Fug Madness 2009: Final Four, Game One


Today, we’re going to SHOW, rather than tell. So strap in, darlings:










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  1. ellevator


  2. Grace

    Oh, come on people. Aubrey is fug, but she clearly does it for attention. Solange honestly believes she is on the cutting edge of fashion. SOLANGE FOR THE WIN!!!

  3. Mike

    Aubrey feels fugly inside to me – as in, I don’t think I’d want to know her. So that makes her outfits even worse in my eyes.

  4. Chrysalis

    I remember reading in the Guardian an interview w/ Solange in which she said that she wanted to be ‘the black Björk’. I don’t know who this Aubrey-person is, but she seems to be a generic attention-whore. Solange thinks she’s ‘art’. Therefore, Solange FTW.

  5. MizShoes

    Aubrey, if only because she abuses the dog.

  6. Weezie

    I hate to give Aubrey any attention but she is something fug-ful here. Poor Solange — always the bridesmaid, never the bride, even in fugging.

  7. kmckeand

    here’s my thought process:
    what the f?
    oh migod…
    get through this quickly.
    yes, dawson, i totally agree.
    oh. honeys. no.

    so, solange is trying to outshine sasha beyonce, and whackadoo outfits can help. i feel, mostly, this is gimic–much like that lady of gaga.

    aubrey? well. i don’t know what she’s doing. and worse, she’s taking along a helpless victim. A DOG IS NOT AN ACCESSORY.

  8. Regina

    Sooo Hard!! I cant decide, I think I may randomly pick and go back to bed from the stress. Also, I feel that SWINTON will eat either of these two up. SWINTON FTW!!

  9. Stephanie

    Oh my – this is a hard one!! I am so torn but I went with AOD because her sluttiness is FUG within itself. At lease Solange doesnt look like she just got done filming a gangbang scene in every picture. Looking like you are half asleep and can’t breathe does not equal sexy, Aubz.

  10. tara

    I can’t stand it. My eyes can’t stand it.

  11. Blue

    It has to be Solange–she THINKS she is fashion-forward, hip, and edgy. AOD just wants attention.

  12. Jen310

    No, NO, NOOOOO!
    Aubrey is fugly – SKANKY FUGLY, yes, but she cannot take down the cry for help fugliness that is Solange. Aubrey’s fugliness can give you six different types of STD’s. The world does not need that.
    For the love of sweet, baby, Jesus – give Solange the opportunity to outshine – OUTFUG -her sister at last.
    Say no to slutty fug and fug cruelty to animals.
    Say no to Aubrey O’Day.

  13. Fizzy

    I can smell Audrey’s Skank Smell through my computer monitor. And it smells like ripe old Fug.
    Gotta give it to her.

  14. Ana

    I cry! How can one choose between those 2?

  15. Anne

    Aubrey O’Day makes Solange look like SWINTON. Sure, the poor (VERY poor) man’s SWINTON. Whatever, the point is that O’Day tends to put the “trash” in FUG-TRASH-TIC. See? She’s gone and made me invent words.

    Plus, I’m ashamed to admit that I secretly covet the Stipe-esque make-up that Solange has been working.

    And I love plaid.


  16. Jillybeans


    On one hand, AOD uses her poor little dog as an accessory; but Solange paints Zorro masks on herself! What do I do?!

  17. starryeyedsuprise

    One is a desperate spotlight seeker and the other is a skanky desperate spotlight seeker (Aubry). Solange gets my vote.

  18. Erin

    I went into this round with the assumption I’d vote for Solange (c’mon! She beat Bai!); however, comparing the two, I can almost see why Aubrey deserves the win. I mean, it’s not an easy choice, but I have to agree about the slut-factor that Aubrey brings to the table. It might just be enough to push her ahead for the win.

  19. Sarah

    This kind of dressing, in public no less, has to be a sin. I think they broke the hidden commandment: Thou shalt not be trashy.

    Solange just looks clueless.

    Aubrey looks calculating.
    Aubrey gets my vote.

  20. Susie

    MAN this was hard! I had to give it to Solange based only on the insane eye-shadow/Breathe Right strip application. Who does that? Aubrey is all sorts of icky fug, but Solange just wreaks of desperation (more then Aubrey, if possible). Beyonce’s shadow is long, dear, dressing like you’re insane isn’t going to make anyone remember you for more then your ridiculous ‘clothing’.

  21. Ingrid

    SWINTON will eat either of these two for a leisurley brunch with her lover, her ex-husband, and children. A testament to her supreme awesomeness.

    That said, Solange is really like a science experiment gone horribly wrong . . . Solange for me.

  22. Arin

    Before I clicked on the link, I was so sure I was voting for Solange. So very, very sure. And then . . . . that poor dog.

    I will still vote for Solnage, but only if a group of us get on the kidnapping plans for that poor dog ASAP.

  23. what?

    This should have been the championship. No one could outfug these two.

  24. elisabeth

    i had to go with solange JUST for the black stormcloud of craft-hour. also, the michael stipe imitations aren’t helping. AOD is just a famewhoring reality reject. solange has a whole family of fug behind her. AOD isn’t all that creative with her fug – it’s body shop and wet seal with more ruffles. not to mention the animal abuse.

  25. Amy

    This was a tough decision – but I chose Aubrey just because she has a slightly higher “ick” factor added to crazy fug.

  26. Alison

    Can Dawson’s bangs be considered for next year’s Fug Madness? WOW

  27. MC

    I feel that Solange just fugs on purpose, while A O’D does it because she doesn’t know any better. And therefore, Solange’s FUG is dominant.

  28. Fingerguns

    Here’s what I think: Solange looks as though she has the potential of dressing well and looking good.

    Aubrey, otoh, has no potential of anything other than being busted by the ASPCA, or chlamydia. Urk. NO. Just…no.

  29. miss lucky

    Perhaps a haiku:

    Aubrey, those roots are
    five inches past attractive
    this fug win is YOURS!

  30. Adrian

    This is literally Sophie’s Choice. I fear the wrong decision will haunt me in my dreams.

    I CANNOT DECIDE. I don’t think I’ve ever waffled on something so hard.

    One thing I am certain of? That pic of the Beek made me laugh so hard, I cried. Unexpected, but never more timely.


  31. Amy

    Slutty O’Day because she brings that poor defenseless dog into it. She’s intent on spreading her fug to the animal population. The woman must be stopped.

  32. Anjali

    that was hard. and sad. i just want solange to stop doing that eye makeup on her face.

  33. shira

    Aubrey is going ALL THE WAY!!!
    Also, I wanted to thank the Fug Girls for putting together this tournament….for those of us who don’t give a crap about actual college bball.
    It’s been fun, and see you next year!

  34. Ish

    If you scroll up rather than down Solange has some very pretty shoes – I think there’s a glimmer of hope there – wheras Aubrey’s total commitment to Fugtism is top to toe.

  35. weyes

    solange is just dressing this way ’cause her idea of “getting a career handed to her just ’cause she’s beyonce’s sister” didn’t work out. the display of fuggery is simply her plan b.

    i think aubrey is really into it, and that’s why she gets my vote.

  36. cath

    OK, you know how there’s this eternal debate about whether to vote for fug you hate or fug you love? Well, AOD is fug you hate… and Solange is… ZOMG BOTH!!!! She’s the next Bai Ling!!!!

    Vote for the fug you love to hate and hate to love… VOTE SOLANGE!!

  37. A.Y.

    While these are two very strong competitors, gotta stay on the side (but not make actual skin-to-skin contact with — oof, imagine the disinfectants you’d need afterward!) Aubrey O’Day. Even when she’s fully covered I still get the eepy-cray feeling that at least one of her bits is planning a rogue escape plan whenever there’s a camera on her. Solange is cerifiably crazy, for sure, but she seems kind of awesome for that reason. Aubrey just REEKS of SKANK. Honestly, I think she could fug anyone under the table (and has probably fugged many a person under tables, in public).

  38. babwa

    Solange makes me cringe, but AOD makes me throw up in my mouth. I want to vote for AOD just because the revulsion is too strong to ignore. I’m pretty sure whatever she’s got is contagious. Let’s put her under a rock. Solange FTW.

    Plus I think SWINTON will smack down Mischa Bartfug instantly, and SWINTON v Solange is the matchup we’ve all been desperately praying for…

  39. nj

    my dreams of SOLANGE vs SWINTON are dying
    God people…why must you continue to vote for that AOD chick just because of the dog…you all are making me sick
    how can anyone skankily clad or not outfug SOLANGE’s neon eye stripes….i’m gonna go cry a little bit

  40. Shannon

    Wow. I feel your pain, Dawson. This was so hard, but I’m going with Solange for the win. I feel like she should be able to do better, whereas I expect no better from Aubrey.

  41. She Ra

    A tough contest, worthy of the final four. O’Day’s accessory dog was definitely the tipping point.

  42. Kate

    Aubrey is without a doubt fugly and trashy, but I just can’t vote for her, in case she might take the whole tourney. I don’t want my fug champion to be someone I despise!! I’ll go for Solange’s wackness before Aubrey’s ho bagness.

  43. Rosanne

    Toughest choice yet!

    I went with Solange because the memory of seeing Aubrey’s painfully squishy veiny boob dress still hurts. I prefer my fug pain-free and at least mostly covering the necessary bits.

    I also have a very low tolerance for “LOOK AT ME!” fashion.

  44. Mrs O

    SOLANGE for the win!

  45. spinja

    The difference here is that O’Day is trying to sell sex; Solange – taking a stand for herself – no matter what. I dig the eye paint thing! I relate to the little sister aspect of her and so voted for the exploiting O’Day.

  46. Alex

    NO! Not Aubrey! She’s trashy – that’s too easy! Solange is more sincere in her fug! A vote for Solange is a vote for TRUE FUG!

  47. Kels

    The picture of Dawson is priceless. Nice usage.

    Does Aubrey get additional FUG for dressing up her poor dog?

  48. KPod

    people, people, PEOPLE! Aubrey is just another generic, dyed-blond, skank, nothing new here, move along.

    Solange, on the other hand, breathes a whole new life into the concept of fug, offering us things we never thought possible (raining feather cloud shrug, anyone?). She is clearly the artiste here and deserves our support.


    Solange makes me want to dig out all my old REM records and dance about stupidly. Aubrey just makes me want to punch her in the mouth and steal her dog.

