Fug Madness 2009 Sweet Sixteen: Cher Bracket


By now, Lisa Rinna’s cleavage — of both chest and thigh/crotch — has been burned on your brains, although feel free to revisit them as part of your research in making this deeply important decision. And even though she has admitted that her cheeks, at least, are man-made, we’re steering clear of discussing anything she may or may not have done to her face. So all that’s left is to examine what she wears when she’s covering things up instead of whipping them out:

[Photo: FlynetOnline.com]

Even with all that fabric, this is a peekaboo moment just waiting to happen, and indeed her nipples are trying to make it so as best they can. On the plus side, you could hang her on a yacht mast and she’d sail you straight to Catalina Island.

Lisa hasn’t been featured enough on the site to have her own archive — yet — but we have also marveled at her lengthy marriage to leopard print and her Joan Collins hair, so drink those in as well.

Conversely, her competitor Aubrey has had a hugely prolific Year of Fuggery that includes this fur monstrosity, this glorified nightie, this multicolored puffball, and… you know what? IT’S ALL BAD. Seriously. All of it. And that archive, somehow, doesn’t even include this:

[Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Aubrey would get better coverage, with a similar aesthetic, if she just gave up and wore a pair of Depends. And I’m not sure what that is around her neck, but I would not be shocked to walk into IKEA this weekend and see it under the name “HJELKN,” on sale for $10 as something you stick on your bathtub to make it less slippery.

It’s a tough call between these two twerps. Maybe seeing them side by side in similar outfits will help ease your furrowed brows.

[Photos: FlynetOnline.com]

Hmm. Rinna’s might be falling off — and MIGHT be a strapless top tucked into drawstring pants — but Aubrey’s dirty hems ate her feet and the outfit makes her crotch look bloated. I am dumbfounded. It’s like she’s somebody’s grandfather.

(And no, lest anyone be afraid, her left hand has not grown nails on the outside; I just cropped out the friend who is clutching it, because she already has to live with not telling Aubrey to wear something better. Why add to her pain?)

So there you have it: A woman of questionable talent who needs to Put It Away even on the days when she’s tried to do just that, and… a woman of questionable talent who needs to Put It Away even on the days when she’s tried to do just that. Whom to choose?

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Comments (154):

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, thank goodness. I was afraid that after Rinna somehow managed to beat SJP (a travesty, to be sure) she might just triumph once again over the obviously more egregious fug of Aubrey O’Day. Off to a good start!

  2. Anonymous

    I like Lisa’s white dress!

  3. Jen310

    Oh, yes, Aubrey. Victory is yours, you skankily delicious ho bag full of fug. Rinna take your lady parts and go home.

    Awesome IKEA reference, Fug Girl Jessica. That made my day.

  4. Amy

    They’re both horrifying, but I think the diaper/sheet + bathmat combo pushed me to Aubrey O’Day. Although, really, I hate to encourage her.

  5. weyes

    aubrey. no contest.

  6. Bella

    O’Day is fug, to be sure, but she’s ‘young’ fug. Rinna is desperate, long-in-the-tooth fug. By this time, she should have graduated to something more ladylike. Have to vote for her.

  7. snowlan

    O.K. . .

    I voted for Lisa ONLY because she is older and should KNOW BETTER. Aubrey is still in the young and irresponsible phase. . .

    This is why I will eventually vote for Madonna also. One should eventually acquire wisdom.

  8. Jen310

    Sorry, I meant to congratulate Fug Girl Heather on the IKEA reference. Too early in the day to think straight.

  9. weyes

    i like how the person above who “like[s] lisa’s white dress” elected to not claim responsibility for the opinion! that’s hilarious, anonymous!

  10. coexxi

    Slutty-Fug vs Just-A-Tiny-Little-Less-Slutty-Fug

    This AOD-person should win.
    Winning this is NOT a good thing, we should sometimes remember this.

  11. ames

    I’m with you, Anonymous. I like the white dress, too.

  12. JenHamm

    I’m judging this based on a cruelty to animals perspective. While Rinna wears them, at least they’re either dead or facsimiles, so they aren’t patently AWARE of their denigration. Nothing, however, can excuse the way that Aubrey humiliates that poor puppy. Aubrey easily takes he win!

  13. amazingal

    Actually, the black jumpsuit thingie didn’t look that bad on Lisa, but Aubrey’s? Girl please.

    Plus, Lisa doesn’t dye her dog to match like Aubrey does- and that is all kinds of wrong.

    Aubrey FTW.

  14. Susan

    Although Aubrey’s got the chops for the competition, Lisa’s *hoo-hoo* shot out-fugged just about everyone.

  15. Marti

    This is more fun than anyone should have with a computer! I am already starting to dread the end of Fug madness…Thanks Fug Girls. GO SWINTON!!!

  16. Dana

    Methinks it is not a diaper; rather it is the shower curtain that goes along with the “Hjelkn.” And don’t look now, but I suspect that is the shower plug on her finger. Love to see what is on her feet…soap dishes??

  17. Lesley

    Being young does not give Aubrey a pass! There’s no excuse for fug like that. Young and irresponsible or not, we all own a mirror.

