Fug Madness 2009: Final Four, Game Two

If you want to see the entire Road to the Final Four, click on the thumbnail above to view (and print, if you like) a full-size updated bracket, which we tried to do in the NCAA crossed-out-and-red-for-losers, green-for-winners style. Sorry, we meant to have this available earlier, but you know how it is when American Idol is on — Intern George gets so worked up that he ends up in a puddle behind the coffee table, overcome with nerves, and we have to soothe him with milk and cookies.



“My name is Mischa Barton. I’m an actress. I was such a pivotal part of The O.C. that they killed me off — seriously, that is, like, the highest compliment you can get as an actor, because it means they think the whole world will miss you and cry.

“But I haven’t worked on anything good in a while, and I’m bored. Tired of my clothes. Tired of my icky brown tights. (You know the ones. I used to wear them all the time.) Tired of my stupid headbands that just leave marks on my forehead that take forever to come out, and give me zits. Tired of my spandex faux-jeans, or whatever the hell those were. Instead, I want to be deliciously crazy so that people will like me. I want to be YOU.

“And look, I’m already sort of trying!

“Most people might look at this and think ‘Wow, it looks like a candy wrapper for some kind of urine-flavored marshmallow treat.’” But not you, SWINTON! I bet you’d see it as a CHALLENGE!

“And what about this? You are going to love this:

“The thing in my hair! The wrinkled minidress! The matching jacket with flared cape-like hem! Nobody GETS IT but me. I know that I was going for a quasi-Shakespearian tragic-heroine look, with a leggy spin and a whimsical hairpiece that looks like a robin died while mating with a poinsettia. But nobody else understands my genius.

“But YOU would, SWINTON. You have that same genius. You walk around like Max Headroom’s disapproving grandmother, and it’s not crazy ENOUGH! You wear mustard-colored suits that look like they’re splattered with the innards of a rare, possibly extinct creature, and people giggle and sometimes even call it boring! Then you wear things that actually ARE drab and dreary…

“… but people simply find them hilarious. Because on you, a shapeless mess that washes you out, or a giant blue sheath that’s too modest even for the Queen, comes off as some sort of anti-statement. Like it’s a caftan of TRUTH. Help me find my caftan of truth, SWINTON. Show me how to be you. Show me how to amuse, rather than horrify! I am an eager learner and I have so much potential — I mean, I wore a sort of military-ish jacket kind of like you did once! I even wear weird hats! MOLD ME! SHAPE ME! MAKE ME A BETTER BRAND OF NUTTY!”

“Enclosed is an autographed colleciton of O.C. DVDs.

The future BARTON.”

Two days later, from the desk of SWINTON…

“Dear Diary,

“Received the funniest letter today from some starlet who thinks she is a junior version of me. It’s really quite desperate — apparently she thinks we both have bad taste but that hers is more shocking than satisfying? I’m not sure where she gets her ideas. My taste is resplendent.

One of her arguments is that she thinks we’ve worn similar jackets:

What a lark! This “Mischa” person’s coat has faintly military button holes; mine… also has elaborate button holes. That’s about it. Okay, so I was a bit caught up in looking like a cartoonishly James Bondian Russian soldier that day, but that’s happened to everyone at least once, right? The poor child actually thinks her version of haphazardry is equal to what I am doing. I could hand her an apple and she’d tell me it’s an orange. Oh, sweet obliviousness. She is a tragically dressed creature. It would be sweet if she weren’t asking me to “mold” her. So, note to self: Write her a thank-you note. Then contact attorney to request a restraining order. And then reply to Bjork about coming around for tea and a closet swap. Remember to invite Clooney; he loves a good giggle.”

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Comments (253):

  1. Karin

    Swinton is amazingly swinton-y, Mischa just needs to be slapped. Had to vote Mischa for the fug.

  2. Jess

    Mischa is trying to be fashionable – SWINTON is just being herself, and doesn’t seem to care. It’s the harm that is done by the caring that I vote for.

    no mishca, no.

  3. Mara

    swinton is the patron saint of gfy, she is beyond the realm of this competition or any here on earth…she is a goddess.

    mischa for the win.

  4. Tracy

    SWINTON all the way. There is no denying her…this is her year, people!!

  5. TED

    Of course Mischa brings the fug, but SWINTON blazes her own trail. SWINTON gets the vote for sui generis fugfabulousness. There is no one like her; she must reign supreme.

  6. Rachel

    SWINTON!!! I stand in awe of her Fugliness!!

  7. miss mary

    I choose to make this a celebration.


  8. Grace

    Mischa all the way. SWINTON is avant-fug, while barton is just ewwwww.

  9. tracey Brower

    SWINTON for the win, totally, just so I can hear more about her delerious love life, and so that hopefully I will never have to hear about Misha again, until she takes Dionne Warwick’s place as the psychic hotline spokesfug.

    Wow, I had no idea it would take me three tries to spell psychic correctly.

  10. Alix

    The *future* BARTON, maybe. But today she bows to the almighty power of SWINTON.

  11. freak_inside

    Fug, thy name is SWINTON. She gets my vote every time.

  12. helllp?


  13. lorien

    I had to go with Mischa as well. I can’t help it but I love Swinton’s special brand of fug. It’s like beer. When you’re 16, you gag it down and wonder why anyone thought it was cool to drink carbonated yuck! But as you get older it grows on you find yourself at TGIFridays thinking, “Man…I could really go for beer!” and you promptly pay way too much for it.

  14. Jen310

    I am still quite vexed that Solange is losing and will probably be sent home therefore I vote SWINTON. You are the divinly fug love of my life and I entreat you to crush Barton like the insignificant little insect that she is.
    Long live SWINTON!

  15. miggle

    omg I actually love SWINTON, she takes fashion risks, and I think she pulls them off most of the time. I actually like a lot of her clothes. I can’t vote for Mischa, her stuff is just boring, not interesting like SWINTON’s choices.

  16. Kate

    SWINTON is fug in the best, happiest sense of the word. She’s got to take it.


    I SHALL STORM INTO THE LEAD. See this and weep Barton, I am going to wipe the FLOOR with you.
    Find YOUR caftan of truth, vote SWINTON.

  18. Sara

    Mischa is no match for SWINTON!

    Caftans of Truth are the new Band Aids of Truth.

  19. lamoll

    This is really hard, and it’s just going to get worse: tell me again — what is fug, really? If fug is Aubrey O’Day, then fug CANNOT be SWINTON, even in several alternative universes! Can’t we start over and pretend the final is Aubrey vs. Mickey Rourke? That makes sense to me. SWINTON vs Madonna might be a contest. But it’s going to be SWINTON vs O’Day? … am dizzy now…falling…falling…bonk!

  20. Molly

    I agree with Mara. SWINTON is beyond this competition.

    Mischa and her pretentious fashion sense ftw

  21. kmckeand

    i understand the love and joy and celebration of SWINTON. we’ve all stood in awe. and then, with micha, i’ve stood aghast.

    with SWINTON we ave a wise woman who’s blazed her trail, with la barton, we have a seemingly lost soul trudging through hollywood in dreary and ill-fitted outfits. she owns a mirror. she knows. she has to.

    thus, while at one pole of fug, we behold SWINTON as the ultimate being. on the other, we have a hot mess.

    i prefer to vote for hot messes.

    p.s. how does la barton manage to make her legs look SO terrible. stacey and clinton need to intervene and teach her how to dress for her body. Work with it, not against!

  22. Molly

    Mischa is just a flash in the pan of Fugdom. SWINTON’s fug will shine for a millenium. Besides, I couldn’t vote Mischa and nod in approval to a Mischa/Aubrey showdown. The very thought of that makes my milk curdle.

  23. Amanda in Austin

    BEST POST EVER, Fug Girls. BRAVO!!!!!!

  24. Mrs O

    Easiest decision yet. SWINTON FTW!

  25. debbi

    I have taken a step back to contemplate…. what does Fug really mean to me. I think it means that someone’s style choices are outrageous yet devoid of forethought or taste. They don’t care if the judgment is fugly or not, their style just “is.” It could be considered admirable, to have an innate sense of fugly without calculation. A la Swinton.

    Or, maybe it means that someone chooses, on purpose, to break out of the mold, to be different, to be cutting edge, to get as much attention as possible by choosing stuff that is also outrageous, yet is just so wrong wrong wrong. It’s sadly calculating. A la Barton.

    Or, I could be a complete overthinking idiot whose thoughts are not worthy of being among the amazing comments my fellow fug acolytes offer.

    If forced to choose, I am going Swinton. As horrific as the once-pretty MB comes out, Swinton just IS. She who will not be out-fugged. Swinton FTW. I will leave you now.

  26. Anonymous

    I get the vibe that Mischa dresses for attention but that The Swinton honestly thinks she looks cutting edge. Either that or Swinton’s having a laugh at us.

    Sadly (?) I have no idea what The Swinton’s claim to fame even is. And I haven’t felt the urge to google. When did I get sooooooo ooooold?

  27. Tara

    Mischa, I served with SWINTON. I knew SWINTON; SWINTON was a friend of mine. Mischa, YOU’RE NO SWINTON.

  28. E

    SWINTON is a Goddess of Fug! She is unmatched by any celeb anywhere when it comes to fashion, good taste, fit and color. This is her year. Mischa is an ant next to SWINTON, Goddess of Fug!

  29. Caroline

    I’m voting against my own bracket – Mischa FTW. Swinton is fug – but it’s fantastic. Mischa is FUG and it’s FUG.