    Do I vote “Shiny happy people” desperate to have their own identity.. Or do I go shameless attention whore who abuses tiny little puppies?


  50. hillary

    solange should know better and at the same time, glorified for her wackitude. aubrey should just disappear. SOLANGE vs. SWINTON!

  51. Anonymous

    I voted for Aubrey because her EW factor is so much higher, but Solange’s outfits are just as crazy.

  52. Booz

    Aubrey could take it this year. Solange has stupid makeup, so what? Aubrey fugs herself AND her dog. SHE IS TEH WINNAR

  53. Cait

    Wow. I SO didn’t want to have to acknowledge Aubrey O’Days existence (on this side of the pond we’re not very familiar with her) but judging by the photos given; she has it.

  54. ceecee

    The problem with Aubrey is that she is actually ugly. In the face. Yuck yuck yuck.

  55. na

    That picture of dawson made me nearly pee my pants. Nice.

    And seriously people SOLANGE MUST MAKE IT THROUGH. Who the hell is aubrey o’day anyway??

  56. D

    AOD for the same reason I voted for Bai- they really think they are dead sexy, where Solange is just cutesy wacky fug. Give her another year to truly develope her talent, then we’ll talk.

  57. Libby

    I assumed I’d vote for Solange, but AOD dresses like I used to dress my Barbies. In the Eighties. The fugness is more extreme than Solange’s in that light.

  58. katkin74

    Wow, this was tough. Really. The whole eye-makeup thing has been done; Solange is no David Bowie. That was almost it for me. However, when I took into account Aubrey’s one accessory she cannot seem to do without (her veiny breasts on prominent display at every turn lately), trashiness will always outfug crazy for me.

  59. ames

    Aubrey almost won my vote with that first picture, which omg WHAT. But then I remembered the pony tights, the FETLOCKS, the face stripe (which I think is more Gerard Way than Michael Stipe; I doubt Solange even knows who Michael Stipe is. Or cares.), the stupid little girl cut of so many of her dresses, on stage and off, and I say FIE ON YOU, SOLANGE. Your fug is the worst. You get all of my votes. ::disables cookies::

    And I am now going to go on record as saying that I hate booties with bare legs. SO THERE, FASHION. I HATE YOUR SHOES. I think they make most women look heavy in the calf area, and who needs that?

  60. Ash

    Yes, the poor dog, but dude, the waterfall of feathers!

  61. elise

    I can’t believe Aubrey is winning!! I thought for sure Solange would run away with this whole thing. She needs to win at something, since she’s been cast in her sister’s shadow for so long.

  62. Funkelstein

    Aubrey’s freaking “Bad Girls <3 Obama” t-shirt “dress” sealed the deal for me. OMG, keep your fug off the President! THAT’S where I draw the line people.

  63. AmberLotus

    This. Is. Impossible.

    Holy mother of fug, I was so hoping it wouldn’t come down to these two because I CANNOT CHOOSE. They’re both just SO BAD.

    Oh, how I despise Aubrey O’Day. Oh, how crazy Solange must be.

    This may take all day to decide…

  64. She Ra

    Regarding my choice of Ms. O’Day, she even manages to fug the dog! Solange is definitely worthy of her final four status, but consider her upbringing when you lay down your sentence… Girl never had a chance.

  65. cheryl

    I hate to vote for someone who obviously WANTS the attention, but OMG Aubrey…

  66. Becca

    I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!! THIS IS SUCH AN UNEXPECTED UPSET!! I was 100% sure it was Solange for the win! This is SO EXCITING!!!

  67. AJ

    I keep getting ready to vote O’Day, and then I get to that second to last Solange and all my reasoning falls apart…

  68. Jennifer

    you know? living in a reality TV hole firmly under a rock, i actually had to look up who the hell aubrey o’day was. i figured i owed it to her since she made it this far. apparently she’s in a female version of the Monkees. Except the monkees were cool. i had no idea.

    solange, i dont understand. shes not whackadoodle like sharon or juliette, she doesnt have the avant garde oddness of swinton nailed right, shes not a hot mess like courtney or tara, she spreads herself too thin. she goes for all fug at once and it makes it less of a committed fug than o’day, who is simply retarded fug.

  69. Jenn

    Seriously? THE EYESHADOW. Noseshadow? Whatever. Solange FTW.

  70. richard

    i can’t believe Solange isn’t winning. SHE IS THE DELUDANOID HERE.

  71. Nikki


    I wash and wash, but the skank of AOD just won’t come off my skin…

    SOMEBODY pass the mental bleach PLEASE!

  72. Kaye

    Don’t these people have STYLISTS?

  73. kd

    who are these people?

  74. Christa

    I’ve never been so torn about fug in my life. Usually it’s pretty black and white. Thanks for gracing my day with the whackadoodle mind-blowing gift of the blurry fug. That damn Bad Girls for Obama shirt dress nearly got it for me, but when I considered the whole affair in its entirety, Solange is far more of a hot mess. Girl needs help. Let’s start with the title FINALIST IN 2009 FUG MADNESS! Solange for the win!

  75. True

    SWINTON is taking it home this year.

    That said, I agree with the commenter above that said that AOD looks calculating. Poor Solange just looks lost. Fugly, but lost.

  76. Mandina

    One word, two syllables: FETLOCKS. Solange FTW

  77. Karen G

    I, too, was set to vote for Solange, but hey, at least she’s not trashy. She’s kind of artistic too, in a way, and she hasn’t harmed any small dogs in her quest for true fug (a whole flock of birds, yes, but not a small dog).

    So I’ve got to go with the supremely trashy fug that is O’Day, and her little dog too.

  78. Claire


    We CANNOT let Aubrey win! Solange deserves to win this game so that she can face off against SWINTON.

    Aubrey isn’t nearly as awesome about her fug as Solange….


  79. Jill

    This might be the toughest decision in the entire storied two-year history of Fug Madness. How to decide!?!?!

  80. maggie

    It’s the Obama shirt (dress?) that gets me. That girl has no business sullying the political arena. Or trying to borrow glamour through a cheap association. The outfit would only make sense had she been secretly campaigning for McCain.
    She wins for sheer vulgarity (in the 19th C sense of the word, as well as the contemporary sense).

  81. Ally

    If it weren’t for you girls, I wouldn’t even know either of these characters existed. Beyonce has a younger sister you say? Huh, who knew. Anyway, I had to go w/ Solange on the basis of the weird war paint. I’ll choose to just be happy that O’Day wears clothing at all. But it was a close call.

  82. Ginger

    Aubrey gets my vote just for torturing that poor dog.

  83. Kristen

    I had to vote for Solange, because no one should be taking Aubrey O’Day’s picture. We should not know her name.

    Ok, sure, you can make the same argument for Solange, but with O’Day it’s so much more OBVIOUS.

  84. furia

    I have to come back to the cruelty against animals issue. Is THAT poor little thing La O´day´s dog wearing stupid devil´s pajamas???
    That is enough reason for me to vote her (plus all the hilarious dresses, off course).
    GO FUG YOURSELF Aubrey O´Day.

  85. SINNYC

    A tough choice, indeed. However, Aubrey’s trashiness – cheap looking clothes, too much boob/leg/etc showing – in combination with her insistence on dragging a second, innocent canine party into her fug shennanigans has made her the clear winner in my book.

    But Solange’s heart effort did not escape my attention, and I have high hopes for her next year.

  86. Claire

    Solange’s best work is not represented in the pictures above. CHECK HER ARCHIVES!

  87. Steve

    Brutal – what they’re wearing, and deciding between the two.

  88. Melody

    This is one of the few times in my life in which I am rendered utterly speechless. That, my dear fugsters, is some truly outrageous and powerful fug.

    I echo Dawson’s sentiments. I’m going to have to flip a coin to figure out who wins.

  89. Katie

    This was too hard, I even read the comments for a little help… no such luck, everybody had great points. And since I don’t know who AOD is I had to go based on photos and she is SKANKY, CRUEL and truly FUGLY. Yes SoBo is Craztastic with the fetlocks, print leggings and face paint, but she’s also kind of cute, some of the photos were stage performances and as someone pointed out, she’s also a mom.

    Imagine, as I have, if AOD had a kid, seeing what she does to a dog, now try to get the image out of your head and if you can let me know how you did it.

  90. R.C.T.

    C’mon, SOLANGE! Solange vs. SWINTON, guys!

  91. Amanda

    I’m sorry, but it’s Aubrey and her “Tammy Faye Baker” eye makeup all the way!

  92. Flahdagal

    Both appear to be trying for the performance art category –so very appropriate for the Cher/Madonna bracket. I have to give Aubrey the edge since her roots look atrocious and I feel for that poor innocent dog.

  93. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that AOD is winning! She dresses like a ticky-tacky 14 year old with zero creativity. Solange has made fuggery a persona, nay, an art form! Come on Solange, overtake that overbleached, dog-abusing, cleavage-enhancing famewhore!

  94. grandaudiomaster

    My exact sentiments, Mike. (second entry)

    I thought they would be in the final showdown, but I was wrong. Both are equally strong, but it isn’t hard to choose a fame-whore from a possibly alright singer.

  95. Kelsey

    By far the toughest match-up yet.

  96. doug


  97. Cecily

    Awfully OD is an amateur, she throws things on and doesn’t even look like she showers half the time. The roots magnified by the smashed down jeweled headband, oy! Hers is certainly a “look” but Solange is creating A LOOK and really works at it. My interpretation of fug doesn’t include trashy. And who can resist the colored unibridge on her nose? Solange for the win.

  98. Samantha


  99. Beth

    Solange, just for the stuff on her face. They are both horrible, but the neon blue unibrow did me in.

  100. ra

    Help! They’re both so bad – my corneas are seared.

  101. Mara

    how is solange losing by so much? Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

    o’fug is the definition of attention whore; please don’t give this to her and make her day, hell, her year!!

    this is the only thing in life solange will probably win over her sister, think about it…then vote.

  102. Tara

    This is truly a clash of the titans.

    In the end, I went with Solange, because I think AOD would be delighted to win Fug Madness, whereas Solange would be truly baffled. Bafflement for the win.

    And now I need a drink…

  103. shebrihart

    oh. my. god. i don’t know what to do!!!!