  18. Liz H.

    I second the sentiment re: Ikea reference. Brava! Take a bow… huff on your fingernails and pretend to buff them on your lapel. I have a weakness for Lisa Rinna and if you caught her hilarious performance on Entourage, you probably would too.

  19. AmyW

    Too easy, Rinna is a wanna-be Cougar fug whereas Aubrey is still young but her fug is so bad SHE ends up looking OLDER than Rinna.

  20. Clara

    Too much boob, too many smirks, too much fug. While I agree that Lisa should know better, Aubrey’s inflated veiny lumps are indication that she IS fug and will only get worse.

  21. Liz In DC

    Dude, I think that’s my IKEA wine rack. Dammit, so that’s who stole it from me. That b*tch.

    Dude, Rinna and her Lips O’Doom might have been able to take on the Parker, but O’Day all the way. Mainly because whenever I see O’Day, she makes me sit there and Google her to comfirm she’s a woman and not a very inexperienced drag queen after a two week bender(because really, a good drag queen knows how to keep mascara from clumping. Audrey… does not).

  22. Carol

    IKEA Bathmat Wearing Celeb vs Leopard Print Obsessed Demi Nudist…..so perplexing.

    Much as I love IKEA and its value for money…..I can’t fathom why anyone would actually WEAR their stuff. How do you say “sorry” in Swedish?

    Aubrey – your fug makes me stabby.

    Rinna – I’ve gone spontaneously blind because of you but, an IKEA Bathmat Wearer you are not. Even if you DID wear a top with holes in it, we’ve seen it ALL anyways.

  23. bethwolf

    Re: Snowlan
    I’m only 19, and I still look at Aubrey and think she’s too old to be in the young and irresponsible phase. The young and irresponsible phase when it comes to properly dressing yourself is around 7 years old. NO EXCUSE, O’DAY.

  24. Em

    THE DOG OH MY GOD THE DOG. And those fugging headbands. Rinna is heinous, for sure. In the side-by-side jumpsuit comparison she resembles a trophy wife, wishing she were twenty years younger and possibly believing it. Spray-N-Bake tan, frowsy hair, creased satiny jumpsuit of nightmares. BUT AT LEAST THE JUMPSUIT FITS. Aubrey. GIRL. There is no excuse for bedraggled hemlines, or the sad, drooping bow cutting across your middle to match your sad, drooping posture, or the CROTCHTASTIC MESS that just boots the whole outfit into an outer galaxy of fug. AUBREY FTW.

  25. KelliLee

    With the multicolor puffball link, I really was expecting to see the dog.

  26. Laura M

    I’ve always been contemptuous of BASKETBALL March Madness, calling it “a passing trend,” and “an excuse to not do anything for a month,” however I TOTALLY GET IT — now that it is put in a proper context. So what if my job keeps calling and telling me they don’t understand “calling in sick because heel-less boots should have made it?”

    Thank you GFY!

    And, Aubrey has this EASILY. I have inadvertently worn a bathmat NUMEROUS times due to what I like to call a “wee drinking problem,” but I usually wear it in MY OWN HOUSE. I never thought of going OUT in one. Props to Aubrey —


  27. saz

    For me, it all comes down to this:

    With Rinna, I can understand what she’s trying to do. She is a woman who is doing everything she can to be the sexiest woman on the red carpet. Clearly, it is not working, but that just makes me shake my head a little sadly.

    Now Aubrey… who can tell what she is going for? Does she go for a morning jog and pick random items up on the way, then just turn them in to an outfit? “hmm who would throw away this perfectly good drawer lining? that’s a shirt waiting to happen! Ooh, 7-11, a slurpee would be awesome right now… wait, is that one of those clothes donation bins in the parking lot? Ma’am! i see your eight year old has outgrown that Halloween costume, would you mind if i nab it?”

  28. Barton Fink

    these decisions are becoming agonizing — how can i vote against rinna, on the strength (or lack of strength) of her upper lip alone? but o’day, as you point out, is always bad, always, and it’s gotta be o’day’s day today

  29. Claire

    I’m sorry but the sight of Rinna’s lady bits cleavage is forever seared into my brain and I may need therapy to erase it. That is beyond fug. The woman is too old to be going out of the house without proper undergarments.

  30. Jill

    So far this is the first time I’ve been really stumped, but I had to go with O’Day.

    The only way Fug Madness could be any better would be if our dear Fug Girls would publish an updated bracket after each round (hint, hint). :)

  31. LuvTheFuggers

    Well, ignoring Rinna’s lips, I have to give my vote to O’Day. The Depends onsie with the, the, thing from Ikea accessory, along with the baggie jumpsuit, well, those are fug-worthy for the win.

  32. Amanda in Austin

    Lisa’s fake-n-bake scares me.

    Aubrey is going to walk away with this one. No contest.

  33. InfamousQBert

    i love lisa rinna! she rocked my world on DWTS and doesn’t need to suffer the indignity of a win beyond this round. o’day needs to be shown the error of her ways.

    also, i’ll happily claim love of the white dress. i think she looks great!

