Fug Madness 2009, Round 1: Bjork Bracket


Paula is one of those people who could go either way at any event. There’s a reason we included her in our book as someone who needed a Carefrontation. We were worried she was going to let the Crazy take over the Cute. Sometimes, of course, you can’t extricate one from the other:

That dress is cute, but WHAT IS UP WITH THE HAT AND GLOVES? I feel like you’ve left your sassy cane and tap shoes somewhere! I guess she is a choreographer…of crazy. I mean, come on:

That is a…whole lotta look. Although not nearly as much as her spangled Civil War ensemble (I’m not kidding. If you click only one link on the internet today, MAKE IT THAT ONE), her sparkly (kind of cute) Spiderman Formal, or this….I don’t even know what to call it. This glorious addition to the American Idol experience.

In fact, I think Paula might want to raid some of her competition’s closet. Can’t you totally see her in this?

Paula and I loooove the sequins. Kate, apparently, does too. As well as loving caftans, the caftan-adjacent, and — hey! — more sequins. Huh. Until writing this I didn’t realize that Kate Hudson is less boho and more Joan Collins. Do I have to love her now? Don’t answer that.


Oh, JOEY POTTER. Who would have thunk it, when you were just noodling around the Creek? And now look at you. A three seed in Fug Madness! I blame The Summer of Jeans. Or THIS:

Dude. Just…don’t. Also in the Don’t Files: this frighteningly geriatric pantsuit, this alarming display, and this generally awkward decision. I hear you, now, by the way. You’re saying, “Jessica. Who could beat this. KATIE HOLMES COULD WIN THIS WHOLE DANG THING.” Oh, really? In the face of THIS?

DO I NEED TO EVEN GIVE YOU MORE THAN THAT? Sure, she was promoting something, but STILL. And what was she promoting here? Belt Skirts?  And what about here? Um…animal welfare via leggings? WHAT? Just make it stop.


Oh, Mary-Kate. You adorable little pixie. I would have included you in this tournament solely on the strength of this:

We wouldn’t even need to consider this. Or this! Or even this. But…let’s consider them anyway, shall we? It can’t hurt to have a complete understanding of the Mary-Kate oeuvre.

It’s a bit harder to understand all that goes into Miss Underwood. Sometimes, she looks adorable. And sometimes she decides to wear something like this. Which was, I think, somehow related to this:

Oh HONEY. No. You owe your butt better than that. And you owe the rest of yourself better than this. Or selections herein. Girl, why are you dressing like you’re heading to the Soap Opera Digest Awards all the time? (No offense to SOD, of course — it’s a fine publication that Heather and I both enjoy. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN). It makes my head hurt.  But does it make my head hurt worse than Mary-Kate’s Wide World Of Caftans? Hmm. Riddle me that. Because at least Mary-Kate is sort of…you know, FASHION-Y in her crazyness. You’ve got to give her points for that. Don’t you? Do you? Oh, just vote:


Lady Gaga. We meet at last. It’s true: we here at GFY HQ have been essentially pretending that Lady Gaga doesn’t exist. If we generally ignored her rampant pantslessness, maybe it would cease to exist. But we realized that we could not continue to keep our heads in the sand. It would impair the integrity of this contest. And so we give you this:

Can I be honest with you? This wacky pantslessness is so clearly just a cry for attention that I actually find it REALLY BORING. We get it. You don’t wear pants. It’s shocking. WHATEVER. Call me when you’re wearing, like, an Amish sun bonnet with hip waders or something. No pants? That’s junior varisity shockery, honestly. Is it fug? No doubt. It violates the number one rule around here: that one ought to be wearing pants. But it’s so obvious that I find it sort of tiresome.

Let’s talk about Whitney Port, instead.

Oh, dear child. I suspect you are actually a rather nice girl — who is living a sort of surreal life — but WHY ARE YOU WEARING A RENAISSANCE FAIRE HEADBAND? This is not the best accessory in the DVF closet. I know that. I KNOW IT.  This particular choice was likewise unfortunate.  This look was so awkward that I actually totally blocked it out.  And these shoes make me want to cry a little. But not as much as Whitney cried last week on The City. Chin up, girl! You are so much better off without that poor man’s Justin Bobby, Jay.  That fact should keep you warm and happy for YEARS. Also, at least you’re wearing pants.

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  1. Allie

    (6) PAULA ABDUL vs. (11) KATE HUDSON
    I’ve never liked Kate Hudson, but Paul Abdul’s fug kicked Kate’s to the curb. Seriously, that woman is always dressed like she’s about to perform in a tap recital.

    “Jordan” is tacky and terrible. I feel like instead of voting for Katie Holmes, we should help her and save her from Tom Cruise. Then maybe her desire to wear unflattering pants will cease.

    Carrie has her fug moments, but Mary-Kate has never had an unfug moment.

    (2) LADY GAGA vs. (15) WHITNEY PORT
    This one broke my heart, because I love Gaga with all my heart and soul, and applaud her bravery in showing off her thighs all the time. However, Whitney is a very pretty girl who does wear usually semi-normal clothes. Gaga it is, as tough as it was for me to click that option.

  2. susan

    Lady Gaga’s tights/stockings/whatever make her look like she has grody, wrinkly old lady legs. One vote for her just for that. blech

  3. rudy

    Too easy. The first round match-ups always pit the fairy fugsister against Cinderella’s fugly step sisters. Being mere mortals they cannot compete against the magical fugliness of those with radiating fug-powers.

  4. Ally

    I have the affection for Paula that the fug girls have for Swinton. She is cooky and always seems so happy no matter the insanity that is on her tiny body. Go team Paula!

  5. lelo

    Katie Holmes is the under dog I’m pulling for in this bracket. There is no excuse for looking that fugged up when you have Valkyrie’s bank account to play with. For shame!

  6. Leah M

    Interesting round. I find myself inclined to vote for the regular human making bad choices rather than the batshit crazy celebrity looking for attention. The exception possibly being Mary Kate vs. Carrie Underwood where I had to go with MK – I give her mental health a pass since she has been in the business since birth. But her clothes…no pass.

  7. Ann

    Paula Abdul takes Kate Hudson easily. KH seems to somehow pull off the kookier looks. She’s young! She’s hip! She’s a cool mom! She’s today’s Goldie Hawn! But Paula, oh Paula, she just needs a break. And a new stylist.

    With the Katies, it was Holmes for me. Granted she’s dealing with her psycho, maniacal husband, but that is no reason to run away from how cute she used to be. Lose the man, lose the fug.

    Carrie Underwood I don’t think quite knows how to stand up to people who knows the “industry” better than she does, thus can’t entirely be at fault. MKO’s been around her whole life, so she should know better. That or she’s trying to avoid any anorexia rumors by attempting to hide as much of her body as possible.

    Lady Gaga, put on some damn pants.

  8. Anonymous

    See, this is the thing about Katie Holmes: she THINKS she’s a fashion icon and actually, actively tries to start trends. Therefore, her sad, misqguided hubris is the reason we have to vote for her. Jordan is just tacky and knows it. No depth, no vote!