  104. Lorien

    So long, Solange. I was a bit concerned….there seemed to be a lot of SWINTON v. Solange shippers commenting on GFY. I was concerned the the grungy, greasy, skanky sleeze the AOD oozes had caused some kind of plague-like epidemic whose symptons include blindness specific to trailer trash.

    I mean, jeez, how could we not vote for someone who is able to appear as if she is positioning herself for the next Heatherette spokesperson slot, but is somehow able to still pull off an EPIC FAIL!? She’s like the love child of C.Peldon, Bobby Trendy, and Bai Ling who had a 3-way while tripping on acid behind a dumpster full of nuclear waste.

  105. tracey Brower

    I went with Aubrey, both because of her abuse of that poor little dog – really, other dogs must look at him with pity – and because of that Bad Girls Heart Obama shirt. I’m sure that cost Barak some votes.

    I just feel sorry for Solange. It can’t be easy being Sasha Fierce’s lame-o sister.

  106. Alix

    The only correct answer of course, is ALL OF THE ABOVE. This called for a Solomonic decision. But I’ll give the edge to AOD for (1) egregious dark roots and (2) cruelty to animals. Don’t make an innocent dog a party to this fuggery!

  107. Erica

    Since when do we reward animal cruelty? Aubrey’s sad little dog deserves a new home, not your vote!! The more attention that Aubrey receives, the more inclined she’ll be to expose more of herself. And I, for one, won’t be able to handle another veiny, unrestrained boob, or a too short-dress while she gives the photographers the skank-eye. Solange FTW.

  108. belljargurl

    Ok Bitches…Just hear me out first because I feel sooooo guilty. Not once did I rock the vote for AOD. Page up. Page down. Page up. Page down. Page up. Page down. At least 10 times. AND yes, I am well aware that I wrote only two days ago that I was giddy with the Solange/SWINTON finale. Page up. Page down- I was not able to get past the pin-the-tail on the pinata Mexican fiesta meets teen pagent Atlantic City Mall contestant gettup monstrosity. Please. I beg you all to just take another quick look see. PLEASE. She went and raided her high school theatre costume department. They’re doing the Can Can musical this year. The lightning-bolt sash-what is that?? I want to slap her, and maybe her whole family. The ‘bad girl heart Obama’number is equally henious and, if I have any strenght left, I will address that monstrosity later. AOD, unless I’m mistaken is still in her twenties, but she looks like a desperate 40-something hag because of her fug choices. Solange is still a LOSER. Page up. Page down.

  109. Luler

    What? Really? Are you kidding? Aubrey O’Day is beating SOLANGE????? Aubrey is an attention whore with nary an ounce of creativity or even true fug craziness. Give the dog and the win to Solange!

  110. Goblin

    Like Speidi, Aubrey’s inner fug (read: attention-whoring) tips the balance.

    Good thing, too. Wardrobe-ishly speaking, they could be twins.

  111. Missy


    I had to look at them picture-by-picture…and I’m still not sure. I had more “what the….?!” moments with Solange, but a couple of “no. no. NO!” with Aubrey. As much as I want to vote for Solange solely due to her insane makeup unibrows (WHY?!), I think I’m leaning towards Aubrey solely due to the picture of her blue Obama shirt/dress with the heart covering a body part that she would *heart* to show us. Not to mention the roots! And that headband!! (and of course, the poor little poochie) FUGGGGG-LEEEEEEEEEE!

  112. K

    some one HAS called the rspca right?

  113. Anonymous

    So hard to choose! AOD wears some fugly things but Solange tries to be “avant garde” and just ends up with crazy eyeshadow. I kind of think AOD’s Obama shirt with equally horrific headband is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen someone wear in public. That poor puppy. AOD for the win. SWINTON is going to slaughter her and eat her up anyways.

  114. alix

    That poor, poor dog.

  115. fashionmamma

    This was the hardest of all! I ended up voting for Aubrey “Oh my God, what the hell is she wearing” Day because her whoriness in her fug makes it twice as bad. Solange is just trying to outfug Beyonce, and that is quite the challenge.

  116. na


    Sorry I am shouting, I just cannot BELIEVE THAT AUBREY 0′WHO? IS BEATING SOLANGE.

    COME ON!

  117. Elaine

    My eyes! MY EYES!

  118. Erin

    I don’t know… This is too much! Somebody get me a diet coke and a reeses stat.

  119. Jeanie

    It’s dark roots vs. crazy face paint. Or Skank vs. wackadoodle. This is a toughie. I ultimately voted for Solange because she’s much more original in her fug.

  120. Kerry

    Oh, that poor, stupid dog (I’m talking about Aubrey here, not the actual pooch, who I hope achieves sainthood in the Catholic Church for having that loser for an owner).

    Throw her a milk bone, then a sammich, and bury her in the back yard.

  121. Kris

    OMG! WHY isn’t Solange winning???????

  122. Casey

    Dying your poor puppy to match your vomitous outfit, or doing whatever it is that Solange does to her face? (She looks like some kind of refugee from a disco planet, but not the good kind, which is basically a reenactment of Stayin’ Alive, but the bad kind, where everyone just listens to “Funkytown” over and over again.) HOW CAN I CHOOSE?

  123. Rachel

    There is just too much desparation involved for both. It was a really tough choice but I had to choose the Solange – just think of AOD’s poor dog if she gets a runaway win here! The dye jobs will never end!

  124. tigerstripes

    I, too, just had to WikiP AOD to find out who she is; now I feel unclean. So I’m voting Solange, even though it’s her mom that dresses her funny. And now I need a shower.

  125. Molly

    as so many have commented before… O’Day is an attention whore plain and simple. There is no shame in that and I get the impression that if anyone ever bothered to talk to her, she’d openly admit that.

    Solange is FUG. She picks those outfits out with the clear midset that she is being “arty” and “fashiony.” Yikes-a-doodle!

    Solange ftw, please God on all that is holy, Solange FTW!!

  126. debbi

    SOLANGE because she believes in her heart that she “isn’t” fug. AOD doesn’t care, just wants people to look at her puppies and I don’t mean the dog.

    In fact, I think dogs everywhere could file a class-action anti-defamation lawsuit. She’s giving little dogs a bad name, and promoting dog accessorizing. Bad girl.


  127. Anonymous

    Aubrey…the poor dog!!!

  128. Mel

    These two are basically equal in degree of Fuggery. Except for one of them does too little (clothing, obviously), and has an abused pet(seriously, where is PETA when they’re really needed?) and the other bedecks herself with too much: too much pony tights, too much shoulder wrap, too much nose shadow, and has an abused makeup artist…

    BRAIN OVERLOAD. Why, oh why, wasn’t this contest held on Friday when I didn’t need to be functional for the rest of the day?!?!?!?!?!

  129. coconut

    anyone who wears eyeshadow across her nose is getting my vote.

  130. Kitty

    Solange almost has a certain innocence about her, like she kind of doesn’t realize she dresses so outlandishly. I can’t say the same for Aubrey.

  131. Anonymous


    No people NO!!! YOU MUST VOTE SOLANGE!!!

    The dream is DYING! I know Aubrey has the skankitude to pull off any fug contest and her abuse of the poor dog is vile but she must NOT prevail. SWINTON v Solange must come to fruition. Awesome fug v delusional fug is the ultimate contest.


  132. Caroline

    OMG – my head! I don’t know what to do… I picked Solange to win it all. I know she’s more FUG in the truest sense of FUG. But AOD is just… just… horrific (whore-ific?)Solange FTW!

  133. Dana

    So true, AOD’s fug is loud, tacky and slutty (I’ll bet that dog’s glad it’s color-blind). Solange, on the other hand, puts together ensembles that are head-scratchingly fug, but there seems to be some effort to create a signature style. The problem is that said ‘style’ makes us want to claw our eyes out.
    Solange all the way!!

  134. Trey Marks

    O’Day’s “Bad Girls Heart Obama” dress was the sole reason I voted for McCain. That is just God-awful. What a skank.

  135. emily

    for some people, the slutty, attn-whoring fugginess isn’t worthy of praising fug madness on, but every.single.picture of aod truly makes my eyes want to bleed. she wins, although solange puts up a tough fight.

  136. Bunny

    OK – here’s an idea: Let’s have two play-offs. Mischa v. AOD because they’re both tragically FUG in a look at me sort of way. And then SOLANGE v. SWINTON as the fabulous “fashion avante-gaurd” FUG that they are!! All four are fug beyond belief, but just in different ways. This is the perfect solution. Also, I can’t choose.

  137. Megan

    Does anyone remember Aubry from Making the Band (the 1st time, I think….)? She seemed normal, petite, hardworking–or am I just making that up?

  138. Sarah

    O’Day is beating SOLANGE?
    I’m shocked.

  139. BoSoxQT

    I have been silent until now, as my bracket was long ago destroy (Roisin and Lewis deserved to go so much further than they did). But come on guys, Aubrey is just trashy,and frankly, she was signed to Baby Boy Records at one point. To me, that is punishment and grounds for mental anguish.

    Solange has really brought her A-game this year. She finally accepted that she will never be a big time singer/entertainer, so she threw her talents into the only thing she could best her sister at, and that’s fugging. It’s obviously in her DNA, but she’s on another level. As someone said, she’s the poor man’s SWINTON (I love typing that in all caps, seriously). I have to vote for her effort, for her brand of harmless crazy. Plus, we’re talking about Aubrey harming her dog…Solange harms her CHILD. She’s a mother folks. That little boys eyes are beyond repair at this point.

    Also, horse tights, sweaty smiley face shirts and FETLOCKS!!!! Really gang.

  140. MoroccoMole

    Solange’s Deréon dreams give me nightmares.


  141. Anonymous

    tough one.

    i actually like something about solanges navy dress with the gold trim..in concept.
    if they could turn that into a skirt and a skirt alone, and dumb down the gold puffyness a bit.. it would be a cute little skirt.

    but anyway. tough

    sheer crazy vs sheer yucky

  142. Meems


  143. KLB

    Before the comments go away again for another year, I just want to thank you, Fug Girls, for a million laughs. I can always count on you to perk up my day, and let me waste even more time on the computer. It’s great, really.

    Oh, and Aubrey O’Day, whoever the heck she is, for the win. She doesn’t even seem to have the excuse of using these wacky outfits onstage.

  144. Elizabeth

    Wow. That was a tough one. Solange, solely on the basis of the weird bridge-of-the-nose makeup.