  34. janice

    Aubrey. The fur thing and boots alone were enough.

  35. Laura M

    oh, and I totally second the updated bracket vote, I like mine to look pretty and perfect.

    Well, the ones that I haven’t set on fire, that is.

  36. Sarah

    For me, the deciding factor in all of this is quality. Lisa Rinna may always look like her clothes are going to fall off of her, but Aubrey O’Day actually looks like her clothes are going to fall apart around her. If you’re going to be tacky, at least invest in it.

  37. debs

    Great! Aubrey for the win.


  38. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Had to vote for Lisa Rinna. She OWNS the over-tanned, overly leopard-printed, trashily tittilating trying-too-hard upper and, ahem, lower “cleavage.” No one has this FUG look down to a science like this hideously lip dis-figured Melrose Place Remnant…

  39. Molly

    As much as I have despised Rinna since her stint as Billy on DAYS, I had to cast my vote for The Fairy Queen Of My Little Pony Island.
    As far as messes go, she is a much bigger mess than Rinna.

  40. Alexandra

    I third on the IKEA reference – refreshing, an adjective that cann’t be used to describe neither of the Put-It-Away ladies – young or old, their fug transcends age.
    I went with Audrey, more variety, and yes, PETA should have a word with her.

  41. MoPo

    Wow. I was going to give Lisa the She Should Know Better vote, but AO’D’s footie/jumpsuit/hammerpant/tube top with the oversized tuxedo bowtie belt gave me pause.

  42. Tracey W

    Ooooh…. Aubrey’s efforts make me miss the Peldons just a little bit less. She is glorious in her fuggery!

    And, the IKEA reference made me snort. LOVE IT!

  43. Jacquilynne

    My only issue with voting for Aubrey O’Day is that I still have no idea what she does besides dress poorly. I have gleaned from checking her back fuggings that she’s in something called Danity Kane, but I’ve never heard of that either.

  44. Ms Cherryspoon

    This one was tough!

  45. Jen

    The poor dog! Has anyone rescued him yet? For cruelty to animals O’Day takes the win.

  46. Kate

    Has anyone ever been to the Children’s Museum in Boston, where they have that recycling store that sells things like random cardboard tubes, assortments of bottle caps, and Aubrey’s scarf? Kinda makes me want to go there now and get my craft on.

  47. KatieB

    I feel Rinna has swept this far on a wave of crotch-horror, but with O’Day’s fugliness I felt a competitor had stepped up (swam up?!), who could – not only match – but out play the crotch and earn my vote(in a bad way, mind). O’Day you earnt it

  48. ally

    Ugh! You cannot be serious! Lisa Rinna’s hair looks like she stole it from the costume department of a third rate production of “Cats”. When you factor in the horrible prints and exposure of naughty bits she should be the breakaway winner. Come on people!!!

  49. Nicole

    I actually really like Lisa Rinna’s dress here. If only she’d slapped on some nippy petals, we’d be dealing with a “Well Played”.

  50. GFY Jessica

    The hilarious thing about how Aubrey mistreats her dog is that she WORKS FOR PETA. HOW HAVE THEY NOT STEPPED IN?

    Okay, “hilarious.” Anyway, I voted her for too. Sigh. Sweet child. She will learn eventually perhaps.

  51. sparkalicious

    I so wanted Lisa to take this whole thing, but I can’t go against my policy of voting for anyone who drags innocent bystanders and PETS into their fugaliciousness.

    Aubrey, I voted for you because a dog in danger is always a tie-breaker. Lisa, my heart is still with you and hoping that you can pull a victory out of your ass. Or your crotch.

  52. jerkygirl

    I just want to know how to pronounce “HJELKN.” (OK, and also too as well I voted for O’Day. She reminds me of Christina Aguilera circa The Greasy-Looking Skank Years and I didn’t like that then and I DON’T like it now. If she would just. . .bathe, maybe, and either do a more natural color or just go full wig, it would be so much better than this awful look. That pic of her licking the stripper pole, not to mention the one where she’s on the floor looking like she’s getting her hair washed by 10 slobbering Neanderthal types who’ve just eaten a bucket each of KFC crispy chicken. Dipped in lard. It’s just that she could be so cute!!! If she stopped this desperate plea to be the next Jenna Jameson, or whatever, she OH NEVER MIND ALL I WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE WAS THE PRONUNCIATION OF “HJELKN” AND NOW I’M OFF ON A TANGENT OH I AM SO SORRY.)

  53. Ally

    A lot of the time Lisa’s outfits come so close to being acceptable, but then she has to do something insane like make the slit up to her crotch or add a sailboat to her arms. Aubrey on the other hand is a lost cause, so my vote goes to the Depends spokeswoman.

  54. Kate

    AUBREY O’DAY HANDS DOWN if for no other reason than the cruelty she inflicts on that poor dog!!!!! Rinna may be god awful but every once in awhile she TRIES to class it up a bit…and I’ve never mistaken her for a porn star. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve confused Aubrey O’Fug with Jenna Jameson. At least Rinna is her own (barely dressed) person.

