Fug Madness 2009, Round 2: Charo Bracket


Thank God SWINTON ran over those press hog upstarts Speidi. I don’t want to live in a world where the Splendid SWINTON loses ANYTHING to Spencer Pratt, even if it is a contest about who is more fugly. In fact, I have decided that SWINTON’s win in that battle simply meant that you all love her as we do, and need to celebrate her wackitude more fully. Well, behold:


That hat is the shit. I think it’s still alive. Also alive? SWINTON’s archives. I’m not kidding. Something on there WILL swarm out of your laptop and worm its way into your ear, only to pop out in your dreams tonight.

On the other hand, I’ve had nightmares about this:

That being said, I’ll take it over this unfortunate overalls mess any day.  Or this one, which is just kind of depressing. Or this crotchactular drama. ANY DAY. Well. Maybe not any day. Some days.


YES. Anyone who uses her ponytail in her choreography is okay by me. Less okay? Bey’s Ming Vase Oscar gown. Or…oh my god, you have no idea how long this entry would be if I enumerated all the crazy stuff Ms Knowles has worn this year — ROBOT HAND — so I just direct you to her VERY EXTENSIVE archives. Can I repeat, ROBOT HAND?

If only ScarJo would wear a robot hand. I feel that it would improve this, for example:


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Comments (181):

  1. Jillylicious

    At least SWINTON showers. Lily Allen looks like she has B.O.

    And ScarJo seems like she might be a nice person, where as Beyonce… would probably make me cry. After my eyes were done bleeding.

  2. marie

    Beyonce…robot hands down!

  3. JenHamm

    I don’t know – Lily Allen is a pretty hot mess…but can she take SWINTON?

  4. Sarah

    Looking back over Lily’s exploits this year really did almost make me re-think my devotion to Swinton’s art. Almost.

  5. Anonymous

    Now I’m kind of hoping in her free time SWINTON trains beavers to calmly sit on her head for press junkets. Or trips to the dry cleaners.

  6. Ariel

    ScarJo just needs to get a stylist who knows what to do with her fabulous-but-unconventionally-voluptuous body.
    Beyonce, on the other hand, needs some serious anti-psychotic medication- a ROBOT HAND? SASHA FIERCE? WHAT??!?!

  7. therese

    i vote scar jo, because most of beyonce’s madness comes in costume form, which she has little control over. scar jo, however, is pretty. AND YET. wears crap.

  8. Laura M


    Begone, Lilly Allen, you little upstart. SWINTON could beat you with one wolverine-as-a-hat tied behind her back. Asleep. With no make up. Wearing an elaborate doorman kimono.

    I know I’m biased, but SWINTON so reminds me of my late Uncle Fred, I can’t help becoming a rapid fan. (!)

    And, obviously, robot hands beat out Jessica McClintock addictions any day.

    I love today! I swear, once the Madonna bracket is posted, I WILL TAKE A SHOWER.

  9. Jen310

    SWINTON. Yes, she must prevail. But I DO NOT think she is fug. I think she is DIVINE. Long live SWINTON!

    Beyonce is so divaliciously fug with her granny stage panties and her robot hand. She uses that robot hand to smack down the competition. Advantage – Beyonce.

  10. D

    I demand the SWINTON tee!!! Viva SWINTON!!!!!!!

  11. SINNYC

    SWINTON – god love her – is always sort of put-together. She may look like a giant can of crazy from the year 3052, but she looks like she cares. Lily Allen – god lover her, too (I do like her music) – seems like she’s running late and just put on what was laying closet to her on the floor. So… sorry Lily, but you win.

    And ScarJo, to me, is totally fug. Beyonce’s fug is a brand, I guess. But ScarJo seems like she sold out to try and be “hollywood glam” when her personality is cooler than that. Even when she looks good, she looks out of place, to me. Sorry ScarJo, you win, too.

  12. anne

    SWINTON is a thundering locomotive barrelling down the tracks. Lily Allen’s just a pop culture victim tied to the tracks. Here comes the train!

  13. testington

    I resorted to making two brackets, my personal choices and my predictions.

    I know Swinton will end up winning this, but I can’t honestly say I think she dresses worse than Lilly Allen. Swinton tries to be avant gaurd and usually succeeds, Lilly is either a drunken trainwreck or trying to be cute and failing or just attention whoring…all very fug

  14. Molly

    The thing about Beyonce that cracks me up is that she THINKS she looks so hot.
    Sasha Fierce.
    It’s too bad Beyonce was not pitted against J-Lo. The two Queens of “My Look Rocks And You People Are All My Minions.”
    I agree with Jilly.
    Lily Allen not only looks like she has BO, but also looks like she’s probably infected with something you need penicillin for.

  15. Jade

    Lily Allen is just a drunk so bad decisions while wasted don’t count against deliberate SWINTON choices. Beyonce has so much to work with but yet consistently just looks tight and trashy. ScarJo looks one step from SuburbanSoccerMom…vodka at lunch.

  16. jillybeans


    And there’s still another bracket to go.

  17. felicia

    S’WINTON need not train any beavers to sit atop her head. Somewhere around here there are rapid beavers–THAT would be more up to her sick speed!

  18. Ingrid

    SWINTON should win anything she is up for, so I am voting for her regardless of the competition. SWINTON FOREVER!

  19. Christy

    I’m sad that Lily and SWINTON are head to head so early in the contest, because I feel that they could both advance to at least the top 8. But, just like NCAA March Madness, the top two aren’t always necessarily the fuggest and second fuggest! Sigh. Bummer.

  20. Andrea

    Does Lily Allen’s blue outfit have a butt flap like the ones on Long Johns, only in front? Eeep! As scary as the Swinton is, the front butt flap made me vote Lily.

  21. KEISHA

    SWINTON is fabulous. A work of art. She does not deserve to be fugged. She is perfecting her art. This reflects sense of style and doesnt look put on for attention. SHE is totally fabulous. Vote Lily Allen!!

    B is beautiful but the fact she persists to wear her mom’s crazy clothes makes her fug.

  22. Suze

    Beyonce cannot help herself. Just when you think she’s starting to clean up her act, her mother designs the gown she wears to the Oscars and thus delivers a fatal fugging blow.

  23. Goil

    I say, fug it like you mean it. And Swinton does.

  24. Indy

    I don’t want to see SWINTON win this. She’s a beautiful, brilliant, artistic woman. Her clothes are wild because she’s making an artistic statement–who else but she could wear them? Lily Allen is just a skank, so I think she outfugs SWINTON a million times over. PLEASE stop voting for SWINTON–she is a goddess, and doesn’t deserve to be “honored” this way!!!

    Despite my SWINTON whining above, I love this competition and I love the blog. Thank you, Fug Girls!

  25. OoftDanny

    Bow down all to SWINTON Goddess of fug.

  26. Goblin

    Alas, SWINTON and Beyonce have it all wrapped up, but they shouldn’t! Their fug is beautiful (a contradiction in terms, I know), whereas Lily and ScarJo just look bad.