    As for Carrie Underwood, the spangly, spackly thing she has going on insults me. I’d rather look at M-K everyday of my life than stare at Carrie’s over-foundationed mug and prom dresses even just once more.

  9. Ally

    Ha, Susan! Was gonna say the same. Maybe these can be the next in Lohan’s leggings oeuvre — starve yourself then buy pantyhose that makes it loo like you have all-over cellulite.

  10. rudy

    OOOOOPS! That should have been “fairy fugmother”. Resume your happy hands positions.

  11. Stephanie

    What about Katie Jordan Price’s nutso silver jumpsuit? Or her equestrian line? That’s definitely enough to put her above Katie Holmes’ ill-fitting jeans and wacko man-accessory.

  12. Valerie

    OKay, I understand that Jordan girl or what-her-fug is insanely fugly. She is. It’s true. But our dear little Joey… don’t you feel the need to cry a little tear for her? Pour out some of your drink for your lost homie? She could be brilliant. But she is fug. And she might need to be taught a lesson and win this thing. “Jordan” is a lost cause.

  13. Megan

    At least Gaga is TRYING to be an outrageous, crazy, in-your-face, sexually-charged dance/pop music star…Whitney Port is trying to be a designer! Um, no?

    Same with Underwood vs. Olsen twin. At least Underwood is fug mostly when she’s performing- she’s a country star! Mary-Kate is just…what is she?

  14. tammyo

    the thing with mary-kate is that i’m pretty sure she’s self-aware. she thinks she’s being kind of edgy and it looks bad, but at least she knows it. carrie on the other hand…i think she thinks she looks nice in those get-ups. too bad, she’s very pretty.

  15. Anonymous

    fug thoughts by jen310 (if you care),
    Paula’s fashion is so wacked out fugly that no one can compete against it.
    Ah, MK, so high fashion, so bag lady chic, so very, very fugly.
    Lady Gaga. “Just Pants”. Someone had to say it. LG FTW.

  16. freckledbruh

    I am still holding up hope for Kat(i)e Holmes because the summer of jeans was horrible.

    The MK and Carrie Underwood bracket was surprisingly tough.

    Overall, I think Paula Abdul just might take it on the confederate outfit alone.

  17. Amanda

    Jordan and Lady Gaga are characters. They’re trying to get attention with the over-the-top ridiculousness. Katie Holmes, on the other hand, wears those clothes for real, and I think that’s the unforgiveable fug.

  18. Katie

    While Katie Holmes seems to have left her senses regarding her personal life, and generally seems lost on how to dress herself, she has a knack for picking out the most amazing shoes. Shoes that I desperately need to own and would frequently sell my soul for. And that will forever save her from true fugdom!

  19. Suzanne


    The thing about Katie Holmes is that she has MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars to dress well. We know she has dressed well in the past and is friends with Armani. She has NO excuse to look so horrid.

  20. Crystal

    Paula’s fug is just priceless… her crazy boob-shelf ensembles on this season of idol totally make up for the ungodly filler on that show. Plus her pill-crazy banter is just HEAVEN.

  21. Laura R

    I was torn with Katie Holmes and Jordan Price, because I feel like as fake as Jordan looks, the insanity is part of her. She has a definite mode (“tacky and cheap”), whereas poor Katie has a wild and rich and weird life that seems to drag her around. It’s like her closet dresses her. There’s no real trend (other than baggy and drab). No personality.

  22. StephieD

    I HAD to vote for Holmes, folks, just because I am so freakin’ sick of people treating her like some sort of fashion icon for the ages…I feel about her now the same way I felt about her during the Dawson’s Creek years: cute girl, but really kind of a charisma-suck, as in, she has no charisma! And worst of all, my m-i-l thinks that “girls my age” actually dress like that and actually bought me the Katie Holmes jeans-of-terror for Christmas! Holmes MUST be stopped! Vote Holmes!

  23. jen310

    I forgot about the Katie matchup. Katie Price is fug but mostly keeps it located to the other side of the pond.
    Katie Holmes, wore fug, designed fug, and brings the fug high profile because of Tommy. For that I had to give it to K. Holmes. Once again, I am in the minority. Sorry Mrs. Cruise. Take some style tips from Suri for comfort.

  24. Jilli

    Katie v. Katie was a total challenge… but Katie Price is going for shock value and wants this sort of attention. I think it’s more Fug Value to think you’re high fashion but to actually be wearing something grandma might have purchased from the Macys Everyday Value rack.

    And why is it brave when Lady Gaga wears unitards but Paula is crazy in her Yankee Doodle outfit? There is NOTHING brave about not wearing pants… at least Paula’s outfit is battle ready.

    If I seem angry, it’s probably because Memphis is ruining my other bracket by looking terrible, and I have them going to the final four!! I need this one! VOTE KATIE HOLMES!

  25. Rachel

    Ughhhh. Just ugh.

  26. Lauren

    I had to go with Jordan over Katie, I just cannot ignore the dual-sided (bipolar) curly v straigh outfit. She is wearing her psychological disorder.

    Paul Abdul is a national treasure. She seems so sane on American Idol this season but she has not let this newfound clarity filter down to her wardrobe.

  27. SharonCville

    As a certified History Geek, I feel I must point out that Paula is not wearing a tribute to the Civil War, but rather a tribute to the Revolutionary War. The colors of the Civil War were blue and gray (and sepia, if you count the daguerreotypes). The Revolutionary War featured Brits and those fabulous, easily targeted red coats. She looks very patriotic. Very Colonial Williamsburg, if Colonial Williamsburg had a show called Independence Day Tap!

    Someone hand her some cheap Earl Grey to chuck into the nearest fountain.

  28. Lane

    Lest we remember it is Katie Price’s job to be tacky and over the top. Katie Holmes on the other hand, I have no words for her smugness…or should I say fugness?

  29. Allison

    Paula vs. Kate was a no brainer. While Kate Hudson does manage to find herself in crazy numbers, we all realize that she is Goldie Hawn spawn. And therefore, she has immunity. Plus, no one can compete with the Civil War outfit. Even Swinton, in all her glory, wonders what the fug is up with Paula.

    Mrs. Tom Cruise can not defend herself against a wanna be 15 year old “business woman”. No contest. She even makes costumes for horses!!!

    MKO was destined to beat Carrie. After all, what else is all that money for? To buy cute, attractive clothes that fit? HA.

    And Gaga defines the GFY shirt “Look into Pants.”

  30. amyslittlesister

    I want Paula to take it all!

  31. Sandicomm

    For Paula vs. Kate, I thought, “Okay, Paula Abdul is freaking cray-cray, WHAT’S KATE’S EXCUSE?” But then I looked. And decided that Kate’s choices could actually be quite lovely, if a little misguided. But Paula? Yeah…. So I decided to vote based on schtick. Katie Price= tacky on purpose, so Katie Holmes should win because she KNOWS BETTER. Carrie Underwood also wins my vote because she KNOWS BETTER. Lady Gaga, however, does not get my vote. She doesn’t need the attention.