  55. Mjx

    Well, ultimately, it’s about the clothes AND how they’re worn, right? And embarrassing as Rinna’s near-nudity is, in someone who really is old enough to know better, O’Day, just… gad, not only is she every bit as nearly-nude, the clothing is worse, unsalvageable (Rinna wears several things which would work, with the addition of a small closing seam). And a dog as an accessory… no. NO.

  56. Anonymous

    Aubrey Aubrey Aubrey!
    She is a travesty of a person!
    Lisa Rinna is fug, but she’s predictable.

  57. Amanda in Austin

    To Saz at 9:32am: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Awesome, my friend. Truly awesome.

  58. Cecily

    I had to go with Aubrey. Too little fabric where there should be, too much where there shouldn’t and just overall, too much information. The strangulated veiny boobs, the drop-crotch, the bath mat, oh yes, she takes the win handily.

    I am both appalled and amused by Lisa Rinna and her flowing garb. If we were in her botoxed brain, we would hear a little voice, upon striking the pose, “This is it! The one that will make me the Farrah Fawcett of 2009, and my poster will hang in dorm rooms across the land!”

    Both of you.

  59. Sue T.

    To the person who wondered how you pronounce HJELKN — I’m a native Swede and I would say something like “yell-ken.” I love a good IKEA joke! And Aubrey FTW — that is some awesome fug.

  60. nichole

    I actually like Rinna’s white dress. I have never seen any redeeming quality in any of O’Day’s ensembles. Aubrey FTW.

  61. A.Y.

    I would not be shocked if Aubrey was among the last ones standing this year… her breast-and-beast-torturing ensembles are mighty examples of pure, unadulterated fug at work.

    I also have a special vendetta with her… I watched Making the Band 3 back in the day and was rooting for her – though that was before she’d bleached, tweezed, pulled, and shellacked herself into the human boil that she is today. Her downfall in Diddy’s clutches would make me sad, except she’s now such an obnoxious fame whore that contempt has taken over. Eat fug and rot, O’Day.

  62. Anonymous

    When actually looking at Lisa Rinna’s outfits, most of them are mostly just fine. They’re blah, and she need closures of some sort, but other than that, blah more long drapey fabric etc. Plus she’s never publicly abused her dog.

  63. Lorraine

    I had to vote for Aubrey, because much of Lisa’s problem is her agregious plastic surgery. Aubrey’s just fugly naturally.

  64. Just A Girl

    Listen, Aubrey is a hideous train wreck. She started out a train wreck and continues to be a train wreck. Lisa Rinna is having a “im trying desperate to look young and sexy even though I’m old” crisis so I have some pity on her, it is hard for all 30+ women in Hollywood. Aubrey on the other hand is young, and physically attractive, still having her youth she should be consulting with knowledgeable stylists who can assemble her in a way that shows her personality, her positive attributes and minimizes her least favorite body parts and qualities. if she’d stop being a insane, immature attention whore, she’d realize what a mess she is and that she is missing out on looking very good and advancing her career or even having a career for that matter. Period. Who ever voted for Lisa over Aubrey needs a bit of help.

  65. Kaitlyn

    The Rinna factor is complicated by the fact that
    “sexy” and “attractive” are not the same thing here, and this is “sexy” in an over-the-top, “soap opera in Central America” kind of way.

    Aubrey? Less complex. Fug is fug no matter how you slice it, dice it, ShamWow it (she’ll probably wear a ShamWow, now that I think about it…brrrr) or sell it at IKEA.

  66. Your mom

    Lisa Aubrey is a train wreck. She started out a train wreck and continues to be a train wreck. Lisa Rinna is having a “im trying desperate to look young and sexy even though I’m old” crisis so I have some pity on her. Aubrey on the other hand is young, and physically attractive, still having her youth she should be consulting with knowledgeable stylists who can assemble her in a way that shows her personality, her positive attributes and minimizes her least favorite body parts and qualities. if she’d stop being a insane, immature attention whore, she’d realize what a mess she is and that she is missing out on looking very good. Period. Who ever voted for Lisa over Aubrey needs a bit of help.

  67. Georgia

    Aubrey has worked her fug fingers to the bone all season to earn that one seed. There’s no question here. Mutton dressed as lamb? Fine, whatever, Rinna, go take your leathery crotch somewhere else for a while. There is someone wearing white lipstick and a fur vest who has real fugging to do.

  68. Lori Magno

    Rinna may be an old hand at Fug, but Miss Aubrey BRINGS IT by the ton.

    O’DAY: FTW

    Respectfully submitted,

  69. anjali

    I really was having trouble until the two were side by side. then it was really easy. thanks!

  70. Anonymous

    This is an easy one. Rinna actually looks kinda fab in both the white sail dress (admittedly, the proportions are off) and the…jumpsuit. (It hurts me to say that.) Aubrey and her IKEA scarf FTW.

  71. Aurora

    A.Y.@9:56–you made me laugh so hard I might need to borrow O’Day’s depends onesy…

  72. Serenna

    How to choose between someone that wears their breasts as an accessory (take a bow O’Day) and someone who shows off her crotch like it’s going out of style? (classy Rinna, real classy.)