  145. Lurleen

    This is the first time I’ve been unable to cast a vote.

    Dog abuse fug vs. breathe-rite/sibling-rivalry fug?


  146. Anonymous

    Wow, if I’d seen some of these, I might have been voting for AubODay in more of the previous rounds! In the “Bad Girls heart Obama” tee one, are her roots…GRAY? (Not that it weighs into my decision; I voted on the clothes alone. But still.)

  147. Elena

    Here’s why I voted Solange: Not only are her clothes terrible, but she also does ATROCIOUS makeup. The eye strip thing, come one.

    Aubrey is an attention getting whore, but at least she usually has cute shoes, no?

  148. Denise

    This is impossible and it’s making my brain hurt I haven’t had my coffee yet! They’re both eyesores but unfortunately neither of them are interesting….

  149. Fuggiest Fan

    This is the hardest one, but I have to go with Solange. O’Day is just being a fame whore, and looks ridiculously cheap doing it. Bai Ling is a fame whore, but in an ultra amusing way. She earns it, O’Day just sluts around.

    Solange on the other hand looks like she thinks she looks cutting edge, when she really just looks a little desperate.

    Solange for the win, to be ultimately defeated by the master, SWINTON!

  150. Lori

    The ten minutes I just spent agonizing over which of these equally worthy fugtastic wannabes is fuglier is ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back. And I still don’t know which one to vote for.

  151. Chris

    NO NO NO



    Also: Solange said she wanted to be the black version of Björk? Oh, she DEFINITELY outfugs Aubrey, then. (Though, to be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever said, “DEAR GOD MY EYES” in response to a Solange fug. The same can’t be said for Fuggity Kane, who had the power to dispatch Courtney Love with one heinous side-boob shot.)

  152. Rachellabella

    Even better yet, WHY?

    Thank god for fug fashions – I enjoy my dose of GFY! :)

  153. Brandon

    I voted Solange and I’m from Chicago (so I voted a LOT) and she’s still getting her hoof handed to her. I guess she’ll have to come in second here, too.

  154. katie

    ok i live in the uk so im not familiar with an aubray oh pain.and i have heard one whole solange song. but she is maginicent and should be charished and it should be a SWINTON solange final. i want to cry

  155. Liz

    Had to give it to Aubrey. I mean, she brought her poor, innocent dog into this.

  156. Erica

    Come now people Solange has had a banner year. Her fug is honest fug; not the “so you are absolutly sure everyone is looking at me fug” that is O’Day.

    Revel in the mantra of Solange:
    Pink horsey leggings
    Pink horsey leggings
    Pink horsey leggings

    She even beat out Bai, BAI!!! people

    Solange is all that is FUG!
    -wanting but not desperate
    -Haphazard and cringe inducing
    -Confidence in personal style carried off with zeal.


  157. Suz

    It’s that yellow eye stuff on Solange that really edges her over the fence. Solange FTW.

  158. Anonymous

    Aubrey is just a gross person that would dress that way famous or not on an everyday trip to the mall.

    Solange on the other hand is, well, just so terribly off on what she should be wearing, it almost seems as if Beyonce is behind her wardrobe, keeping her in her fugly place.

    C’mon people Solange for the win!

    Aubrey will love winning and celebrate with even more fug. Solange will hopefully receive the rude awakening and reality slap she needs. That and her mom/designer.

  159. Anonymous


  160. Eric

    I am DEVASTATED that Aubrey is beating Solange. She is ROBBING ME of the grand Solange v. SWINTON finale I have been clamoring for since Day 1! I renounce Aubrey O’Day!

  161. CAdams

    Aubrey’s skank factor puts her over for the win. Solange is only horribly misguided.

  162. Josiecat

    Aubrey/Solange was the hardest of them all. Awful, just awful. Solange can take SWINTON!

  163. Lori G

    I can’t believe Solange is losing – let her win something over her sister, please! I think that she, just like our dear Bai Ling, seriously believes in her fug – the fug is GENUINE.
    Aubrey is just trying to be Paris Hilton (who should never get another bit of attention from us, either), and someone has to take that damn dog away from AOD. Don’t give Aubrey more attention, Solange needs our votes! Girlfriend works hard, thinking up those makeup concepts!
    If she wins, it might even give her the confidence to get another swan dress made, and then she and Bjork can go out on the town together – just imagine the photo ops!
    But then I would have so much trouble deciding between her and SWINTON. Sigh, there is no one like SWINTON – she might need her own spin-off site (Fug Girls, are you listening?)!
    ps – love you guys so much!!!!

  164. AnonyMouse10

    ACK! This is so hard and slightly unfair. Both these hideous dressers deserve to be in the final, not knocked out in the semi-final.

    As badly as Mischa and SWINTON dress, its tame compared to these two dummies.

  165. Dandesun

    They are both so all around awful I have no idea what to do.

    AOD carries that poor little dog around and I wonder what it did in a former life to deserve to become a helpless cute accessory with dyed pink ears and tail. I want to pretend that dog shits in AOD’s shoes at night or chews the crap out of her taffeta monstrosities out of some form of revenge… but then AOD would actually WEAR them and think they were awesome or something.

    And what Solange does to the image of horses is a crime against those wonderful animals as well. FETLOCK SHOES!! Does she want to be a Fresian? (They are gorgeous black creatures of elegance and strength… but they actually work the feathered fetlocks.) And those tights. THOSE TIGHTS! Didn’t the Geneva Convention have something about those tights? SHOULDN’T the Geneva Convention have something about those tights?

    And the makeup? You know, even Michael Stipe and Annie Lennox abandoned the paint a mask on brand of stage wear. And they are infinitely more awesome than Solange.

    I… don’t know. I just don’t know.

  166. nancy

    Any whore can do cheap, skanky, ladyparts-exposing fug. True fug is expensive, misguided, and unintentional. Do not support fame-whores like AOD, the only real vote in this matchup is for Solange.

  167. Stephanie

    Don’t cry, Dawson. Just don’t look at it. It’ll give you nightmares.

    Um, I think Solange wins purey based on the eye makeup. Seriously. She shouldn’t ever do that again.

  168. MeganB

    Word, Dawson. WORD. I am so horrified by the collective archives of these two that my brain is melting! I think I’m going to give this round to Solange because she truly has The Crazy in her eyes. Also because I don’t want to look at AOD anymore!! Ever! Seriously, just leave Mr. Snuggles and GO AWAY.

    But I almost think Aubrey vs. SWINTON might be a more interesting final round, because think about it…that would be a true case of tacky horribly wrong god awful famewhoring fug vs. awesome royal fug. Whereas with Solange I feel like she’s more in the same category as SWINTON, in that she’s trying to be avant garde and high fashion on purpose, except she massively fails. I think SWINTON would resoundly kick Solange’s makeup unibrows to the curb, because Solange truly can’t measure up to the levels of SWINTON gloriousness that she aspires to, but with Aubrey it will actually be a harder call, because she’s just so hideously fug. To echo a previous comment, GO FUG YOURSELF Aubrey, indeed.

    Great now I’m undecided again…

  169. Emily E.

    It’s like Trailor Trash Barbie vs Lisa Turtle Wannabe.

    This was a hard one, but I went with AOD. Skaniness is NEVER stylish.

  170. T.

    You know, having looked at all these side by side, I’m starting to feel that Solange’s fug is influenced by an eccentric personality – the New Romantic stripes of paint on her face, the crazy outfits. I could *like* this girl & hang with her, even if she’s kind of doing the fashion wrong.

    AOD just is a trainwreck of tacky with a side of tasteless, sprinkled with hobag.

  171. cloudy

    I was unsure, but ultimately it was the roots that pushed me over to team Aubrey.

  172. Shay

    AUBREY FO SHO….. Can someone please rescue the poor dog?

    It doesn’t matter who wins this one anyways because SWINTON is above all those who would aspire to be fug.

    I agree with whoever suggested a SWINTON only site…. Go SWINTON Yourself!

  173. Eshe

    Ditto Eric above!

    WHY PEOPLE WHY???!!!

    Solange should be grinding Aubrey O’Fug to a fine powder by now. How, How can this be??!!

    SWINTON v Solange IS the fianle! I’m crushed. Please for the love of fug vote Solange.

  174. M/R.

    Please vote for Solange. I really can’t stand to see Aubrey abuse her little dog anymore. And she will just become more of a famewhore (taking her dog with her) if she wins.

    Besides, Solange’s makeup is very “Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand….just like that river twisting….”

  175. Miss Fern

    I wished this post had a picture of Pacey too. Swoon!

  176. Anonymous

    O’Day’s treatment of O’Bama is what finally won my vote.

  177. Siobhan

    Oh dear lord. That poor, poor dog. Why has no one called the SPCA, or PETA or someone?

    Aubrey gets my phone simply because – ANIMALS ARE NOT ACCESSORIES!!!!! Gaghhhhhhhhh…. *smacks head on keyboard*

  178. Lorraine

    I had to vote Solange simply for her overwhelming need to apply eye shadow with a roller.

  179. Chris

    …and sweet God, I just read the Article of Solange (and now I want to read the Blog of Solange).

    She really IS the next Bai Ling, people. Girl may have just started fugging this year, but she is INSPIRED.

    Aubrey, as 2 Live Crew would say, ain’t nothin’ but a hoochie mama. (HOODRAT HOODRAT HOOCHIE MAMA) Solange? Has a vision. That most definitely includes massive amounts of drugs.

    As stated before, don’t vote for the fug you hate. Aubrey, regardless of your protests, will see it as a compliment and carry that poor dog around even more. Vote for the fug you love to hate.

    In the end, shouldn’t Fug Madness be a celebration of all that is fugly? Both the heinous, disgusting Lisa Rinna/Phoebe Price/Mischa Barton/Chloe Sevigny fug and the resplendent, fabulous SWINTON/Bai Ling/Juliette Lewis/Sarah Brightman/Chloe Sevigny fug? (Seriously. After long deliberation, The Sev’s line for Opening Ceremony was so diabolically BAD it came back around to being awesome. In a “Donna Martin graduates and goes to FIT” way, but still.)

    We are not gleeful when SWINTON shows up in Shaquile O’Neal’s hand-me-down tuxedo or a castoff from the set of The Sound of Music because we think that she looks fabulously good in them. Nay, she is not even fabulous in SPITE of her cracked sartorial choices.