  30. SINNYC

    Mischa, Mischa, Mischa…

  31. Kaye

    At least SWINTON attempts avant-garde. Mischa is just vile.

  32. debbi

    Quick Q — in the history of Fug Madness, has Swinton ever gone up against Bai? What was the outcome? My head is spinning just thinking about it.

  33. Jill

    SWINTON. she is the artistic foreigner that we all love and adore. mischa is just an unemployed “actress”.

    yes…i went there.


  34. lrez

    It’s Mischa for me. SWINTON brings it, but here’s the thing: she STILL LOOKS GOOD despite the fuggery. Mischa manages to choose fuggy looks that are also terribly unflattering. And she’s quite beautiful, so that does take some doing.

  35. KLG

    Celebration or retribution? Love or apathy? Transcendant or pathetic? Are we bestowing or ridiculing? SWINTON or mischa?

    Love or feel like I stepped in her on the way out of the dog park?

    Maybe it will have to be down to who had the better bed partners in things I’ve seen lately… Ewan McGregor for team SWINTON, and the vampire with jazz hands on the DVD of Twilight for team mischa…

    Looks like it’s a fug party! SWINTON for the win! Light prevails!

  36. Lindsey R

    The more I look at SWINTON, the less I believe she is fug. Fug is a pathetic state of being that deserves disdain and occasionally pity. I neither disdain nor pity SWINTON, she is Absolutely Fabulous, in the hightest British sense of the term.

    Mischa’s taste is fugly, and deserves to be held up for condemnation from the entire planet. Vote Mischa so we can all point and laugh, sneer, scream, cry or whatever way you react when you see something unequivocally hideous.

  37. cutebutnerdy

    To me fug is “Why the FUG did they wear THAT!” SWINTON does so to be avant garde . Barton does it because she has no taste and is FUGLY! Would you dare call SWINTON fugly to her face? NEVER! You would cower and grovel at her awesomeness.

    therefor: Barton FTW

    besides Barton vs. o’Day makes sick sense. Both are tacky nobodies, the definition of fugly.

  38. Becca

    People, people. SWINTON is RESPLENDENT. Mischa is fug. There is a difference. Hey, I don’t make these rules, but we all have to follow them. Learn them. Know them. Live them.

  39. GuanaContessa

    Caroline wrote:”Swinton is fug – but it’s fantastic. Mischa is FUG and it’s FUG.”

    And this is my problem. I want to honor SWINTON. I want to discourage MB. In honoring SWINTON, am I encouraging MB? In discouraging MB (and O’Day and Price and et all), am I dishonoring SWINTON???


  40. Amber

    Swinton must win. Her fuggness is divine above all others. Hers is what we can only have nightmares of. She must is the chossen one. She is supreme. She is the Fugger Goddess. Ruler of all other fugs. Yes little ones, even Barton’s. Even Barton’s.

  41. Anonymous

    Mischa is TRAGIC. As stated previously, there are so many different kinds of fugs. Mischa is the worst kind, and she deserves to know.

  42. Casey


  43. nj

    at least my darling SWINTON will move forward…sadly not to meet SOLANGE
    *walks away rolling eyes and muttering about stupid lapdogs and sideboob*

  44. Cecily

    I voted for Mischa because SWINTON is a work of art, and I enjoy her. Mischa is a wreck whose fashion is just wrong, WRONG I SAY.

  45. Ian W

    “I can’t vote for Mischa, her stuff is just boring…”

    Worse than boring: Cheap. Her stuff just looks cheap.

    I choose SWINTON.

  46. Rosanne

    SWINTON- the evolution of fug.

  47. Anonymous

    SWINTON. Because underneath her school-marm frocks lies a naughty dirty girl. Positively filthy. C’mon-she has twins boys from a geezer live-in lover and a tool boy-toy lover who has a lover who’s got lovers, and they all do each other in Kevin Bacon’s bathtub. This contest is making me seriously deranged. Well, more deranged than usual. Got me knickers in a twist because I had to give the nod to AOD. I just snapped at a supervisor for bothering me.

  48. belljar

    SWINTON. Because underneath her school-marm frocks lies a naughty dirty girl. Positively filthy. C’mon-she has twins boys from a geezer live-in lover and a tool boy-toy lover who has a lover who’s got lovers, and they all do each other in Kevin Bacon’s bathtub. This contest is making me seriously deranged. Well, more deranged than usual. Got me knickers in a twist because I had to give the nod to AOD. I just snapped at a supervisor for bothering me.

  49. Neffs

    You crafty vixens, you’re saving the Artie Poindexter suit for the finale. That is why I love you so.

  50. Anonymous

    I’m so torn!
    Do I vote for Swinton because I adore her fugly lovliness and want to celebrate her triumph and courage!?!

    Or do I vote for the poor rich girl in desperate need of guidance for fugly ugliness in choices?!?

    One would be a vote for glory, the other for shame.

    This is what makes this competition so difficult, even more so if we end up with Solange vs Swinton.

    What are we shooting for fug girls? Will Swinton continue to be adored and worshiped if she takes it all. The aim or goal of this competition has me confused.

    Help me!

    Do I vote my heart (Swinton) or my scornful judgment hoping it will help poor mischa mend her erring ways.

    She seems so misdirected and sad.

    AAAH! I can’t decide.

  51. Kerry

    SWINTON, plz. I’m preparing a special formula of eyeliner and mascara right now, and figuring out how to embed them into a red carpet runway, and then sneakily trip SWINTON so that she falls face first upon such cosmetics. Then she will stop looking like the Living Dead.

    I really have a problem with her lack of eye makeup!!!!!

  52. Melanie

    Here’s my take on the essence of fug:

    I want to see fug that brings me joy and delight to look upon it. I want to clap my hands with glee at the total awfulness. Last year’s inaugural champ Bai Ling is a master of that kind of terrible, wonderful fug.

    By that criteria, SWINTON and SOLANGE are the clear winners for me. SWINTON because she makes fug cool. SOLANGE because her fug is so crazy, colorful and committed to the wackiness. She has embraced fug. She owns her fug and wants to share it with the world.

    AOD just makes me cringe, and I want to scroll away as fast as possible. Barton just looks sad.

  53. Mike

    I disagree that SWINTON’s brand of fug is resplendent or artful or avant garde. I think it’s ugly. She looks like a Mongol in that hat and caftan, people! And the many outfits not pictured are even uglier. I may like her more as a person, but I do not think she dresses better than Mischa Barton.

  54. Lori

    I have to go Mischa because SWINTON pulls off her fug with style and class, whereas Mischa is just hopelessly fug. SWINTON’s getups would be fug on anyone else, but on her they’re fab.

  55. amy r

    SWINTON all the way. she makes fug amazing and something everyone should try to achieve…
    mischa…not so much…

  56. Suz

    Can the glorious SWINTON be put down by silly little clueless Mischa? That would be a travesty. SWINTON FTW.

  57. Kelsey

    SWINTON FTW. I’ve been saying that since day one. She’s like Bai Ling, in that we absolutely ADORE her fug. It’s not fug. It’s fug-tastic-alicious-ness and deserves to be elevated above all other fug.

    Mischa Barton? This was SO MUCH EASIER than Solange versus O’Day.

  58. tigerstripes

    Mischa is such a sad sight. I remember how pretty she was on the O.C. and I feel for her, but pity does not equal fugly, mes comperes.

    SWINTON carries everything off regally — she could wear a houseplant on her head and it would look like a crown. SWINTON is Fug Queen!

  59. Colleen

    Winning this competition IS NOT AN HONOR! How can anyone admire, even love, SWINTON and then say she is the fugliest of them all?! FUGLY = F***ing Ugly! This is not admirable.

    The same goes for Solange. She is strange and bizarre and sad, maybe, but f***ing ugly? I don’t think so. I think even Mischa falls a little short of the literal vulgarness of FUGLY but she’s a lot closer to it than SWINTON is. Aubrey O’Day EQUALS f***ing ugly. SWINTON equals fabulously ugly. Is that the new definition of fugly? If so, this site is going to have to feature very different celebrities after this.

  60. Mjx

    Well, I’m flummoxed. Can’t figure out whether we’re supposed to be voting for who rocks the crazy, or the pathetic failure. I honestly think Tilda Swinton wears what she dam’ well pleases, and because she has the sort of incredibly long, angular build that fashion houses design for, she pulls it off. Mischa Barton still inevitably looks as though she’s thinking ‘Is this okay..? I hope this is okay…’. To me, the latter is fug.

  61. Gina

    I think fug is kind of like irony: I know it when I see it. There are many different types of fug, and I am not sure any kind is better or worse than another. I think it all comes down to the execution. I look at someone, and I instinctually know if they are fug or not, and if their fug is on par with someone else’s fug.

    Take the Final Four fuggers: Four unique individuals, exemplifying different types of fug. I cannot rationally judge whose fug is more fugly, and I cannot use terms like worse, better, or more. I can only FEEL the superiority of the fug.

    I think SWINTON is the Fugger Superior. SWINTON ftw.

  62. Eshe

    At least something is right with the world…

    SWINTON for the WIN!!!

    And afterward VOTE SOLANGE PEOPLE! Aubrey O’day does not deserve to breathe the same fugging air as SWINTON. SWINTON will wipe the floor with her and the contest will not even be fun. Please for the love of FUG make it a SWINTON v Solange showdown.

  63. scissorkitty

    SWINTON. She is our Queen.

  64. D

    Oh Belljar @10:36- what revealing info! Love the SWINTON, its truly her year- so much fug in such a grand style. Not cheap and trashy, but exquisite fug carried with grace and authority. It is not given to you to deny the power of SWINTON!!! Again, i humbly beg, demand, ask for the SWINTON T-SHIRT!!!

