’Day is like all the other dopey little girls who wear stupid crap to attract attention. Worse yet, she brings her poor dog into it. Please make her go away.

    Phoebe has a unique brand of crazy that I’m really starting to enjoy. Go Phoebe go!

  183. Kristan

    Wow, I think these have been the two hardest match-ups of the year for me. Aubrey vs. Phoebe I really couldn’t decide, but I fugged SJP because she should know better, and COULD do so much better, and just doesn’t. Lisa Rinna on the other hand wears stuff that COULD be okay, but she puts just a little twist on each one that fugs it up. Aiya, so tough!

  184. Jess

    I feel I can’t justify either Phoebe’s or Audrey’s existance by voting for either of them so I will abstain.

  185. yankintex

    My god, is PP going to lose? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Those Cannes outfits are fugulous!

    And SJP gets it for the camel toes.

    I think they are both going down. ‘Geez.

  186. Sharon

    The Phoebe vs. Aubrey is just another example of someone who has a wardrobe of circus costumes that get her the attention she craves (Phoebe) and a moron who actually thinks she looks good in that sh*t (Aubrey). I mean it, look at Aubrey’s face? She just thinks she looks so dang CUTE.
    Plus, I am terrified of snakes, but those boots she has on with the feather boa thing make real snakes look like baby chicks in comparrison.

    SJP is one FUG O’ RAMA of fug, but nothing… NOTHING she has worn in the last year can hold a candle to RInna’s gynelogical disaster. My eyes had just now begun to focus again and DANG! There is is again! Where the heck is my red-tipped cane???????

  187. Pearl

    I admit it: I voted for Aubrey because of her wee accessory. I am afraid what will happen to the puppy if AO’D loses… she may stop dressing/dying it and thus discard it, only to take up a gekko that transforms to matchy-match her, or a cheetah or a warthog or a possum, each dyed/costumed to fit her mood and fashion statement of the moment… whatever, I cannot watch the costuming of another suffering animal! GIVE HER THE VOTES, PEOPLE!

    And Lisa Rinna has been a serious, serious competitor this year. Tan, cleavage, hair, lip…products (ugh!), and bizarro fashions. SJP just keeps saying she doesn’t care about fashion. Given the evidence, I’m willing to believe her and let her move on…

  188. Anonymous_T

    I cannot forgive SJP’s cloven hoofwear.

  189. Kathy

    An earlier post stated:

    By Clancy on March 23, 2009 9:22 AM
    Lisa’s unnecessary exposure makes her a shoe-in on this one. And despite the weirdness that is SJP’s hoof-shoe, I actually saw someone wearing them on the streets of Dublin just last week – the trend is catching on!

    PEOPLE!!! “The trend is catching on!” is the exact reason you MUST vote for SJP! Who wants that cloven-toe monstrosity to go any farther??? AAACCKK!!! She’s horrible!

  190. Crandycorn

    C’mon Pheebs! We know how far you can go, don’t we? You’ve got a face-off with Juliette in your future, I had a nightmare about it! C’mon little soldier! Toss back that mane of Manic Panic and beat down the ugly upstart!!

  191. lelo


    Aubrey or Phoebe? Phoebe or Aubrey? I just go round and round and round and now I’m dizzy and feel a little sick to my stomach (but that could be b/c I just ate a piece of cheese cake the size of my face) and in the end I closed my eyes and clicked.

    Also – SJP. I’m. SO. Over her. The fact that she’s making a sqeual to the blaaaactacular Sex in the City makes me want to cry. I might be crying RIGHT NOW justthinking about it. Either that, or because her Satan Shoes are giving me day-mares.

  192. Laura

    How is Rinna winning? She is just old and tacky, people. SJP should win for those heinous boots alone.

  193. Michael

    NO! Come on! Phoebe is the QUEEN of Fug! Aubrey O’Day is a beige wall in comparison.

  194. Vicki

    I’m with the posters above. SJP: You had me at CAMEL TOE BOOTS.

    She could have dressed fabulously all year long and still won my vote for those things. Those are some nightmare-inducing montrosities of footwear.

  195. Wendy

    Camel Toe Boots trumps thigh cleavage any day!

    Maybe Rinna’s tape came loose…or maybe the filler in her lips migrated to her eyes and she isn’t seeing well and THOUGHT she covered her entire crotch region.

    But Ms. SJP has a kid at home that could have pointed out those shoes just ain’t right!

  196. Carol

    I’m wearing sunnies as we speak. Can’t be too careful with this category.

    GAH. Rinna’s boobs….!! That was close.

  197. Cass

    Aubrey brought the dog into it.

  198. Andrea

    It seems so unfortunate that SJP is losing so convincingly when soooo many comments have shown she’s getting votes. What has happened?

    SJP is smug fug and should go all the way.