  32. Francesca

    I’m very disappointed to see that Jordan is winning, the problem is, she doesn’t take herself seriously. She doesn’t try to get in on high fashion, and that is why Katie Holmes is so much scarier. She should know better.

  33. Karen

    See, I agree with you about Lady Gaga. She’s got one thing–pantslessness–and she does it over and over and over and ov….it’s just boring.

    Whereas that bizarre layered chiffon taffeta WTF that that Whitney creature is wearing? That puts her into serious contention.

    On La Olsen: it pained me to vote for her. I really think her clothing is a cry for help. I used to watch “It Takes Two” (God help me), and those two teenage girls were ADORABLE. To see Mary-Kate looking like she’s in a never-ending audition for Grey Gardens? That’s just tragic to me. Maybe winning Fug Madness is just what she needs to snap her OUT of it.

  34. Taylor

    I think Lady GaGa was quoted recently as saying something to the effect of “it’s not that I don’t like pants, I just choose not to wear them sometimes.” I live my life by a similar philosophy.

  35. Anonymous

    The way these were all paired up made the choice seem REALLY obvious. I knew who to select immediately before even viewing the pics.
    Which means the Katie Holmes and Whitney Ports will get away with their fugs.

    Boo, should have paired the more tame fuggers with one another. They are committing fug crime without doing in necessarily on purpose for the attention (as Lady GaGA for example).

  36. melissa

    I too as others mentioned found myself voting for the obviously placed underfug…they need to be held to a higher level of fugliness becasye they could easily be one of our girlfriends. Unlike the crazy fuggers who fug ALL THE TIME.

  37. Anonymous

    Lady GaGa is just stupid…

  38. Anonymous

    This bracket really calls into question the whole concept of fug – is it ticky-tacky to the extreme? Or is is bizarre, out-there, and definitely unattractive looks by people who shoud know/can afford better? Blerg, it’s hard to choose.

    And FYI, that horrific pink split-screen outfit is going to haunt my dreams. That was like an optic assualt.

  39. Peta

    As was so deftly pointed out, Paula Abdul is in dire need of a ‘Carefrontation’ – whatever the underlying co-morbidity (possible/probable substance abuse etc.)… Kate Hudson, as far as anyone seems to be aware has no such excuse.

    With the Katies Holmes & Price – it is Price all the way for me. She takes coining it via talentless famewhoring to a whole new level. Holmes has a dictatorial husband & Scientological brainwashing to contend with. Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs springs to mind…

    As for GaGa – no excuse plausible. Oh, and Susan: I agree with you but for all we know, the woman could have ‘grody, wrinkly old lady legs’.

  40. SINNYC

    Yes, I agree that K”J”P is probably more aware that she looks bad – and it’s just a ploy for attention whereas Holmes is probably convinced she is cutting-edge… but KJP is just too trashtacular. I have to give point in the positive to Holmes for not forcing her naked flesh on us. Seriously – those breasts? Bad. That horrible tan? Scary. Holmes is at least trying new(ish) things, but KJP is just over-stretching a refried back-alley tramp look.

  41. Legallyblondemel

    Dudes, Abdul all the way in this bracket. Eagerly awaiting the inevitable, delicious Abdul v. Gaga be-sequined showdown – or should I say, pants-off.

  42. Amber

    Paula’s fug is extreme, but I had to vote for Kate. She is way too young to be embracing her inner Collins.

  43. D

    Good call on the equestrian line Stephanie- I can’t believe i almost forgot that, its what got me hooked on this site to start with! No contest for MK- ughhhhhhhhh how to make yourself look as unattractive as possible! Finally, had to give it to Whitney Port- Lady GaGa is, like, whatever. But Whitney seems to be trying to be cute and cuddly, and despite the fact she is on TV, needs a serious makeover/hair and makeup artist to whomp her upside the head.

  44. tigerstripes

    Of Round 1, it’s a close choice for me between Kate Hudson and poor widdle Mary-Kate. Hudson’s terrible red-carpet couture seems hand-chosen by her, but Mary-Kate’s is beyond bad, she must be showcasing personal friends designs or something, because I can’t think of any other possible reason for going out like that.

    And huzzahs to SharonCville for pointing out the uniform color differences between the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. They didn’t call ‘em ‘Redcoats’ for nuttin.

  45. Anonymous

    Oh, and I almost forgot- I ABSOLUTELY HATE KATE HUDSON!!! Don’t know why, just do (I think its the fact she constantly looks like she is older than her mother, and has bad facial expressions). Would have voted for her oppisition, even if it wasn’t the utterly deserving Paula… D

  46. Jennie

    Mary-Kate versus Carrie Underwood was a very difficult choice.

    I agree that MK is fugly in a fashionable way, but she seems so snobby about it. Although her clothes look like they were picked up for $.50 at a yard sale, I’m sure she spent at least 1000 times that for each piece.

    Carrie is fugly in a “I’m so cute! and pagenty! and cute!” way — it has almost become her “style”, and I commend her for it. I don’t like looking at it, but I appreciate that she is so dedicated to her pagentry style.

    MK should move onto the next round.

  47. Daphne

    this is such fun – part of me is gunning for a Jordan/SWINTON final, but another part of me fears that might make my head explode. I love them both for having the courage of their respective afflictions.

  48. Elin

    Paula Abdul is somehow very Eurovision Song Contest. Campy, and (sometimes) cute. Hudson is just dull, dull dull, and really, that wins. Dullness is a much larger crime in my book over Eurovision camp, because there is so much of the former.
    Same with the two Katies. Holmes is so boring my brain is dribbling out of my ears, and so very fug at the same time. And sadly, I can see wanna-be fashionistas copying her. No one except another porn star would copy Price. And possibly a 7-yr old in need of parents.
    And ‘hai fashin’ loon loses to Generic Blonde Stick Figure trying not to be.
    Lady Gaga is clearly just a club kid without regular clothes. She doesn’t even have a very interesting wardrobe at that. But that Whitney girl probably took lots of time to choose her atrocities and thinks she looks great! WTF?

  49. SaraK

    (6) PAULA ABDUL vs. (11) KATE HUDSON
    No contest. How can a caftan compete against sequined leggings? Paula just steamrolls poor Kate.

    Holmes is absolutely fug, but I could not get past Jordan’s double-fug outfit. Each side would be fabulous fug on its own, but sewing them together…genius.

    Mary-Kate. Carrie’s doing her best fug, but it just doesn’t rise to the same crazy level. Torn boyfriend shorts? Carrie just can’t match that.

    (2) LADY GAGA vs. (15) WHITNEY PORT
    A tough one, but I ended up agreeing that Lady Gaga is one-note boring fug. Pantslessness is a solid start, to be sure, but she needs to branch out to really be a contender. So I gave it to Whitney. Also, I actually DO work at the Renaissance Faire (god help me!) and even there I don’t wear anything as stupid as that wreath.