  65. Brandon

    SWINTON has a look that isn’t trash. If Aubrey goes forth, only Mischa can defeat her.

  66. Joe

    I’m sorry – I just don’t think SWINTON is fug!

  67. Bekah

    I resent that comment, Colleen.

    The Fugliest of them all is among one of the highest honors…mostly because these people are incredibly successful, and even more confident to pull off the fugliest looks and still be respected.

    Except for maybe Aubrey O’Day…and Solange (who the hell are those people?)

    SWINTON for the WIN.

  68. Bekah

    You can’t spell Swinton without a WIN.

  69. Anonymous

    the fact that most are voting for SWINTON to celebrate her, and vote for the rest because they abhor them, tells me that SWINTON HAS ALREADY WON!

  70. Shay

    SWINTON shall reign supreme!

  71. Stephanie

    I move that we have SWINTON nominated for sainthood. Then she really can be the gloriously shapelessly mustardized high fashion mess of a patron saint for GFY. The patron saint of celebratory fugaliciousness.

    Who’s with me?!?!?!

  72. Anonymous

    Swinton….because she’s amazing.

  73. Julie

    This year’s competition has been very… divided. I feel like we are looking at 2 categories of fug- Crazy and trying for fashion (SJP, SWINTON, Paula, etc.) and Slutty and clueless (Lisa Rin-crotch, Aubrey, Phoebe, etc.). The Misteses of fug have done a fabulous job matching types for these matches, I can’t wait to see how everyone votes on SWINTON v Aubrey- what is the true fug?

    Long live Fug Madness!

  74. palesunflower

    I love SWINTON as much as the rest of y’all, but I think we’re confusing Fug with AWESOME this year.

    Mischa = Fug

  75. Colleen

    If people really are voting for SWINTON out of love and O’Day out of hate, then I’d say what we have here are the winners of ‘The Best of Fug’ and ‘The Worst of Fug’. Compared to each other they really are apples and oranges.

    I didn’t mean to cause any resentment and I’m really sorry for doing it. It’s just that I come here every day to laugh, jeer and mock and so to me the Fug Madness winner would be the one who is the most worthy of laughter, jeering and mocking. I don’t feel that Swinton is that but I’m clearly not looking at this the same way most people are.

    And that’s OK!

  76. Dandesun

    It needs to be SWINTON! I want the celebration. This year, winning Fug Madness is NOT a punishment!

    And I desperately want to give SWINTON! a statue of herself on that magazine cover as the award for being SWINTON! and then put her in front of two mirrors so we’d have an infinite image of SWINTON! holding SWINTON!

    It’s not about whose fug reigns surpreme. It’s about whose supreme fug reigns.

    I bow to SWINTON!

  77. Jean

    Bow to me, my name is SWINTON!

  78. testington


    I’m glad this very heavily influenced contest is over. The authors of the site CLEARLY wanted Tilda to be the winner from the start and whatever. Nobody honestly thinks that Tilda Swinton wears worse clothing than Micha Barton…if you people want to be bougeois, or try and be funny you can vote for Tilda but really its just stupid at this point.

  79. Amanda

    I think the competition has been swayed by blog author opinion! SWINTON is more art than fug. Mischa’s one hot mess who needs a wake up call. But SWINTON will win anyways…. le sigh!

  80. TMom

    Sharing in the dilemma – thanks most to Melanie on April 2 for helping to sway me toward a “positive” fug vote – I go with SWINTON, long may she reign – and even funnier, I mis-read Mel’s comment as referring to Bai as last year’s innaugural chimp (instead of champ)!

  81. Justine

    NO ONE can copy THE SWINTON!

  82. Sarah

    I had to go Barton, though it pained me to do so. While SWINTON’s choices are deliriously joyfully fug, you only ever see her dressed thus on the red carpet. Whither the real-life commitment, SWINTON?? Barton wears that stuff everywhere all the time. While I agree it’s unfair to judge a celeb by what they wear to walk the dog and go to the grocery store, if they carefully select a costume reminiscent of Pocahontas to do so, they are showing a true devotion to all things Fug.

  83. JC

    SWINTON’s clothes are outrageous and avant-garde, but never ugly, or horrifying, or unflattering, ie. fugly. I have to go with little Mischa, since her clothes are always all of the above.

  84. Esquire

    Mischa wears her fug-attire to random unimportant places, but Swinton, oh gloriously fugly Swinton blazes her trail of unabashed fugliness to places where the world can view it. She inspires everyone everywhere to step out of their homes in some shapeless sheet or modest moo-moo, and that is why I saw Swinton for the win!

  85. Erin

    Karin said it perfectly, “Swinton is amazingly swinton-y, Mischa just needs to be slapped. Had to vote Mischa for the fug.”

  86. Missy

    I’m with Colleen @ 10:47. IMO, fug is not good. It’s not an honor. If I see something, and my first reaction is “ooh, that’s FUG!!!” I don’t mean it in a good way. Take the term “coyote ugly”…you can’t turn that around and say that a girl is SO ugly that she’s now considered beautiful. She’s still ugly. Same with fug!

    With that said, while I do think SWINTON is somewhat awesome, I don’t think she deserves to win (based on my definition of fug.) However I think she’s going to, because so many people think she’s awesome and want to honor the awesomeness. If you vote for SWINTON, I think there should be a 2nd button on why you voted for her: because you think she really is fug, or because she’s awesome. I’m betting the results would be about 50/50 – want to see if I’d be right! ;)

  87. szaza

    No! Swinton is genius, not fug. She’s walking art. Mischa is a visual shudder.

  88. ckale

    oh, testington, loosen up. :D It’s gofugyourself! There is nothing here that needs to be taken seriously at all!

    (mischa mischa mischa)

  89. shira

    Man that was a tough one! I had to close my eyes and pray for the answer. Swinton just deserves it. Mischa doesn’t need more unnecessary publicity.

  90. amanda in Austin

    Wow. I cannot believe over in that OTHER bracket that Aubrey is beating my girl Solange. WTF?!?! I am so upset. I was hoping with all my heart to have a Solange v. SWINTON final.

    So, it’s gonna be Aubrey v. SWINTON? WTF? That will clearly make the universe implode, my friends. Is that what you all want? An implosion?
    Cuz that’s what’s gonna happen when we are forced to compare the trashy fug of Aubrey O’Day to the elegant mind-blowing fug of SWINTON.

    UGH. I need a vodka tonic, stat.

  91. Goil

    Look, I love SWINTON. SWINTON is glorious. She transcends fug. People love her and they want her to win. I’m not saying she isn’t fully top-tier fug, I’m just saying that Mischa’s fashion sense rises to a FELONY and she really needs an intervention before someone gets hurt. Taking home the top fug award, I believe, is the only way to save the poor girl from herself.

  92. coryk

    mischa needs this award or her life will be even more miserable then now!!!

  93. coryk

    mischa needs this award or her life will be even more miserable then now!!!

  94. Genny

    SWINTON is stylish. Avant-stylish. Aware of her effect on the world. She has two men. SWINTON is the definition of FAB. Mischa is sad, and all of her attempts at avant-gardiness fail miserably. Mischa gets the fug.

  95. karen

    Well, this is difficult. They are both fug: SWINTON divinely so and Mischa embarrassingly so.

    Last year’s winner was also divinely fug: do we go for the pattern? Or do we acknowledge that it hurts one’s eyes to look at Mischa Barton, while one is as mesmerized by SWINTON as a cobra by a mongoose?

    MB’s youth and total lack of personality lead one to believe that she isn’t owning her fug. SWINTON’s fug reeks of confidence. It is synthetic bubble-gum flavor vs. attar of roses. Neither is to my taste, but one commands my respect.

    I had to vote for MB because, well, because…do I really have to spell it out? I mean, blergh. It would feel like a betrayal of SWINTON’s majestas to vote for her.

    I see that SWINTON is leading, however. This saddens me. She deserves, if she wins this, to be crowned–but there’s no way she can survive the horror that is Aubrey O’Day. And SWINTON should not be forced into that revolting a match-up.

    It’s a tragedy.

  96. amazingal

    To quote Kool and the Gang: “Celebrate good times- come on!”

    In these tough times, we are going to need someone who makes us feel awesome because they themselves are awesome…..

    and that awesome is SWINTON!

  97. Gabby

    Cheris… I love that you love the JOY of cheerily misguided ugliness. However, the bottom line is this site is about the **F-UG**. It is not about HUG (“happily ugly”) or JUG (“joyfully ugly”) or DUG (“delightfully ugly”). If you want to celebrate the good side of evil then I fear I cannot respect you. Instead I implore you to get your hands dirty with the unredeemingly tacky nastiness on display by Ms. Barton.

    I am not afraid.

  98. katkin74

    Ugh! This is the 2nd time I’ve had to vote against SWINTON! Even though it seriously pains me to believe that apparently Mischa has outfugged the likes of KJP, Lady GaGa (really?!), Mickey, Teyana Taylor and Roisin Crazy. I love that Swinton is avant-garde and I love her attitude. I would love also to see her “win”! However, poor Mischa is tragic, whereas SWINTON is so fug-abulous that you almost don’t care what she wears; as long as you get to see her in it! The true definition of fug therefore says I have to vote Mischa. [sniffle]

  99. Chris

    I’m just reposting part of my argument for Solange here. SWINTON doesn’t need it, but…well, this is why SWINTON’s hot.

