Fug Madness 2009, Elite Eight: Bjork bracket


I’m tired of staring at Lady Gaga’s crotch. So, I leave it to you to go back through our other Fug Madness posts and revisit the nude bodysuit, the Little Red Riding Hood leotard, and the bedazzled panties, because I’d just rather not gawk at Gaga’s gaga today. Instead, let’s take a look at some of what she picks when she’s decided to keep the Bat Cave hidden:

[Photo: FlynetOnline.com]

This is what the tour guides wear when — spectacularly missing the meaning of the name — they lead a group through Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

And this is what people wear when they want it to look like Molly Ringwald’s character from Pretty In Pink designed their dream Ice Capades wedding dress:

[Photo: Splash News]

Come to think of it, I’m surprised Lady Gaga didn’t buy this off Mischa and turn it into a leotard — after all, there’s a built-in giant arrow pointing DIRECTLY at her favorite body part.

Perhaps Lady Gaga was too busy trying to go incognito.

Quite the subtle disguise, Lady G. If I did not know it was you, I’d surely have assumed this melodramatic creature before me was a jilted woman from a 1987 Lifetime Television For Women movie, who gets revenge against her kind by eating their husbands for lunch and/or peppering people’s scotch with arsenic. It would be called Hell Hath Her Fury: The Bobbie Jo Hoppenkleiner Story, and the trail of dead bodies (Bonnie Bedelia, Markie Post) would end with Susan Lucci bludgeoning the killer to death with a Dust Buster.

Meanwhile, back at Chez Mischa…

… our heroine’s career has hit the skids so badly, she’s taken to stapling together an outfit from stolen table linens.

Sad stories, both. Take a tour through their other past offenses, and then, once your stomach has stopped roiling in rebellion, get your revenge with one pointed mouse-click.

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Comments (218):

  1. Scott

    Lady Gaga is performing a character. Mischa Barton is now pushing fugly headbands on the world. The crown should be Mischa’s.

  2. Heather

    Yes, but since Lady Gaga refuses to appear in public any other way, at what point do we have to assume Lady Gaga is simply being herself?

  3. booz

    I have to go Barton on this one. She looks so sad :(

  4. Whitney

    Mischa, all the way.

  5. Sherri

    I just closed my eyes and pushed a button, because, really, I don’t want to look at either of them. But I do want to know WHAT has taken up residence on GaGa’s eyelids to make them look like…that…


  6. Amanda in Austin

    Wow. I was leaning towards GaGa, but that last photo of Mischa is sooooo pathetic. The dress looks like it’s about to fall off. I’m cringing, just waiting for it to drop.

    I’m going to let this one marinate for a while before I cast my vote.

  7. Rosanne

    I have to go with Mischa this time. It would appear that Lady Gaga is going for the shock, but Mischa really, truly believes that she looks good. I’ll take delusional fug over the, “LOOK AT ME!” fug any day.

  8. Anonymous

    I’m with Booz. Gaga’s fug seems to at least give her entertainment. Mischa just looks awkward and unhappy, as though really she’d prefer to have work and a stylist.

  9. Anonymous

    Gaga is all for attention and doesn’t have the potential to look pretty.

    Mischa could be such a pretty girl if her clothes weren’t ill-fitting fugfests. And that white dress she is wearing makes her look like street walker or stripper. FUG.

  10. angela

    Lady Gaga’s brand of fuggery is just silliness. Mischa, on the other hand, has the Mary-Kate/Gwyneth sartorial superiority complex, wherein one believes that one is spectacularly and uniquely stylish. Much more complex and therefore interesting.

    Also, THOSE HEADBANDS. Go Mischa!

  11. Ava

    It HAS to be Gaga. Costume or no costume, she looks ridiculous, and like Heather said, when does this stop being a disguise and become full-on insanity? She clearly has gone completely gaga herself. Leave poor Mischa alone, she’s hardly even famous anymore, why beat her when she’s down?

  12. Chris

    I am sick and tired of Mischa Barton. Her fug bores me.

    And while Lady Gaga often opts to run around in leotards (or panties) like the evolved version of Lindsay Lohan, I almost feel like her fug is more inspired. No, she didn’t invent the hair bow, but she WORE that stuff. (Granted, it wasn’t quite as bad as Kelly Osbourne, where her teeth were darker than her wig.) And really, isn’t that just as big a crime as her pantslessness?

  13. Cookie

    Lady Gaga tries too hard. Too much “Look at me look at me DEAR GOD LOOK AT MEEEEEEE!”. When she’s not in front of stupid cameras, she’s probably just wearing jeans and a free dog walk-a-thon t-shirt. Mischa genuinely seems to believe that headbands are God’s gift to depressives.

  14. Molly

    I am just astounded that this is even a contest. Mischa is tacky and fug in a blond kind of way.
    Gaga is just heinous in a “fug to the extreme” way. Good Lord, how has Mischa even gotten this far, when fuggers like C. Love have been left in the dust? It baffles the mind, it truly does. Mischa is going to take on SWINTON? MISCHA?
    Yee Gods.

  15. Anna

    I agree with Scott that “Lady Gaga” is a characher she plays – I’ve heard a couple of interviews with her and she sounds quite funny and normal. BUT – her character is entertaining and I do want to see more…hmmm..I mean… other pictures not more…as in ….oh, forget it!

    Mischa on the other hand – meh, I’m bored, she’s done and I can’t bring myself to care…

  16. Big Noise From Winnetka

    I, too, am tired of looking at Lady Gaga’s lady bits. Mischa FTW!

  17. Meems

    Tough one today chaps. They have both brought so much fug into our lives; you can’t really argue with either the quality or quantity.

    I personally plump for Gaga on the basis that in the first photo ALONE her ass is growing stalactites. Probably they broke free at some point and scuttled off to find a small cave system of their own to sit and shiver in quietly, praying that they never again be found and utilised as an aid to such mind-blowing fuggery.

    Lady Gaga *SIGH* please, just stop.

  18. Alison

    Mischa’s fug is simply mediocre. Yeah, she’s made bad choices, but I cannot believe she’s made it this far. Nothing about her, including her fug is memorable. Let her be forgotten and VOTE GAGA.

  19. *Jacob*

    I am voting for Lady Gaga on the same basis I voted for Swinton and any other number of contenders in this epic battle of the wardrobe lack-of-stylists: joy.

    Tilda Swinton is amazing as an actress and so cool as a person, while SWINTON is a wonder to behold, capable of dropping paparazzis to their knees in a fit of epileptic splendorous confusion over her ingenious ensemble. Lady Gag is nowhere up there, but like unto Solange or even Bai Ling, I just look FORWARD to her craziness.

    Mischa makes me sad for her, and I’m kind of disappointed in her CW fame somehow leading her to share greater fame than runway models, while still living and dressing her life in an equal way. Logically, this would make her MORE Fug by my train of thought, but no.

    Lady Gaga, because I want to see her awards outfit when she comes to claim the Bronze (SWINTON will own the Gold, of course, with Solange in Silver).