  50. Kates

    I also have to go with the Revolutionary, not Civil, War analogy on the Abdul fuggery. And then I realized, while debating this in my mind, that I am trying to parse which of two WARS – that is, which of two national tragedies involving the deaths of thousands of people – is the best comparison for a quasi-celebrity’s decision about evening wear. And that inner debate, my friends, equals fug victory.

    Cheers to the Abdul for getting us into a debate about the uniforms of U.S. history. Surely she deserves a sweet sixteen trip for that.

  51. Rachel

    Katie v. Katie was not an easy choice, but I feel like most people will vote for Price based on the pictures in this post. I’m still pulling for Mrs. Cruise though… I remember JeansWatch’08. Being abducted by alien midgets was no excuse for those pants.

  52. MBEmom

    Paula v.Kate:
    No brainer there. Paula is just wacko. Kate may look a bit askew at times but nothing like off- the-map Paula.

    The Katies:
    I had to go with Katie Holmes. Katie Price definitely has a bizarre outfit in the curling iron pic but that seems like a costume to me. Meaning, I don’t think she would really wear that thing anywhere. The other pics don’t match up to Holmes’ level of fug.

    Mary-Kate v Carrie:
    I went with the underdog here, Carrie. She has so many examples of crazy stuff, with a few good choices. Mary-Kate, while wacky, it a one trick pony. Now, if this was the HOBO awards, she would win hands down. But she always looks the same. I give it to Carrie for creativity.

    Lady Gaga v Whitney Port:
    Seriously..this wasn’t even fair. Gaga all the way.

  53. A

    Katie Holmes should KNOW BETTER, is the thing.

  54. Fatima

    No! This contest is being overtaken by waaaaaay over the top fugs. I want some truly fugly fugs like that second Whitney Port look to advance. Who wants all costume stuff? I want misguided decisions!!

  55. Anonymous

    Too easy until Gaga vs. Whitney. Gaga really is ultimately fuglier but it’s intentional, so…I gave it to Whitney for that see-through cowgirl skirt.

  56. amazingal

    As I am sure, all of you are waiting with bated breath to here who I voted for (NOT!), so here goes….

    PAULA VS. KATE: Had to go with Kate on this one. First of all, I don’t think she is even that pretty, although she is a great comedic actress, yet I digress. Paula may in fact be COMPLETELY out of her gourd, and therefore gets a pass for her fug. Kate, however, seems to be sane and still insists on dressing like Norma Desmond from Sunset Blvd. Unacceptable. But, I swear, if Paula ever comes back to Realityland, her fug pass WILL BE REVOKED!

    THE BATTLE OF THE KATIES: Price, but only by a smidge. I understand that Price is trying to be outrageous with her clothing (congrats, girl- you did it), but the fact that she is completely talentless….heck, we shouldn’t even know who she is. Joey Potter I just feel bad for. She is my age, and she either looks like a) a dressed up 62 year old* when she’s only 30, or b) the little crossdressing boy from The Hot Chick- except it’s not cute.

    MK VS. CARRIE: MK all the way. Ms. Carrie couldn’t fug enough in this battle.

    THE GAGA VS. THE PORT: Being quite contrary, I picked the Port. Gaga’s pantslessness serves a purpose: she’s a performance artist, shock and awe is just what she does, I get it. But for the Port to claim she’s a designer and dress like that? Nay, nay, a thousand times nay.

    *DISCLAIMER: I’m not trying to be ageist here, because the older ladies are actually awesome, because they tell it like it is, and if Joey Potter is gonna dress like she is 30 years older than she actually is, she better darned well take a page out of Helen Mirren’s playbook.

    In all seriousness, though, I love reading everyone’s comments. YOU ALL ROCK!!

  57. Claire Zulkey

    I voted for Katie Holmes over Katie Price because Katie Prices is obviously wearing her WORK CLOTHES there.

  58. Lughna

    The thing about Gaga is that she claims she doesn’t wear pants so her vision-impaired grandmother can see her on stage and that is just wrong on so many levels.

  59. Anonymous

    Katie Holmes all the way.Style icon? Schmyle icon. Boring, dull, plain, complete absence of anything resmbling style. Total fug.

  60. amazingal

    I am sorry, it’s “hear”, not “here”. Eh, so much for higher education, huh?

  61. Anonymous

    I gotta say, if Katie Holmes can take down Jordan I think she could go all the way to the finals! Because really, Jordan is a caricature – those hideous pink outfits are to promote her brand, and while yes, she does often wear similar things when out and about, it is all again to support her crazy-pink, giant boobs, reality tv brand. Katie has no such excuse – she has no need to promote herself to make money, she has that. She isn’t doing it “for a role”, there is no reason she couldn’t look amazing. Also, that dead look in her eye really is a turnoff, even when she’s wearing something normal it just feels sad…

  62. Risha

    I’m voting Paula all the way, but I have to admit, I kind of really love the spider dress. That’s what makes her fun – her clothes are all insane, but every once in awhile they’re also awesome.

  63. Samantha

    I didn’t vote for Lady Gaga, because she knows exactly what she’s doing and, honestly, she kind of does it well. If we all lived in Lady Gaga’s world and her style was the norm then she would probably be the most fashionable of us all. If that makes sense. Whitney, however, clearly lives in this world and still dresses terribly.

  64. Jennaratrix

    I want to go back to the sweet, innocent days when I had no idea who in the hell Lady Gaga was, so I refused to vote for her, hoping she would then crash back to obscurity. Besides, the same pair of oddly patterned dance tights do not a Fug Queen make.

  65. Anonymous

    Paula, Katie Price, MKO, and GaGa.

    I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING – what if it all came down to SWINTON and GaGa?!?! Would Hell freeze over in an overwhelming debauchery of Fug??

  66. Jenn

    I saw Lady Gaga in concert (she opened for NKOTB), and was wearing this white stalagmite costume. Midway through her set, her male back-up dancers rip off the skirt to reveal beige-y granny panties, but leaving the bizarre stalagmite top.

    I knew then that she would be on this bracket. She is BaiLing bat crazy.

  67. Deb

    I agree with someone above wrote,
    the costume clothes, yawn


    NO EXCUSES looking like fug smug sorry ass divas, they DO know better.

    The Lady Gag Gag woman, the lace hoisery, gag. Let’s pretend you were going to the premire of a new DC Comics movie. or heading over to SNL and going to do a new “we’re going to pump you up” skit with Kevin whathisname and Dana whatshisname.

    This is sooo much fun! B-ball and fug-ball!!!

  68. Debbi

    Paula because she has so much fun herself, and isn’t trying to be anyone but herself. (BTW I love her hair with the Kiss of the Spiderwoman dress.)MK Olsen even though I can never tell the difference between her and Ashley — either one gets my vote. Katie Holmes, solely on the opportunity for an AbFab reference. OH AbFab, where are you? And Lady Gaga because she deserves it, and also deserves more publicity for “puh-puh-puh-pokerface, puh-puh-pokerface.” Love that song.