  27. Karen

    I think Lily Allen is actually far more fugtacular than SWINTON, but I feel a SWINTON win could have the same loving feel as last year’s Bai Ling triumph. Do we not all secretly–or even openly–love Bai Ling and her crazy Bandaids of Truth? Are we not secretly–or even openly–in awe of her blogtastic prose? Do we not secretly–or even openly–envy how smokin’ her body is for someone her age…just think how much more horrible those outfits would be if she actually looked like she was in her 40s.

    So, I had to vote for SWINTON. She must advance. She must reign supreme. I feel it is written in some ancient, eldritch prophecy. Make it so.

  28. madB

    I f’ing love the robot hand! I would totally wear it. Along with with those Kardashian golden finger talons on the other hand. ABSOLUTELY DIABOLICAL! MWU HA HA HA!



  30. burton21

    I have a hard time voting against Lily Allen, because I love her dearly and I think her outfits are to be treasured. But standing next to the magnificence that is SWINTON is like trying to compare a kindergarten classes’ freehand sketches to a Picasso. NO CONTEST.

  31. Cathy

    SWINTON! Not because she’s fuglier, Lily takes that. Rather because I love her and want to keep seeing her, but if Lily Allen stays in we’re sure to see that horrifying 3rd nipple any day.

  32. Anonymous

    AWWW… The pictures of the SWINTON vs. Lily Allen battle remind me of how I used to watch Sailor Moon in junior high, and how Queen Beryl always trapped Sailor Moon in some sort of crazy misadventure and she’s always have to be rescued by Tuzedo Mask… Anyway, Sailor Moon was a moron, so I voted for SWINTON’s Beryl. :)

  33. anne

    Ahh, the eternal debate… Which is fuglier, to obsessively create a magnificent costume of lunacy… a costume that has more in common with an avant-garde art project than with, say, clothing…


    to slap shiny rags on yourself, partially and occasionally covering your lady bits, and parade around like a melon-vendor from Las Vegas?

  34. Deb

    I had to go with Lily Allen over Swinton, Lily seems icky. Swinton carries her wackiness off with grace and elan. Kind of like Posh.
    Scar Jo over Beyonce was hard, but I had to go with Scar Jo, she seems to have stopped trying.

  35. Katy

    Lily Allen may THINK she’s fug…but honestly, can any of us take her seriously? The upstart vs. the Truly Insane…? Don’t waste our time, Allen!

  36. boosalem

    Lily is giving a fugage to Mickey Mouse, replacing red pants / white gloves with blue pants / black gloves. Yuck!

  37. Cecily

    Perusing SWINTON’s catalogue, I cannot in good conscience help send her to a fug’s throne. She is spectacular, she reminds me of Bowie back in the day, and I loved me some Bowie. SWINTON would never. EVER. don cheap blue underwear to make a statement. She uses her entire being, and I get the feeling she has someone make things for her by her own design. That’s not fug, it’s mind-f**ing genius!

    Beyonce, on the other hand, is so earnestly fug–her face says YES! YES! but her clothes say OH HELL NO…

  38. Anonymous

    I almost voted for Lily Allen, because her fug truly makes her look awful. SWINTON! on the other hand, is just her own brand of awesome. It’s just so . . . SWINTON. But because of that,I couldn’t bear the thought of casting a vote against her.
    Beyonce all the way! I need Beyonce vs. Solange matchup at some point, please.

  39. Anonymous

    This part of my bracket is totally screwed, but that’s because I picked Speidi (and Blake, but that’s because I can’t handle a normal sized girl–yet still skinny–being uncool about being normal sized. We saw that dress–we KNOW you’re not a 0). I agree with Keisha above: I like SWINTON’s style too much to consider it fug–it’s just….her. It’s not wacky in a Bai Ling or Juliette Lewis way. It’s just…SWINTON. While I know winning fug madness is an honor, I can’t give that honor to her.

    Thankfully, the rest of my brackets are moving right along.

  40. Katharine

    I adore SWINTON!! The more I see of her the more devoted I become. Looking back thru the archives – The Suit at Cannes was DIVINE!

    Lily Allen – OMG I think my eyes are bleeding.

  41. phoebebebe

    I’d rather vote for merry, delightfully mysterious, very talented, fugtastic SWINTON than any of the rest of the tacky subpar tarts I always end up feeling sorry for despite my general annoyance. Fug Madness will run its course, but everyone already knows SWINTON owns us body and soul, and that’s because her fug fills us with wonder and glee that’s schadenfraude-free and that’s a rare, rare thing in these Lady Gaga days.

  42. Bean

    Oh Swinton..as you often say, she is a delight. Especially on that recent magazine cover..nothing could look crazier.

    And I’m so happy Beyonce is ready for future space travel, with robot hands and armor-esque outfits in tow..or is Sasha the one prepared?

  43. Victoria

    Certainly we all feel strongly about SWINTON’S swintoniousness–a distinct style that leaves us creating new words to describe it.

    However, doesn’t a part of you want to give her more respect than the consistent hideousness of the contender that is Lily Allen? The child has yet to put together one flattering or interesting ensemble. Unlike our SWINTON–who never fails to capture our eye with her quite curious yet meticulously thought out choices.

  44. Kate

    Long rule SWINTON. She has a husband AND a boy toy. Gotta love the accessorizing.

  45. Richard

    SWINTON. Duh. PS I am still pretending Lily Allen doesn’t exist. Try it.
    Scar Jo dresses like a “Blythe Danner: The Clothes” Retrospective at a secondhand shop in Reno.
    And why are we all suddenly pretending that we don’t want a robotic hand? Give up the charade, put your ponytail in the air, and man (thighs) up: Beyonce is not worthy of advancing.

  46. Alison

    This is getting really hard. Despite my love of Swinton, I also had to go Lily Allen. Swinton, has her own brand of style. It’s not a brand I’d ever buy, but I respect her for it. Lily on the other hand… Well, let’s just say the sexy sailor moon costume did it for me. (I have decided that anything with “ginny flaps” is going to carry my vote.)

  47. erin

    I just dont think I can go with Ms. Knowles on this one. Most of her fugs come from costumes, granted there are some exceptions.. But if I’m reading ScarJo as well as I think I am, girlfriend is really trying to work it in those outfits. It’s the seriousness with which she dons such fugly clothes that gets my vote.

    As for Lily Allen. go home. your time will come, but not now. not while SWINTON still rules fugland.

  48. Sherri

    I just can’t see anyone after I’ve looked at The Swinton. The retina burns last. The skankiest of confused looks pulled by Lily doesn’t quite compare to the brilliance of Swinton’s fug. And I feel, most sincerely, that Swinton does not do it with the same intent. She’s not trying to hog the camera or build up her celebrity. That is just HER, thinking she looks GOOD. She’s MARVELOUS.

    As for Beyonce…she confused me into voting for her. She really should do a few SF/F conventions. She’d go over great at San Diego ComicCon.

  49. erin

    I just dont think I can go with Ms. Knowles on this one. Most of her fugs come from costumes, granted there are some exceptions.. But if I’m reading ScarJo as well as I think I am, girlfriend is really trying to work it in those outfits. It’s the seriousness with which she dons such fugly clothes that gets my vote.