  20. Christy

    Gotta be Gaga…who else could stand there in a scandalous priest outfit with shoulderpads and pose like they are all that and a bag of chips. Yeah, that’s right, I said it! Gaga brings out the worst in me.

  21. Clara

    At least Lady G brushes her hair and stand up straight. Misha, get a grip.

  22. Aurora

    Lady Gaga is fug in a gross, tacky, semi-nude kind of way that’s almost fun. Mischa’s just boring with bad taste. Gaga FTW.

  23. Dana

    Wow, just took the tour through Mischa’s fugchives and it is a truly stunning array of styles she has attempted and slaughtered. Gaga pales in comparison (even what with the Hair Bow). I really am left to wonder how one person can so consistently fug in the face of all that is flattering and/or attractive. Well, we are all given our little gifts in life!

  24. Gatu Bela

    What is Lady Gaga? I know of her only from this site.

  25. InfamousQBert

    this one bores me. neither one of them has done anything to be truly worthy of being this far in the tournament. the hair-bow made of hair was a nice attempt, but the constant lack of pants is just so over now.

    and mischa is just odd, like maybe she’s going to start fashioning caftans out of garbage sacks and wearing aluminum foil hats soon.

    so, do i vote for over-done and boring, or sad and possibly crazy? i don’t know. maybe i’ll close my eyes and see what happens.

  26. Becca

    Come on guys, we have to go for Mischa on this one. Gaga is just trying to get noticed; Mischa truly believes she has an edgy and eclectic style. I think she is undefeated at the art of trying to smolder her natural beauty as much as possible. Could she possibly wear less flattering clothes?

  27. shabadoo

    GaGa bores me. She isn’t doing anything Peaches didn’t do better, fiercer, and ten years ago. I want her to go away, but I want Mischa Barton to come back. Survey says Barton.

  28. SixGables

    GaGa is, undoubtedly, criminal. However, Misha thinks she’s spinning together a Look, but it’s just awful. I suspect Gaga is shooting for awful and succeeding beyond even her hopes.

    and that crystal-spiked jacket dress thing on the first page looks like one of the dresses from Project Runway Canada…Sunny? Is that you?

  29. *Jacob*

    Ah Becca, she is not the reigning queen. Let us not forget the wonder that is Chloƫ Sevigny.

  30. bb

    I think mischa is trying to look cute, and gaga (GAH! GAH!) is trying to be funny. mischa gets my vote.

  31. Sandy

    Please, what is CW? Thanks.

  32. Cecily

    Mischa has been fugly for so long, hers is a body of work, as opposed to a body who’s a piece of work. As Scott noted, La Gag is performing a character, while Mischa is a live human fugger. Mischa wins.

  33. Haven

    Lady Ga Ga has said repeatedly that she dresses that way to shock people and garner attention, she is well aware of her fug and it serves her a purpose. What the hell is Mischa’s excuse? What purpose is her fug serving?

  34. Sarah

    I was leaning toward Gaga, too, because I hate new things and change and young whippersnappers, and I always felt sorry for Mischa with that big arse of hers, but I feel like Lady G is less creative with her whackitude than Mischa, who many have pointed out thinks she looks GOOD in these awful, and indeed, ill-fitting, ensembles. Plus, she needs to get something going in life and stop being such a sad sack. Literally, if that last dress has anything to say.

  35. Anonymous

    Mischa all the way…washed up, once famous actress trying to be a “fashion icon” and failing miserably. To me, that screams Fug Champion in this battle.

  36. ames

    What annoys me about Mischa is that she has so much to work with, and does so little with it. I don’t think she’s particularly pretty, exactly, but she’s INTERESTING – and yet, she wears clothes that seem designed to make her look slouchy and frumpy, or disheveled, or like she just rolled out of bed, and not in the fun way. The napkin dress above is a prime example. It looks like she pulled it on half heartedly, and doesn’t really care if it falls off or not. And where are her BREASTS? She has them, I know she does, but I guess they’re working too hard to keep this mess on her body to show themselves. They need a coffee break. Much like me.

  37. Rain

    Mischa’s got a crown on already! It’s GLOWING! Clearly she knows she can take this Gaga crazy lady with her drab, boring, sad, self.

  38. Kaitlyn

    That last M.Bart outfit is doing something to her breasts that shouldn’t be happening to someone born in 1986.

    And Lady Gaga is boring. Nude leotards? Yawn. I feel like Bai Ling was born in a nude leotard (…weird mental image, sorry), and Gaga is simply not a fuggin’ A-lister.

  39. Anjali

    Is it bad that i almost liked Lady G’s “real” outfits? i certainly enjoyed them more than Mischa’s. but i still chose her for the win, because the nude leo haunts me.

  40. ckale

    @sandy and @gatu bela – google is an amazing thing.

  41. Alix

    Re: somebody’s brilliant post above, I propose that Sartorial Superiority Complex (or Syndrome, to keep the alliteration going?) be recognized as an identifiable — if not treatable — mental disorder.

  42. Delphina

    I don’t understand why Lady Gaga is not winning. Sure, Mischa dresses like a train wreck but at least she consistently remembers to wear pants, when necessary. Lady Gaga cannot even fully dress herself, both a sad affliction and totally fug.

  43. Fatima

    GO Mischa! I’m so proud!

  44. Alix

    Also, I voted for Mischa because I believe she truly puts the “ugh” in “fug”.

  45. Anonymous

    I had to go with Mischa. Gag-a is Fug, but it’s costumey. She leaves the house only when she’s cranked up to 11 and ready to get jaw dropping reactions. Mischa – a cute girl with a great figure – simply has no idea what looks good on her. She leaves the house honestly thinking “this looks good on me.”

  46. nj

    Mischa Mischa Mischa!
    When you kick the pants off Lady Gaga you can celebrate by…oh wait…uh…hmm…yeah…just go get a shower.

  47. thereset

    when i see mischa, the voice in my head (a la the brady bunch, see: marsha) says MISCHA MISCHA MISCHA. you poor child. gaga is an act, mischa has proven that although pretty is in there somewhere, she’s fighting it off. and winning. mischa FTW!

  48. Maureen

    I went with Gaga. There are elements of Mischa’s that are ok, she just fugs it up and goes one to far. Gaga is fug head to toe.

  49. Callie

    …I really want to see that lifetime movie. Especially if it includes Susan Lucci beating Lady Gaga to death with a dustbuster. Please, melodrama TV gods, are you listening to me?

  50. Anna Belle

    How can Lady Gaga not be winning? Her wardrobe is a desperate plea for both attention and padded walls!! Lack of sanity trumps sad and frumpy sense of style any day!

  51. Eshe

    Mischa suffers from tragic fashion sense. It’s kind of sad really. Everything she wears is usually a small tweak away from being passable but she continues to insist on fugging it up with her special “Mischa” touch. Nevertheless her fug is so boring to me. It’s just blah.

    Lady Gaga however, attention whore she is, brings intrigue to her fug. She just looks ridunkulous. I always end up asking myself questions like, “Are those gloves ATTACHED to that lavender jacket?”; “Is that hair bow a clip or permanently attached to the wig?”; “Can she sit down in that white stalagmite dress without severe injury to herself?” So many questions. Such intriguing fug. Conversely I kind of feel bad for Mischa.