  69. Rebecca

    Come on you guys. Kicking Paula is like kicking a really nice, kind of drunk kitten. Or you know, a kind of drunk lady who dances with kittens. On stairs. Okay, okay–she’s definately fuglier(despite my vote), but it’s just that KH just seems like she doesn’t really give a hoot about clothes. Which is cool and all–not every celebrity has to be a fashionista. But if you don’t got it, hire it out. And leave the sequin half-cardigans at home.

    Also I love the way Mary Kate dresses and even though all of the posts about her outfits were succiently hilarious, she has vision. VISION!


  70. CG

    Katie “Jordan” Price knows that she looks crazy, while I suspect Katie Holmes-Cruise-Suri-Joey thinks she looks hip. Point goes to Holmes.

  71. Erin

    carrie underwood is a more true fug then MK. MK seems so oblivious to, well, everything, but dear carrie really seems to put effort in to her outfits, so to still be such a fug so much of the time, i’ve got to go with her.

    katie v. katie. i want to go with holmes, i do. but katie/jordan is just so off the charts. she’s always turned up to 11. holmes got a bad draw, im sure she’d be out her competition if she was against someone else..

  72. KHS

    Jordan Price: Fine, your yabbos are enormous and you apparently don’t like to have on more than a yard of fabric at any given point. Whatever.

    But Katie Holmes? How many people are tripping over themselves to style you appropriately and you STILL manage those disasters? It’s more than fug, it’s perplexing.

  73. Andrea Neustein

    I voted for Whitney because I just DON’T WANT TO SEE GAGA ANYMORE.

  74. Anna

    I dislike Lady Gaga in general, and this crass publicity grab by going sans-pants makes me like her even less. Her songs are passably catchy, but girlfriend needs to step off trying to be like David Bowie and Queen, because she has NOTHING on their greatness, or their fashion.

  75. nikkol

    no one beat me up, okay?…but i love lady gaga. but i did vote for her bc while her clothes are fine for a performer, they a’int no street clothes.

  76. Christy

    Paula rocks…her ensembles are CRAZY and by crazy I mean…psychotropic drug crazy. Poor Katie Holmes, she tries so hard….sometimes she hits it out of the park…other times…welll…we see what happens. But Jordan…good GOD! I thought she was handling something other than curling irons for a second there! Ohhh…MK…time to give it a res… As for Lady Gaga…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Whitney beats her hands down just for creativity sake.

  77. Mhristie

    Ladies, ladies…I think I need to remind those of you who have had personal experience with such things: KATIE HOLMES PEGGED HER JEANS. IN 2008. That is a fug punishable by moving her up a round, at the very least.

  78. vandalfan

    Paula. All the way. She brings it, with tiaras.

  79. Carol

    Paula – no contest.

    Jordan – seriously no contest.

    Mary-Kate – only because this isn’t a contest about which celebrity sprouts the most inane, unsolicited, idiotic advice / opinion on any given topic. Otherwise – it would be a dead heat between Carrie Underwood and Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Lady GaGa – you can’t beat someone who is perpetually sans pants. Even with a stupid wreath on your head.

  80. Nattles

    I voted for Lady Gaga out of love. I think she’s fabulous. And while I’m told that Whitney Port is a designer and should know better, Lady Gaga outfits are crazy. And by crazy, I mean wonderful.

    Gaga is like a trainee SWINTON.

  81. Pandora

    Kate hurts my eyes, but Paula hurts my brain more.

    KaTIE always looks like a hot mess. She makes me feel all maternal, like finding a baby bird with a broken wing. I DON’T LIKE IT. I chose her over KP, because KP is just a joke. She’s not serious about that crap she wears… or IS she? She does KNOW it’s crap, doesn’t she? Doesn’t she???

    M-K (another Kate/Katie? What’s going on in this crazy bracket?!), sheesh. Always looking homeless, stumpy, dumpy, frumpy, lumpy. It’s a crime that someone with so little appreciation for real clothing should be so rich and I should be so… not rich. Carrie (aw, so CLOSE to “Katie,” but not quite!) has zero taste, but at least she doesn’t look like she smells like sweat and gin. Give this one to M-K.

    Lady Gaga, meh. She wears costumes all the time for kicks. It’s a crime, but not a felony. Whitney, though… she wears costumes or pieces of costumes as though they’re regular outfits. She doesn’t even realize she looks costumey. The win to Whitney.

  82. Anonymous

    Okay, Whitney Port is just adorable.

  83. elise

    i dub this the “bracket of the CRAZY” — go CRAZY!

    (6) PAULA ABDUL vs. (11) KATE HUDSON
    ms. abdoul, you are a treasure. you’ve been strangely coherent this season of AI with your critiques…but not your clothing.

    any woman with a chest that large – on purpose – needs to win the fug…”jordan” all the way!

    um m-k? you’re like a millionaire. can you dress like you haven’t been shopping at the local consignment shop? i’m all for vintage, but how about put together as opposed to disheveled? m-k over carrie since she thinks she’s a fashionista.

    (2) LADY GAGA vs. (15) WHITNEY PORT
    gaga, my vote goes to you. do not think that just because you haven’t been featured on this website that your outfits have gone unnoticed. you are the CRAZY in walking form.

  84. Mjx

    I really do have reservations about voting for Lady Gaga’s puerile and strenuous efforts to be startling and ‘different’, but when it comes down to it, her taste is definitely worse than Whitney’s… even if she were wearing pants, Lady Gaga’s aesthetic would suggest the embarrassing desperation of Donatella Versace trying to be a younger Donatella Versace, only more so.

  85. RenaissanceGrrl

    (6) PAULA ABDUL vs. (11) KATE HUDSON
    Kate is young(er) and still trying to find her style; I believe that a lot of her choices are probably handed to her by a stylist and some of those links you provided, I actually kind of liked. So Paula, on wackitude alone. (Though wasn’t the tap-dance ensemble for Halloween?)

    I nearly voted for Holmes on the pegged jeans alone, but you HAD to put her up against skankiness. Sigh. I had high hopes for her this year, but even I had to vote for Price.

    Mary-Kate, because sometimes Carrie looks really cute, and Mary-Kate…thinks she looks really cute. Or something.

    (2) LADY GAGA vs. (15) WHITNEY PORT
    Lady Gaga, because Whitney’s wackitude looks so…run-of-the-mill compared to the aptly-named Lady.

  86. your neighborhood librarian

    Some of these contests are so hard: in many cases it’s BAD choices (Kate Hudson, Speidi) vs., like, WEIRD choices (Paula Abdul, SWINTON). And BAD vs. WEIRD is kind of apples-to-oranges.

    I’m beginning to go BAD instead of WEIRD, which, unfortunately, results in depressing matchups ahead.