    Readers, SWINTON is fabulous BECAUSE of her sartorial choices. And her two husbands. And…everything.

    In a way, so is Solange. Imagine if she showed up to something in one of those fishtail dresses that Beyonce is so fond of. Or even…anything that’s anywhere near normal. Would that not, in a sense, be a worse crime than dressing up as a raincloud?

    Vote for the woman who was formerly Idaho’s only African-American resident. Vote Solange.

  180. Alexis C.

    Come on, PEOPLE!!! How do you beat GREY EYEBROWS!!! I’m crying on the inside here! O’Day (please go away) is just recycled fug. And an avid animal abuser. She does not deserve the honor of going against the SWINTON!! Please vote with your hearts. Deep inside you know the grey eyebrows will haunt you long after the skankiness!!!!

  181. Tailypo

    Seriously fug girls, you are doing Solange a huge disservice here. SHE GETS SO MUCH WORSE THAN THIS. If this does not end in a battle of Solange v. SWINTON I will cry tears of blood. Do you really want that?

  182. Alexis C.

    Come on, PEOPLE!!! How do you beat GREY EYEBROWS!!! I’m crying on the inside here! O’Day (please go away) is just recycled fug. And an avid animal abuser. She does not deserve the honor of going against the SWINTON!! Please vote with your hearts. Deep inside you know the grey eyebrows will haunt you long after the skankiness!!!!

  183. Cal

    SWINTON vs Solange would be so epic I may DIE.

  184. Anonymous

    After much consideration, I had to eenie-meenie this one.

  185. Anonymous

    I agree…Aubrey just wants everyone to look at her. Solange seems like she is for real. Just look at that “make-up”, Aubrey never messes with the face but Solange goes for it.

  186. rz

    Seriously? The tart is winning?

    It must be Solnage vs. the SWINTON in the final. C’mon now!

  187. stella

    Aubrey is just SO bad, so fugly and i agree with a previous post that she seems fugly INSIDE too. the dog bit is yuck as perPETual accessory.

  188. annie

    This is so difficult since I wanted them to be the final two. But Solange reigns supreme.

  189. AllisonT

    Aubrey looks like she’s trying to be cutesy, pretty and provocative but hasn’t got a clue or a mirro.

    Solange is trying to be cutting edge and just looks like a desperate attention-seeking fool. Like, if she can’t be pretty like her sister, she’ll get HER share of attention some other way.

    Solange’s Day-Glo Adam Ant eye stripe seals it for me.

  190. Betsy N.

    Does it seem to anyone else like this year’s decision is so much harder? Do these celebs secretly sit around contemplating just what to wear to guarantee a place in our fugathon? Because if they are intentionally making this harder, I might have to cut someone.

  191. Kris

    I think Aubrey O’Day is a secret Pelton.

  192. Valerie

    solange can’t be losing right now.. she has got to win this whole thing! or at least be defeated by SWINTON.
    to lose to the epitome of trailer trash is just not a fitting fug end for such a misguided diva…
    CLYDESDALE SHOES!! come onnnnnnnnn :(

  193. OnTheCouch

    As much as I love to fug Solange, I had to go with Aubrey on this one simply because she’s enough of an evil genius to think to use her poor pooch as a fashion accessory.

  194. amazingal

    Fug Chicks,

    All Madness long you have been making me laugh with your wonderful posts. But this one, this one, ladies- is the best post ever. Seriously. One word sentences? Pure genius. Everytime I read each word, I imagined my fellow citizens out there in Fug Nation making painful facial expressions to go along with them. And I had to laugh out loud. Pure comedy gold.

    Well played, indeed.



  195. Ariel

    I was planning on voting Solange until I saw this photo lineup! I think the “Bad Girls love Obama” shirt and the white-boa-as-dressy-top sealed the deal- Aubrey is WAY fuglier!

  196. Pandora


    All these outfits could have come out of the same closet! How are you supposed to choose between them???

    There is only one deciding factor:


    Phew! Decision made.

  197. Denise

    Wow…this is so HARD. First, I was gonna give it to AOD, since her “roots” just pushed me over the edge. Then I looked at Solange and changed my mind. THEN, I decided to wait before I voted, since I am truly in quite a conundrum here…

    THEN I read the comments (keep ‘em coming kids) and have changed my mind a zillion more times. So….I’m not voting until tomorrow.

  198. Shailu

    ouch. my head hurts. i think that was the hardest decision i will make all day, perhaps all week.

  199. Alexis

    Solange is wacky, but Aubrey is just gross. Basing my vote on who offends my sensibilities more, there is absolutely no contest.

  200. Sherri

    I’m hoping an Aubrey win will bring enough attention that we can stage an intervention for her dog. That is the ONLY reason for me to even spell out her name.

  201. saz

    aubrey. animal cruelty is the biggest fug of all.

  202. christy

    This was by far waaaayyy harder to decide on than SWINTON vs “girl who puked on the 6th Sense”. But I had to vote O’Day. Seriously, we know Solange’s mommy dresses her…maybe if she just had a thought of her own she wouldn’t look like crap. On the other hand…O’Day…she’s all alone…like a little island…a little island that needs to sink into the ocean…maybe she could use that idea as a muse for her next outfit…

  203. Fatima

    Why are they ignoring the furry shoes? I think Solange is being sabotaged.

  204. Catherine

    Aubrey knows that that’s a dog, right? Not an accessory?

  205. Jenni

    You know, at least Solange’s hair looked good most of the time. *sigh*

    But I can’t help feeling that a vote for AOD would be taken the wrong way by her, and only encourage her. She doesn’t deserve to face SWINTON, whose fanciful fuggery, while entrancingly delightful, seems just to be misguided attempts at whimsical couture.

    This is the hardest tournament game ever, because I CANNOT STAND AOD. Has anyone noticed that if you reverse her initials (as most type them), it comes out to DOA – a.k.a. “Dead On Arrival”??? She is so fugly (inside and out) that she makes Phoebe Price seem like a misguided struggling “actress” and Bai Ling like a mischievous light-hearted tease in comparison! NO ONE should be able to do that!

  206. Designer Kim

    We need to rescue that dog. Who is with me?

  207. Gabby

    Oh, James Van Der Beek, how well your face depicts my feelings towards this insanity.

  208. joisecat

    I’m still with Solange over AOD. Anyone can do trashy, batshit crazy is special. It takes cunning, planning and extra trips to the face painting emporium.

    No matter who wins this, THANK YOU GFY because these comments are hilarious. I love me some fug madness!

  209. TaraMisu

    Ugggghhhhhhhhhh this is SO hard! I had to go with Solange because, just because…..

  210. TaraMisu

    Ugggghhhhhhhhhh this is SO hard! I had to go with Solange because, just because…..

  211. Liz

    Don’t make the Dawson cry. That’s just mean.

    poor Dawson…..


  212. na

    As far as I can tell, people are voting for AOD because of the poor dog.



    Grey eyebrows. I know they’re not cute and cuddly, but they are fug. And we must tell Solange so.

  213. Verodemort

    HOLY SHIZ. THAT WAS THE HARDEST FUG TO FUG, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?! Can’t they both be top fugger?

  214. Richard

    To be honest, if it weren’t for this website, I would never have known that BUH-yonce even had a sister. She is nothing to me. Like common sense to SWINTON, I am not even concerned with her existence.

    O’Day (and her little dog, too) are a much bigger threat to society. Showing up at grocery store openings in flesh-colored lipstick, sitting in the back row of the Isaac Mizrahi for Kohl’s runway show, riding the MTB 3, 4, 4 1/2, and 5 wave straight through to its sprayed-tan, inflated hoe-boobs, t-shirts as dresses, bitter, tasteless END. Take her down folks! Anyone whose style could be described as ‘dirty Mariah’ has got to go!

  215. Lizzie

    You could WARN A GIRL.

    I know that in Fug Madness there will be extra fug but holy mother of gawd – this bracket is physically painful.

    And now I have to choose ONE? That’s way harsh, Tai.

    Okay – I think Aubrey O’Day is just another tacky Ho-wood ho, albeit an extremely.. uh.. extreme one. Extra points for fugging and torturing her dog.

    Solange is different. Her fug is not Ho-wood driven. I’m not even sure it’s on this planet. The Solange fug also involves her wacky fug mother and her sister was fugging pretty spectacularly earlier in the competition. There is some kind of genetic thing going on in the Knowles family vis-a-vis the fug. Solange will spawn a whole new fug generation!

    Therefore, Solange for the win.

    Sorry Aubrey. Next year, spraypaint and outfit a pride of lions then bring them all to the red carpet – we’ll talk.

  216. tt_marie

    Solange all the way. Aubrey is just tacky; Solange is a total wackadoo!

    For instance: grey eyebrows

    And: painting a yellow band over your eyes

    And: glittery ostrich coat

  217. Hima

    This is making me sad. How can Aubrey beat Solange?!? I am in the camp that the Fug crown should go to someone for BOTH horrifying and spectacular fuggitude. Aubrey is just gross.

    It’s funny…it’s mostly the Solange fans who are commenting b/c we want to encourage people to vote for her. Next year is all about the campaigning.

  218. Mela

    I had to go Solange. Aubrey looks like she intends to dress that way–like she knows what she’s doing and has a strategy. But Solange? She thinks she actually looks GOOD.

  219. Em

    I picked Aubrey, but only because at least Solange has her lady bits covered most of the time.

  220. suzy

    Oh, this is impossible.

    But, regardless of who wins (loses?) this contest, I think someone should get AOD’s little doggy as either a consolation prize or the grand prize. No matter who gets it, they will no doubt take kinder care of it. And it will soothe the sting of winning the Fug title. Seriously. SWINTON would probably feed it cat tartare and build it a castle, complete with swimming moat. Mischa has a lot of time on her hands to pamper a little pooch, since she has no career to speak of. Solange would dress it in strange little costumes, but also has time on her hands. It’s a win for the dog (the little one) any way you look at it.

  221. Alex

    Listen, I voted Solange and am as disappointed as you that she is not winning. At least, she has a fuggly, crazy style. Aubrey is just -eeks- no creatvity, just short and shocking stuff. For the sake of the dog, let her know that we want to see less of her – vote Solange!!!