    I just can’t get that image of the veiny boobed Aubrey out of my head (I have no appetite naturally) so in my head, for all her waxed crotch glory, Rinna loses to Aubrey’s boobtastic fugliness.

  73. anner

    I’d just like to say that there is NOTHING glorified about that nightie.

  74. Allison

    I knew Skanky O’Day had it in her to avenge SJP ‘s untimely unfugging.
    I still don’t understand how you can wear camel toe shoes and get unfugged by Lisa Rinna.

  75. Foamer

    This was close… Rinna’s lips are the permanent fug, but that pillowcase with punched metal accessories took it for Aubrey.

  76. Shanghaishrimpo

    Thank you for that hysterical IKEA reference! Aubrey is the ├╝ber-fuggiest — but not by much.

  77. debbi

    O’Day looks like Avril Lavigne’s sister, sort of Avril’s “Solange.” Lisa Rinna has NO shame, none, whatsoever. Plus she guest-starred on “Hannah Montana.” I vote for the inflatable cougar.

  78. Kelsey


    Doesn’t anyone see Lisa’s nip slip in the white dress?!

  79. NYCExPat

    People. Lisa is an entertainment reporter. That suggests at least a teeny tiny desire to be taken seriously. Thus, her outfits, although maybe less insane prima facie, are so much fuglier.

    Clearly my fug values differ greatly from those of the masses.

  80. Eric

    I knew it would take someone formidable to stop the crazy train that is Lisa Rinna (I’m still amazed she made it this far in the competition). And lo, here comes Aubrey to save the day. (Must…resist…urge…to pun that last name…)

  81. testington

    All in all I don’t think Lisa dresses that badly, she is just somebody who is out there a lot so there are lots of oppertunities, but on average she looks fairly presentable (but desperate)

  82. lelo

    Going to IKEA on my lunch hour to pick up one of those bathmats. I think it’ll really tie the room together. ;)

  83. Christy

    But you guys! Aubrey wears frosted lipstick and black eyeliner! Which is exactly what I did back in the early 80s when I snuck my mom’s makeup. Therefore Aubrey is the fuggest.

  84. Reptile

    At least what Rinna wears can be classified as clothing. Often tacky, but clothing. AOD is wearing costumes – horrible, church basement, community theatre, slapped together without pattern or concept costumes. In public. Without shame.

  85. ames

    @kelsey 10:45 – her nips are totally covered. No slipping there. They’re poking out, sure, but what woman hasn’t sported unwanted party hats at one time or another?

  86. Ghanimatrix

    I spared Rinna because of my own personal fondness for leopardskin – although I don’t wear it EVERY.FUGGING.DAY.

  87. MeganB

    This round was surprisingly easy for me. Aubrey is the very definition of fug. Plus I have to give Lisa some props for being on Veronica Mars.

    However, if the leopard love affair hadn’t ceased I might have had more trouble. What other people wear when they want to look a bit “wild” was a total snoozefest on Lisa because it was all leopard, all the time.

    Also, I totally want that IKEA bathmat.

    (interesting side note: IKEA is one of my favorite squee worthy Fug Girl references, along with any references to the Dread Pirate Robbins, Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, Hypercolor tee-shirts, Donna Martin’s unability to graduate, and Anne of Green Gables. It’s like hello to my life!)

  88. Jennie

    Oh Lawd. Aubrey is what? 27? Why is she trying to look like she’s 57? It makes no sense. I understand Lisa, she’s like 57 or something and she’s trying super hard to look 27 (but horribly failing), but at least she makes some sense. Ugh.

  89. KLG

    But it would make Lisa’s day to be acknowledged for, well, anything! Team LISA!

  90. Tina

    I was gonna go with Lisa Rinna for her unbelievable commitment to leopard print… but O’Day is seriously bad at dressing. At least Rinna knows what flatters her figure and she looks pretty most of the time. O’Day does not! She stumpifies herself regularly.

  91. maisy jean

    While I cannot understand O’Day’s Depends, I cannot and indeed, am flabbergasted by, Restalyne Rinna’s insistence that the only thing she’s done to her face is the cheeks. She says this in print! I mean really, she’s clearly had lip surgery (you can cut the section that attaches the lip to the top of the mouth and it makes your top lip push out and then get that weird, I had cleft palate look – no offense to people with cleft palates), and that, in addition to the injections PLUS the whole billboard desperation, made me have to vote for Rinna.

  92. Brenda

    I have to agree with other comments about Rinna’s clothing choices, while made FUG by how she wears them, are at least salvageable given the right bit of tailoring (“let’s see if we can’t get the slit to end at mid-thigh instead of mid-waist, yes?”).

    But Aubrey’s “clothes”….well, even Maria Von Trapp couldn’t turn those into anything wearable.

  93. Kelly

    Argh! The veiny boobs. PUT THEM AWAY! And the poor little dog. Of the two of them La Rinna seems more likely to show up somewhere wearing a coat made out of Dalmations, but Aubrey is the one who actually put that poor animal through that misery.