    As for Lily Allen. go home. your time will come, but not now. not while beloved SWINTON rules fugland.

  50. Allison

    I am torn. SWINTON is so fabulously wacky; she is crazy but she is an ARTIST. She undoubtedly dresses nuttier than Lily Allen, but Lily Allen is so awful. Her soul is fugly.

  51. jane

    I had to vote for Lily Allen. She’s too old to be a live-action anime. And I actually sort of dug Tilda’s outfit, even with the hat (maybe it was a bad hair day …and she did better than Philip Seymore Hoffman at the Oscars). The whole ensemble is totally 21st century Tzarista and she’s queenly enough to carry it.

  52. Gillian

    Tilda Swinton is stylishly bizarre while Lily Allen is a FUG mess. I think the votes reflect a love of Tilda Swinton rather than the truly fugliest. Also, TILDAis an awesome name that should not be discarded.

  53. elise

    These comments are awesome, and I too am torn with the SWINTON/Lily Allen matchup. Do I vote for the fab actress who is avant garde and generally doesn’t care what tabs say about her? Or do I vote for the hot mess, singer of catchy songs, who pretends not to care what tabs say about her?? I voted for SWINTON, I would love to see more of her, but I generally just feel bad for Lily most of the time.

    Beyonce vs. ScarJo was soo much easier. I feel like ScarJo can pull off the old Hollywood glam while only sometimes choosing things that either hurt her gorgeous figure or resemble the print of a couch. However, Beyonce tries to hard and falls flat all the time. Plus seriously, between her Loreal & DirecTV ads and the inauguration serenade I’m so SICK of her! I think a Knowles sister matchup would be awesome and I’m totally rooting for it.

  54. Sandra

    I love SWINTON! I do. I can’t say that she dresses anywhere as badly as Lily Allen. Sorry. But SWINTON is on a different plane from mere mortals like Allen.

  55. Stephanie

    This is when it starts getting difficult for me. Do I want the “winner” to be someone who is fabulous-fug (Swinton, Posh), desperate-for-attention-fug (Katy Perry, Phoebe Price, Lady Gaga), or just plain fug (Lilly Allen, MK Olsen)? I can never decide if winning is an honor or an insult…

  56. anner

    Beyonce’s off-stage fugs are way too boring to count! But ScarJo seems to fancy herself quite the it-girl and to think that that means she can get away with stodgy suits and laura-ashely-esque dresses in the name of irony or something. She makes me gag.

  57. Jael_Paris

    I actually wish Beyonce would up the fug. She’s supposed to be “fierce” after all. She needs more Gareth Pugh.

  58. AHM

    SWINTON is amazing!! She is far more FAB than FUG!!
    Lilly, has leaped from the 10M platform of fug and landed in the bottomless swirling depths of fashion doom…

    I agree that the worst of Beyo’s fug is costume related, although her other choices in the real world are also mostly, ehhhh or blehhh too.

    However, ScarJo rarely seems to make a the right choice, either in real life or on the various multi-hued carpets she inhabits so regularly.

    Horrid leggings and baggy shorts? Death-mask makeup applied with a trowel? Vile mismatched tights, painful breast convolutions…and her husband is SO HOT!!! How does he deal?

    Scarfug Jofugson for sure!!

  59. Jen - The Alien Spouse

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Lily Allen has had a very tough year and getting dressed has really been the least of her concerns. I think she has been an absolute trooper, but that aside, where the hell did she get that sailor romper suit from? Oh Sweetheart, no!

    I adore SWINTON, and always have. She is the Ice Queen of personal expression through sartorial choices. Plus I feel like SWINTON has looked beautiful and interesting for at least the last 20 years, she has the secret of eternal fabulousness.

    BeyKno Vs. ScarJo I am less emotionally invested in, but personally I think Scarlett’s wardrobe is far less flattering. At least Beyonce revels in her fabulous curves, and that is a very good thing.

  60. Kate

    I’m no fan of ScarJo’s but shamefully, the outfit in that picture looks like something I might wear — or, specifically, something I might have worn, ca. 1985. Looking at it, I felt an oddly nostalgic glow. I had to vote for Beyonce.

    As for SWINTON…I don’t see her winning it all. I just don’t. To put Fug Maddness in basketball terms, if Bai Ling is Duke and Posh Spice is UConn, then SWINTON is the Bryn Mawr interpretive dance squad. She stands apart and plays by an entirely different set of rules than the common horde. Not that she’s not entertaining, but I don’t see her as Champion Fug.

    However, I do see her winning this round. Go on, SWINTON, with your bad self!

  61. Anonymous

    I’m gonna vote SWINTON no matter who she’s up against. That’s just the way it is, lol.

    And…Beyonce. At least ScarJo knows what to do with her curves most of the time, seems aware that she has them. Beyonce tends to dress like she’s much smaller than she really is! EMBRACE and FLATTER those curves, girl!!

  62. jerkygirl


  63. amazingal

    Folks, you know when you see art. And SWINTON is art. Unpretentious art, no less. She transcends. She is SWINTONIAN TRANSCENDENTALISM at it’s best.

    Actually, some of B’s clothes weren’t that bad, and she EMBRACES her curves. ScarJo just hides them. ScarJo FTW.

  64. Anonymous

    AWWW… The pictures of the SWINTON vs. Lily Allen battle remind me of how I used to watch Sailor Moon in junior high, and how Queen Beryl always trapped Sailor Moon in some sort of crazy misadventure and she’s always have to be rescued by Tuzedo Mask… Anyway, Sailor Moon was a moron, so I voted for SWINTON’s Beryl. :)

  65. Effie McTartan

    Immensely torn between the vacuous numpty that is Allen and the glory that is SWINTON. The true FUG winner must surely be Allen if we stick to the underlying philosophical rationale of GFY. Which I maintain we must. Plus SWINTON can actually sing. Please see her magnificent rendition of “From a Distance” in the C/W comedy thriller (how often does that get typed?)Your Cheatin’ Heart. Allen has also reverting to wearing high tops. I have nothing further your honours.

  66. Kelly

    I love SWINTON. I’d be happy to look at photos of her every day. But I can’t vote for her when she’s up against Lily Allen in a Little Boy Blue onesie. Infant clothing paired with whorish stockings. Nightmares indeed.

  67. Stacey Jo

    Here’s where SWINTON takes it: Lily Allen is young and probably has a substance abuse issue. SWINTON just IS.

  68. d

    To say that SWINTON isn’t truly fug- WHAAA???? She is fug taken so far it becomes some wierd kind of art! She has carved out a niche of wearing over the top clothes with equally odd hair and makeup and accessories. The thing that makes it all seem so grand is her attitude about it- she’s not trying to be a fashion icon gone horribly wrong (at least I don’t think she is)- Hasn’t dumped a hideous clothing line on the public. But make no mistake, while the outfits are often quite fab for one reason or another, they just often end up wrong on SWINTON- They wash her out, or make her look like she has no shape, or is a head perched on top of legs with arms to wave over the masses. The vast majority of her outfits DO NOT FLATTER HER- yet, you have to admire how bold she is. Thats why she is headed for Supreme Fugness, and thats why so is so much fun to fug! I have this feeling that everytime she heads out, she thinks “if they thought that rag I wore to the Oscar’s was out there, wait till they see this!” What could be better!?! Viva SWINTON!