    As stated before, don’t vote for the fug you hate. Aubrey, regardless of your protests, will see it as a compliment and carry that poor dog around even more. Vote for the fug you love to hate.

    In the end, shouldn’t Fug Madness be a celebration of all that is fugly? Both the heinous, disgusting Lisa Rinna/Phoebe Price/Mischa Barton/Chloe Sevigny fug and the resplendent, fabulous SWINTON/Bai Ling/Juliette Lewis/Sarah Brightman/Chloe Sevigny fug? (Seriously. After long deliberation, The Sev’s line for Opening Ceremony was so diabolically BAD it came back around to being awesome. In a “Donna Martin graduates and goes to FIT” way, but still.)

    We are not gleeful when SWINTON shows up in Shaquile O’Neal’s hand-me-down tuxedo or a castoff from the set of The Sound of Music because we think that she looks fabulously good in them. Nay, she is not even fabulous in SPITE of her cracked sartorial choices.

    Readers, SWINTON is fabulous BECAUSE of her sartorial choices. And her two husbands. And…everything.

  100. Goblin

    Whoa. Apples and oranges.

    It’s hard to call this one because SWINTON and Misha are so different–whereas Solange and Aubrey were hard to call because they are exact equals in wackadoodlery.

    I gave it to Misha because her clothes are honestly fug, while SWINTON’s are beautiful if smack your head three times and squint.

  101. loveitloveit

    SWINTON is glorious! win is spackled, draped, pinned, shredded, and bursting forth from her alien form at all times.

    SWINTON ftw <3

  102. Katherine

    I have to go with Mischa here. All of her outfits make me die a little inside, while SWINTON has her own brand of genius. Is it fuggly or is it amazing? SWINTON is paving the way for new crazy trends, while Mischa is just reusing old worn out trends that should never have started in the first place. Mischa for most fuggly, because SWINTON actually has a vision!

  103. Kirsti

    It is ridiculous to compare SWINTON to Mischa-I haven’t had a job for like 3 years-Barton. I want the little girl to go away.

    I choose to make this a show of devotion for the goddess that is SWINTON. No one comes close to her style and attitude. She is incredible!

    p.s. I found a copy of Another magazine at Border’s. That cover is even more wacktastic in person!

    SWINTON all the way.

  104. Sherri

    I could actually hear SWINTON’S voice in my head as I read from her diary. It was a transcendent experience and might have something to do with a lack of caffeine in my system.

    I’ve never heard Mischa’s voice but there was a mosquito whine while I read.


  105. christy

    I’d like to have drinks with SWINTON. She’d be fun to dish with.

  106. Anonymous


  107. Sharon

    I was almost swayed towards Micha, because despite the fact that her fug is a desperate cry for attention, it still has the effect of open-handed slapping me into (unwillingly) rapt attention.

    That is until you featured La Barton and SWINTON cheek by jowl.

    SWINTON, how could I have ever doubted the power of your fug? You saved me from being eaten alive like snake prey by La Barton’s fug. Your blue russian whatchamahijink freed me. SWINTON, I am your willing slave forever!

  108. Lizzie

    Mischa is, undoubtedly, fuglier.

    But SWINTON is our queen and she must win.

  109. Sarah

    COME ON! Barton is fug, and SWINTON is fab, and that’s the long and short of it. If this is a fuggery competition, which I believe it is, then Mischa is worse, by dint of the headbands alone. There really is no room for sentiment here.

    Barton FTW!!! Don’t let your love for SWINTON cloud your judgment.

  110. Bridget

    I’ve been anti-Mischa since she somehow, unbelievably, shockingly, and sadly, took down the Mighty Madonna, Our Lady of Fug. Therefore, SWINTON FOR THE WIN!

  111. Catherine

    You know, I love me some SWINTON, but when I look through their archives I am forced to admit that Mischa Barton has done some amazing work, this year and in years past.

    Did you SEE her in the mustard-colored fringe dress she wore when it was 18 degrees outside? And the huge, floppy white hat/black pantsuit combo that made it look like she was auditioning to be Mrs. Colonel Sanders?!? I may be falling in love.

    Mischa for the WIN!

  112. suzy

    Oh my. People are getting TESTY. Which makes it so much more fun.

    SWINTON v. mischa. Yep, I de-capped wee MB, because it only made sense next to SWINTON. This is a Fug slapdown if ever there was. My fug criteria may be helpful for those struggling to choose:

    Fantastic natural assets woefully wasted: A tie. Beautiful women, both.

    Resources to take advantage of said assets: SWINTON’s got ‘em, probably more than little m.

    Poor color choices: SWINTON’s at a disadvantage here; she has much more challenging natural coloring to work with, but it’s not impossible. But really. Mustard on a redhead (or anyone, really)? Bright primary colors? Black, for f@(k’s sake? Pale salmon? Greyish cream? m makes OK color choices, usually.

    Poor fit: Nearly a tie, but SWINTON’s clothes never fit, anywhere. m’s often fit okay, we just wish they didn’t.

    Dressing for body type: Another tie. Both are clueless as to what makes them look their best. mischa distracts from her beautiful face by focusing our attention on her unfortunate lower half; SWINTON shrouds her slender, angular body in, well, shrouds.

    Quality: mischa’s clothes look cheap and horrible. SWINTON’s look expensive and

    Taste: mischa has none, and thus looks horrible. SWINTON has tons, and still looks horrible.

    Cluelessness/Smugness: mischa is certainly clueless, and often smug. But there’s sometimes a creepy sense of uncertainty about her. Like “um, don’t look. DONT LOOK. But, really, do I look OK?”. SWINTON is clueless but never unsure. Even when parading in ill-fitting, garish, unflattering crap, she’s unflappable. She smugly beleives that she looks appropriate, and that her bearing transcends whatever she’s parading in. Honey, it doesn’t.

    And the Fug title goes to SWINTON.

  113. amy

    Seriously? We’re going to live in a world where Tilda Swinton is given the same award as Bai Ling? At least Swinton normally seems to keep her bits covered. Unlike NipSlip Mischa.

  114. Anne B

    Mischa, you have done so well with so little. In the category of Wearing Things That Are Not Clothes, you approached greatness.

    APPROACHED it. And today, you meet your match: the grown-up fug radiance of SWINTON.

    Behold, the creature in whose presence a well-mannered peach evening gown not only blanches, but curdles.

    Behold, the woman whose form is so impossible to define that even heavy blue fabric may only glide over it, much as a tarp glides over a Bugati.

    Behold: the individual with a vision so strong that, having commissioned the James Bondian Russian soldier getup above and still finding it somehow unworthy, ventured out into the crisp evening air and killed herself a hat to match.

    You are young, Mischa. You show promise. But you have much to learn, and while I don’t advise looking directly at SWINTON too often for guidance — considering the retinal damage — you can learn the most from her.

    SWINTON. I do not pretend to understand you. However, I do worship you, in all your fug.

    SWINTON, for the win.

  115. Anne B

    Mischa, you have done so well with so little. In the category of Wearing Things That Are Not Clothes, you approached greatness.

    APPROACHED it. And today, you meet your match: the grown-up fug radiance of SWINTON.

    Behold, the creature in whose presence a well-mannered peach evening gown not only blanches, but curdles.

    Behold, the woman whose form is so impossible to define that even heavy blue fabric may only glide over it, much as a tarp glides over a Bugati.

    Behold: the individual with a vision so strong that, having commissioned the James Bondian Russian soldier getup above and still finding it somehow unworthy, ventured out into the crisp evening air and killed herself a hat to match.

    You are young, Mischa. You show promise. But you have much to learn, and while I don’t advise looking directly at SWINTON too often for guidance — considering the retinal damage — you can learn the most from her.

    SWINTON. I do not pretend to understand you. However, I do worship you, in all your fug.

    SWINTON, for the win.

  116. SB

    Mischa for the sheer (pun!) tackiness of it all.

  117. NoFun

    Swinton is a GODDESS there is nothing FUGLY about her, but Misha knows ONLY fugly!

  118. weyes

    mischa’s POSTURE is pathetic and actually somewhat puzzling… one would think that someone who is so often photographed would try a little harder to look good in those pics. at least swinton appears to have some self-esteem and puts forth some effort.

    the headbands are also atrocious. mischa all the way.

  119. Anonymous

    ‘Wow, it looks like a candy wrapper for some kind of urine-flavored marshmallow treat.’”

    Some of your funniest dialogue!!!

    I LOVE this stuff!!

  120. molly

    Mischa honestly just needs to get married, pop out a few kids, move to the suburbs, and she would fit right in. She always looks like she is stuck in the mid-70′s, too.

  121. Jenni

    Swinton looks somewhat avante-garde — there’s no fug in that, to me. Mischa, on the other hand, is trying to be fashionable. THAT is misguided and sad, so I vote Mischa!!

  122. CHRISTA

    SWIIIINNNTOOOOONNNN Victory shall be thine! You vexing fug minx shall rule!

  123. beancounter

    Mischa Barton has the fugliest legs I have ever seen. She needs to stick with pants or long gowns. It colors my view of any thing she wears that shows her knees.

  124. Liz

    SWINTON is fabulous, Mischa is a hot mess. Sorry, Mischa is the more fug of the 2. Sorry Tilda, please don’t strike me down in your fuggy fury.

  125. jerkygirl

    MISCHA, YOU PRETENDER!!! NO!!! That is all.


  126. Richard

    Mischa to keep it interesting.

    And also, whether she shows ‘em or shuns ‘em, those legs earned my vote.