  222. Anonymous

    I have to say, I kinda like Aubrey’s dress in the first picture, mostly because it brings back fond memories of my Lady Lovelylocks doll I had as a kid. But overall, Aubrey totally wins. She’s just tasteless. I don’t have anything against Solange.

  223. kristin

    solange is definitely fug, but at least she on occasion warrants comments like “well, if she had worn pants… or …maybe without the bird jacket… that might have been kinda cute?” where as aubrey and her vein-boobs are just nasty. girl looks like a crack-whore in the worst way.

  224. Jackie

    My brain must have been smoking crack there for a little while, because I…THOUGHT THAT THE FIRST PICTURE OF SOLANGE UP THERE WAS ACTUALLY A PICTURE OF BJORK. Dear God. I think that means that Solange wins this round.

  225. tt_marie

    Oooh, I can’t believe y’all are voting for Aubrey. She mostly just looks dirty and skanky.

    Look through Solange’s pictures! What about the dead-muppet sweater! The giraffe tights! The tiered-cake looking magenta dress? How can you not acknowledge the greatness of these fugs!?!

    Aubrey is lazy, and icky. She is not, however, skilled in the ways of the fug. The fug force is great with Solange.

    Vote SOLANGE!

    (also she is known by one name which would come in handy when matching up against SWINTON).

  226. Esquire

    This was my most difficult decision of this entire competition. AOD is fugly, of course she is, but something has to be said for the attempted but failed fashion forwardness of Solange. I mean, that girl thinks she is a style icon! I had to give my vote to Solange; her style-status-confusion required it.

  227. Sharon

    What am I going to do???????????????????

    This is serious mental damage in my head…

    vOtInG foR MOsT FuGGGGGG………….

    heLp mE, JEsuS!!!!!!!!!



  228. Anonymous

    This hurts my head. I feel dizzy. I cannot decide. If I vote for one here then I might vote for the other at home. Can’t we just sew them together with sequins at the hip and vote for them as one?

    I have to lie down now. This is too much.

  229. Rachelle

    Thank you, Jessica, for that tiny little JVDB moment that not only expressed my inner-most thoughts but simultaneously brightened my day. Dawson truly helps in the painful voting process.

  230. Sharon

    Okay! I am an old lady compared to most of you… 57 years old… (HEY! YOu are never to old for the FUG.)

    I had to inlist my husband’s help… he said go with Aubrey… when a young woman wears as little as she does and still does not elicit thoughts of passion, she is too fug.

    So sorry, Solange…

  231. Anonymous

    WHAT?! Solange is not winning???

    YOU GUYS. Are you remembering the PINK TIGHTS WITH HORSIES on them? I really can’t stress that enough. PINK TIGHTS. WITH HORSIES ON THEM.

  232. Jill

    I am really going to miss comments! You guys crack me up!

  233. Amy

    Solange gets her style tips from her mum. Aubrey from which ever tabloid she has ‘accidently’ run into. Its the dog I worry about. We need to give the poor pooch a fashion vito!

  234. Jen

    I just have to think that someone that makes their little puppy participate in their FUG is worse…

  235. Liz

    NOOO! It’s gotta be Solange. The eye makeup people! THE EYE MAKEUP.

  236. katie

    dear god how is solange still losing. is this some horrible late april fools trick. ive voted solange more times than ive breathed in th last hour. *squeals”

  237. debbi

    Two words, ladies: ADAM ANT. Remember the slashes of makeup? He was a fug queen if ever. Vote Solange as an homage.

  238. Lexy

    The hardest decision I have ever had to make……..EVER.

  239. Lexy

    The hardest decision I have ever had to make……..EVER.

  240. anat Geiger

    Guys, let’s cheat and vote for Solange over and over again. I already did it 3 times. This is top priority!

  241. fugs

    This is the hardest thing I have had to do all week.

  242. PetuniasMama

    Seriously?! Look at that glittery feather exploding fountain thing Solange is wearing. As, someone else pointed out- the eye makeup, people. Solange deserves to face SWINTON!

  243. annek

    I can’t decide! I can’t decide! What is fug? What is fug? My brain is exploding!

  244. Anonymous

    Wait, how often can we vote? I know I have to at least refresh the page for it to count…but I can’t tell if that works every time either because people are voting so fast the # of votes is going up anyhow.


  245. EMK

    HOW is Solange behind?! Come ON people!

    Solange FTW!

  246. Anne B

    As in many great wars, the second to last round is the true contest.

    My wisest comments are in the opposing thread, as a young student bows out (to find paid work, one hopes). But there’s no one who can learn anything here.

    Solange, dear, wipe that s**t off your face and go home. You retain the vestiges of what it means to be a lady. This is not the match for you. I have much worse things in mind for this other creature.

    Aubrey, bad girls may in fact “heart” Obama, but you never deserved to carry the banner for either one. You are miles away from the worst of the bad girls. Fug … just so I can hand you a smackdown for the ages in the next round.

    The devil isn’t the dog, you talentless little nothing. The devil is you.

  247. katie hutchison

    as long as i navigate to a different post on the site then go back again its letting me vote over and over. which im doing over and over. this wrong must be righted

  248. Kathy

    I voted for Aubrey, even though I’ve had Solange in the finals since the beginning. But after viewing both girls’ photos, and seeing how fug they both were this year, it came down to the feet….Aubrey consistently wears the most hideous shoes/boots/things on her feet (and legs) that send her to the FINAL ROUND. Cute shoes are out there, lady! How can you not find a few pairs???????? AUDREY FTW (but of course, SWINTON will slay her!)

  249. Di

    This should be for the championship. They are both so hideous I am nearly paralyzed with indecision. I went with Solange b/c I believe she is rather clueless about her attire and really likes the clothes she wears–which are indeed horrible. Aubrey on the other hand seems to be desperately trying to capitalize on her 15 minutes and stretch it out to 16. Plus, she really is just gross when you come right down to it. Solange at least looks clean even if her clothes are cracked out.

  250. D$

    I originally went with A. O’Day because it hurts to look at her, but the comments have convinced me that good fug should win over bad fug. Vote Solange!

  251. Lisa

    Aubrey O’Day dresses like one of those toilet-roll dollies that my Nana used to make for school fetes. That and the Obama shirt-waister do it for me.

    SWINTON will eat her for breakfast though obv. Fee Fi Fo Fum….

  252. Rachel

    In a perfect world, this would have been the championship game. Solange’s fug is breathtaking, but I vote for Aubrey until MR. SNUGGLES IS FREE!

  253. Wack-a-doo!

    I’ve always liked Dante’s Purgatorio better than Paradiso (boring) and Inferno. The fact that you could move to a higher or lower plane of spiritual existence makes Purgatorio interesting and unpredictable in ways that the static heaven and hell just can’t be. Aubrey OMG’Day is clearly in that circle near the bottom of hell with the frozen lake where any tears shed lock the eyes in a fixed vacant stare. She ain’t never getting out.

    Solangé (she wants the accent, just give it to her) fugs and fugs hard, but every now and then she sports paradisical shoes. She’s even doing the metaphoric equivalent of wearing a bag and sewing her eyes shut. She totally could go plummeting down into Aubrey’s desperate dead-end bottomless (and topless) lake of misery, but if somebody whips Solangé into shape she could let her shoes do the talking and score a Well Played.

    I LOVE the albatross that is potential. I gotta give it to Solangé.

  254. Kathleen Rosebrock

    Are we sure Mr. Snuggles is really a dog and not just one of the new furry clutches? Either way, Aubrey gets my vote.

  255. Anonymous

    My eyes are bleeding and my brain has turned to mush. I can’t take it anymore! END THE FUG!!!

  256. Sarah

    i can’t help but feel these two are the ones that should be duking it out in the final battle…SUCH A HARD DECISION! i finally had to go with aubrey for the ick factor, but i’m still not sure whose taste is actually fuglier.

  257. kimberly


    I might cry.

  258. Wendy

    I feel sad. This is hard.

  259. Anonymous

    Aubrey has the chops to beat Swinton.

  260. Tracy

    Truly, it’s the harsh scent of pure desperation that I think should tip Solange into fuglier realms than Aubrey. And the fact that she could actually have a career being a generally attractive and kind of sweet singer but instead has chosen the route of, “OH GOD LOOK AT ME! AT MEEEE!” and that’s just a special kind of fug. Aubrey seems almost content with her fuggery.

  261. Sam

    I prefer crazy fug to trashy fug. Solange to win (er, lose?).

  262. ems

    CANNOT DECIDE. can we have honorable (or horrorable) mention?? i can’t let one of these fugs lose… HELP. exactly.

  263. anat


  264. Tina

    it has to be Audrey — she stumpifies herself so well, she makes terribly inappropriate choices (nightshirt with Obama’s face + heels + 20s hairstyle and headband+ too much makeup= FUG), AND she wears tutus!

    Yes, Solange wore crazy things, but I still stand by the fact that she mostly knows proportions and how to make her body look nice.

    Bring back the ugly in fugly! Vote O’Day all day!

  265. smoo

    I picked Aubrey because I think she dresses herself. And because of the plunging boa vest. But a truly difficult, epic choice.

  266. Lainie

    I voted for Audrey because of the poor little dog. And the stench of stank others mentioned. Yikes.

  267. annek

    Okay, I finally decided. I’m voting for Aubrey, because a Solange/SWINTON final would be no contest. Solange clearly emulates SWINTON, but hasn’t mastered it yet (how could she, she’s barely out of diapers), so she’d be down for the count in the first minute.

    On the other hand, if Aubrey goes up against SWINTON, we’ll have an epic battle about what it means to be the Queen of Fug. And that will lead to interesing and funny comments from the peanut gallery.

    So that’s my vote — really, it’s a vote for more one-liners from the far-flung fug audience.

  268. Sharon

    This really is the hardest decision I have had to make in quite a while.

    From what I have read here it is the hardest decision for A LOT of us.

    That scares me.

    Oh, and by the way, Aubrey FTW.

  269. Janice Marie

    I have to vote O’Day. I have to. I know she just wants attention, but I honestly believe – deep in my heart – that she thinks she looks hot.

    I know Solage should win something, since she is never going to climb out of Sasha Fierce’s shadow, but I don’t think this is the right award for her. I fear this will only drive her deeper into the basement, where she will stay there and never return. Hey – wait a minute – maybe that is a good thing!

    I have been swayed! Solage FTW!!!!!!!!