  87. MAC

    I actually think Katie “Jordan” Price’s OUTFITS are fuglier than Katie Holmes’, but due to the crazy gnome Holmes wears as a husband accessory, she must win by default. No Fug trumps the Fug that is Crazy Tom Cruise.

  88. Crystal

    (2) LADY GAGA vs. (15) WHITNEY PORT
    I admit I had to play Eni Meeni Mini Mo to pick between these two!

    And I agree that Lady G’s legs look full of cellulose in those tights!

  89. Callum

    Lady Gaga is trying too hard to be a mix between Madonna and Katy Perry. Yawn.

  90. Leslie

    This one is easy. No upsets here. The Madonna bracket is really giving me fits, though.

  91. Anonymous

    Paula over K-Hud: Because Kate’s fug tends to be kind of boring. She rarely makes me gasp and go “Good Lord, WHAT is she WEARING?” – which, IMHO, is the point of this site. (Plus, I’m pretty sure Kate would have no shot at advancing past the next round, and I’m looking forward to a real contest here!)

    Katie P. over Katie H.: Because schlumpy jeans and the like can’t compete with a woman who SHORTENS ALL HER SKIRTS TO NINE INCHES OR LESS. Ugh. (Although this one was tough, because that cream harem-pants-suit really was frightful.)

    Mary-Kate over Carrie: Because, while Carrie often misses the mark, MK’s fug is consistent, subtle, and pervasive. In other words… DERELIIIIICTE!

    Whitney over GaGa: Because I think Lady GaGa’s pantsless, leotard-loving persona really is a character (as opposed to “Jordan”, who is indistinguishable from Katie Price herself). Whitney works in fashion, and yet isn’t really very stylish, in a mainstream way or in an edgy, risky way.

  92. Melisa

    Oh, and not that it really makes a difference, but that last comment (timestamped 2:30 pm) was mine. I hate it when I forget to put my name on them. :-)

  93. Suze

    Lady GaGa’s look is a costume of sorts. Whitney Port is earnestly trying to dress well. I think there’s a difference.

  94. Anonymous

    Katie “Jordan” Price is promoting some product does that get you a pass?

  95. SJR

    Lady Gaga…I will be merciless despite my deep love for lace tights, because I think she may have influenced a girl I know of…who, despite being pretty overweight, insisted on assaulting my retinas every day by showing up wearing basically shirts and patterned tights.

    Gaga has OK legs, but her proteges? DO NOT.

  96. Yankintex

    Abdul, Price, Olson, GaGa. All four are utterly priceless. I love being a human being.

  97. alyssa

    I just don’t LIKE Carrie Underwood. And I will forever be grateful to the Olsens for making it ok for me to wear baggy clothes in public. You think Katie Holmes would’ve ever gotten fugged for pegged jeans if the Olsens hadn’t done it three years before?

  98. jen

    I know her jeans Mrs. Cruise’s heinous and her vacant stare and penchant for pantsuits beyond her years is bad but her against KAITIE PRICE???

  99. Anonymous

    Paula’s fug is at least amusing. Kate Hudson’s is sad.

  100. megantidd

    I’m totally in it for Katie ‘Jordan’ Price to take the Fug Trophy 09. She’s been working hard to earn it in the UK, now, for many, many years.

  101. Holly

    have to agree with others, I voted for Katie Holmes in her matchup, because she has serious dolla to play with yet still manages Epic Fail most of the time.

    Jordan, as most Brits know, is completely mad, but also an astute business woman (even if that money was made, ironically for this contest by wearing very few clothes) and clearly knows what she is wearing is ridiculous and is not trying to pass it off as ‘fashionable’ or the whatnot.

  102. Anonymous

    Paula Abdul… she’s seriously insane. Does she have multiple personalities? Does one of them think she’s a tap dancer? And the other one thinks she’s a Spanish dancer? They all seem to be dancers from different countries. Awesome, she could definitely make loads of money from that.

    Jordan, oh god no. If she’s not wearing, well, nothing, she’s wearing spandex and an orange shirt (seriously!).

    MKO, one day she’s wearing my grandma’s dress, the other day, she looks like someone who’s half way into his or her grave.

    Lady GAGA! YEAAH. She is just as GAGA as her name. Secretly, I’d like to walk around in my underwear all day as well. Just not in public.

  103. ginger fuzz

    I honestly feel like Katie Holmes should have beaten Jordan because of the way everyone fawns over her ‘stylish wardrobe’. At least Katie Price is not being heralded as a chic icon of fashion or something like K Holmes. Like, I have seen (ON THIS SITE!) Katie Holmes wearing pegged jeans. PEGGED JEANS. If that doesn’t win you a Fug Madness head-to-head, I dunno what will!

  104. Deana


    The cringe factor is that you can tell she thinks she’s fashionable and kinda edgy. That blue dress alone (which she “designed”…please!) is reason to vote for her – I mean if she’s so talented why’d she design something that makes her strange large calves look even worse?

  105. Meems

    Good God the sight of Lady Gaga actually pains me. Again, it isn’t what she is wearing as such, more the fact that she clearly thinks that everything she does is just so OUTRAGEOUS and SHOCKING that we should just FEAST OUR EYES on her AWESOMENESS. Whereas my real thoughts actually run along the lines of ‘yawm. Isn’t she quite the try-hard?’. I wish she would just go away, and stop trying to get other people to believe that her songs about puking up in clubs are groundbreaking material, or that her references to ‘muffins’ and ‘glue-gunning’ are incredibly outre and insightful. GO AWAY.

  106. Lizzie

    Shockingly, my most difficult decision in this bracket was between Kate Hudson and Paula Abdul. How is this even possible? Paula is a Fug Queen! Kate really brought the fug this year. Do you have a category for caftan crimes? You should.

    Anyway, recalling what I refer to as the Night of the Pleather Gloves, I had to take a deep breath. I remember watching that episode of “Idol” and having much the same reaction you did. I was all, “What was that?” and “Is that really…?” and “OMG – is she actually…?” and so she wins. Or loses. Whatever. She’s got my vote.

  107. Natalie

    Lady Gaga also apparently insists on using that same ridiculous pose the fashion magazines use that’s probably supposed to make you look fabulously concave but just makes the models look like they’re having an IBS flare. Who stands like that? Why?

  108. Bianca

    I laughed so hard when the Katie Price pic came up, I actually cried.
    Therefore alone I cannot vote for her :-)

    But honestly, she and Katie Holmes are so different… The Holmes seems to think she has style (she has her moments though), whereas The Price is tacky, but I’m sure she knows it. To be honest I kind of love Katie Price…

    Holmes has to win this one.

  109. Cecilye

    Whoa! Paula Abdul and Mary Kate! I sense a couplea ringers! They are head-to-toe utter fuggery. What fun.

    And I liked what someone said in the first comments about wanting to be in a world that doesn’t know who Speidi and Lauren Conrad are. I can now add Whitney Port and Lady Gaga to that list. And judging by their looks, I am so happy to live in this world.