  94. Callie

    If we can’t fug Rinna’s face, it’s all Aubrey– at least the cuts of most of her clothes are somewhat flattering (if puzzlingly leopard print). Aubrey just has no clue whatsoever.

  95. antof9

    Veiny boobs FTW!

    Because if you’d wear a bra and anything with even minimal coverage, we’d NEVER EVEN SEE THEM!

    La Rinna really is a charicature from any soap on Telemundo, but HER fake boobs are spray-tanned and pretty (as only fake, spray-tanned boobs can be). O’Day’s? Make me want to wash my eyes with soap.

    Oh, and if the veiny boobs didn’t have the win already in the bag, I’d say IKEA reference FTW! Totally a BWA HA HA HA moment :)

  96. Aaron

    I’m sorry, but Lisa Rinna showed the edge of her VAGINA. VAGINA! VAGINA!

  97. skitzfiggitous

    My vote for Aubrey O’Day is my visible protest against being forced to look and boob veins.

  98. Simone

    This is a total heartbreaker because they are BOTH. SO. FUG. I went with Aubrey, simply because I still have no idea where I am supposed to know her from and I think anyone who seems to aspire to Paris Hilton-esque notoriety should be stopped. But on the other hand, I secretly love Lisa Rinna’s sad, kooky, grasping middle-aged-lady fug so maybe I should have voted for her… This is gonna bother me for a while.

  99. skitzfiggitous

    …forced to look AT boob veins, AT. I never want to know or envision what sort of action “boob veins” as a verb would be.

  100. Kat

    I think Day takes it more because she has a certain level of slut, while Rinna is just tacky.

  101. Heather

    I think Lisa’s dress is a little crazy-dramatic considering all she’s doing is red-carpet reportage, but nonetheless, I agree they’re not her worst ensembles — to be frank, the trouble is, we were pretty much out of fresh material on her and we didn’t want to regurgitate the damn thigh picture AGAIN. So, we hotlinked to The Usual Rinna Fugs and decided to supply some other options in photos.

    Fug Madness can wear you down, man. That’s what happens when a Cinderella makes it so far — you’re suddenly like, ‘Shit, I don’t HAVE Brittany Murphy wearing anything else crazy. This is going to be so repetitive to read.”

  102. sarah ashley

    ya know, Lisa’s duck-lips can be excused because she is older & has decided to go the plastic route. Aubrey, on the other hand, should be SLAPPED. you DO NOT get your lips plumped when you’re still in your 20s. jeeeeze.

  103. James

    You know if you would have layered that last picture a little closer together it would have looked like they were holding hands. aww… and then the universe would have collapsed in on itself.

    I had to vote for aubrey. For me, again, Rinna just seems to be one step away from looking good.

  104. Anne B.

    Aubrey is a Cinderella story.

    She probably doesn’t have anything close to SWINTON’s bank balance, but look what she’s doing here: appearing (more than once) in what appear to be her own entries for Project Runway’s Bathroom Challenge.

    She’s got gumption — not to mention a talent for almost wearing things. I almost like that.

  105. Sharon

    Aubrey got my vote. The many shots of her with pancake make up and “morning after” hair and needing a shower were so fug.

    Rinna’s crotch does deserve some kind of recognition. Though for the life of me I can’t think ofwhat kind of recognition would suit it.

  106. vandalfan

    I had to go with Rinna because I simply detest her personally. Come to think of it, the younger skank had consistantly worse outfits.

  107. MeganB

    (eek! In my previous comment I meant to say Donna Martin’s INability to graduate, as opposed to her UNability. You see what these outfits are doing to my brain?!?! I blame Aubrey O’Day.)

  108. rudy

    The IKEA reference is a fugclassic! I bless the day I discovered the fug girls.

    I can never forgive La Rinna for her fugging by osmosis of Harry Hamlin. He used to be so beautiful and she has ruined him with her va-jay-jay of fug. I don’t want to see them Lisa, not your headlamps on full beam, not your lady parts, not your chipmunk cheeks and duck lips, NONE OF IT; and, yet you showed them to poor Hsquared and ruined him for all of us.

    Nevertheless, pooch abuse–even if it is annoying little nervious lap dog abuse–is beyond the pale. AO’D this matchup is yours. My soul weeps.

  109. Eshe

    Easily an O’Day triumph. As the Fug Girls put it she is just all bad all the time.

    Lisa is at least passable at times. Her flashing tendancies are no match for Aubrey’s outright fug.

  110. Jane

    Wow, I wasn’t sure anything could sway me away from voting for Lisa (CROTCH cleavage, people!), but Aubrey did it easily. I just can’t ignore how fugged up she is.

  111. Magee

    can we call them Twherpes instead? its seems more appropriate and its true – whatevs it is that O’dreadful Day is wearing in her incontinence undergarment add is what we keep our re-usable plastic bags in in the kitchen. That said – I gots ta go with AOD on this one, as Rinna sometimes gets a well played when she’s not showing off her lopsided wonky implants or freshly waxed lady ga-ga. It may not be by much, but she is slightly less shameless in her self promotion whereas, AOD would probably sell her Grandmothers organs Piecemeal if it would put her in front of flashbulbs for 5 more minutes. And for the love of Intern George will someone PLEASE rescue that forlorn pink dog!