  270. Anika

    I had to go with Aubrey for this one. She’s just so ridiculous. Plus I really want to see an Aubrey vs. SWINTON final two and have SWINTON knock her the heck down!!

  271. Imxio


    I had to go with Audrey. Solange is cute and clueless. That’s not really “fugly” is it?

    “Fugly” really isn’t a vague term. It means “f***ing ugly”. Audry wins hands down.

  272. FK

    When I looked at the title, I thought, ‘How can I choose!?’ But judging outfit by outfit, the choice was clear: Aubrey! Because her fugly outfits are also really annoying somehow. Solange’s at least seem to have some creativity attached to them. PLUS I’m a little intrigued by the stripe on her nose. Nothing intrigues me about Aubrey’s outfits. Just blech.

  273. Melissa

    I’m torn. Solange has the strange face paint, but Aubrey has the dog… Will voting for Aubrey help the poor dog or just egg her on?

  274. Haven

    This was the hardest face of ever. I mean seriously, Aubrey is a probably the fugliest piece of trash to walk out of a trailer park. There are better ways of getting attention Aubrey, like ACTUALLY looking GOOD! Looking good gets way more attention any day than does looking like a insane hooker that got early release from the funny farm. But you have to understand Aubrey’s brilliance. She does it to get the attention and guess what she gets? THE ATTENTION! So check and mate! If people would ignore that fugly skank then she’d dissappear but she is getting exactly what she wants which makes PEOPLE the idiots, not her. Then there’s Solange, lord have mercy this crazy fug actually thinks she is on the cutting edge of fashion so what’s worse? A fugly attention whore or a a stuck up naive prick? I think they should both win but in the end i picked Aubrey, the way she abuses that dog is unforgiveable, at least solange is only abusing herself!

  275. Anon

    Half of what Solange does is stage-wear – doesn’t make it forgivable or understandable, but it’s not out on the streets. AOD, on the other hand?

    No question – O’Day FTW

  276. Carmen

    I CAN’T CHOOSE OMG. They are both sooo fug. Beyond words.

  277. Nancy

    If you can replicate the fug by shopping at any mall, then the fug is not worthy of winning. AOD’s fug is cheap, easy to duplicate, fug. Any one of us can match her fug if we put our minds to it. The winning fug should stand alone, not enlist the aid of innocent small animals (BTW, toting small animals around is so 2006)and not require the unnecessary exposure of T&A (side boob, breast veins, etc.). AOD is not worthy.

    Solange’s fug cannot be duplicated at your local mall. Costly couture fug should reign over cheap fug. Since Beyonce is out of the competition, Solange will have to suffice.

    Winning Fug Madness should not be a goal that any of us should strive for. It is a badge of shame, not honor. It is the most serious fashion reprimand that we, the public, can hand out.

  278. KM

    aubrey FTW b/c she’s both fug and desparately looks like she needs a shower. seriously – in all of these pics she just looks ranks. at least solange looks like she bathes

  279. Katherine

    I can not believe Aubrey O’Day is winning right now! What, what WHAT?! Oh, well, that just means she’s totally going to to get creamed by SWINTON in the end. I’d hoped it would be a challenging final though.

  280. Adele

    I had to review the evidence a few times but I think Solange has the edge here – mostly because of the Adam Ant nose thing (use google!)

    Someone should make Mama Knowles step away from the drawing board…

  281. Natalie

    I have to go for Aubrey O’Day. Solange’s outfits are terrible messes, but sometimes there are individual items that could work if they were paired with different things. Yes, there are furry shoes, but there are also some decent, interesting pieces.
    Aubrey O’Day on the other hand has nothing good. There are no funky, enjoyable pieces. There is just tackiness, and animal abuse and Barbie make-up.

  282. Mads

    Solange made have dabbled in Zorroesque flair…but Aubrey managed to transform into an entire Mariachi band…from the eighties.

  283. Vanessa

    Have to agree with the comment that AOD fugliness actually makes Solange look cuter – she’s that powerful. Plus, I like the idea of AOD against Swinton – it’s going to make me choose whether the “f” in fugly stands for fantastic/fabulous/fierce or frightening…

  284. Holly

    This one was really hard to choose. The thing is, I hate both artists. Their music sucks, their style sucks, their attitude sucks, everything about these two are tacky. Aubrey is more skanky, but there are so many women out there that actually do dress like this thinking that it is sexy. Solange, on the other hand thinks she is original and truly believes she has good taste, which annoys me even more.

  285. Vandalfan, North Idaho

    Who the Sam Hill is O’Day? I must say, her roots alone almost got my vote. This probably should be her year, because I’m afraid Solange is in for the long haul.

  286. Erica

    OH JAMES VAN DER BEEK! I still TOTALLY want to kiss that horrible crying grimace off of your face ten years later!


    Last year, it came down to Posh and Bai. Two ladies who were undeniably crazy dressers BUT we still can’t help but declare our love and affection for them, and we don’t want them to ever change. As tempted as I was to vote for Aubrey O’Day because, well, eeeew, I am keeping my vote in the spirit of last year – I love Solange. She’s just cute and kooky, and as far as I know her skin is not leather from fake baking and her boobs are still organically grown. She’s just a crazy dresser, and if she wants to be the “black Bjork”, power to her! Aubrey is a trashy fame whore who had the potential to be very pretty (if she’s stop fake baking and revert back to her normal sized tata’s). And I cannot reward trashy. Solange for the win!

  287. Ashlie

    Solange, baby!

  288. Sarah

    For me this came down to two defining clothing items. Up to now Aubrey’s thigh-high snakeskin boots kept me voting for her. They seemed to symbolize her entire look – supposed to be sexy, but in reality just not. And for Solange – the shirt with the fake bowtie that is dripping kept getting my vote as well – because she is a bit like a sad clown, trying to entertain us, but we see through the crazy outfits to the pain underneath.

    So… after much thought I had to go with Solange. Aubrey is just another “sexy” girl who tries to hard. But Solange takes it to another level.

  289. Caroline

    Aubrey wins purely for the fact that she has incorporated another life form into her fug. For the sake of that poor puppy, she must win.

  290. Anonymous

    Somebody stop the pain. Mommy, it hurts.

  291. Amber

    I seriously had to eeny-meeny-miny-moe on this because I could not make up my mind.

  292. Lori Magno

    This was actually difficult for the following reasons:

    1. Aubrey is like Tara Reed, without the talent
    2. Solange has an actual, though occasionally debatable talent
    3. Aubrey’s hair, which the Eastern Region of the Fug Nationals have determined are part of the office Fug criteria, irritates the living hell out of me.
    4. Solange’s hair is the least of her problems.
    5. Aubrey IF THAT IS HER REAL NAME drags that poor dog around and dresses it fugly.
    6. I have not seen any animal fug abuse on Solange’s part.
    7. Aubrey is, well, kind of skanky and that leans my vote to her.

    O’Day: FTW (skank factor put her over the top.

    Respectfully (but kind of meanly) submitted,


  293. Maddie

    Solange’s outfits are bad, but hers are not half as poofy, sparkly, or outrageous as Aubrey’s.

  294. Jon

    Y’know I was gonna vote for Solange, but that outfite Aubrey allegedly wore to the Traitor event is just too much. And the event is aptly named – she’s a traitor to the cause of good taste.

  295. lelo

    Lori Magno @4:00:

    “Aubrey is like Tara Reed, without talent”.

    OHOHOHOHOHOHOH you make me laugh! I mean – how could you get LESS talented that Tara?! It never even occured to me that I should be asking these kinds of questions!

    Thank you for your wise observations of fug!

  296. christopher

    it’s going to be like SWINTON vs. aubrey in the final? that’s like matter vs. anti-matter!

    summing up: WHOA.

  297. BECCA

    Someone said earlier that AOD “does not deserve the honor of going against the SWINTON!!”

    PEOPLE. The two finalists should be the most FUGLY dressers in the contest. I think we’ve all gotten so caught up in the epicness of SWINTON’s fashion disasters that we’ve forgotten that it should be about whose outfits are so horrible that they make you cringe, cry, laugh hysterically and throw up all at once. Feather boa as top? Check. Smug, “I’m so hot” expression in every photo? Check. Poor innocent dog crushed under armpit because she thinks it’ll make her look cute? Check.

    As much as Solange makes wacky outfit choices, AOD wears her clothes in a much fuglier way.

  298. Jo

    This is just awful. Why are these lack-talent, do-nothings such as Aubrey O’Day and Phoebe Price and Bai Ling even included in this. They have achieved nothing! We need to stop paying attention to them and maybe they will go away.

  299. Kristan

    Oh geez, Dawson’s face says it all.

    But at least Solange isn’t so trashy looking. I had to fug O’Day.

  300. Caroline

    I know these pictures are equally tragic and/or disturbing and/or hilarious, but I have only two words for any remaining voters.


    For all that is good and holy, I thought one of my lungs was going to collapse while I laughed for about 10 minutes straight over that picture. Solange to the final!

  301. Bethany

    I’ve got Solange and SWINTON facing off in the finals. It’ll be a true fug off.

  302. dolores

    Had to vote Aubrey, only because YOU PULLED OUT THE DAWSON FACE! Love it.

    And I actually think some of Solange’s outfits would look cute on someone somewhere else.

  303. katie h

    aaargh how can aod still be winning???? i was so complacent in my belief of a SWINTON solange final. and yes i will vote SWINTON over anyone but poor solange. i dont even know who aod is. but damn her!!!

  304. NatalieB


  305. Megan

    I honestly don’t know who to vote for!

  306. Melanie

    AAAAHHH! The Fug! How can I decide.

  307. Catherine

    Is that a Breathe-Right strip on Solange’s nose?

  308. eek

    aubrey. fug is one thing but animal cruelty? where the hell is PETA???

  309. emmy


  310. nikkol

    AH! ok, at least solange usually covers herself albeit with feathers and possibly unknown fabrics. aubrey has no shame, i don’t want to see her boobs anymore nor her dog as an accessory.

  311. emmy

    I cannot believe AOD is winning.

    Solange doesnn’t know it’s fug. She feels this is FABULOUS, FIERCE. As does SWINTON!!!

    AOD DOES know her outfits are fug and it just in it for the publicity. Which it why she should be winning this.

    Purposeful fug is FAKE fug!!!