  69. Kelli

    I know SWINTON will win, but I think her styling choices are to be taken more as art, whereas Lily Allen is just a mess. She can look cute and fresh, but most of the time it looks like she’s doing the walk of shame in whatever she found on the floor of some random dude’s flat. I vote Lily Allen.

    As for the Beyonce-ScarJo pairing, I think most of Beyonce’s archive is composed of costumes, which get a pass for me. Her red carpet choices are daring, and she pulls them off. ScarJo just comes off as dowdy, unimagined, and usually unflattering. I vote ScarJo.

  70. cath

    Stephanie, I share your pain. It’s impossible to know what I want this competition to mean. I vote for different people for different reasons, and I suspect I’m not alone in this. Whether first place is awarded as an honour or an insult will kind of depends who wins.

    I voted SWINTON over Lily. Lily tries (too hard) to be anti-fashion and ends up looking goofy. Swinton transcends fashion and therefore looks fabulously eccentric.

    And Beyonce wins on the Robo-Hand alone.

  71. Eshe

    Oh this one was no contest. SWINTON all the way! My love for her adorable wackitude knows no bounds. Lilly Allen needs to sober up and shower. now. She is just a mess. Yet no macth for SWINTON’s majesty.

    And Beyonce smacks away all competition with her bionic hand

  72. Anonymous

    SWINTON FTW. The woman is fug genius. Lily Allen just makes me want to knock some sense into her. And how did ScarJo win her first round match, again? Well, anyway, Beyonce is at least fifteen kinds of crazy, and I love it.

  73. Jen

    Swinton’s fug is Legendary but I had to vote Lilly Allen b/c of three words:

  74. Amanda

    SWINTON is so ridiculous that she’s amazing. I just love looking at her. Lily Allen makes me want a shower.

  75. Pandora

    I could not bring myself to vote for SWINTON. She is no mere mortal to be fugged with, she is SWINTON, she is MOMA on legs… long, long legs! What she does goes beyond fug… it is POETRY. That is not to be scoffed at, it is to be celebrated! Lily on the other hand… poor Lily. She is just plain fug. How can she hope to transcend the fug and elevate it to fab, as does SWINTON? She cannot, alas.

    And how can Scarlett’s mere dowdiness and ill-fittedness hope to compete with Beyonce’s undying devotion to spangles, sequins, mermaid skirts and boob shelves? There is no contest here. Beyonce forever!

  76. Ree

    SWINTON will reign supreme. And Scarjo, BLECH. At least Beyonce rocks her curves, I have yet to see Scarlett look good in anything.

  77. Meems

    Poor Lil’s. As much as I’d love a Brit to win, anyone up against SWINTON was always going to be made to eat sartorial dirt.

  78. Karen G

    I can’t vote for Swinton. She is beyond fashion, beyond fug. She is a deranged goddess of the bizarre. So fugly little Lily got my vote.

    As for Beyonce vs ScarJo, I had to pick ScarJo, because the girl is so pretty, and yet makes such dowdy choices. Beyonce makes choices that are a little too flashy, yes, but flashy is better than boring.

  79. Sarah

    Unconscious fug always wins over intended fug in my book. Swinton has great taste and is exactly who she wants to be. Lily Allen on the otherhand, is dirty and schlumpy and thinks it’s hott. Lily is the hands down winner.

  80. Atenea-Nike

    SWINTON deserves to win because she takes fug seriously. Lilly Allen just looks sloppy and ugly. SWINTON elevates fug to a whole new category and twists reality around her so that at the end I am left with a vague feeling of “Yes, it’s fugly, but it’s also sort of great on her”. She’s got flair. In this case, voting for her is a compliment.

    Scarlet Johansson wins because although BeyoncĂ© wears many whacky outfits, several of them are worn on stage, where we all know it’s not her but Sasha Fierce. In the end some of her more terrible choices are for performances, and I find it unfair to judge her for what she wears at her shows. Scarlet, on the other hand, wears horrible things off-stage, and consistently looks as though she could do a lot better (she’s got a great body, face, colouring, everything) but simply doesn’t get it. Her series of sofa-print gowns still make my eyes bleed. In this case, voting for her is not a compliment.

  81. Peggy

    SWINTON owns this.

  82. Heather

    Lily is fug, but I am powerless to vote against SWINTON. SWINTON is living art. She must never lose.

    Beyonce vs. ScarJo, no contest. ScarJo makes boring and sometimes unflattering choices, but her form of fug is no match for Beyonce’s robotic-appendage madness.

  83. Erin

    SWINTON owns everything. Including my heart.

  84. C.Mill

    I found myself surprisingly drawn to voting for Lilly Allen over the beloved SWINTON based on the selections above. However, upon consideration I realized that Lily is capable of exiting her home in average attire, while SWINTON can only leave in her majestic glory. SWINTON FTW

  85. Gabi

    This bracket was SO MUCH EASIER than the others! How can one not vote for the SWINTON??? She is divine. Lily Allen, while you are terribly misguided and probably drunk 95% of the time you are no match for such a hat (with velvety pajamas no less!).

    As for Beyonce vs. ScarJo it’s not even a contest. ROBOT HAND + SASHA FIERCE + HOUSE OF DEREON + ridiculously arrogant / smug attitude = FUG.

  86. HopeR

    SWINTON is definitely epic… Lily Allen just looks sad. SWINTON owns the fug, but the fug owns Lily Allen. In fact, I think SWINTON is so fabulous she cannot rightly be called fug, as I fear retribution from the abnormally tall race of aliens she rules on that alternate planet of hers. Hence, I fugged Lily.

  87. Suzy

    Swinton for the win, because I don’t think Lily deserves the attention for ANYTHING. She’d probably relish the win. It’s fitting that Swinton steamrolls both Speidi and Lily Allen, low-rent pretenders to Awe-inspiring fugitude. They’re just cheap and silly.

    Meanwhile, Beyonce wins because her fug is a triumphant, victorious fug. She’s trying to look like this, and by golly she does!

    Scarlett’s fug is the fug of failure. She wants to look good, but fails so often. She either has a crap stylist or refuses to listen. Anyway, nothing is Awe-inspiring about her fugitude, it’s just sad.

  88. tbruns2002

    You can’t touch the Swinton. She has transcended the brackets…she is beyond fug. Long live Swinton!!!

  89. Anonymous

    Wow…I can’t believe you’re all choosing Beyonce over ScarJo. B’s a bit wacky, but geez, at least she doesn’t dress like a 90 yr old. I’d even take that wack-a-doo thing she wore to the Euro MTV awards over some of the impossibly dowdy things SJ has worn of late: 9 out of 10 of which could be used to upholster couches in Motel 6′s across Iowa–the really boring parts of Iowa.

  90. jen

    SWINTON is going all the way, I feel it in my bones.