    Therefore after careful deliberation I had to cast my vote in favor of Lady Gaga even though I can’t stand looking at her much longer.

  52. Mrs O

    Holy crap! That first Gaga Picture looks like her head is on backwards! Doesn’t make her fuglier or more tragic than Mischa, though.

  53. Claire

    To GATU BELA: Lady GaGa is a DJ/Producer/Singer. Her song “Poker Face” is the second most downloaded song off of the US iTunes Store at the moment. Her other song, which came out earlier, is called “Just Dance,” and I think it was the number 1 downloaded song for a couple of weeks. It’s a surprisingly catchy song. She’s always dressing in wacky costumes, but her music is fun to dance to.

    Here is the little spiel on her iTunes home page:

    “Lady GaGa is hosting a pop music overthrow and you’re all invited. The first weapon in her arsenal is a glamorous, athletic voice that recalls Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. Second are the beats – meaty, big, and bouncy – stretching from Detroit to Miami to Ibiza and beyond. Third is a thirst for bombast – reflected in her lyrics, performance, and fashion – revealing an admiration for Bowie, Queen, and Andy Warhol. Her singles “Poker Face” and “Just Dance” are worldwide smashes and she’s shared stages with New Kids On the Block and the Pussycat Dolls. If you don’t know who Lady GaGa is yet, welcome to Earth. Make yourself at home. Now surrender to Lady GaGa’s charms.”

    I agree with everyone who says that her outfits scream “Look at ME,” but somehow – unlike Katy Perry- her brand of Fug seems sort of joyful and performative. It’s still a celebration. She’s not as divine as SWINTON or as committed to the crazy as Solange, but she’s still fun to look at. Voting for Mischa is a pity vote. I choose to celebrate!

  54. Sherri

    Mischa Barton reminds me of my least favorite Barbie doll when I was 9 — the one who’s hair I’d tried to style, with marker makeup, who only got to wear what my more favorite Barbies wouldn’t be caught dead end (like the home made stuff). Just…sad. And neglected. And in need of her own Townhouse or something.

  55. nikkers

    That was hard

  56. erin

    LG looks like a Carroll Burnett character in the first pic.

  57. Kates

    Oh, Markie Post. I’m having a wistful “Night Court” memory moment…

    but as for the fug, Mischa’s relentless awful posture and continuous punishment of her breasts has to take the victory.

    Isn’t that Heather Locklear’s wedding dress (from the Tommy Lee as groom collection)?

  58. Lindsey R

    Some people, unbelievably, still respect Lady Gaga and her career is on the rise, which makes her more dangerous than our burnt-out star Mischa. Therefore, I vote LG.

  59. camille

    True confessions: I kind of LIKE Mischa’s napkin dress. I mean, I would like it if she’d hike it up to its (and her boobs’) correct location, and stand up straight.

  60. lelo

    Dear Ms. Ga:

    I sort of love you. The dress that is…crystalized? It’s like you’re a Waltt Disney Ice Princess on crack. And your fascination with matte nude leotards, shoes, makeup, etc…it’s terrifying. By which I mean awesome.

    Well done, kid. You win MY vote!

  61. Kim

    Clearly the winner must be…..BARTON BY A SLOUCH!!!!!

  62. colleen

    i ended up voting for gaga because she makes me gag. i couldn’t vote for mischa because she does look really sad as someone else mentioned and i didn’t want her to break. why is mischa so sad???? her fug just doesn’t reign supreme or at all, so i couldn’t really do it.

  63. Maddy

    I voted Mischa Barton because Lady GaGa is in character, to match her videos and music. I also wouldn`t count stage outfits in this race.

  64. SINNYC

    Yesterday I thought I’d go with Gaga… but today I realize there is a certain waywardness to poor little Mischa. Such a pretty face… and a decent career… why does her wardrobe look like she stole it from a middle-schooler circa 1990?

  65. janehoya

    I feel like you have to vote Gaga on this one, for one important reason. Hatred of headbands and slouching aside, which girl’s ensembles would you detest yourself less for wearing, if forced? I choose a doily-valance dress over a nude leotard every time, and thus, I must vote for Lady G.

  66. Gabby

    Poor Mischa! Why the long face? Why the long cleavage??? Good posture and a good bra cost nothing, mon cheri. And they do SO much for our appearance. You must try it sometime!

  67. Anonymous

    I found it difficult, this. While I find everything about Gagag loathsome, including her name, at least she is TRYING to offend me. MB merely wants to be pretty and loved. So tragic I almost must avert my eyes.

  68. Ang

    Insane vs. lame…this is a tough one. I vote Mischa!

  69. Alex

    This one was unexpectetly tough – they ar both boring in their own style – old tricks, old dog.
    I need intern George to help me figure out criteria for voting. Could you send him my way, with a dry martini?

  70. Android

    Why does Mischa think it’s so fashionable to purposefully stand with pigeon toes? It really doesn’t help her HORRIBLE posture.

  71. Anonymous

    You know, I think, upon closer inspection of the subject’s face, that “Lady” Gaga dresses like that because she’s not actually that pretty. Crazy costumes deflect attention away from an inferior bone structure and therefore she doesn’t have to be compared to or compete with more attractive pop starlettes.

  72. Susie

    This was a tough one. Until I went through Mischa’s archives. Dear god, girl, get a grip! Did y’all see the one with her denim-legging camel-toe situation? That alone was enough to earn my vote.

  73. Suzannah

    This was a tough one…Gaga’s “Look at me! Look at me!” vs. Mischa’s “What? This? There’s nothing wrong with what I’m wearing.”

    The final vote went to Mischa…it was the posture destruction in the final photo that got me – plus the fact that I think she sincerely thinks that she’s pulling off cutting edge fashion.

  74. Adrian

    I’m going with Barton. At least Gaga is kinda coy and unapologetic about her ensembles. Mischa just seems like a sad sack hell bent on making her figure look as dumpy/frumpy as she possibly can

  75. Soup

    Can I vote for Lady Gaga just for having an embarrassing and infantile stage name? Surely that is some kind of linguistic fug?

  76. Kate

    Oooh, that sad sack Mischa’s wearing in that last photo sealed the deal. She could take this whole thing!!

  77. Megan P

    Can Mischa have a role in that Lifetime movie?

    I’m pretty sure she would appreciate it (as well as producers of headbands and whatever misguided designers created all those suede fringed items she wore this year, unless it’s possible that she actually did steal that stuff from Cher…)

    She could be Susan Lucci’s wayward teenage daughter and give us-one last time-the Marissa Cooper Special: snobbery, wooden acting, angsty wailing…

  78. Kat

    I had to go with Mischa solely based on the fact that she is just dressing casually, and can’t seem to put it together. But Gaga looks like she is actively trying to dress in costume- leotards aside- I would put on her stuff as a bet, but nothing would have me putting on that trash that Barton is wearing.

  79. Anonymous

    Will someone please STOP the PANTSLESSNESS! Because my 12 year old daughter thinks Lady Gaga is “pretty”, I must send a message to the world. No matter how great your legs may be, pantslessness is never pretty.