  127. katie

    i think people are voting swinton because they like her. but aren’t we supposed to vote for the ugliest dresser?

  128. ames

    I think the comments to this particular post are my most favorite of all. <3 <3 <3

    I LOVE YOU, GFY READERS! We may only meet once a year for two weeks, but what a glorious two weeks they are.

    And Mischa still gets my votes. I think I’ve hit up twiigs at least twenty times. a mere drop in the bucket, true, but I am voting with my HEART.

  129. Sharon

    I love the Fug Girls. BUT, they favored SWINTON in this contest and gave her an unfair advantage by letting everyone know they favored her.
    Who do they think they are????
    Oops! Sorry I flared…

    Mischa is more fug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There I said it. Sorry, Fug Girls.

  130. ames

    There’s some Fug on your body,
    Oh Mischa, dear Mischa,
    There’s some Fug on your body,
    and a stupid headband.

    Your posture is slouchy,
    Oh Mischa, dear Mischa,
    Your posture is slouchy,
    and where are your boobs?

    Far too much eyeliner,
    Oh Mischa, dear Mischa,
    Far too much eyeliner,
    and please brush your hair.

    Twelve months of bad choices
    Oh Mischa, dear Mischa,
    Twelve months of bad choices,
    why did you buy this?!

    Please hire a stylist,
    Oh Mischa, dear Mischa,
    Please hire a stylist,
    And @!#$%@#$% STAND UP STRAIGHT.

    (sung to the tune of “There’s a hole in the bucket, dear liza, dear liza”)

  131. Anonymous

    SWINTON is ready to take on Solange. Misha is but a pebble under SWINTON’s shoe. SWINTON FOREVER!

  132. Lars

    I worship at the altar that is … SWINTON!

  133. Anika

    God I love SWINTON!

  134. Liz

    I feel that if I fug Mischa, it is a reprimand, but I have the distinct feeling that she would not understand this and all hopes of sending a message would be lost.

    Whereas SWINTON, lovely SWINTON, glorious SWINTON, I do not reprimand you but rather celebrate you. And you, SWINTON, will understand this, and accept it as your due. You are the high priestess of all that is pure and insane and fugly.

  135. Hima

    Based on how the votes are going today, it looks like the finals will be SWINTON vs Aubrey O’Day. This matchup is like arguing the definition of FUG and what this competition means. Does winning mean “Bravo! What daring, but batshit crazy choices you’re making!” OR Does it mean “EWWWW, What the FUG are you wearing, you trashy attention seeking whore?!” Is winning an honor or an insult?

    Can’t wait to find out!

  136. Anonymous

    SWINTON is hors concours; she instantly belongs in the Fug Hall of Fame (Hall of Fug?). To have anyone compete against her is unfair.

  137. Anne B

    Mischa, you have done so well with so little. In the category of Wearing Things That Are Not Clothes, you approached greatness.

    APPROACHED it. And today, you meet your match: the grown-up fug radiance of SWINTON.

    Behold, the creature in whose presence a well-mannered peach evening gown not only blanches, but curdles.

    Behold, the woman whose form is so impossible to define that even heavy blue fabric may only glide over it, much as a tarp glides over a Bugati.

    Behold: the individual with a vision so strong that, having commissioned the James Bondian Russian soldier getup above and still finding it somehow unworthy, she ventured out into the crisp evening air and killed herself a hat to match.

    You are young, Mischa. You show promise. But you have much to learn, and while I don’t advise looking directly to SWINTON too often for guidance — considering the retinal damage — you can learn the most from her.

    SWINTON. I do not pretend to understand you. However, I do worship you, in all your fug.

    SWINTON, for the win.

  138. Kathy

    SWINTON, because even though I know she is an “artist” who wears “interesting” clothing that makes a “statement”…anyone who wore the beige granny gown BUTTONED IMPROPERLY on the red carpet is FUG, FUG, FUG! Amazing actress, odd dresser. SWINTON FTW!

  139. Mary Ann

    I can’t believe Swinton is winning! Here’s why I chose Barton and not Swinton: I think the latter knows exactly what she’s doing and couldn’t give a flying *^&%% what anyone thinks of her. Mischa Barton, on the other hand, appears to possess the fashion equivalent of a tin ear. How anyone as naturally beautiful as her could regularly look so bad is beyond me.

  140. Georgia

    We are through the looking glass here, people. The final matchup will be epic. It will define us as a people. Does fug mean GROSS TRAMPINESS or does fug mean JOYFULLY CRAZY? It’s a question for the ages and one we’ll get to see decided in our lifetime.

    For me, ain’t no fug like a SWINTON! fug so AOD and her little depressed dog can suck it.

  141. debs

    Caftan of TRUTH! Amen to that.

  142. maggie

    I fear we’re all working at cross-purposes here. Unless we can agree upon a definition of FUG, then the results of this tournament will resist interpretation. Which would be sad.

  143. D

    Absolutely FANTASTIC Anne B @12:00 pm- Truer words never spoken!

  144. DubaiFUGman

    SWINTON will lay carnage over Solange who is pulling away from Aubrey O’Day in the other bracket.

    SWINTON would probably take pause while climbing the attic steps for winning the 2009 Empress Fug Award, and go back to spinning flax wearing a cornhusk robe while a BBC 2 drama unfolds on the radio.


  145. Peggasus

    Even though this line is most excellent : “like Max Headroom’s disapproving grandmother,” we actually LOVE TILDA, in all her fuggy regalness. Right?

    The Absolut Fug is supposed to be NOT Good. So that automatically, by definition, leaves out Our Queen Til. In a good way. I mean, almost like she should have her own bracket, but in a GOOD WAY.

    Good. I voted for Mischa.

  146. Suze

    I know someone else said this matchup was an easy choice but, for me, it is the most difficult ever. They are each so incredbly annoying in their own way that I just cannot decide. I believe Swinton’s sartorial choices are born of arrogance (which I detest), and Misha’s are born of sheer idiocy or cluelessness, or thinking she’s just so darn cute. Which is more offensive? SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!! KTHNXBY

  147. kf

    I loved that blue velvet outfit on SWINTON! Does anyone know the designer??

  148. Sandicomm

    Definitely Mischa. Mischa is just doing this for attention. SWINTON is SWINTON and has truly impeccable taste. Seriously. I am shocked SWINTON has made it this far.

  149. D

    Testington @ 11:09- WTF???? Why are you dissing all those who vote for SWINTON? I read the posts, and i see there are so many who feel like me- she is a goddess of fug but fug none the less. We love her for the fug power that she possesses!!! If you can’t understand it, then you don’t get it, and never will. So let it be and stop harshing on others for their opinions!

  150. Crazy cat lady

    ok, perhaps I’m hopped up on a few too many YooHoos and Thin Mints, but I propose an overhaul to the Fug Madness structure.
    Just as Westminster Kennel Club doesn’t throw a poodle and a St. Bernard into the same category and judge them against the same standards, how can we pit Speidi against SWINTON? Are we supposed to vote for the one we adore or the one we abhor?
    Just as Westminster has various groups of dogs so all in that group can be judged against the same standards of perfection particular to that group ( i.e. the terrier group, the sporting, hound, toy groups…you see where I’m going with this ), I propose the brackets be renamed so as to be indicative of the standards the players within that grouping will be held to: The Divine Fug (SWINTON, Posh, Bai, etc.), The Tragique Fug (Mischa, any Olsen twin), The WTF Fug (GaGa, Katy) and the Sweet Sassy Pancakes Don’t Make Me Toss My Cookies Fug or Cracktastic Hot Mess Fug…I can’t decide on the best taxonomy (Courtney, Joaquin, I’m looking at you, babe). WHEW!
    Then, the 4 “Best in Group” winners meet to compete for the “Best in Show” award and the naming of the first, second, and third
    runners-up. Now, admittedly, Best in Show is completely subjective. Cast your vote for the that fug bracket winner who provided the most glee and wheeeee!, most made you spin and clap like a giddy school girl upon viewing their photo, or made you feel better about yourself by being able to say “I may not have as much money as you, but I know better than to wear a Christmas Tree skirt as an actual skirt”.
    Ok, all that typing has made me need a refill on my YooHoo.

  151. Colleen

    OK, it looks like it’s going be AOD vs SWINTON for the throw-down. Since they both embody the opposing definitions of FUG I’m going to have to find a new criteria for voting. I’ve decided I’m going to use the title of this site – go fug yourself – as my yardstick.

    AOD doesn’t have to take a single step to fug herself. I feel that no matter what she chooses to wear, the skanky fugness will be apparent. No special effort required.

    SWINTON, on the other hand, has an almost bottemless amount of potential to work with. She can be fabulous effortlessly but often isn’t. Some of those outfits? Awful, just awful. They are an affront to her genetic bounty and her ability kick sartorial ass. When SWINTON fugs herself it’s like the Titanic hitting the iceberg.

    For her offenses against her inherent fabulousness, I will cast my vote for the SWINTON.

  152. Anonymous

    Mischa…Wet Seal fug. Swinton…Barney’s fug.

  153. Sam

    I feel that the problem that needs to be addressed here is that are dealing with voting for FUG which is undefined.

    A vote for Aubrey and Mischa is a vote for trashy, clueless, desperate and oftimes pathetic fuggery.

    However, a vote for SWINTON and Solange is a vote for bat-shit-insane, joyous, “I don’t give a crap”, costume fuggery.

    Now if you go by the standards of last year’s winner, Bai Ling, she was really a combination of the two. I think that’s what’s messing with the voting here. We need to define the standards of quality FUG! : ) I love this site.