  112. Jill from WENN

    The “Are you there God, it is me Mr. Snuggles” quote from Aubrey’s poor little pooch just made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my chair… nice one. And it is clearly Aubrey by a fugging MILE!!!

  113. Patrick

    O’day’s going right to the top in my bracket – but I threw a vote to Rinna nontheless. Because ew. Leathery lady-bits.

  114. Anonymous

    Lisa Rinna may be a little overtanned, and one step shy of doing the Cabana Boy skits, but I still think she’s been beaten.

  115. Janet

    I only have the haziest idea who Aubrey O’Day is. But she’s the chick who was dyeing her dog to match. Not much fuglier than that.

  116. Kellie

    Aubrey!!! Do it for the poor dog if nothing else!!

  117. Scorpio1

    DYED-TO-MATCH DOG, people. Say no more. It’s O’Day all the way.

  118. Scorpio1

    DYED-TO-MATCH DOG, people. Say no more. It’s O’Day all the way.

  119. misscrisp

    While my retinas are scarred by Rinna’s crotch, I have to go with animal cruelty…that poor dog’s limp body posture horrifies me every time.

  120. dinsdale

    O’Days veiny breasts straining against her top sealed her fate with me from day one. Even though Rinna can’t keep her lady parts covered, at least she has some sense of proportion and fit. SOME sense, not a lot, but some.

  121. Anonymous

    People! Have you forgotten that every other picture of Lisa involves leopard print!

  122. Jonathan

    I never thought I would say this, but…


    I’m gonna go shower now. I feel so dirty all of a sudden.

  123. Kristan

    Dude, y’all keep hating on Lisa Rinna in that purple dress, and I think it looks great. What am I missing?

    O’Day just looks nasty in everything…

  124. Sanne

    Oh, thank god Aubrey is beating Lisa. Aubrey, unlike Leopard Lisa, is a woman of diversity. That’s great. There will always be something to look at with Aubrey. Aubrey never bores. You always wonder whether she’ll show up somewhere looking like a stripper-cowboy, a stripper-indian, a stripper-disney-princess or a stripper-clown.

    You never know, one day she just might show up like a stripper-crocodile-dundee while dragging along a pink-died-crocodile. That’s who Audrey is.

  125. jneslo

    This vote was based upon the jumpsuit pictures alone. Lisa might be wearing a jumpsuit but Aubrey put a bow on it!

  126. Megan P

    I remember first seeing Lisa Rinna and her weird, layered, fake lips when I was little…like 10 or 11. She scared the crap out of me then, and she scares me now. The aggressive leopard prints definitely don’t help!

    By the way, I NEVER imagined that crotch cleave would make its way to the red carpet. Bet you if Audrey realized she was in a competition with L.R. she’d up the ante with some crotch cleave of her own.

    On the other hand, she’s possibly already surpassed that by posing for Playboy. Hmmm. A conundrum.

  127. maisy jean

    I agree with you about the Playboy, but for some reason, crotch cleavage offends me far more than does actual nudity. Why is that?
    Still – CROTCH CLEAVAGE, bad lips, and baddddd boob job. That’s all I’ve got to say about Rinna (or is it the both of them?) Ahh, the humanity!!!

  128. KristanC

    I’m sorry, try to convince us otherwise but there’s something still rather human about Lisa Rinna. And she’s redeemed herself by (a) ‘fessing up to the cranky plastic surgery and (b) listening to YOU TWO and putting away the leopard print! So it’s O’Day, all the way.

  129. ash

    Magee @ 1:46: lovin’ your use of “lady gaga” – are you the first person to do that? Because if so . . I tip my cap to you, sir. Or madam. That NEEDS to catch on.

    However, I cannot BELIEVE people are OK with Rinna’s white dress! It’s the worst thing I’ve seen her in. The WORST. That’s right: WORSE than CROTCH CLEAVE. I would PERSONALLY WEAR the Slitway to Heaven before I would wear that. It’s made out of the same stretchy, shiny cheap fabric as millions of skanky $6 tank tops (of which I own several-maybe not the most breathable, but when you’re only covering 12% of your upper body that becomes pretty irrelevant). This material has its place: hanging above rhinestone jeans in tiny overstuffed stores with no name in malls and city just-out-of-centers across the land, waiting to rescue girls who need a garish new halter top. Not here. Lisa, Lisa. If you try something on and you can see every fold of your flesh through it, just TAKE IT OFF and put on a dress of slightly heavier gauge.

  130. Kate

    This one was a tough choice for me, but Aubrey wearing the discarded wrapping from my Connect Four set over a silken diaper somehow horrified me more than Rinna’s raisin bits on display. I hear what’s been said about how Aubrey is young, impressionable, doesn’t know better, but to me, that’s fugging at a post-grad level.

  131. Anonymous

    I think the reason I had to go with Aubrey finally is because there’s something about her that just looks dirty. Like she needs a good scrubbing, with dish detergent. Rinna just has this cheap, 90′s, like, QVC/JC Penney vibe to her; desperate, but not downright bottom-drawer skank.