  110. Travis

    You know that part at the end of the Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps” video where Fergie is doing all of those crazy hilarious poses that in absolutely no way showcases the sexiness of her humps? That’s how I feel Lady GaGa is every day of her life. HOW CAN YOU GIRLS NOT LOVE TO FUG HER! Any girl who dresses like the lost child of a Martian space princess and a Power Ranger totally gets my vote.

  111. TRod

    Honestly. Honestly.

    A few overall comments:

    Katie Price and Lady GaGa have the same affliction, BUT K-Price has no known talent and can be easily written off. Fugly or not. Lady G is using her fifteen minutes of “well-deserved” fame to assualt us with this madness. Fug On!

    Paula is certifiably crazy. In a bad way. (Yes, folks, there ARE good ways. Check out SWINTON). Fug, you MUST.

    Sweet and seemingly-personable edges out fugliness by a hair. Carrie is NOTHING if not earnest. And for that alone, we must stay the hand of fugness…

  112. Anonymous

    It seems like most of these matchups are someone who is legitimately crazy (Paula, Katie ‘Jordan’, Lady Gaga) against someone who should really just know better. For me, I’d rather Fug someone who *should* know better than someone who is just a crazy weirdo. Kate Hudson *should* know how to dress, so when she doesn’t, it’s much worse than when Paula doesn’t know how to dress, because she’s crazy anyway.

  113. Anonymous

    I think your whole premise has been stretched as thin as some of the tights you rail against, especially in the bracket pairings, but, hey, you let me kill five minutes not working.

  114. Jael_Paris

    I voted for Carrie Underwood. There’s nothing quirky about her, so she has no excuse. Mary-Kate so often dresses like that it’s not as much of an offense.

  115. linda

    I can barely make it past that headshot of bjork to vote for anything. I’m laughing to the point of crying every time I see it.

  116. Marie

    I think Paula might be the dark horse of this competition. Watch out for this one folks. We could be seeing her in the finals.

  117. Kelli

    I think the voters fall into two categories: those that think fug is dressing badly when one should know better, and those that think tacky, dressing-solely-for-attention is fug.

    I fall into the former camp (you should KNOW better and have the assets/ability to actually DO better), so this bracket was an easy one for me. Unfortunately, my girls are losing.

  118. Lori Magno

    The madness of Paula is incomparable! You are correct in the best click of the day on the star spangled ensemble – but it is more accurately described as the British invasion of 1776 (or 1976 – can’t confirm.)

    Katie Price is her own Insane Clown Posse. Poor Holmes is a hostage. PRICE: FTW

    Mary Kate is a student of fashion and tries, however bizarre it may seem, to lead. (Albeit from under the caftan.) Carrie Underwood is a badly dressed, poorly coifed and overly spray tanned barbie-lite. And she wore that goddamn white jumpsuit! UNDERWOOD: FTW

    Lady Gaga v. Whitney Port. Who cares? GAGA: FTW

  119. J.B.

    My husband just walked through the room while I was voting on the Jordan v. Katie Holmes and said “don’t you get a pass for dressing tacky if you are selling dildos?” I had to explain that those were hair care devices, which just confused him, because why would you dress like that to sell hair curlers? I laughed so hard I cried.

  120. ANGELA

    I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either Lady GaGa or Whitney. My mind knows that my vote should go to GaGa but my clicky finger won’t do it. I have so far ignored her wacky antics and will continue to do so – I cannot give her the satisfaction of attention she is obviously so desperate to get.
    (And I don’t think Whitney is fug enough to warrant a vote of retribution against such a pantsless loon.)

  121. SuMMer

    Part of me feels like Paula Abdul is so cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs that her fug shouldn’t be held against her. Does the insanity defense count in these preceedings?

    Katie Price & Mary-Kate, on the other hand–WTF? Sometimes I just want to sear my retinas.

  122. GaGaGorgeous

    I just have to vent and inform everyone if they hadn’t known before, Lady GaGa is an Artist, and not just in the, “i sing because I have a great voice” kind of way. She truly emerges herself into her character which is Lady GaGa…essentially her outfits are always a costume and therefore should not be looked at as a Bai Ling ensemble. Plus if I had her body, most importantly those legs that go on for days…I would be half naked walking down Fifth Ave too!

  123. Bee

    Paula over Kate: Oh, come on, this was easy; I just HAD to. It’s Paula freakin’ Abdul, she’s the Queen of Crazy, the original Fugger. While Kate Hudson has made some definite errors in fashion judgement over the months, she doesn’t hold a candle to the Paula. This is a woman who wore a sparkly army redcoat and pants in an ode to the Revolutionary War meets Saturday Night Fever meets Grease!

    Katie over Jordan: This one was a bit tougher. On the one hand, Jordan dresses like a hyped-up 12 year old on crack. On the other, Kat(i)e frequently looks like she threw on a pair of jeans over workout clothes from the 80s. But, after much consideration, I voted for Kat(i)e. Jordan so obviously dresses the way she does for attention and to play on her Mariah-Carey-meets-little-girl-in-gingham persona. Kat(i)e should know better; she’s been in the business for awhile and she should know that just because it’s trendy DOESN’T MEAN IT LOOKS GOOD. If Tom is deciding her wardrobe, he needs to give himself a swift kick in the heinie (shouldn’t be too hard; he’s the size of my old Barbies after all).

    Mary-Kate over Carrie: I know Carrie Underwood has definitely made her share of mistakes and dipped her toe into the pool of fug but Mary-Kate is that special brand of fugly that we can all easily classify as “homeless-baglady-meets-insane-woman-who-talks-to-walls-and-wears-no-pants”. That photo of her in my grandmother’s table cloth from 1976 and the velvet steering wheel cover clinches it.

    Whitney over Lady Gaga: Simply because I cannot stand it when people become “celebrities” simply for being blonde, living in southern Cali, and saying “like” a lot.

  124. Wendi

    Did anyone SEE Carrie Underwood on AI last night? Oh, my. She looked like she was going to chaperone a prom in the 80s.

  125. Christina P.

    Mary-Kate could roll in glue and mulch and still be cutting edge amazing. Her vision is lost on you people. Go MK, go!

  126. Zoe

    I kinda of feel really bad about fugging Ms Price over Ms Holmes. Cos I secretly love Jordan. Her brand of fug is so OTT, I love it. But Katie’s fug is so… pretentious. Urgh. I didn’t want to betray Jordan, but she really is in the top echelons of fug. Maybe, if she wins, she’ll see it as a compliment to her excellent OTT style, and will forgive me.

  127. Elizabeth

    Is there really a match for Lady Gaga? She may win this whole thing, actually.

  128. Julia R.

    She’s crazy but I have to admit that I love Lady GaGa

  129. Ryan

    I’m starting to vote less for the ones in uglier clothes, and more for the ones who have fug but also a point of view. Lady Gaga looks ridiculous, but she’s cultivating a persona, which at least takes some effort. Same with Katie Holmes, although I hardly ever like what she’s wearing, you can’t say she dresses like she doesn’t know her picture’s being taken.