  80. Jill

    This is another of those where stage costumes are battling actual outfits. Plus, you don’t call yourself “Lady Gaga” unless you are begging for attention in any way possible. I don’t even know who she is, a singer?

    Mischa gets my vote, though there are much fuglier contestants who would have beat her handily in a head-to-head matchup.

  81. Peggy

    Mischa is so sad.

  82. bulaklak

    It’s definitely a tough call, but in the end, I have to say that at least Lady GaGa has some sort of style, or is trying to. Ms. Barton is just a sad old mess.

  83. Challis

    Any other DOG the Bounty Hunter watchers out there that noticed that Lady Gaga looks like a cracked-out, interplanetary version of Baby-Lessa?
    (And, really, “baby lessa” they are really going ot hang on to that one for her whole life?! gotta admire the dedication)

  84. miss lucky

    Isn’t it clear that all this is simply distraction from the SWINTON/Perry fug supremacy? I really wish they’d have ended up in different brackets because that is the real contest. Lady Gaga WISHES she were Katy Perry and SWINTON observes it all from her throne, knowing these upstarts can’t possibly comprehend the philosophy of real fug.

    I vote GaGa here because at least she doesn’t always look bored and sleepy.

  85. Anonymous

    Those headbands cause me too much of an acid flashback to pick Gaga. The headbands of FUG!!!!

  86. grandaudiomaster

    Go, Gaga, go, go all the way! Please win, lose. Win this battle and not lose your ugly fug.

  87. Alex

    Gaga’s like a one hit wonder (No Pants On) whereas Misha mixes up her fug. Gotta give it to Misha!

  88. VeraCharles

    Judges and Organizers,

    Lady Gaga is a performer. She is costumed by a large group of people. She has a cadre of twentysomething stylists who work tirelessly to create her novelty get-ups. It’s theater and I truly do not believe that she should be a candidate in a FUG contest. It would be like nominating Jane Fonda for her current role on Broadway. Mischa Barton is a fractured personality hanging on to sanity by a few threads of nylon and hair crimper. Mischa throws together these oddball outfits in complete and utter seriousness. Her pathetic and confused appearances on public streets, in restaurants and openings deserve the highest degree of FUG recognition. I must strenuously object to this bracket, and respectfully ask that Gaga be disqualified and Mischa be given a worthy competitor.

    Yours Fugly,

    Vera Charles

  89. Diane


    I can barely stand to look at these two any more. Can we just kick them both out on the grounds that they’re really annoying? After all, it’s not like Lady Look at Meeeee or her incredibly depressing challenger stand a chance against the much more inspiring fug of our other finalists.

    But since I have to choose, I’m going for Gaga based on that fabulous crystal dress, which would not look out of place on much more accomplished fuggers. Perhaps she’s been shopping with Bai Ling? If so, please, please comtinue!

  90. Jeanie

    I’m so glad to see that Mischa is winning. Her clothes always seem to wear HER. M.B.’s clothes are often slipping down her chest, too big or too short and always plain fugly. I secretly love Lady Gaga’s crazy outfits. She fancys herself as a performance artist which explains alot of her getups. I really love the white dress with faux crystals. I think she looks beautiful in it.

  91. Amazingal

    GaGa FTW, because she’s secretly kind of an awesome cracked-out-Alice-in-Wonderland character.

  92. Emily

    Sure Mischa’s fug is more depressing but “performer” or no, Lady Gaga’s eyelashes in that picture with the white dress make “New York”‘s (of “Flavor of Love”/”I Love New York”) trannytastic eye fringe look natural. That scares me! And the pantlessness…oi vey! I can’t NOT vote for someone who looks like the leotard-obsessed lovechild of Dee Snider & Madonna.

    It doesn’t *really* matter though as I don’t think either of them will be able to topple Aubrey O’Day (a real tour de FUG), the whacked-out sartorial hijinks of Solange or that mighty goddess of fug, Le SWINTON.

  93. suzy

    Next March, can we please, please have four separate brackets for
    1) crazily-costumed-attention-hos (Bai, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry)
    2)serious-but-delusional fuggers (Mischa, Posh, SWINTON, Beyonce)
    3)the youthful and misdirected (Momson, Deyn, LiLo)and
    4)the old-enough/rich enough-to-know-better (Stone, Madonna, SJP, Rinna)???

    One of each would “win” his/her bracket, then we could vote on who does his/her individual brand of fug best. As it is, we are comparing apples and onions, and it doesn’t make sense. And often makes my head hurt.

  94. Jenna

    Lady GaGa is AMAZING in her fugness. Mischa just looks sad and pathetic. VOTE MISCHA!

  95. testington

    Eh, I would give Lady Gaga a pass for “costumers” or “stage wear” but as far as costumes go they are still pretty fugly, ill-fitting, unflattering or just plain dumb.

    Katie Perry at least has fun, inventive costumes Lada Gaga is just all leotards and make-up that ages her by 15 years

  96. amyslittlesister

    Neither of these deserves to win. Mischa looks pitiable, like Jenna says. Someone at the facility said, “Honey, dress ‘way up! You get to go outside today! You may choose from what’s in this big box!”

    It’s like it’s not her fault.

    And LG looks like she’s TRYING to annoy us.

  97. Anonymous

    Both are guilty of BAD eye make-up, bad tights, bad hair decisions (headbands and “hair”bows – either way – FAIL) bad taste in general. But Mischa is entirely genuine in her fuggery, and that is so sad.

  98. Laura

    Mischa’s nipples are making a desperate attempt to hold up that dress.

    At least when Lady Gaga’s parts are on the verge of showing, one is pretty sure she did it on purpose.

    Going with Mischa on this one!

  99. Kitty

    I’m pretty sure Gaga knows she looks ridiculous and enjoys it. I’m pretty sure Mischa thinks she looks good. My vote goes to Mischa because she needs a wakeup call.

  100. Kirby

    Rats. This is the first one where I genuinely can’t decide and really need to be strict with my criteria. Helpless or hopeless? Overdone or underdone? Deliberate or desperate?

    I’m going to flip a coin. Heads, Mischa, ‘cos her very pretty one deserves better treatment, and tails, Lady Miss G, ‘cos we’ve seen so much of hers.

    Here goes……

    Mischa it is.

  101. heatha

    lady gaga has succeeding in outfitting herself so fuggingly that i don’t even know what her face looks like. if you showed me a picture of her face on its own, i’m certain i wouldn’t recognize it, as you can’t look at just one part of the Ga, you need to see the head-to-toe. and she’s ridiculous. this is what overproduced pop stars SHOULD look like. her fug is epic.

    when it comes to mischa, she too dresses for her life role: teen drama has-been. if that was her goal, then someone give her a blue ribbon asap. if not, then let’s all agree that girlfriend needs a stylist and an acting gig more than she needs to be in this year’s fug final four.

    at this point in the competition i really have to go with amazing fug over sad fug. viva la gaga!