  199. Amanda

    Being Australian I have never heard of Aubrey or Phoebe Price outisde of Go Fug Yourself, but they are both the kind of celebrities Australia would adopt and give the number one spot on our “Best Dressed” list.

    I had to vote for Aubrey as she brings me so much joy from her python shoes to her vacant smile, however I adore Phoebe as I like to imagine her personality to be something like Sydney Andrews in Melrose season 2.

    They are both the most fine specimens of fugdom since Lara Flynn Boyle was attending awards ceremonies. Great work girls!

  200. stephanie

    I was so disappointed to have to vote against Phoebe/Aubrey – I understand the random matching and not all truly qualified candidates can move forward, but I will certainly miss seeing both of them in the later rounds!

    LOVE GFY – I have gotten multiple friends addicted as well. Thank you for all you do!

  201. Anonymous

    Aubrey over Phoebe: AH, THE HORROR! THE HORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROR! It was so difficult to choose betwixt those two! It’s akin to choosing between popping cyanide pills and suffocating yourself. But, in the end, I picked Aubrey…not because one is fuglier than the other, they are both equal in fugliness, but because what she makes that poor pooch of hers endure. *shakes head* And because she actually had a legitimate job for a bit, unlike Price who just wanders around LA looking like an escaped mental patient and trying to get photographed.

    Lisa over SJP: One word: Restalyne-a-saurus. If those things got any bigger, no one would even notice the fact that she’s blatantly displaying her girlie hoo-ha.

  202. Katherine

    Oh my God. I can’t believe I lost on both of these. Seriously? Just ‘cuz you don’t want to give P-Squared attention doesn’t mean you can’t admit that her outfits are ten times worse than Aubrey O’Day’s slutfest. And Lisa Rinna may be boring and nasty, but SJP wears the wackest crap and is supposed to be this fashion icon and pretends that she doesn’t even do high fashion. The world has turned upside down.

  203. JP

    As much as I hate Lisa Rinna’s peekaboo crotch, SJP’s (no relation) camel toe boots are a CRIME AGAINST NATURE, PEOPLE!

  204. TMom

    UGH – Famewhore face-off tremendously tough. Gotta go with Aubrey because of the dog, and because P squared’s got nothing new up her sleeve these days.

    True, SJP is a master of fug, but Rinna, wow – I think it’s the left boob that got my vote.

  205. Terrin

    I had to vote for Aubrey because I just could not bring myself to justify Phoebe’s endless quest for publicity by endorsing her fugness.

  206. Dolores

    Bad Phoebe Price, you shouldn’t get so much publicity for your carefully selected, craftily photographed poor choices!

    And, as for Rinna vs. SJP, trash takes it every time.

  207. Grant

    Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t belong on this list, Lisa Rinna on the other hand…just for the crimes of nature against her face…does. Eek.

    That said, I voted for Phoebe Price, despite how I never want to see her again. Its like the age old battle between dried up kept woman who needs attention, and younger trampy fame whore…I think the kept woman wins…

  208. Miranda

    Heavens to Betsy… there’s no argument! That Obama dress Aubrey wore could have cost him the election!!
    Aubrey over Phoebe.

  209. Eva

    Is it just me or is LiLo slowly starting to resemble LaPrice?

  210. Anonymous

    HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US??? Aubrey O’Day and Phoebe Price??? NO. But my final decision was because Phobe Price tortures us, but not her dog. Lisa Rinna is fake. SJP is. Heh. Camel toe boots.

  211. Amna


  212. Gin


    I’m really hoping that if she’s turfed out of Fug Madness early(ish) Price will realise that even this avenue for exposure has past it’s used by date and GO AWAY. Also from memory O’Day was actually in some kind of manufactured girly band. OK not much to hang your constant presence in front of a camera but it’s better than nothing (YES looking at you Phoebe) And adding to the chorus of “she gets extra fuggy points for the dog”


    I have never in my life seen anything that surpasses the heights of Fug reached by those god almighty f**king camel toe boots. I also had a quote from Family Guy pop into my head when I saw this pic and I have to agree with Peter Griffin, SJP does kinda look like a foot.

  213. María

    SJP, the camel toe boots are the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen. Wearing a plant in your head doesn’t help, either.

    I’m so glad that here in Spain we don’t know who P squared and Aubrey O’day are… on the other hand, we have Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. I know it’s a little bit late for this, but maybe she could enter next year’s Fug Madness:
    this is a photo of one of her collections in Madrid Fashion Week

    And this is her in the wedding of Prince Felipe:

    That’s clearly what you would wear to a royal wedding, for sure. Very patriotic.

  214. Kate

    Phoebe Price got my vote because of the slightly insane glint in her eye. Often it’s the eye glint that marks out a true conoisseur of fug.