  91. camille

    The thing about Lily Allen’s fug being pointless and trashy vs SWINTON’s being high art is that you only ever see SWINTON in her high art outfits. I mean, the small mammal hat is probably what she wears to the grocery store. Lily Allen CAN look cute – I like the whole “party dress with Chucks” aesthetic, what do you want from my life – but these are her bad choices. She does HAVE good ones. And while I’m not arguing that these outfits are anything other than retina-searing, on other days, she looks fine.

    So I don’t think it’s really “trash bag fug” vs “deliberate art fug” so much as “occasional bad choice fug” vs “constant, knows-no-other-mode-of-dressing fug.”

  92. Nikki Phillips

    Yeah, I couldn’t vote for Swinton because she is CRAZY and WONDERFUL but not FUG. Lily is usually fug.

  93. Whitney

    SWINTON is just so fab. I mean, really. She is the epitome of fug. She is so fug-tastic, in fact, that I almost didn’t vote for her, simply because of her fabulousness, and that fact that SWINTON vs. Anyone is just too easy a win.

  94. Ruth

    Beyonce is just horrible. In every way possible. Her screechy voice and annoying songs, her weaves, her clothes, her ever-presentness everywhere. She should have won this tournament last year and she better win it all this year.

  95. Anonymous

    totally agree with Gabi: SWINTON wins hands down over lily allen. lily allen mostly needs to shower, and sometimes wears cute dresses!
    and ScarJo is just BLAH. absolutely not fug-worthy. aside from which,

  96. Kevin

    Oh Lilly. It is unfortunate that you were matched against SWINTON! It was like choosing between frozen bought pizza and a fresh pizza. Sure you save money and can make it interesting with the myriad of topping you have in the frig, but fresh pizza come with a delivery guy and it is less work. More expensive but less work.

  97. paula

    Voted for Swinton although it seems unfair to compare her to the skeevy Allen. Swinton with the monochromatic hair and skin rocks the craziest gear- Lily Allen looks like she needs a stylist and a wash.

    Beyonce gets my vote solely for her “hair”. Forget about those too tight gowns she loves to wear, its that way-too-big-heavy-looking-drag-queen hair that ensures her advancement toward round 3.

  98. Lindsay

    i almost think its unfair for both Swinton and Beyonce to win this. Swinton is what she is! does she fug it up? sure; but at least she isnt trying to be anything different. she is amazing. she is SWINTON. lilly allen is messy and sloppy and inappropriately proud of it. Then there is Beyonce and ScarJo. Listen, Beyonce named an album, “I am…Sasha Fierce.” WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? a title like that, NEEDS to use a pony tail as choreography and crazy metal glove things! ScarJo is arguably sexy and beautiful(i find her PAINFULLY annoying, and smug and she happened to marry Mr. Hotness who has weird taste in women but i love him anyway). she has the means to NOT look like a dowdy nanny. i mean, beyonce IS sasha fierce. ScarJo is just… a fugly boyfriend stealer.

  99. Mad Mooby

    I think Lily Allen is cute…..I don’t really listen to her music, cuz I….uhhhhh…..just don’t, I guess. But she’s young and cute. Swinton is mad as a hatter and holy crap what the hell is she wearing?? That orange skirt suit is an atrocity, in a bad-ass Swinton kind of way, of course. Love the woman, but she deffo is Fuglier in this case.

    And just…..Beyonce. Seriously. Could it really be anyone else?

  100. anne

    every vote for SWINTON is a vote for love and splendidness. i hope everyone realizes this. she does fug so artistically and statuesquely, it’s quite beautiful. how can you NOT VOTE SWINTON??

  101. stella

    Swinton can fug it in Siberia. she is truly an international fugette.

  102. casey

    Oh. My. God. There are not words to describe my absolute disdain for ScarJo. Doesn’t appear that she stands a chance against B, but I can still hate. Vicky Christina Fugcelona indeed.

  103. Anne (in Reno)

    There comes a point when I have to decide if I am going to reward people for purposely looking insane, or thinking they look good. Lily Allen I just consider to have bad taste (perhaps it’s EPIC bad taste, but still). SWINTON, however, I am very certain, does everything on purpose. She is the shit and I am rooting for her for the win this year.

    And ScarJo is just too boring to compete with Beyonce. Once again, it’s moderately bad/boring taste vs. Flaming Insanity and I am going to have to go with Beyonce for the win.

  104. Heather

    Robot hand. Custom made Robot Hand. That is all.

  105. Kalisa

    I almost feel like you need a different tournament to separate the crazy from the fugly. Because let’s not get too far away from what FUG is. Purposefully crazy isn’t necessarily fug anymore, is it? The crazy would be like basketball’s NIT tournament – not quite Fug enough to get in the real thing, the Best of the Rest.

  106. rin

    I am a trifle concerned at the whims of the general populace of GFY voters today. In the Madonna bracket, we are perfectly content to let Janet’s “costume fug” fall to Bai’s “all day everyday fug”; and have no problem allowing XTina’s “questionable choices fug” reign over GOOP’s “could do so much better with the resources she is given” fug…

    Then why in the Charo Bracket are we allowing Beyonce’s costume fug to defeat ScarJo’s “could do so much better fug?

    I for one am much more offended by fug where no fug is necessary.

  107. Saz


    all hail!!

    These other fuglets can just give it up. They pale in comparison to her GLORIOUSNESS. And I’m not jumping on the bandwagon with that either, I bow to her Grand Mastery of the Fug, I want that crazy rainbow dress. Also she reminds me of David Bowie, er… Ziggy Stardust. And I love that about her.

    A Gweneth Paltrow fug is a sad, infuriating, obnoxious thing. A SWINTON fug is a thing of beauty.

  108. Mrs O

    That pic of Beyonce with the hair made me hoot. Sasha Fierce FTW!

  109. snarkbot

    You know what? I kind of think Lily Allen is adorable. I liked the dead Bambi dress. Besides, SWINTON wove that hat herself out of the hair of thirteen Russian Cossacks whose souls are now bound to her terrible powers forever. Whenever she wears the Hat with the Military Bathrobe of Eternal Midnight, the Cossacks rise from the dead to smite her enemies and brew her a nice cuppa before bedtime. I just don’t think that one little girl in a sailor mercury onesie can withstand it. Now if SWINTON ever got herself a ROBOT HAND…. no, it is too awesome to imagine.

  110. soprecious

    I have to pick Lily over Swinton because while the former is just sloppy and disheveled, Swinton has elevated her fug to an art form. She is surreal. Looking at her ‘creations’ is an experience I can only compare to looking at a Picasso. You know there’s something compelling there but you just don’t know what it is because in your world, cubes and angles belong on geometry or science projects and not people.

    Lily is just a jiggly, sloppy mess that reminds you more of that picture of dogs playing poker than anything near Artistic Fug.

    As for B v. ScarJo, I tried to give B the benefit of the doubt since so many of her fug is on the stage. But then I looked at her challenger again and was so bored that I had no choice but to go with Sasha Fierce. Then again, she did wear that grotesque bodyvase to the Oscars so her stage fug exemption got kicked to the curb.