  154. Caroline

    Jessica & Heather – I’m having a seriously hard time (this is so sad) with FugMadness this year. I don’t know how you can really compare people who celebrate the fug and embrace it and people who just have bad taste. It’s like apples and oranges and it’s too hard to choose. Can you please have 2 different FugMadnessi next year? This is too much for me.

  155. Sam

    ^ Crazy Cat Lady – Yes! I completely agree with the nature of your categorizing there. Though I guess that would make things too complicated to organize maybe.

  156. D

    Love it Crazy Cat Lady!!!

  157. Kay

    I am sick of SWINTON. Her clothes are boring. Go Mischa!

  158. montrealguy

    i had to vote barton, just because i do not believe that the definition of FUG as generally understood and interpreted applies to my beloved SWINTON. And to think that SWINTON would then join the ranks of such ingenues as Bai Ling is stuff my nightmares are made of. So there. I said it. Swinton is NOT fug and SWINTON ? Bai Ling! tada!

  159. Colleen

    To: Fug girl Jessica

    Re: “I like to this of this photo as the promotional shot for a new show on The CW:”

    This is driving me crazy! You like to WHAT this?! I’m assuming that you like to think of this but what if I’m wrong?

    And? I’m totally TiVoing that show and keeping it forever.

  160. anner

    The bottom line for me: for better of for worse, SWINTON knows how to dress herself and does so with conviction. MiBa doesn’t have a clue.

  161. Christa


    I am starting to LIKE the things that SWINTON wears. I’m…not sure what that means.

    Either way, the fug win goes to Mischa. At least SWINTON’s wardrobe fits on her body, and does not contain a glorified dust ruffle.



  162. smb

    I vote Swinton. Only because she never wears any mascara! I don’t get it! Anyone with lashes that light needs at least one coat! Anything less is total fug in my eyes.

  163. Anonymous

    honestly. i cannot decide if a vote for swinton is a celebration or a slap. i love the swinton. she cares not a whit what we think and is a fab actress. is winning a punishment? because i do not feel she should be punished. mischa SHOULD be punished. but she is not as gloriously fugly as the swinton. FUG GIRLS! i really need some guidance on this – do you vote to celebrate swinton or mock mischa? is the winner the person who tries to be be unfugly and fails (mischa)? or the person who clearly excels beyond all imagining at her chosen art of fugly (SWINTON)?

  164. JanL

    UGH– had to go with MB on this one….SWINTON is eclectic, yes, but MB is full-on FUG! Who actually lets her out of the house? Does she EVER look in the mirror??

  165. Sharon

    CRAZY CAT LADY @ 1:32 p.m.

    Your YooHoos and Thin Mints sound SOOOOOOOOO good! Chocolate. DRooooooL…!

    But, perhaps the cocoa beans you are ingesting have messed with your jusgement… basically everything in your post is exactly what they Fug Gals have done… 4 groups divided by the type of fug they have oozed out before us in the previous 12 months. We already have best of group… the 4 darlings that we are voting for now.

    Okay… pass the Think Mints and I will bring the YooHoo’s.

    Your friend in Fugland,

  166. Lucy

    SWINTON has my vote, but I want to be clear that she got said vote because her fug is awesome, not because it is sad (as Mischa’s is). SWINTON owns her fug, and I bow to that. She is like a painting that you wouldn’t buy but only because you’re a little too insecure to hang something so bold in your living room. And even though you don’t buy it, you keep secretly walking back to it because you love it and because you can’t figure it out. Also, I really want to be her friend. So a vote for SWINTON is a vote of admiration.

  167. Erin

    I am displeased with this matchup. SWINTON is not fug, SWINTON is fabulous, and Mischa is too dull and downtrodden to be worth caring about.

  168. Shahinrani

    This is kind of boring with all the Swinton nonsense.

  169. Lainie

    SWINTON made me believe Fug can be Fab.

  170. Cam

    SWINTON 4 Ever!

  171. Theta

    There is a terrible re-interpretation of fug going on here. ~ is not, no matter how un-attractive her clothing choices, fug. So you have a bunch of people voting for ~ because they admire her while everyone else is heaving chunks about the likes of Ao’D.

    Putting ~ along side these others is peculiar. It’s as if a the ABT were pitted against Duke.

  172. Road Crossing Chicken

    SHAHNINRANI @ 2:11 p.m. posted: “This is kind of boring with all the Swinton nonsense.”

    It is all nonsense… that is why it is fun.

  173. Vanessa

    Swinton puts the F (Fabulous) in FUGLY. Long live the Queen!!!

  174. LAshrink

    Mischa is fug, SWINTON is fab (albeit in a terrifying sort of way), ergo Mischa got my vote. I think you folks voting FOR SWINTON because you love her as I do have it sort of backwards.

  175. Queen o' surveys

    Dear Fug Girls – As a professional survey designer, I feel I must point out that you have introduced BIAS into your method here. In your entire “fug madness” bracket system, the only names that are shown in ALL CAPS are those of the bracket bitches (Madonna, Bjork, Charo and Cher) and SWINTON. It’s as if you are making this a foregone conclusion.

    As for me, I will not be biased. I’ll never vote for Swinton in the realm of fug. She is one of the few people on the planet who can wear haute couture as it was intended to be worn. She’s never been less than immaculate in her appearance, while most of these contenders are alcohol soaked, barf stained, fame whore trainwrecks. They couldn’t wear high fashion even if the designers would loan it to them – “Klassy” with a kapital “K” for most of that bunch.

    However, when and if Swinton wins this – and it appears every more likely that she will – you are going to have to ask yourselves whether she won it outright or whether you biased the votes?

    It had to be said.

    As for the dumbass who weighed in anonymously at 10:18 AM mentioning that s/he doesn’t know what Swinton is famous for … ever hear of a little statuette called Oscar, dumbass?

  176. Hailey

    mischa actually thinksher shit is hot, while SWINTON is her theatrical self, she know’s what she’s putting on in the morning.
    vote mischa

  177. Anonymous

    To: Shahinrani on April 2, 2009 2:11 PM

    Then can I ask – in all seriousness and with absolutely no snarkiness or disrespect intended: Why are visiting this site, reading the comments and making some of your own? All the roads that ended here started with these (pseudo)celebrities and – for better or for worse – it was clear from the start that all the roads would converge at Tilda Swinton.

    I don’t even disagree with the essence of your comment; I just knew from the start how it was going to play out and what would be said about it so I was not surprised/resentful/offended and therefore not bored. You get to put your 2 cents in, after all, even if (as I suspect) most people don’t read it.

    Then again, I’m wastin’ away in margaritaville right now so all I really care about is whether or not I can salt the rim of an Oktoberfest beerstein.

    Cheers to Fug Madness!

  178. Katherine

    OK, as 2:25 said, this is supposed to be a contest to see who is the most fug. And I get that that is a bad thing. But, this site is nothing but good. If no one dressed fug anymore, it would be gone, and I would be very sad. So, using that logic, I must come to the conclusion that: Go Fug Yourself=Good; SWINTON=Good; Mischa=Bad. Therefore, I must vote SWINTON over Barton (And if that method of reasoning doesn’t illustrate how people can rationalize anything, I don’t know what does ;) ). Fug Madness rules!

  179. Colleen

    Oh bugger! I am Anonymous on April 2, 2009 2:31 PM. Wasting away indeed!

    I just bit my own ass, too: I questioned Jessica’s typos on the Tyler Momson post and then proceeded to typo myself into idiocy.

    I’m assuming that, in an alternate universe, Jessica and I are both whooping it up in maragaritaville and I am also flirting shamelessly with Intern George while sending the Fug girls out for unnecessary shakers of salt.

  180. ...love Maegan

    can someone please tell me why Barton is famous in the first place? really?

  181. alpal

    don’t you people understand? SWINTON’s wardrobe is not fug, it’s MAJESTIC. mischa thinks she looks hot but girl is WRONG.

  182. Nancy

    Think about this before you vote for the winner.

    Do you strive to be fugly? Is your goal to leave your abode everyday looking as fugly as possible? Do you want to win the Fug Awards?

    If you answer NO to any of the above questions, then winning Fug Madness can not be a celebration but a huge insult (and hopefully, the start of a sartorial intervention).

    That said, SWINTON cannot and should not win because too many of us love her style and want to celebrate it.

  183. Vandalfan, North Idaho

    They are not even in the same league. SWINTON brings it to another level entirely. She brings it.

  184. Mads

    Swinton you are a unique snowflake in a flurry of wet drops…don’t stop believing….just you hold onto that feeling.

  185. yankintex

    SWINTON. MB is such a sad sack celebrity. I feel bad whenever I see her picture.

  186. Karen

    Here’s my deal: Let’s not forget what Fugly is short for. Do those two words describe SWINTON? No.

    “F***g ugly” is a much-needed, plain-speaking pejorative for calling a spade a spade in celebrity-land. I’d never reduce SWINTON to a label like “f***g ugly.”

    I’m goin’ for Solange.

  187. SherylBeryl

    A vote for SWINTON is putting her in the same league as Bai Ling. I CANNOT in good conscience do that.

    Mischa is the clear choice here.

  188. Kimmy


    I come to bury Mischa, not to praise her.
    The fug that starlets do lives on after them; The actual work they might have done(pfft, like anyone remembers/cares) is oft interred with their bones;
    Hath told you Mischa was ridiculous:
    If it were so- and trust me, is WAS so- it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously wilt Mischa answer it.