  215. Chris

    Come on! It had to be those boots for a win. Everytime I’ve seen that photo I have yelped out loud. Just like I’d been kicked by that cloven hoof. Yeouch.

  216. Anonymous

    this is so tough… its just so tragic. o’day vs price? but theyre almost the same in term of fugness… ): decisions, decisions.

  217. Cristina

    I am incapable of reading Pheobe Price’s name the right way. My brain insists of calling her Fugby Price. Further proof of how great this blog is at setting trends. Or fugging them. I was surprised that S. J. Parker didn’t get more votes. She throws together some truly hideous outfits in the name of fashion…

  218. Jopstix

    Women like Pheobe and Aubrey make me want to move to another planet. Truly awful in every way.

  219. t.

    It begins and ends with the CLOVEN HOOF BOOTS. Those hoof boots are the most egregious fug I’ve ever seen. Clearly Rinna is tacky. However, I doubt she thinks that she’s some kind of fashion-forward trendsetter as I imagine SJP does. Think about it. SJP thinks that she can wear hoof boots, and we will think she’s edgy, ahead of her time. That is just insulting. Cloven hoof boots, people. That’s all there is to it.

  220. Miss_Om

    Was almost town on the Rinna/SJP vote… and then I remembered the Camel Toe boots. A podiatry-related polterwang is just too fug to ignore, even in the face of Rinna’s Too Much ‘Pard/flesh.

  221. butcherbaby

    phoebe price is the angelyne of the 21st century- famous for nothing, and supposedly supported by some rich old coot who nobody cares about either. and what the hell is with her chipmunk cheek implants? does she actually think that looks GOOD? and her clothes are really eye searingly hideous. she’s refined her fug into an art form. she deserves the vote for effort alone.
    aubrey o’day on the other hand just seems vacuous & clueless about her trashy fug that is not much different than a lot of disposabale young blonde “starlets”.
    i don’t care for SJP, but like someone else mentioned, she keeps everything that shouldn’t be seen right where it belongs. lisa rinna seems bound and determined to get as naked as she can without being arrested. her tanorexia, bad plastic sugery, horrid makeup and hair push her trashiness even farther. and even her tamest clothes seem like cheaply made leftovers from fredericks of hollywood’s skeezy olden days, but she thinks they look elegant and classy.
    and MY GOD….how can anyone think that camel toe boots are worse than ACTUAL camel toe? why doesn’t she just go all the way and pull a lilo/paris/britney miniskirt peepshow? i’d rather see camel toe boots, flower pot hats, lampshades as skirts, dresses made of redwood lattice, and wagon wheel neck ruffs on EVERYONE than *one*more*inch* of the nasty orange leather that she passes off as skin. that is over exposed in more way than one. she’d look better WEARING a trash bag than BEING a trash bag.

  222. Hima

    The Aubrey/Pheobe matchup brings up the main problem I have in making these decisions: when I vote for someone, am I congratulating them on their awesome fugitude OR am I insulting them for being hideously fug? I think reading the site for so many years has made me equate FUG with AWESOME. So very confusing.

    With Phoebe, I feel like she is dressing that way JUST for this website. It doesn’t feel real, therefore I can’t have her win. Aubrey did achieve fame for something else at first and her fug seems more authentic, thus she wins my vote. And her little dog too.

  223. Nicola

    Aubrey gets the win for the horrible things she does to that poor little dog, and also because I’m tired of Phoebe Price already.

    SJP wins – camel toe boots, people!

  224. Lori Magno

    Wow. Where to begin in the Phoebe-Aubrey matchup.

    Phoebe has someone on the $$hook for some of those crazy outfits, the PR team and lunches at The Ivy. That is a fabulous mystery to me and for that she should win.

    Aubrey, wow – that girl is really trying the ‘hard way’ in Hollywood. Someone from Iowa or Nebraska or wherever she’s from should come drag her and that sad little dog home, clean them up and get her a job down to the Walmart and away from the spray tanning, naked photography heathens. (Or not, because she is cracktastic!)


    Lisa Rinna is a miracle of science and wears leopard print 90% of the time.

    SJP is a FASHION ICON(TM) and must be admired at all times. Hiccup. I mean SJP is tied to many different designers and has access to all sorts of fabulous and fashionable items – so she can’t help looking like a wreck some of the time.


    Respectfully submitted,

  225. Pam

    Phoebe Price FTW. Girlfriend is on the road to being the new Michael Jackson “face.”
    And Lisa Rinna all the way. SJP has made some fashion mistakes this year (the boots, YOWZA), but she’s not a HOT FREAKIN’ MESS YEAR ROUND like Rinna. SJP at least looks different on occasion instead of Rinna wearing the same style dress over and over and over…
    Nice thigh for a cougar though.