  102. jerkygirl

    This one wasn’t so hard for me. It was “fug most of the time, but sometimes looks kinda neat” (Lady Gaga, and I will admit that I kind of dig that big black hat ensemble up there) vs. “FUG!!! FUG!!! ALL THE TIME FUG!!! NEVER HAVE I EVER SEEN YOU NOT LOOK FUG!!!” (Mischa B.) Mischa’s fug ANNOYS ME TO NO END AND DOESN’T EVEN HAVE ANY KIND OF POINT TO IT OTHER THAN, OTHER THAN, OH NEVER MIND. Fugscha Fugton wins this round for moi.

  103. Brooke

    Dare I say at least Lady Ga Ga’s clothes are at least made to fit HER body? Every single thing Mischa wears looks either a. waaay too small b. like its falling off or c. waaaayy too big. Lady Ga Ga is playing a part, albiet a very strange one.

  104. AKN

    WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO? Is she aware that a crazy lady is adapting her schtick into a soft porn pop musical (which I would actually really love to see)?…

    However, all Apple IIe gaming nostalgia aside, my vote belongs to Mischa. She doesn’t merely entertain. She AWES.

  105. Meghan

    i’ll take wild & crazy fug any day! go, go GAGA!!!! screw pants!!!

  106. AnnieA

    Why would a 23-year-old WANT to look like a 50-year-old drag queen? Lady Gag to win…

  107. weyes

    as has already been said, gaga is dressing like this for attention. it’s simple: mischa is genuinely clueless and therefore deserves to win.

  108. FugThis

    Oh Mischa…you’re just so sad and misdirected. Lady Gaga, while making me gag-a, is as everyone has pointed out, playing a character. Mischa is just plain fugly – Keds, headbands, tablecloths and all!

  109. Josiecat

    I went Mischa. lady gaga has the costume thing going, its terrible, but there’s an argument there for ‘personal statement’ Mischa is beautiful and can’t seem to dress herself in anything remotely flattering. What is wrong with her!? That’s not a statement, that’s just sad.

  110. jen310

    Lady Gaga is the greater assultress of fashion than Little Miss Mischa. Both are seeking attention but Gaga just eeks out a win over Mishca for me. The people seem to love Mischa’s brand of fug more though for her to make it this far. That’s okay because Mischa will not be able to withstand the fug smackdown that’s coming her way from the mighty SWINTON in the next match-up. Viva la SWINTON!

  111. Joslyn

    Lady GaGa’s ensembles, such as they are, come from her very on Haus of GaGa. (!) Mischa’s just look like they came from her kid sister’s floor. (Her first bratty kid sister, who disappeared for three years only to be replaced by the initially annoying but eventually kind of awesome mini-Marissa)
    Lady GaGa FTW, hands down. I am dying to see her and Katy Perry Fight To The Pain, but alas, it is looking unlikely.

  112. Tracy

    I am so excited to see my Mischa/SWINTON finals coming to fruition!!!

    THAT one will be the hard one, my friends.

  113. Corin

    Lady Gaga creeps….me….out

  114. Jen

    I could smack Barton for both her headbands and that stupid knock-kneed pose she does. At least Gaga has a career. Why am I even forced to look at Barton?

  115. Josie

    hmmm, I was going with Mischa, but the grand fugliness of it all convinced me to go ga-ga. Mischa is a little boringly fug, lacking in guidance fug. Gaga is purposefully fug, and this is the year of the aggressive fug!

  116. Lisa

    It’s Misha’s GD butt-ugly headbands that sealed the deal for me.

  117. Summer

    Voting Gaga was an easy choice. Mischa’s just a mess, but Lady Gaga BRINGS IT.

    She gets bonus points because it took me about a month to figure out that she is, in actuality, a biological girl. Totally thought she was in drag for a while there, and how can I not respect that level of fug?

  118. Solaera

    In that first picture of Mischa she looks just like one of those misguided flower girls who traipse through restaurants harrassing couples…those chicks are always wearing cheap, short, tight, lacey frocks and heels they can hardly walk in.

  119. Dana

    I agree with those who think Mischa dresses like she’s forgotten (or just doesn’t care) what her body looks like. Nothing seems to fit right or flatter her in any way. Lady Gaga’s fugness is more like a costume, but at least her clothes fit. I’ll bet when she doesn’t want to be recognized (is that possible?) she succeeds quite well.
    Mischa, this one’s all yours, Kitten.

  120. Ana

    This was difficult- the headbans did it.
    Go Misha, join the greater fuggers, Solange is ready to eat you, but swinton will not even notice you.

  121. Funkenberry

    I can forgive tacky hoes. You know, they’re just doin’ ho activities, with ho tendencies. But bad fashion hurts. It hurts everyone. Mischa got my vote.

  122. Risha

    How on earth is that napkin dress staying on?!? There has to be some sort of adhesive involved.

    With that said, I voted Gaga, as Mischa has already advanced well past her actual level of fug. Her clothes aren’t actually ugly and/or insane, just poorly fitting, and badly matched and accessorized.

  123. Suze

    Yes, it must be Mischa. People like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Katie (Jordan?) Price are just dressing in costume for their personas. If they didnt’ dress that way, who would they be??? People like Mischa Barton and Swinton actually think they are being fashionable and they fail miserably. The final showdown MUST BE Mischa and Swinton!!!

  124. Patrick

    From these two pictures? I secretly think Gaga is kind of awesome. The crystal dress is wack-tackular, and the second incognito one reminds me of Kim Basinger from the opening in ‘My Stepmother is an Alien’. And it’s ALL GOOD when Alyson Hannigan is attacked by an Alien Bag.

    Mischa for the win!

  125. MookieD510

    I second that Scott.

    Whatever Gaga does it’s all about her gimmick. If she just wore twin sets and pencil skirts no one would pay any attention.

    Also, I may be sorely mistaken but i don’t remember Mischa dressing all cracked out when she first made it i.e. had a job/the O.C. I only noticed the change when she lost relevancy.

  126. Amanda

    I have to abstain on this one. Both of these people annoy me to the point of violence, and I refuse to cave in to their endless “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME” attention-seeking by rewarding either one of them with my vote. IT WILL JUST ENCOURAGE THEM, PEOPLE.

  127. Nan in CT/USA

    Gotta go with Mischa. She actually thinks this stuff looks good.

  128. Sharon

    Lady Gaga’s clothes scream “WOO HOO! Excuse me? Fame whore looking for attention, right here!”

    Mischa’s clothes scream, “I smell like PEE!”

    Mischa, you got it girl.

  129. Kamiana

    Lady Gaga went on Leno wearing her hosiery OVER her underwear. I will never forgive her for that.

  130. pelijenni

    I’m voting for delusional fug as well…. Go Barton! …and against gloryhounds every where. Down with CaCa! (yes, that’s what I said.)

  131. Flahdagal

    Mischa is the real fug. That other thing, whose name I shall not type, is just trying too hard. It’s not fug, it’s just bad performance art.

  132. annek

    Lady Gaga is gag-worthy, but come on, she’s kind of cute. Like a Kewpie doll with a bottomless trunk of inappropriate costumes. But Mischa…. those are just poor, poor choices.