  111. gerri

    I would SO wear many of the things Swinton wears! I think her clothing choices are interesting, not fug. But I seem to be in the minority here, this contest is hers to lose.

  112. Hayley

    GOD, i want SWINTON to take the title. And Mickey Rourke to come in second. During their epic battle, i envison them falling madly in love, deciding to beam themselves to the moon for a commitment ceremony, then catapulting themselves back to earth for breeding. I imagine SWINTON would have quadruplets, we call them ‘the fuglets’, and they would be named Cher, Bjork, Charo, and Madge, after each of the brackets. And there would be no end to their fabulousness.

  113. Sharon

    SWINTON’s fug is just the most macho, kick your fanny fug I have seen. Lily Allen…? POOF, be gone, Lily!

    What Beyonce/Sasha is to fug, Scarjo is to boring. Anyone who threatens to put their own ponytail in the inkwell gets my vote.

  114. Swinton Forever

    Lily Allen is just so wrong in so many ways. She is simply distasteful, and probably deserves to take it. But to think that beloved SWINTON should lose to such an unfortunate individual is beyond rational (and irrational) thought.

    Take her down, SWINTON!!

  115. Jessahhh

    No. NO. I cannot concede that Swinton has anything to do with Fuggery. She has surpassed Fuggery into Awesomeness. No matter what she wears. IT’S SWINTON. Lily Allen looks like she might have puke pooled up somewhere in her “outfit”.

  116. yankintex

    SWINTON is magnificent, and absolute freak who also has an Oscar and has every right to fly the freak flag each and every time she leaves the house.

    Beyonce takes it because, although the weird fashion of the Knowles sisters is actually a marketing campaign for their mother’s clothing line, she is relentless and ubiquitous and marvelous at parading it all before the cameras.

  117. Anonymous

    SWINTON is amazing, she pushes the limits, she wears crazy structural stuff but she is also ridiculously tall and carries it off well. Lily is never classy, never interesting, always icky. I know we all love SWINTON but really, this is a FUG contest, not a wackadoo contest, and Lily is by far the more fug. I see from the comments that many agree – who are these people voting for SWINTON when Lily is clearly the more fug? FLOWERED OVERALLS PEOPLE!!

  118. One of Swinton's Minions

    One day, those in the future will look back on these times and say “How fortunate were they who lived in the glorious time of SWINTON!”

  119. Nancy

    Beyonce for the win. I blamed her mother all the previous years for her hideous outfits but now she is making the decisions and it is just as bad. Robot hand? Sasha Fierce? I makes me vomit, try a little originality and stop stealing (bad) style ideas from the Jacksons. She is proof that gorgeous girls don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together.

  120. Pearl

    I agree with Heather: ROBOT HAND? OMG, YES, a thousand yesses. (vs. just bad dressing choices).

    And with Rin: I voted for Gwynnie because her bad choices are FUG: the too-short minis, the bland jumpsuit, the flat hair. She is creating a look she THINKS look great on extraordinary occasions, rather than everyday…. which oddly I think Xtina’s choices are, despite being “costumes.” And why I agree: Swinton and Beyonce. I believe they are MAKING STATEMENTS they think resonate with the gods… but are just… so… wrong. In some massive aesthetic and philosophical way. (Although I also think part of Swinton’s inner monologue runs like this: “A polyamorous and platonic relationship with an extraordinary Scot, a lover and travel partner who is an extraordinary German, twin girls I dared to name Xavier and Honor, my family tree reaches back to the ninth century, I have a BAFTA and a fucking Oscar… screw it, I like this bleeding hat.” But in an elegant Scottish accent. Beyonce’s inner monologue: “I am Sasha Fierce. I am Sasha Fierce. Robot Hand. Booty. Shake it gurl. I AM Sasha Fierce… and… POSE.”)

  121. eek

    Um, er, ok, I just don’t think Swinton is that insane! There I said it. I certainly wouldn’t wear what she wears, but I am not almost 6 feet tall, red headed, angular and a really good actress. I don’t know, yeah sometimes it’s mad (the carnage chest suit, for instance) but mostly I think it’s just slightly out there.

    Beyonce on the other hand, her outfits makes me nauseous. Honestly they hurt my tummy.

  122. Sanne

    Oh SWINTON how I love thee. Yes, Lily Allen is the superfug one but SWINTON is amazing. We can’t get rid of her this early in the competition.

    I’ve been thinking about it and if the Fug Girls would be handing out a Fug Madness Award, SWINTON would probably accept it in all her gracefulness as though it was an Oscar. You could make it like, a dress-up-theme-party. You could do it Caribbean style and she would show up looking like, well, a bird or something. Or you could do it Mexican style and she would be wearing an outfit made of a sombrero.

    Now wouldn’t that be something to look forward to?

  123. Katya

    SWINTON all the way. Lily Allen, could, with some work, be quite cute, but SWINTON dominates. That is why she gets to be in all caps.

  124. Diana

    Seriously, I HEART Swinton. Her fug is transcendent, no contender is worthy of her. Swinton is way beyond fug and in a category all her own. She reigns alone.

    This contest should be for all the other wannabes.

  125. T

    the photo shown in the post has to be one of the best of SWINTON – is she wearing a backpack?

  126. Jill

    I just adore the Charo bracket. Viva SWINTON, long may she reign.

  127. Janie

    Okay, so I can’t stomach anything Lily Allen typically wears, but I want the sweatpants jumpsuit so bad I would maim for it. I just want to curl up in its dishevelledy goodness and think happy thoughts. I would wear it exactly the way Ms. Allen did if I could, and wear it proudly. I would have one for every day of the week, each in a different wacked out floral pattern with matching cardigan. How can I get one? I mean, there is fug, and there is fug, yeah.

  128. sarah

    Lily Allen is in the same category of Amy Winehouse, or Britney Spears for me: Druggie Fuggie. She dresses like crap…am I surprised? She’s got the spinnies 100 percent of the time. And I disagree, SWINTON is not in the same category as Ziggy Pop. She plays frustrated, uptight women in films and she dresses like a loon: there is no correlation between her image and her craft. In other words, this shit you cannot predict, in no way shape or form because none of us live on planet SWINTON. As for Beyonce, well, she’s always a favorite. Just so much money, she’s got JayZ, people dress her up nice in videos…you’d think she’d figure it out by now.

  129. Bai Bai Baby

    Hmmm sometimes I think there needs to be a definition of Fug. A lot of the voting seems to be on the craziness of the outfits. Whereas sometimes it’s the quiet fug that should win. To me fug is not all about being the loudest, and most extravagent (Bai, SWINTON, Juliet), it can also be about having no style BUT THINKING YOU DO or having money and stylists and still managing to look craptacular. Thoughts?

  130. anjali

    this one was hard. lily allen vs. Swinton? at the end, I had to go with lily allen because hers seem like she’s just dressing how she likes…and that is bad fashion sense and also sad. Swinton on the other hand, is pushing the edge and being crazy on purpose – also, she can pull it off half the time. I’ve decided that fug winners are the ones who don’t know they might be fug…

  131. lelo

    Comments make me wish this was a FUGGING CONVENTION and we could all sit around a nice hotel pool with frothy drinks and watch a magical telecast of this divine stream of events.