  130. Chaser

    Whitney looks ridiculous, but she’s got awfully pretty hair. Gaga is going far in my brackets, so don’t let me down, people.

    With last year’s winner, we have decided the certifiably insane get no special handicaps or mercy in the fug madness. I’m looking at you, Paula.

    I wish I could adopt Mary-Kate. I would feed her pancakes and meatball subs, and brush her hair. Or, alternatively, if I couldn’t do that, I would try to convince that there is no point to the smoke-your-way-to-anorexia lifestyle if you are going to wear things that Bea Arthur, Betty White, AND Rue McClanahan could all wear at the same time after they have all had 14 slices of cheesecake each.

  131. Dolores

    I love Mary-Kate, I love her style and I love how she pulls it off, I will not bring myself to vote against her! I’m just thankful she’s not another Hollywood conveyor belt girl: L.C, Nicole Richie, Lohan bla bla bla

  132. nikkol

    i thought i saw lady gaga one time on the site and i was right, january 29th 2009 where the fug girls lamented that she was not capable of wearing pants and a top at the same time. i found that pretty funny. heh.

    i wish katie holmes was going farther, but it looks like a no go. she needs fashion help. she needs help, period. mainly getting away from tom cruise. *shudder*

  133. Mad Mooby

    Abdul is a train wreck, and Kate will always be my beloved Penny Lane.

    Katie Holmes has enough problems what with the Scamintologists trying to sell her soul to Zule and all…..oh, and Katie Price is a nasty ho-bag, so, there’s that. Price gets the vote!

    M.K. all the way. Look, I’m cheerleading!

    I know nothing of this Lady Gaga beyond the large billboard of her which sits atop Amoeba on Sunset. Seems to me she is looking to replace the vacuum left by Dale Bozzio when the 80′s came to a close. It’s gonna take more than a misguided ren-faire headband to take down the likes of someone that bold!

  134. Liz

    can we please, PLEASE, make a pact now that “Lady Gaga” will NOT win this thing? she is the anti-SWINTON!

  135. Anonymous

    i kind of love lady gaga.

  136. Fatima

    I really want Jordan out of this thing. It is way too knowing of a fug. It’s even over GaGa. GaGa is crazy by intent, but thinks there is a higher purpose or “art” to it. Jordan knows she’s a joke more than anyone else in this entire tournament and I’m actually pretty disappointed that Katie Holmes is going to go out so soon considering everyone thinks she’s such a fashion guru. I put Price on my bracket because I knew the curling iron photo would win it for her, but if fug is a state of mind, Holmes is living it to the edge.

  137. molly

    I mean technically, isn’t Paula’s sparkly Civil War outfit a sparkly Revolutionary War outfit? Honestly I think that might be worse…

  138. Zhi

    Mary-Kate Olsen looks like she killed a racoon or something and used its tail for a headband.

  139. Grace

    I applaud you for trying to pretend that Lady Gaga doenst egsist. You lasted longer then me anyway.
    She needs to get a JOB or buy some PANTS or lay of the MAKE UP and to stop MAKING SONGS SO THAT THEY STOP PLAYING ON THE RADIO 20 TIMES A DAY.
    sigh. Its like Paris HIlton all over again, yet somehow she manages to wear even less pants. Who would have thought it….

    Also, someone who has an outfit as bullshit crazy as having different clothes on her body DESERVES my vote. she has truly worked for it. She could officialy go on one of those subway adds now.

  140. Kate

    I get what people are saying about how Katie Holmes should know better, but what tipped it for me is that Katie Price works so very hard on her fug. It’s a neverending labour of love and for that reason I couldn’t deny her the vote.

    Paula, too. I’d love to see Paula and SWINTON in the final – what a wonderful match that would be! Two completely different interpretations of fug, but both women are very talented in the implementation of the concept.

  141. szaza

    I’m starting to feel that people are working really hard for their Fug this year.

    Lady Gaga, your pantless attempts at originality do not impress this girl.

  142. Sharon

    As I have said before, Paula Abdul is the Empress Carlotta of Laker Girls. She is FUG and also insane, but not MEAN insane. She is nice insane like your Aunt Beulah.
    Kate Hudson is a dirty person. She needs a bath more than she needs my vote.

    The sane half of TOMKAT got my vote because she actuall thinks she looks cool and in style. Her fug is sincere.
    That Poor Bimbo in the pink just wants to flash her boobies and her fug is as fake as the afore mentioned boobies.

    Mary Kate wins over Ms. Underwood because of the way she and her sister hold their mouths in every single photo. It is kind of a constipated little smirk or grimmace. Street people are ashamed of her outfits.

    I voted for Whitney over Gaga for the same reason I voted for Holmes over the pink clad hot mess… Whitney’s fug is sincere. Lady Gaga has some fake fug going on… she just wants to shock everyone with the amount of skin she is showing.

  143. buy wow gold

    Szasza I agree with you, lmao ;P
    She looks like my X.

  144. Lisa T

    Hi – I was stuck on the two katies then I thought which persons clothes would it be worse to be forced to wear. Katie Price won.
    Love the comments.

  145. Gin

    In 5 words or less

    (6) PAULA ABDUL vs. (11) KATE HUDSON

    who cares, coin toss


    Holmes designed pure fug


    Kabillionare = no excuses

    (2) LADY GAGA vs. (15) WHITNEY PORT

    can’t encourage attention seekers

  146. Val.

    No, no, no! Katie Jordan Price is a try-hard. She KNOWS she’s fug and she revels in it.

    Holmes on the other hand… I cannot forgive the stirrup tights under shorts. Or the baggy pegged jeans. No.

  147. Deb

    I keep thinking, after reading the NY Post article.



    As much as I want SWINTON…damn good fugs

  148. Deb

    Sorry I got that web site wrong on


    just wanted to make sure I got your info right,

    NY Mag.com

  149. Erin

    WTF is up with Lady Gaga’s legs?

  150. Liz

    I’ve decided that Lady Ga Ga must be a Superhero. That being the case, this would be what one would wear to solve crimes and save the world.

  151. internationalfug


    I understand the wish to ignore the Gaga woman but I think we should take a stand against true fug and call it as we see it. We have a responsibility to all the children out there to see that pants continue on as part of a healthy wardrobe.

  152. snarkbot

    (6) PAULA ABDUL vs. (11) KATE HUDSON

    MC Skat Kat wants his hat back!


    I wanted Holmes to last longer, but who could resist the siren song of Jordan’s double Pepto Bismol fantasy?


    I have become immune to MK. I’m so used to her fug that I don’t even see her anymore. Yawn.

    (2) LADY GAGA vs. (15) WHITNEY PORT

    snarkbot is an old and disapproves of Gaga’s hipstery “fashions”. Those control top L’eggs are fug in the third degree.

  153. GFY Jessica

    Your comments are awesome this year, guys!

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