  133. Pico

    Like Andrea, I was going to abstain because I find both of them too heinous to encourage. But then I saw Angela’s post comparing Mischa to Gwynnie (“sartorial superiority complex” –YES!) and I was released from my fugatory of indecision. Thanks for re-opening the comments section, Girls–meltdown averted!!!

  134. Roxy mc Duff

    I actually think coop’s tablecloth dress is nice..reminds me a bit of a dreamdress i had one time. She does look a little unhappy and useless however..ut still i HATE lady gaga

  135. Roxy mc Duff

    I actually think coop’s tablecloth dress is nice..reminds me a bit of a dreamdress i had one time. She does look a little unhappy and useless however..ut still i HATE lady gaga

  136. Goblin


    I. Can’t. Dee. Cide.

  137. Jami

    Does anyone else think Lady GaGa looks like Janice from the Muppets?

  138. NYCExPat

    Angela from the top of the comment thread so eloquently summed up my fug philosophy, that I’m just going to repost her comment:
    “Lady Gaga’s brand of fuggery is just silliness. Mischa, on the other hand, has the Mary-Kate/Gwyneth sartorial superiority complex, wherein one believes that one is spectacularly and uniquely stylish. Much more complex and therefore interesting.”

  139. may

    mischa dresses fine, this is not an even match. lady gaga truly IS gaga, mischa is pretty and wears pretty dresses.

  140. Sandra

    Is Lady Gaga performing a character? Really? I think she thinks this is the bomb.

    Barton is boring, Gaga is fug to the core.

  141. Megan

    I’m voting Gage here, because her false eyelashes in that first picture are bigger than 95% of drag queens that I know.

  142. Jennaratrix

    I have to go with Mischa here only because I NEVER WANT TO SEE LADY GAGA AGAIN. Okay? Please?

  143. Melisa

    Like the Aubrey O’Day/Courtney Love contest, this one is so tough I have to vote based on how prolific the fug is. Did you know Mischa has been fugged 22 times since last March?! Now that’s dedication.

  144. Sharon

    May, who posted at 1:10 p.m. scared me.

    Then I realized she was being ironic and sarcastic and really does know that Mischa is a hot mess.

    But, maybe she was being serious and actually likes Mischa’s wardrobe… Br-r-r-r-r-r-r! Scary!

    Oh, I am being silly. No one could really approve of those clothes. Ha ha… she was making a joke. Ha ha! I needed a good laugh.

    Unless she isn’t kidding… hmmm… there are some crazy people with computers…

    I think I’ll just go to a site that has puppies and kittens and hope they don’t bite me or scratch me.

  145. Gabi

    Mischa FTW!!!

    Not only am I really sick of looking at Gaga’s ladyparts but I think her outfits are all carefully chosen ( a la Katy Perry ) for maximum press whore-essness while Misha has been hailed as a style icon & thinks she looks really great. Her whole career now consists of making minor appearances in “hip” outfits which almost makes me sad for her (except for the whole getting paid for nothing thing).

  146. Amanda

    I’ve been voting against Gaga since day 1. Greater fug has gone down because of her fame whoring. Mischa Barton has somehow convinced the world that she is a cutting edge, style icon… She is a force to be reckoned with. END GAGA’S REIGN OF TERROR. MISCHA FOR THE BRACKET!

  147. Sam

    I’ve been voting for Lady Gaga this whole time, but now that the two of them are up against each other, i’m going to have to go with Mischa. Lady Gaga revels in her ridiculous outfit choices, but Mischa is sadly deluded into thinking that she actually has style.

  148. Kris

    Lady Gaga looks so…. well…OVERCOOKED.
    And Misha just looks droopy and wilted.
    Their fugly’s not even fresh or good.

    I feel like I’m standing before a $1.99, All-You-Can-Eat buffet at Billy Bo Bob’s Diner in Toadsuck, Arkansas. I’ve paid my money, but I don’t want ANY of what these two have to offer.

  149. Kevin

    This was the hardest one yet!

  150. Gabi

    Mischa FTW!!!

    Not only am I really sick of looking at Gaga’s ladyparts but I think her outfits are all carefully chosen ( a la Katy Perry ) for maximum press whore-essness while Misha has been hailed as a style icon & thinks she looks really great. Her whole career now consists of making minor appearances in “hip” outfits which almost makes me sad for her (except for the whole getting paid for nothing thing).

  151. Liv

    Gaga is trying. Mischa is. Barton gets my vote.

  152. Sarah

    My girlfriend (who is french) said Lady Gaga’s second outfit is “class,” so I had to vote for Mischa and her “little ole me” pigeon toed stance and her redundant use of the flower-child headband. Also, I am really hoping to see on of her monikers in use again…

  153. Anonymous

    at least gaga is going for an outrageous, costume, ”my life is a music video” look, whereas barton actually thinks thats how she should dress. not okey. barton got my vote.

  154. Kristan

    Okay, maybe I’m crazy, but I didn’t mind the middle two outfits (Mischa’s white crotch arrow and Gaga’s black space lady outfit). Am I sick or something?

    But anyway, I fugged Mischa because she’s supposed to be cute/darling starlet or something, and Gaga is obviously crazy artist personality. I mean HELLO, her stage name is LADY GAGA.

  155. Anonymous

    I had to vote Mischa, because I get the feeling Lady Gaga only wears those outfits to get attention, KNOWING they are awful and knowing she would never wear them if she wasn’t so desperate to be photographed. But I get the distinct impression that Mischa actually thinks she looks good. That, my friends, is true fugliness!

  156. Belle

    Gagagagaga thinks she is god’s gift to the world. Hard as this is to process, I don’t think the whole sans pants business is meant to be tongue in cheek. She is genuinely making a “fashion” statement. Someone needs to stop her. She’d probably take this award like the first step on the way to her costume installation at the MET (her stated goal), so I’m still hoping someone other than Gaga takes the eventual crown. Ugh I detest her though.

  157. Melissa

    Yes, Solange has the muppet-wearing category of fug wrapped up and we need Mischa to REPRESENT in the sad, crumpled, underachieving fug category.

  158. Anne B

    Gaga is a too-studied pro. Mischa is a gifted newcomer to the world of fug, and she must be handled with the gentle art of mock.

    There is a difference between dressing to attract attention, and dressing because THAT’S HOW YOU DRESS.

    Mischa and those headbands! It’s like people keep giving her boxes of chcoloate and that’s where she puts what binds them, on her head. (“Ohh, you guyyyyys! Sweeeet! I’ll eat some now. Maybe not. Pretty band, though. Don’t you love this band?”) And then she walks away, leaving a trail of chocolates and broken dreams in her wake.

    It’s Mischa for me. Her feet haven’t pointed in the same direction for a decade, and my auntie wants her cream lace window treatment back, but Mischa is championship-grade fug.

    Gaga, for her part, needs to think long and hard about how any role she’s playing is so important that she needs to butcher a Snuggie for an innocent pub crawl. That warm hooded blanket-garment did nothing to her — yet she deprived it of all style and warmth, for her own selfish ends.

    Search your soul, Gaga. Is it worth it?

  159. Jael_Paris

    Why does everyone say Gaga is playing a character, but no one makes that argument for Solange? At least Solange never claimed to be a fashion revolutionary.