    In the meantime…DUDES. This is getting tricky. I’m starting to doubt that SWINTON can take it. I almost – ALMOST voted for Allen, and this is just round 2.

    Madness INDEED!!!

  132. Jill

    I feel that the vote is divided between those who love SWINTON, and hence and want her to win, and those who love SWINTON, and hence do not want her to win.

    It is a conundrum, indeed.

  133. Cate

    I’m trying to find something good in SWINTON’s outfit, but I just… can’t.

    After you get past the wovlerine-mullet, there’s the bathrobe. I’m not sure if it’s satin or velor – not that it makes a difference. And I think I saw the shirt she’s wearing under it at Target the other day. SWINTON FTW!!

  134. Anonymous

    It is so hard to vote for SWINTON as a fug champion, because she is just so…beyond fug? Lily is far more truly fug, but I just can’t vote for anyone against la belle SWINTON.

  135. anonymous

    This is not a fair contest. Swinton’s fug is Awesome. Lily Allen’s fug is Fugly. Are we voting for Most Actually Awesome fug? Or Fuggiest Fug? What is the true meaning of Fug Madness?

  136. Andrea

    Oh I HAD to vote for Lily Allen. Yes SWINTON is awesome but I can’t punish her for not sinking to the depths some of these desperate fame whores have. She wears what she wears but she’s not rubbing it in our face thinking ‘LOOK AT ME AND HOW STYLISH I AM!’ She’s just doing what she does and that doesn’t seem like true fuggery to me.

    Attention getters and the truly tacky, they deserve our condemnation but SWINTON is above it all.

  137. k

    Is it me or is Beyonce’s white panty liner showing through her panties??

  138. Jess

    There comes a time at which we have to decide what type of fug it is that we’re voting for. I believe Swinton and Allen are really in two different categories of fug, and based on this, find their fug very hard to compare. Swinton is crazy, “artistic”, wacky, and (to use a very silly over-used fashion term) avant-garde in her fug. Lily Allen often looks like she desperately wants attention (short blue sailor shirt with crotch flap) or a mess who couldn’t be bothered to actually get dressed.
    March is so hard!

  139. Schmorgan

    I’m gonna tell you what I love about Tilda Swinton: she’s always wearing these incredibly f***ed-up outfits with no eyelashes and freaking FANTASTIC shoes (well, except for the green flats with the buckley things)!!
    It’s a total head-trip.

    And yes, Lily Allen does kinda looks like she probably smells a little.

  140. Miss DoubleM

    honestly – can i just say – the comments are almost better than the actual “race”! thank you, fug girls, for letting us revel in the smarty-pantsness of fellow-minded readers. oh, and long may SWINTON reign. she’s beyond this galaxy.

  141. Catherine

    SWINTON’s style is her BEING. Lily Allen is confused, attention-grabbing, and her style is just plain fug, like a Halloween costume she forgot to take out of her closet on Nov. 1. VOTE LILY!

    Beoynce and ScarJo are equal in my eyes. Both are very pretty; neither has any idea how to dress. Both sometimes get close to fabulousness, then back away from the edge by using stupid accessories and ill-fitting blazers. Such a loss.

  142. spinja

    Ok – the second one was easy.
    Now – to vote truthfully I would pick Lily Allen as fugliest.
    SWINTON – a whole other kettle of fab.
    So, if the wee Allen beats la SWINTON – it is only because she defines the word of fugly and our cher SWINTON ia otherwordly. I must let her go to her beatitude and vote
    Lily fugAllen. :(

  143. sinothedivine

    are we crazy people goddes Swinton is unstoppable…i can’t imagine…god!i don’t dare to imagine how could someone stop the reign of fugnes of Swinton…in your face Lilly you are just a million years behind her…i hope someone is making a film about swinton’s life so that i could play the part of THE HAT OF TERROR…

  144. sinothedivine

    are we crazy people goddes Swinton is unstoppable…i can’t imagine…god!i don’t dare to imagine how could someone stop the reign of fugnes of Swinton…in your face Lilly you are just a million years behind her…i hope someone is making a film about swinton’s life so that i could play the part of THE HAT OF TERROR…

  145. peta

    the thing with beyonce and johansson is that beyonce’s outfit is a stage outfit… however strange, it is used to assist the fantasy of performance…

    Whereas Johansson IS WEARING IT RECREATIONALLY. Just walking around with it on – that’s crazy! She’s crazy

  146. Mike

    Is it me or does each SWINTON getup look like a frame-by-frame trip through Epcot Center or something? Yes, here we are in Mongolia and, oh, welcome to Iceland! Hilarious.

  147. sa

    here’s the rub: one ADORES the Swinton and wants to see her prevail, but her ensembles aren’t that fug, just totally Swintonian… What’s a gal to do???

  148. Khalessi

    I don’t know what is up with those Knowles girls having a fascination with things not of this Earth. Beyonce wears jewelry to tell us that she actually wants to be C-3PO and Solange paints stripes across her nose that make her look like a species from Star Wars. No, really. Look at this!: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/d/d4/Quinlan.jpg . Then look at Solange’s archive.


  149. Bee

    SWINTON over Lily Allen” Okay, so, Allen might’ve had that breakdownish period during the summer where she looked remarkably like Grandma from The Beverly Hillbillies crossed with the Easter Bunny crossed with a misguided 60s flower child but…it’s SWINTON. This is a woman who once wore what appears to be a skunk on her head to a movie premiere! And a virtual totem pole to accept an award! She is our Queen! We must bow. *solemn note of silence*

    Beyonce over Scarlett: This was a no-brainer for me. Anyone who accessorizes anything with a robotic claw is beyond fug in my book.

  150. LASHrink

    All ye who vote for SWINTON, may the Lord have mercy on your souls. All I know is, I wouldn’t want that wolverine/beaver hat coming after ME in the night. I’m voting for the other one, with the daytime underpants thing happening.

    But, listen, people: It’s RABID. With a B. RAB-id. Not Rapid. RABID means has rabies. Rapid means quick. Thank you.

  151. Jess

    Simple: SWINTON (Always SWINTON) and Robot Hand will always triumph!

  152. JP

    OMG . . . what?? ScarJo was robbed! I mean, I know Beyonce wears some wackadoo outfits (being a diva and all), but ScarJo’s fug is just such a sad waste. She dresses like a lonely substitute teacher who is headed home to feed her 5 cats. Sad, sad, sad.

  153. Kerry

    Someday, I’m going to hold down SWINTON and force mascara and eyeliner on her. Until then, I’m just going to roll my eyes in disgust. She, like Ashley’s sister India Wilkes, has the “odd lashless look of a rabbit.”

  154. marguerite

    The day SWINTON and Beyonce face-off will herald the coming of the fugpocalypse. In fact they might be horsemen one and two. Unless those masters of fug for whom the brackets are named are the four horsemen…

    Have tied brain into scary knot of jumpsuits and robot hands, commie hats, boas, spanx, and thigh-high gladiator platform boot-sandals. Require gin and bed. As the beast says: “Let them come.”