    Hahaha that’s all I’ve got. BUT THE ANSWER IS CLEAR! If we let Mischa’s fug reign supreme, she will get convoluted notions into her head that she is still relevant, which is NOT the goal here, people! SWINTON is our queen- let us not interfere with Destiny!

  189. Ashlie

    My vote too shall be a celebration of SWINTON!

  190. Mara

    sigh…why do i get the feeling swinton is gonna win the whole damn thing simply from love/adoration and not true fug?

    oh, and gfy bias!! please…VOTE MISCHA.

  191. elnic

    Come ON people. SWINTON is at least interesting and oddly fashionable, BARTON is just a mess.

  192. Mara

    and then go VOTE SOLANGE…if she’s gonna lose, then let it be to the likes of swinton, not an ex-member of tranity kane for christsakes!!

  193. Anonymous

    NO WAY.

    Swinton pulls of her fug, somehow making it head-scratchingly regal. I see her fug and my first instinct is to release a guttural cry of horror, the sting of it too much to bear. But then–THEN! I digest. I take deep, meditative breaths. I look myself squarely in the mirror and mouth “Go on.” I return to my computer where I lean forward, squinting, and am beckoned forth by a tiny whispering voice that says “Shhh…it’s Swinton. It is too much for you to understand, my child, but everything is going to be all right. She looks bat-shit insane but somehow, on some planet, she is PULLING THIS OFF.” Then I sleep.

    Barton is just plain fug. She is pulling off nothing but pieces of her shredded dignity, ounce by tattered ounce.

    I cannot believe my eyes, people.

  194. Anonymous

    i think everyone is taking swinton’s fashionally- challenged looks as some kind of heroic act. they’re ugly PERIOD

  195. Lori Magno

    SWINTON! does indeed pull off her fug, because her fug is as regal as she is. It is carefully crafted fug. It is the most luscious of fabrics fug. It is SOON TO BE KNOWN designer fug. It is SWINTON! SWINTON! I tell you!

    Mischa, you are a poor little match girl by comparison. Your H&M togs are but a pale, sad competitor. Go away, your fug bores me.

    We hate the fug, but long may SWINTON! reign!


    Respectfully submitted,

  196. Katya

    SWINTON. There are no questions asked. She is pure genius. That foxy smile? It comes knowing she will win Fug Madness and will reign supreme.

  197. Katy

    SWINTON gets my vote out of true respect for her divine AWESOMENESS! She’s made an epic effort to go for the win this time..

    Barton is just using her tragic, tragic, cry for help wardrobe to get noticed now that everybody and their dog have forgotten the OC ever happened….

    cower in the face of the SWINTON aura of awesome, poor insignificant Barton….

  198. Kate

    Does the world need Mischa Barton AND Gwyneth Paltrow? Can’t we all get together and cooperate on which one to ignore?

  199. veronica

    they are both totally ugly!

  200. Jo

    SWINTON is simply the high priestess. The be-all, the end-all of fug with a capital F-U-G. Celebrate!

  201. laughing

    I love all the thought that goes into this. I’ve been traveling, and found myself happy to have missed some votes because I was spared the agony of having to make the decision! I do think that splitting up the conferences, if you will, into the categories of fug would be awesome. I’m sure the four patron saints of the categories, Charo, Madonna, Bjork and Cher, can be appropriately assigned – though I keep rearranging them: Is Cher the Divine Fug (SWINTON) category? And Bjork governs the WTF (Katy Perry)? Is Charo the Hot Mess (Joaquin, sigh, weep)? So that leaves Madonna for Tragique? That doesn’t seem right… so switch Charo and Madonna? And goodness knows Cher has had her moments of WTF. I can see why this is a full time job. Keep it up, its fantastic!

  202. alexandria

    I adore SWINTON. I find her terrifying and hilarious at the same time.

    Mischa is just sad. A Tara Reid for the late noughties.

  203. Rose

    Swinton has earned the right to her fug and asks for nothing. Mischa, on the other hand, is trying REALLY hard to fit in with the big fugs, and for that I give her my vote. SHE WANTS TO WIN VERY BADLY. And that is precisely what she will do.

  204. Va Va Va Voom on YOU

    SWINTON is fug from Pluto. She IS the Queen of Outer Space…
    Her fug is danger-fug. In that long blue dress up there, she looks like she just might be smilng.


    She is actually hissing like a cat… “HISSSSSSSSS… get behind me you dog-faced HUMAN with a camera! HISSSSSSSSSSS! I will eat your liver and make you glad I did! HISSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Vote for her. Don’t wait for her to show up on your front porch!!!!!!!!!!

  205. Kristan


  206. Huh?

    Know what? I don’t even like Swinton. There, I said it.

  207. lelo


    Because when Mischa wiped out fantastic-fugly Mickey Rourke, I was like, really?? That boring slag WON?

    Then, when she crushed Madonna, I was like, SHUT UP!! MADGE? Nutcracker thighs got trounced by…Little Miss Dullsville?

    Finally, when she beat out GaGa, I was like FINE!! Clearly, I know nothing about this, and probably know nothing about the WORLD in GENERAL, and I SHOULD JUST GO HOME AND HIDE IN MY BED AND FORGET MY TOTALLY WRONG OPINIONS, and Good day to YOU, Sir!!

    So…thank you, Universe. Thank you for giving us SWINTON. LOVE.

  208. Sherr

    So much controversy! The emotions are high and the excitement is brimming.

    I especially love the definitions of Fug. I hope our dear, enlightened Fug girls take heed of all this discussion and rip a fair bit of it off for their own use. Fug Categories may be needed. Maybe Fug Madness should be more like the Oscars, with special awards given out, like “Most Prone to Inappropriate Exposure of Ladybits” or “Most Demonstrable Color Blindness in a No Pants Outfit”.

    Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  209. Kelli

    Ultimately, for me, FUG is looking terrible given great raw material to work with, coupled with thinking that you look awesome and/or being heralded as some sort of fashion goddess. For me, Mischa is straight up fug.

  210. katie h

    mischa is just boring and sad. SWINTON aquires a level of intersting fug which must be celebrated. mischa is ten a penny. who gives a fug?

  211. dolores

    SWINTON comes out strong again. But I had to vote for Mischa because I think SWINTON actually looks good. Mischa, does not.

  212. Lavender

    The problem with Mischa is a lack of committment. She’s trying for fug with the clothes, but she still half-heartedly tries for the pretty-girl hair and face. Her posture always seems a bit defensive as if she’s not comfortable with how it’s all turned out.

    The difference with Bai Ling and Swinton is that they’re unquestionably in charge of their fug. Fashion is the servant rather than the master.

  213. Allie

    I agree that we need several categories of fug. Mischa and Swinton would reign supreme in their respective categories.

    These are my categories:

    1. The “I just have no taste, no shame, no fashion sense or any understanding of my body shape. You look at me and feel sorry for me, but I think I look gorgeous in this outfit” fug (Aubrey, Xtina, Paris Hilton, Beyonce).

    2. The “Look at me, look at me, please please look at me! Don’t look away!” fug (Bai Ling, Solange, Lady Gaga)

    3. The “Aren’t I a fashion goddess, aren’t I the most fashion-forward person on earth? You wretched masses cannot appreciate the heights of fashion I have reached!” fug (Sevigny, SJP, Mischa Barton) -this is the ultimate fug category for me!

    4. The “I am too cool to care about your earthly fashion sense and fug competitions. I’ll wear the crazies things and look fabulous/clinically insane/ terrifying doing it. You call me fugly? No, I am not fugly baby, I am THE FUG.” fug (The Swinton, Posh?-she belongs to several categories)

    5. The “I’m a mess, possibly clinically insane- hence the lack of pants, or whatever is going on with my clothes right now. I don’t need your fashion advise, I need to be forcibly taken to a rehab center. Right now.” fug (Courtney Love, Tara Reid, Britney Spears, Paula Abdul)

    6. And the “Hey, calm down. These are just clothes and I’m having fun. Give me anything, as long as it’s not boring. Green plaid pants with a yellow polka dot t-shirt? Why not?” (Deyn) What separates this category from the “fashion-goddess” group is how seriously they take their fashion icon status.

  214. Moneypenny

    SWINTON – the reason she’s so amazing is that she actually hypnotises you into thinking what she wears actually suits her. And it really doesn’t – the only reason you can tell her outfits are outfits and not expensive carpet offcuts is that she totally owns them. I mean, fashion-forward’ and ‘avant-garde’ are just fancy ways of saying WTF ARE YOU WEARING, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THEY’RE NOT REAL CLOTHES, RIGHT? RIGHT?’ And I think SWINTON is all about the “I might be kidding, I might not. But what are you going to do about it, puny humanoid?’ Which is why she wins against Droopy McSlouchy any day of the week.

  215. SR

    Although I think SWINTON is terribly awesome, that is not why I voted for her. All through the contest I have voted for people based on if they should know better. People like SJP, G. Paltrow, and obviously SWINTON. These people supposedly have fashion knowledge and have mega designers at their disposal. Despite all of this they look crazy, and at high profile events no less! Mischa is becoming more and more obscure as the years pass, and she certainly doesn’t have people throwing clothes at her to wear to big events because she doesn’t attend any.

    Plus, in the case of SWINTON specifically, I was watching the E! after Oscar show, and they all said she looked totally fab and that most of America would not get it. Maybe that is because most of America has some common sense and a little TASTE! You can be fashion forward without looking bad. Can you tell that comment made me a little bitter? I am not going to let some stupid twig View reject tell me I can’t spot fug.