  160. yankintex

    Okay, I voted for Gaga even though I actually kind of like both outfits above, in a costumey, look at me kind of way. Mischa just looks so sad to me. I feel sorry for her. But really, I voted for Gaga because I’m STILL thinking about that nude body suit/peacoat/hair hairbow ensemble. And I think that outfit alone makes her the fugger of the year.

  161. tigerstripes

    Jami nailed it — “Does anyone else think Lady GaGa looks like Janice from the Muppets?” Deadly and accurate.

    I have to go with Mischa. True, albeit sad, fug. Just the headbands alone, then when you factor in all the ‘wilted flower’ outfits, that’s some sad fug.

  162. Gabrielle

    I am SO TIRED of Mischa believeing she is a tru style icon.
    Not so lady, no so.
    At least Gaga has a theatrical feel about her bizarre shopping outfits.

  163. Anonymous

    Come on people, Lady Gaga doesn’t wear pants! How can that not win?!

  164. Anonymous

    GaGa goes for the shock factor. It is her image, it’s the entire point of all her wacky outfits. And she definitely knows how to color-coordinate.

    Mischa, on the other hand, lacks style completely and utterly. I don’t understand why blondes just haven’t learned yet – beige/cream washes you out, stay away from it for god’s sake! Wearing a drapes-and-napkins combination doesn’t help, either.

    Mischa all the way.

  165. whitney

    Mischa makes my face angry. I would stab a small child for her figure/face and yet she chooses to wear the ugliest, most unflattering, sevigny clothes in existence. I cannot abide.

  166. Mandy

    The first picture of Lady Gaga:
    If you look at the outfit from the thighs and up.. it looks like her head is on her body backwards.

    Has anyone else noticed that Gaga has got increasingly ugly? She was decent before, but if you watch her video for “Love Game”, her face is like 3 times the size it used to be. What the hell happened?

  167. Jenn

    Mischa has my vote.. does the girl own a bra? Does she know what one is?? Or even that double sided tape? And *knocks wood* while Lady Gaga doesn’t know what pants are… fortunately for us, she doesn’t know what those headbands are and has not yet contracted Mischapheobe-itis.

  168. Wanda

    It’s probably in Gaga’s best interest to keep her face covered and her legs exposed. Mischa on the other hand is a self-destructive mess.

  169. Anna

    Mishca, Mischa, Mischa. I’m sick of Lady Gaga.

  170. pam

    Even Mischa’s dress is frowning because it feels the absolute fugness that it can only achieve on Mischa’s tired, washed-out body

  171. janice


    Fug has all but defeated her. A win here might give her the strength to turn the tables and take a)her fug in hand, and b)us down roads of unknown Fug by Mischa, which are surely potholed with Fug. Intern George would probably want to come out and lend his suave assistance from time to time. It’s just a win-win. Go Mischa!

  172. Vandalfan, North Idaho

    Ga-ga is a joke, Misha is a serious as a heart attack.

  173. Anonymous

    Let’s Mischa have this one.
    Also: poor dear will NEVER get any closer to SWINTON than during Fug Madness 2009. I know; it’s blasphemous of me even mentioning them in the same sentence…

  174. Anonymous

    I agree with many of the posts above. Gaga is playing a character and using her clothes to get attention.
    Barton is just trying to be cool and still comes off looking hopeless!

  175. helen

    oh, lady gaga. you are indeed stepping all over territory that has already invnted. and discovered. and been conquered. by peaches. i cannot support that! mischa, really, does take the cake with her day to day attempts to wow us with her loveliness despite even more attempts to destroy it. mischa for the win.

  176. Anonymous

    I would just like to point out that Lady Gaga has re-purposed Bert’s eyebrow as poorly-aligned false lashes. Not even Muppets are safe from this woman. She must be stopped.

  177. SherriH

    Mischa really thinks she’s an edgy dresser, I THINK — does she have no idea she’s totally not even close to being edgy? No one should go out of the house looking like she does most of the time. And I think she might be pretty underneath the bad clothes; lank, dull hair; poor makeup and very bad posture. Her choice of boyfriends always has seemed questionable and her tv and movie career is — well, has she done anything besides that Orange County show? Poor thing. She needs a little love, and someone to match her Grr-animals in the morning.

  178. Elfrieda

    Gotta go with Mischa. A bunch of leotards do not make a body of work.

    Go, Mischa!

  179. Anne B

    Whitney, did you just use “sevigny” as an adjective? As in, “Can you see that girl in the orange rickrack pirate shirt? I would NEVER wear a sevigny thing like that.”

    Well played, Poster Whitney! You are Teh Awesome.

  180. Meghan

    Argh! This is a hard one- strange versus just plain ugly…. At least Gaga looked like she put some effort into her looking crazy, Miss Barton just looks like a bag lady… Barton FTW.

  181. Kaz

    I agree with many of the other folks who’ve commented, that at least Lady Gaga’s clothes seem to fit, even if she does indeed seem to be allergic to pants. Mischa’s clothes seem sloppy, and ill fitting too much of the time. Sack-like, even.

  182. Gina

    I’m surprised I thought Gaga would be in the lead, this just means I am not the only one who has disliked Mischa since she first turned up. You know what I think Mischa should win now because she wears horrible things and ppl applaud her, even as the OC character for petes sake. She is fug and if she insists on being ever-present the world should realize it.

  183. Katherine

    Unh, this is distasteful. The reason I now have to vote(unenthusiastically)for Mischa Barton is the same reason why other people voted her to defeat Madonna. See, while there’s no way this upstart Lady Gaga can compete with Her Madgesty, L. Gaga is a working performer, and you know? Not an altogether uncreative and uninteresting one. Mischa is, again, sad, sad, sad, sad, fug, fug, fug, fug, fug. Applying the same logic to this match up as to the previous one, Barton it must be.

  184. jennifer

    Does Lady Gaga’s face in photo 1 remind anyone else of Uncle Miltie?

  185. eek

    You know this is the first matchup I’ve seen of total opposites. I mean CaCa is a nightmare but she IS coordinated and if she’s on drugs it’s definitely meth cuz she puts a lot of care and attention into how horrible she looks. But Mischa. Oh Mischa is just so sloppy and disheveled and confused. She would be too much pot smoking, me thinks. Just shakes her head, goes woah! If I don’t get out to that cut rate appearance all the goodie bags’ll be gone and then my pictures won’t be out there and I’ll have to face the fact that I don’t actually have a career. Oh look here’s something that’s probably a dress….

    Who do I vote for???

  186. Karina Miatantri

    ‘Cause it’s sooo hard to choose one of these girls, I tried to read the comments, which usually helps. But after reading half of them, DEAR GOD IT JUST GETS HARDER.

    If I was to choose based on the same reason why SWINTON keeps winning, then I will choose Gaga. But yes, Barton thinks she looks cute in those outfits. So…so…I can’t choose.

    Okay..after 5 minutes of contemplating, I think I’m gonna cast my vote on Gaga. Just cause I think Barton’s fugginess is too ordinary to be in the top four. We need more fun stuff like Gaga.