  132. Catherine

    I had to go with Aubrey- if only because of her poor dog. At least Rinna doesn’t dye her animals’ fur (that we know of!)

  133. soprecious

    Aubrey’s pantsuit bow is the MVP of the tourney. Without. A. Doubt.

  134. Android

    As for Aubrey being young and ignorant, isn’t she like, 27 or something? Shouldn’t one know how to dress flatteringly by, I don’t know, at least 21? But I guess such is the way of the talentless fame whore. She has to keep “shocking” us, or she might have to get a real job.

  135. Stav

    How could I think the Phoebe’s could outfug Ms O’Fug herself? I think this girl could go all the way. One word. Hideous.

  136. Em

    Sure, Rinna has done her share of harm to the animal world, what with all those fugly prints. But Aubrey should be locked up for subjecting that poor little dog to her fugliness.

  137. belljargurl

    Is it me or does anyone else think Aubrey has a soap and water phobia. She always looks dirty. Yuk. I just want to give her a good scrubbing. Mickey Rourke-same thing. Greasy. Though I don’t mind Mickey’s greasyness (is that a word?)-Barfly haunts me. But Aubrey always has a dirty film over her like those filthy tree hugging Santa Cruz hippie chicks who refuse to bathe. Just gross. I made the mistake once of looking down at a hippie’s bare feet as she was asking me if I had any spare change. I can not begin to speak of the horror. I could not eat for three days. I can not begin to expand on the importance and virute of good hygiene.

  138. jabberwocky

    When I first glanced at that side by side image, my brain merged them together and I thought poor, frumpy Audrey and scary, plastic Lisa were actually holding hands in their matching jumpsuits. Sisters in Fug!

  139. Crandycorn

    I resent Aubrey for skank-slapping my precious Pheebs. And even though I know she will probably take this one, I’m not helping her! Rinna’s Rodunkulous RoidLips, it is.

  140. Rachel

    I also really like Rinna’s white dress! It looks like it would be both fun to wear and comfortable. Also, it could be used as both a napkin and camouflage in a snowstorm. And in an economy like this one, it’s best to have clothing that can really multitask for you.

    Further, generally (with the exception of that horrific hairstyle with the purple dress) Lisa has really cute hair. And while she may need to lay off the tanning, she wears lots of bright, pretty colors that appeal to me. I think a lot of her stuff would be adorable if it showed less cleavage. I’m hoping that she Aubrey beats her, and Lisa breathes a sigh of relief and vows to never make it into Fug Madness ever again.

  141. sharon

    Oh Fug girls – you’ve totally made my incredibly craptastic day SO MUCH BETTER with those photos of Aubrey O’Day. I giggled uncontrollably for a good five minutes. Thank you *mwah!*

  142. kd

    I mean, I get it. That Aubrey chick is a total hussy and crazy tacky but Lisa is a super coug and should know better. She looks good for her age but really…. Get over yourself and put down the tanning lotion.

  143. Crandycorn

    I’m really sorry Fug Girls, about the over-use of Snark. I’ll totally reign it in.

  144. kyasarin

    Hmm. Tough decision, but 1) I actually like the dress Lisa’s wearing up top, even if she seems rather nippy, and 2) I have fond memories of her from my Days days. Aubrey, on the other hand, has no redeeming features in my eyes. Thus, she gets the fug.

  145. Matt

    Aubrey hands down.

  146. Ashley

    as much as it pains me, because i wish she would go away, i have to go with Aubrey. Lisa often makes me scratch my head and wonder if she looked in a mirror, Aubrey often makes me gag.

  147. Another Aubrey

    I’ve cast a decisive vote for Aubrey, if not just because we share a namesake, but for slapping a bow onto a jumpsuit. Yuck and yuck.

  148. Kerry

    Aubrey can’t wear clothes to save her life. Lisa is just a sad sad sad sad (etc) washed-up actress who won’t give up the ghost. She kinda reminds me of one of the Lizard Aliens from “V”. Don’t peel off her face! She’ll unhinge her jaw and eat a guinea pig!

  149. cheeb

    Lisa’s dress would be fine if it were thicker or lined and didn’t have the extra sails of fabric. Aubrey’s….I wouldn’t know where to start.

  150. Suz

    So again we’re rewarding someone who’s famous for NOTHING? I voted for Rinna on behalf of Aubrey’s dog, who gets carted around looking like an idiot because Aubrey thinks that’s what’ll get her in more photos.

    This is the last of your 15 minutes, O’Day. Enjoy it now…

  151. Phoebe Walker

    Are they holding hands while Lisa is wearing a 1/2 sleeve? I like to think they are.

  152. Amber

    Rinna, ONLY because that strapless jumpsuit thing is the best thing I’ve seen her in. And Aubrey needs to just fall off the face of the earth.

  153. Lucia

    I just saw the results so far, and… **WHAT**?! I mean, did none of y’all see Lisa Rinna at the Oscars?

  154. texasexile

    That Baby Huey get up compelled my vote for Aubrey.