  312. JoeBU

    Racketeering! People love the SWINTON so (as do I) that they are manufacturing an easy win for her. No way could O’Day outfug the FUG goddess, SWINTON.

  313. scorpio1

    This is incredibly hard. In fact, these two were in my championship.

    Solange didn’t used to be so desperate…this is a fairly recent development a la Ashlee Simpson trying to jump out of her sister’s (bootylicious) shadow. I predict huge things for Solange in the year to come as the desperation increases. Maybe she’ll take home the Fug crown next year? Stay tuned.

    Aubrey brought her own PLAYBOY cover to Fashion Week. Now that’s Klassy (probably the name of her dog, too).

    Ultimately, for me, the poor dyed-to-match dog tipped the scales.

    For the love of dog, vote O’Day.

  314. ON ON ON ON

    Fug Fans,

    The following may be too graphic for younger viewers.


    Skankiness should count in this contest. Which do you think would smell worse…

    Solange’s Clydesdale Shoes?


    Aubrey’s feather boa vest?

    Easy choice for me… and when your fug can stink up a vest more than someone’s shoes…


    Yes, you are.

    I know… it was rough to read, but, FUG is not pretty.

  315. Khalessi

    Solange dressed as a fraking SEA URCHIN! PEOPLE! Aubrey O’Day is Phoebe Price, redux and not nearly as original, inspiring or classy.

    That’s right. I called Phoebs classy! Compared to AOD, she’s a frakin’ society matron.

  316. Anonymous

    I cannot believe that O’Day is beating the younger Knowles. What a shocker! I never would have guessed it!

    I think it must be Solange v. SWINTON in the finals. How can AOD even try to face SWINTON? Solange v. SWINTON would be a good match.

  317. Carol

    I really love it when I come home after a long day so I can log onto Fug Madness and give myself a migraine just by using my eyes…..=p

    A’OD – you are the bane of humanity. I can’t….I just. Can’t.

  318. V

    Sad sacks o’ crap – both of ‘em. They put the UGH in Fug.

  319. marie

    SOLANGE. For she is crazy and wild and hopelessly lost.

  320. Anonymous

    I’d have sworn Solange would get my vote, but I’m breaking for Aubrey; because while Solange might think she’s the s**t fashion-wise, Aubrey thinks she has something to say to us. Given the evidence, hers is the much worse offense.

  321. nmrosycheeks

    Agreed with the “Aubrey=generic fug whoring” comments.
    Solange’s outfits=so much FAIL, straight outta the gate, every time.
    Therefore, Solange for the fuggy-fugmaster-WIN!!

  322. Lulu

    AOD for the Fug! Yes, it’s the abused-dog-as-accessory that makes her the fugliest of them all.

  323. Austin

    It’s interesting how everyone feels different, but personally I vote for the loon I care less for.

    Aubrey’s smug look in most if not all of her pictures made me vote for her. Solange is deluded, but Aubrey might have a superiority complex. Aubrey’s O’Day’sgusting.

  324. Jilli

    I’m pretty sure that we all win here.

  325. Chaser


  326. Miss_Om

    Aubrey. Solange dresses like she wishes she were as cool and edgy as Beyonce, but is not. I almost feel sorry for her, like she’s actually making an effort to be artistic and individual. I might even wear that last outfit myself, if I had the guts. Aubrey dresses like a Miami hooker. Intentionally. I would never want to wear anything she was wearing, ever.

  327. Rachel

    Several things: I actually kind of love that ridiculous My Little Pony Explosion that O’Day is wearing in the first picture. It just needs to be longer and look less like it’s about to fall off. And maybe it needs a magic wand and a lampshade hat to accessorize with. It just looks like the kind of thing that you would make you grin all day while wearing it. People would stare at you in your Barbie-Fairy-Dreamhouse-Sparkle-Princess-Glitter-Factory-Bastard-Child and think that you were crazy, and you would giggle somewhat hysterically because you know the truth (which is that they are secretly right.) I’m just saying, if it were less likely to expose my junk at any moment, I would totally wear it grocery shopping. It would make any bad day better.

    I also have a soft spot for Solange. Some of the things she wears are really interesting. Almost avant-garde. Also, she doesn’t force her cleavage on me.

    O’Day, however, has just the right combination of excessive cleavage, excessive makeup, and excessive tanning to make her look like an attention-grubbing ho. She annoys me. Erego, O’Day FTW.

  328. Crandycorn

    I take heart in the fact that we as voters overwhelmingly agree on what we are seeing. There’s no confusion over something being pretty or ugly. So that’s good!
    It’s awesome and hilarious the way we decide to act on it, though. People will say the person they love is too great to fug (SWINTON), or too great NOT to win (SWINTON).

    An example: “(O’Day) annoys me. Erego, O’Day FTW.”
    Whereas I would say “O’Day annoys me therefore Solange for the win!”
    Both are totally understandable reactions, and it makes the voting outcome impossible to predict! :)

  329. citrushoney

    Desperation is a bad color on everyone.

    Solange – whatever.
    Aubrey – just grosses me out in every possible way.

    Aubrey FTW!

  330. Rachel Shadoan

    It’s so true about the unpredictability of the voting. I agonize over whether to vote for someone whose fugness brings joy to my heart or whose fugness annoys the living daylights out of me.

    Lately, I’ve been leaning towards fugging those whose fugness seems more gross. Mischa Barton, for example, just never seems to be terribly put together. She always seems really messy and for some reason that bothers me. On the other hand, I also feel that I shouldn’t be voting for her because she seems like she might need some sort of help.

    It all boils down to this–is winning Fug Madness a good thing, or a bad thing?

  331. Jody

    Curious. It seems that Aubrey’s hypnotic powers are stronger than we initially believed. The poor wee dog was an easy pawn, but the Fug voters were thought to be far less susceptible.

  332. Crandycorn

    hehe Jody, are you an evil alien overlord?

  333. karina miatantri

    I can’t believe Solange is losing. I couldn’t stop the adrenaline rush for the past two days, 100% sure that she’s going to be in the finale. Come on, people. A dog as an accessory is bad, but just LOOK AT SOLANGE. There are no words.

  334. lauren

    Solange is obviously trying to unite her brows in a neon type fashion, but at least she only subjects herself to unfortunate clothing ensembles. Aubrey not only fugs herself, but also her dog.

    Someone call animal rights, that poor thing needs to be taken out of her arms and into a lovely nana’s house somewhere and actually LIVE.

  335. Crandycorn

    I know Katrina, I almost wrote her name in there in pen.
    Then I would have to add white-out smears to all the crinkles and pencil-erasing smudges. :)

  336. Karla

    Aubrey is just sad, whereas Solange is cheesetastic. Frabtabulous! Sproingingly wack! She must be rewarded!

    Gals, broads, ladies, fug pals, wimmins … we cannot let Solange get away from us – it has to be Solange and SWINTON in the finals!@!!!

  337. Genelle

    Oh come ON! Solange is wearing a rain cloud. A dark and stormy rain cloud complete with falling precipitation! That has to beat a nightshirt and heels any day.

  338. Crandycorn

    “….Why are these lack-talent, do-nothings such as Aubrey O’Day and Phoebe Price and Bai Ling even included in this. They have achieved nothing!”

    Sigh… Just because I feel like reiterating, Bai has been a steadily working actress since the EIGHTIES.
    What you do is, you use the internet connection you already have working for you here, enter her name in a search engine, or visit the imdb web page, and look her up.

  339. Kim

    I’m voting Aubrey becuase I hate her and SWINTON because I love her – very confusing. This truly is fug madness.

  340. Melisa

    I actually went with Solange for this one. Her fug is more creative. Less gross, but more creative.

  341. Sarah

    AOD got my vote only because the fug has spread to the dog- it’s contagious folks! I always felt Solange’s fug is genetic or something. She cant help having the disease but at least she isnt spreading it around at the pound.

  342. Jessica

    I LIKE Solange’s crazy makeup. I think it looks cool.

    The dog is what puts it over the edge for Aubrey. It always looks so sad, and wants to walk on its own.

  343. missvolare

    This choice is ripping me to shreds!! I haven’t commented at all yet but feel compelled here to say that this one is SOOOO close in my mind and heart that I think both should be crowned…can they have a dual-fugship?

  344. Anonymous

    I feel Aubrey actually thinks she looks good so she wins the fug. Solange (sounds like flange) is trying to look crazy

  345. James

    Ok so… the final four is so epic this time, that I can’t help but imagine it as high fantasy. This is what I’m picturing.

    Aubrey stands over Solange with a demonic grin and a tiny dog wearing a feathered head-dress.
    “I AM VICTORIOUS! You may have slain Bai Ling but you are powerless against my Obama dress of eternal damnation!”
    Solange, crippled by a broken platform heel, raises her head and looks to the heavens for salvation.
    “What madness is this ancient ones!? I have triumphed over the champion only to be defeated by… well… that?”
    Cher, Madonna, Bjork, and Charro materialise as spectral outlines of themselves.
    “You no win yet.” Charro says as the voice of the gods
    “One left! coochie!” And they are gone.
    Just then, a clap of thunder rips the apart the air and SWINTON appears standing between the fallen Solange and Aubrey.
    “Fear not child. I have arrived. You have done well. Rest now. I shall fell this beast.”

  346. kdghty


    Striking a blow for the poor wee dog and Obama.

    Still taking pity on the obviously deranged, so no vote for Solange.

  347. Anonymous

    it really comes down to what we believe “fug” truly is…
    Solange, and the grand dame SWINTON herself, have a fug in which to smile and rejoice.
    AOD, and others before her, just make you want to wash. :P
    It is hard to know how to vote, because they seem like they are in different competitions!

    But, I <3 Fug…fun, wonderful fug. Fug that ignores Phoebe Price as she should be ignored and left behind…..Solange it is. (But la belle SWINTON FTW)

  348. Karla

    FUG GALS!!!! Overlords of the FUG!!

    Do you have veto power? VETO VETO!!!! It has to be Solange vs. SWINTON.

    Because SWINTON will crush the nothingness that is Aubrey in a trice. In a nanosecond! How drolly tedious, what?

    With Solange, there might be some sport, you see.

    I’m just thinking of you and the game and the purity of the fugiverse. Really.

  349. Menzie

    Solange wins because she MEANS it. AOD is just a whore; attention- and regular.

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