  216. nikkol

    gheesh, the voting always ends up way harder than it should be for me. i thought i was going mischa bc she’s boring and trying to hard and blah blah blah. but dear swinton, i love thee and wish to award you with my vote in fug madness.

  217. Mary McClelland

    MEEE-SHAH, MEE-SHAH, MEE-SHAH. Seriously, SWINTON is sublime and intriguing, but Mischa is pure fug. The essence of it lies in her: clueless, desperate, patheticly bad outfits with no avant-garde sense of being. She wins it for me.

  218. Anonymous

    Remember those big Barbie heads where you could pull the hair out and POOF, Barbie Head had long hair? That’s what Mischa’s ‘do looks like.

  219. Angela

    Well fugged, Heather, well fugged indeed. One of the finest (fuggest) posts this site has ever seen.

    God bless you, SWINTON.

  220. Melanie

    SWINTON. For I have seen the glory of the coming of the Fug.

  221. sinothedivine

    swinton is the goddes and mischa could be her minion i guess but to just be in the present of her fugness needs more than headbands…the road for swintoness is long my poor child mischa…swinton for president

  222. DayC

    SWINTON is on the level of sublime fuggery, while Mischa is just plain tacky. I think we all should vote for SWINTON for redefining the word fug and fugliness. Why not have two different categories of fug, one is sublime fug and the other is tacky-attention whore-fug? SWINTON hands down win the sublime category, while Mischa can compete with Aubrey O’Day or Lady GaGa or any other attention whores for the tackiest fug title.

  223. Khalessi

    SWINTON should have a holiday dedicated to her. Seriously, she is nine kinds of undefined awesome! She needs MORE publicity and so, despite respecting her risks, I voted SWINTON ’09!

  224. Karen

    Swinton is glorious.

    Mischa needs to start wearing trousers — for the love of God, put those knees away for good!

  225. kd

    who are these people?

  226. nmrosycheeks

    I voted SWINTON, because her fug is unique and on-purpose. Barton will fade away soon enough; her fug is accidental and boring.

    P.S. Barton either needs to do serious lunges and calf raises, or stop wearing stuff that shows her legs. They are strikingly misshapen–like planks of wood jutting down from her hips. No curve or shape or tone at all.

  227. sadzlightyear

    had to vote for mischa, SWINTON actually pulls off the crazy, mischa’s just sad

  228. Austin

    I voted BARTON because I knew SWINTON’s going to win anyway.

  229. maisy jean

    Thank you Karen and NMRosycheeks! Finally, someone else who thinks poor Mischa needs to put the tree trunks AWAY. (And folks, I’ve got myself some tree trunks – there’s no amount of lunging that helps, BUT – I WEAR PANTS!!)

    SWINTON ftw and ftt (for the tee)

  230. Miss_Om

    Those brown tights… I thought nothing could trounce them. But it all comes down to SWINTON in the bearskin hat on the red carpet. Unbeatable.

  231. queen bitch

    “She’s so swishy in her satin and tat
    In her frock coat and bipperty-bopperty hat
    Oh God, I could do better than that”

    Seriously, it’s as though SWINTON has gone through an Orlando-style transformation from Bowie to, well, SWINTON.

    It’s a myth come to life, people. No wonder she’s winning.

  232. Crandycorn

    I take heart in the fact that we as voters overwhelmingly agree on what we are seeing. There’s no confusion over something being pretty or ugly. So that’s good!
    It’s awesome and hilarious the way we decide to act on it, though. People will say the person they love is too great to fug (SWINTON), or too great NOT to win (SWINTON).

    An example: “(O’Day) annoys me. Erego, O’Day FTW.”
    Whereas I would say “O’Day annoys me therefore Solange for the win!”
    Both are totally understandable reactions, and it makes the voting outcome impossible to predict! :)

  233. Crandycorn

    “And I think SWINTON is all about the “I might be kidding, I might not. But what are you going to do about it, puny humanoid?’”

    Hahahahahaha! Awesome, Moneypenny!

  234. citrushoney

    I firmly believe that personality is a huge factor in this Fug-Off. SWINTON may not look beautiful, but most of the time she is doing her own avant-fug thing – AND IT WORKS FOR HER. Mischa, on the other hand is simply just tragic. And over.

    I could totally get behind a Mischa / Aubrey Fug-Down.

    Mischa FTW!!

  235. *Jacob*

    Honestly? this post screamed MISCHA IS TERRIBLE

    …but I enjoy Swinton so much more in general.

    **Votes for the FABULOUS Fugtasm that is SWINTON**

  236. Crandycorn

    Lelo, you are hilarious! And Allie and Sherr your ideas for categories and awards are awesome!
    Ahh these comments are great, and I keep forgetting I can still vote.

  237. Sushmit

    I love Tilda Swinton, and hate Mischa Barton. They just signify all there is to my scales of liking someone. But Tilda, oh Tilda, that blue governess gown is just the last thing I needed to see you in. That expression on your face reads “Well, this didn’t go right, but hell what I will make it up for that coat Vladimir Putin gave me”

  238. Joho



    Not Tilda!!!!

    She’s a goddess!!!!

  239. Melisa

    HAHAHAHAHA. AMAZING. I’m laughing so hard I can’t even concentrate enough to read the other comments. I can’t decide whether this or the SWINTON/Brad Pitt/Intern George dialogue is my favorite “conversation” ever to be featured on this site.

    That said, I’m voting for Mischa. As I said in an earlier comment, she’s been fugged TWENTY-TWO TIMES during the eligibility period.


  240. Shaky

    This is the real fug-off. SWINTON is fantastic, but Misha Barton is also insanely fugworthy.

  241. Sarah

    LIke many before me, I struggled with the concept of fug. Am I ridiculing or honoring with the title? Then I took a second look at the question- whose fug reigns supreme? Well, that clearly indicates Swinton. Her fug is supreme- for avant garde tastes, for staring in amazement, for dissecting later. The O.C. girl just causes me to shake my head in disgust. She is fuglier but Swinton’s fug reigns supreme.

  242. k-t

    This really does raise the question of the definition of fug. But I agree with Miss Mary, way up at the top of the comments – I too chose to make this a celebration.

    SWINTON forever.

  243. Claire

    Sometimes FUG is a celebration…..
    How great was it to see SWINTON AND Intern George together (literally in bed together) in Burn After Reading?

  244. Crandycorn

    “By Melanie on April 2, 2009 10:40 AM
    Here’s my take on the essence of fug:
    I want to see fug that brings me joy and delight to look upon it. I want to clap my hands with glee at the total awfulness.”

    I like that, Melanie! Very well expressed!

  245. Rose

    This time I am doling out my vote to SWINTON, not because I dislike her dress-sense, but because I LOVE IT. I want her to win and I know she wants to win!

    Give it to SWINTON

  246. fingerguns

    I voted for SWINTON every time she turned up. I vote for her even when she’s not competing, or when the position doesn’t exist yet. Like US Culture Minister. Obama NEEDS SWINTON.

  247. AMonger

    Could we possibly see Swinton in street wear? Club wear? “Running from Club SWINTON wear”? It doesn’t seem fair to fuggery if we only see the red carpet views. Surely, there must be some candid snaps of her.

  248. Menolly

    I think I’m going to have to go with Mischa, here. Yes, SWINTON is fug, but she carries her fug with amazing stature and class. *swoon* Mischa clings to her fug in (willfully?) oblivious and desperate denial and trudges on to worse and worse choices, wanting to be seen as a daring fashion ingĂ©nue or some such thing, IMHO. And I refuse to believe that she doesn’t know she looks ridiculous 90% of the time. REFUSE. SWINTON wears what she wants and what she likes and doesn’t give a damn, and makes it beautiful. *pause* Well… half the time, anyway.

    For me, the fugly is all about cringe-worthy, blatant and undeniably horrible fashion choices. SWINTON can and will make you think twice before voting her fug; Mischa just makes you want to throw your coffee at your monitor and scream at her to give it up already. She’s beginning to look pathetic. Mischa FTW.

    I’m trying to imagine an MB/AOD fug-off and my brain is ready to implode at the very idea of having to choose between those two…

  249. Menolly

    *looks at the poll so far*

    Ugh…. I cannot believe it’s not closer.

    *pouts, grumbles, goes back to work*

  250. Menolly

    This right here:

    “I gave it to Misha because her clothes are honestly fug, while SWINTON’s are beautiful if smack your head three times and squint.”

    LMAO! Love it!

  251. suzy

    Hi Crazy Cat Lady! I’m going to regress to the age of two for a minute here. You may (or may not) have realized the the idea of different catagories of FUG was MINE from several days ago. MINE! All mine! ALL ME, me, me. Me first, not you.

    ‘Kay, I’m back, and over it. I LOVED your analogy of the dog show. It’s perfect in every way, because these competitors are “dogs”, in the worst sense, and indeed, you should not compare poodles with bulldogs, at least not until the BEST poodle and the BEST bulldog emerge. Then they compete for Best in Show. Perfect. Heather? Jessica? May we please have the dog show format for next year?

  252. Menzie

    “SWINTON wears what she wants and what she likes and doesn’t give a damn, and makes it beautiful. *pause* Well… half the time, anyway.

    For me, the fugly is all about cringe-worthy, blatant and undeniably horrible fashion choices.”

    What Menolly said. (Exactly what I was thinking, but MUCH more eloquently expressed.) Mischa FTW.

  253. janice

    MISCHA is FUG.

    M-irrors are for everyone!


    S-aaaaaaad sack,

    C-lutter goes on the floor, not the body,

    H-ope goes to her closet & dies.

    A-nother day, *sigh*, another disappointment.