    I will be in my root cellar hiding behind a cardboard cutout of SWINTON with a year’s supply of doritos and diet coke.

  155. *Jacob*

    These battles are CLEARLY votes for Fugtacular Fabulosity.

    Ironically, Kimora Lee DOESN’T have it, but is trying to sell it anyway.

    Beyoncé and SWINTON F[ug]TW

  156. Jody

    SWINTON’s wardrobe is definitely fugly – with an emphasis on the FANTASTIC side of fugly. Many (most?) cannot say the same.

  157. Jenn

    Easiest. Bracket. Ever.

  158. Melanie

    Lily Allen’s jumpsuit with flap scared the hell out of me, but she can’t compete with the uber-hardcore-couture that is Swinton.

  159. maisy jean

    Kerry – I so adore you for working in Gone with the Wind into this. I suspect Scarlett would’ve REALLY liked the whole snarkiness of this.

  160. eeeveee

    SWINTON all the way

  161. Dolores

    I hate Lily Alen, is that jumpsuit made of quilts?

    On another note, SWINTON!!!

  162. Grant

    I voted for Lilly Allen solely because she’s just…not…attractive. At all. She is true fug, whereas Swinton is art, and I like how she dresses, actually. Eek.

    I voted for Scarlett because she’s not all that, despite what the world things. Beyonce has a terrible personality but at least she’s pretty and embraces her great curves.

  163. David

    Ugh, I had to vote for Lily, but I know and embrace the fact that she will most certainly lose. I find SWINTON’s fug to be much more artful and enchanting than straight up–now, tell me do you really want to love me forever, ARGH Paula, I already dealt with you! Err, ahem–fugly.

    I had to give the vote to Beyonce. Her fug emanates not just from her outward appearance, but from within too.

  164. Anonymous


  165. Anonymous

    SWINTON RULES FUG MADNESS. Lily Allen is just trashy, whereas SWINTON has this THING about her that makes you want to read on.
    Heh. Beyonce and Scarjo? Pfft. But, robot hand wins handsdown.

  166. Gin


    OK I used to just not get the Swinton thing but I’m getting more negative towards her as Fug Madness rolls on. I don’t get her supposed Holy Fugness. She always just seems to have pulled on some tragedy from off a high fash runway (after digging herself out of deep freeze – women isn’t so much pale as freakin’ blue) I don’t see that as deserving of high fug praise anymore than having a stylist makes one deserving of style icon praise.

    I actually think Lilly looks cute most of the time (and the sailor outfit was a deliberate taking the piss outta Katy “wannabe Lilly” Perry) but had to vote for her just to slightly reduce the adoration of Swinton.


    As if this was even a competition, poor ScarJo now has stiletto imprints on her head as Sasha Fierce walked ALL OVER her

  167. Rose

    SWINTON I think I love you. There is no competition – did you see the hat? And you know she wore it because she wanted to, not because some publist told her it would get her in OK! SWINTON is above the mundane thoughts and desire for fame that we mere mortals experience. Did I mention the HAT? What about the shoes that look like horses hooves? And the hat!

    Beyonce just wants it more – she deployed the Mom knickers to secure her place so how can I not award it to her?

  168. Plaianu

    As so many people have stated befor I also cast my vote for SWINTON just because she is absolutely divine. She’s the queen of avantgarde always surprising me with her crazy yet awesome looks.

  169. Elin

    Look, I know SWINTON is winning because most of us just love her to bits, but it’s not fair. LOOK AT THAT ALLEN-GIRL! Her fug rules supreme! My obsessive voting for her can’t bring her down alone, so help please!
    Beyonce is kinda growing on me, just because she looks so happy in her fugness on stage. ScarJo is not the same level of crazy, but she is loads more fug. Sigh, I always prefere the underdogs.

  170. kb


  171. Jopstix

    Anyone who wears a robot hand definitely wins….hands down….geddit??

    I’m sensing that Swinton may actually win this whole thing. Last year Bai Ling really deserved to win, because she is a hot mess. But Swinton, for me, always looks good despite looking ridiculous. She sort of really embraces her craziness through the medium of clothing. As such, if she does win, I think she should really see it as a massive compliment.

  172. Miss_Om

    You hit the gauntlet on the claw with ScarJo: compared to Beyonce, she’s not fug, she’s just BORING.

    And…. it’s going to take something more vicious than Lily Allen to knock off SWINTON. SWINTON would EAT Lily Allen for breakfast (and then wear her as a muffler or something).

  173. Jen M

    Swinton for the win. She’s pure Fug. I really don’t get the love though. She is the definition of pretentious.

  174. zccica

    For all fellow SWINTON admirers, I’ve created a little tribute theme for my Nokia. It’s on Ownskin website (http://www.ownskin.com/theme_edit?t=63cx3Ezy&p=1) if someone wants to use it.

  175. Elizabeth

    I voted for SWINTON not because she is fuglier, but just because I love her. I think I’m not alone.

  176. maggie tozier

    I was in love with SWINTON before she appeared as an Oscar-winning, polyamorous, David-Bowie-esque walking embodiment of manificence on the radar of those Swinton-come-lately fawning darlings so I vote for her out of love and in total support of her fug. We should all aspire to SWINTON level fuggery.

  177. CeeCee

    I found myself really stuck between Swinton and Lily Allen, y’alls. I was a little surprised at myself, because I DO think Swinton reigns supreme.. but faced off against the pictures up of Ms. Allen- let’s just say that Lily was holding her own. I kind of wish that they hadn’t come up against each other in so early a round, because i have a feeling Lily could have gone (nearly) all the way.

  178. Lori Magno

    SWINTON is like a glorious fashion alien – so, so wrong and yet, my eyes are glued. (The rainbow dress she wore when accepting what appears to be a crushed car trophy was stunning/awful/stunning!)

    Lily is like a rebellious child. Sometimes when your mother/sister/friend/agent/dealer says “YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THE HOUSE LIKE THAT ARE YOU?” Lily should take the occasional listen, go back in the house and find a slip, or at least a full length skirt.

    SWINTON: FTW (Because she IS AN ICON)

    Beyonce attempts to rock whatever craziness she wears (even House of Dereon things that DO NOT FIT PROPERLY.)

    Scarjo. Oh girl, it’s like you packed to move and you keep opening the “attic boxes” and pulling out random stuff. But people can see you, and photograph you, so you have to try harder to find “the good boxes.” I hope you find them really soon.


    Respectfully submitted,

  179. Kathy

    OMG! Between the living hat, and the baby onesie, I think I wore out the roller ball in my mouse. I can’t decide what’s better or is that worse?

  180. Shay

    SWINTON RULES ALL! Can we give her the robot hand from Beyonce? Because she would rock it like no one else could.

    God I am so happy I found this website. All is right with the world.

  181. weyes

    i had to vote for scarjo ’cause she seems clueless; beyonce is trying really hard to shock and get attention.