    Wow that was hard.

  187. lily

    Mischa, because she has a non-career and can’t stand up straight. At least Gaga has the balls to proudly show off her…whatever it is she’s wearing.

  188. Jody

    CONFESSION: I voted for Gaga before looking through Mischa’s portfolio. I thought – fugly, yes, but ho-hum stale fugly versus Gaga’s whacktacular displays.

    But then I read Dana’s post at 9:23: Wow, just took the tour through Mischa’s fugchives and it is a truly stunning array of styles she has attempted and slaughtered.

    I looked….went speechless…agreed.

    Mischa over Gaga. Final Four should be hers.

  189. Crandycorn

    Oh come on! How can Gaga thrash Jordan, and yet have trouble with this *thing*?
    You people need a nap.

  190. Alyxherself

    I’ll admit I have a grudge. I can’t stand rich girls who hang with broke stoner dudes and act all poor, and loudly resent their parents while they’re cashing their trust fund checks.

    Misha…leave the broke stoner dudes to the locals, buy some clothes that fit, and grow out of the OC. You are like, old.

  191. nikkol

    yes! this is way closer than i thought and mischa must win. i love lady gaga and she’s doing it for a show and we’re all watching, whether we’re loving or hating. mischa just looks dumpy and what is she doing again?

  192. debbi

    At least GaGa’s working. MB is just standing around crying out for help, or at least for someone to poke her in the spine and get her to stand up straight. GaGa FTW and for having the chutzpah to show her not so perfect thighs to the world.

  193. Khalessi

    Two words: HAIR. BOW. ‘Nuff said.

  194. AmberLotus

    This was the toughest vote for me thus far. I’ve never seen a single picture of Mischa Barton looking the way she SHOULD look. On the other hand, Gaga refuses pants at all times.


    This is almost impossible… I guess… well… based on body of work… Mischa? Man, this is gonna take awhile. Why is there no Gaga archive to help me???

  195. AshleeM

    Mischa wore a mock turtle neck, see through lace V tube dress in 2008. And was neither joking nor trying to sing at the time. She just WAS. Is there more to say?

  196. Anistons eggs

    Gaga is promoting herself as a DRAG QUEEN peoples! Yes as a genetic female she bears some resposibility but she cannot compete with the genius of FUG exhibited by Mischa– tragic Mischa who is a beauty from the shoulders up and cannot accept that fact.

  197. anna

    barton for the win.
    gaga’s just a persona. at least she’s got talent. crotch-worthy or not.
    that oc girl is just pathetic.

  198. Crandycorn

    I have to unburden. I actually love Gaga’s stalagmite dress! Despite the danger it poses to her and others, especially if she takes it to the freeways.
    I want one very badly for Halloween.

  199. mic

    Aww Mish is so sad, I can’t vote for her. Lady Gaga knows exactly what she’s doing with the pantless look and she gets my vote for supporting giant spider lashes.

  200. sema4

    Same deal as Solange and Bai really, the one is doing a sort of costume drama and the other is a boring little tick with the worst taste in tights ever seen ( apart from Solange).
    Mischa, if only for that white tent thing with something glued to the front of it.

  201. Sharell

    I thought Lady Gaga was just gross. That is until I realized she was the singer of that idiot song “Just Dance” (check out the lyrics here: http://www.metrolyrics.com/just-dance-lyrics-lady-gaga.html. They are mind-blowing) which was on a overhead-sound-system CD at my work and makes me want to puncture my own eardrums with an ice pick. I refuse to encourage her in any way.

    By the way, thanks to Heather for the mental image of Susan Lucci killing someone with a DustBuster. Totally made my night!

  202. Shawna S

    I secretly think Gaga is fashionable as a music persona (I know, I know, stab the crazy commenter). Regardless, Gaga is costume and Mischa seems to think she’s dressing sensibly. Someone needs to stop the sad frillies.

  203. Alix

    Oh Lady Gaga; you know what the worst part is? When I look at your Icicle outfit all I can think is: why those tan ankle boots? Surely you could have gotten some think spiky and white to match the rest. Seriously. If your are going to be the Ice Queen you have to COMMIT. Commit to your insanity or you end up looking sad and misguided like your competitor. Though I admit the lack of crotch is refreshing.

  204. Mara

    please yall, vote mischa–not only does gaga refuse to wear pants, but she wears nude pantyhose in its stead, with thongs and such!! no ma’am, she must be stopped. its unexcusable, cuz it’s more that just “look at me, i’m an attention whore!” but that she thinks she’s making some kind of profound statement…girl bye.

  205. Miss_Om

    Mischa has been truly heinous of late, but Lady GaGa actually makes me want to poke my eyes out with a mascara wand. GaGa wins THIS round.

  206. disti

    Lady GaGa is actually a fascinating creature. and the girl can perform live too!! *i like her better when she sings live*

  207. Gillian

    ooohhh it’s a close contest eh?
    Miss (lazy-posture) Misha is fuglier as Miss Gaga’s chosen duds are intentionally fug stage costumes.

  208. BunchOfFives

    I hope the world understands that I vote for Mischa because she is vile but SWINTON because she is awesome!

  209. Dolores

    YESSSSS, looks like Mischa is going to take this one! SO CLOSE!

    I think Gaga will be in with a better chance next year, Mischa is seasoned in FUG! Also, Mischa isn’t promoting a wacked out pop career. Just saying.

  210. Monica in Mass.

    The thing about Mischa is she is just pathetic. Lady Gaga, while not wearing much, does it with zest!

  211. Amanda

    Mischa to win Fug Madness 2009!

  212. Lisa T

    Love the comments. Why has no one mentioned that Paris is friends with one of these women?
    I’M going with Mischa. Bunch of fives- yes I totally get it.

  213. motherfugger

    Gaga is such an invented character, I can’t take her outfits as serious fuggery. I think she does it all for attention.

    Mischa on the other hand, dear sweet mischa, isn’t performing for anyone. unless, of course, she is trying to revive her dead career by keeping herself in GFY as much as possible. respeck, mischa.


  214. Al

    I have Gaga v. Perry in the Final 4-”Battle Hot Pants”. Come on people remeber the nude bodysuit!!!!

  215. ames

    I kind of dig Gaga’s black and red outfit. It’s like she picked it out just to make that pose for the pictures. Genius!

  216. noelle

    I had to vote for Gaga for the simple fact that people are starting to dress like her and this fuggery MUST be STOPPED!!!!!!
    I went to a party last friday and there it was…people wearing only LEOTARDS on the streets like it is OK to go out with NO PANTS!!!!!!

  217. Vera

    I don’t know why you picked two of Gaga’s more fabulous outfits to represent her in this competition. I can’t stand her or her clothes, but she actually looks cute here, as opposed to Misha.

    I still voted for Gaga because, seriously, what is up with the lack of pants and the hair bow?

  218. Poppy

    Noooo, don’t give Gaga anymore attention! She’s doing it deliberatly, maybe if we stay very quite and pretend we haven’t seen her she’ll get bored and wander off, like a wild animal.

    Mischa on the other hand genuinley seems to think she’s a fashonista, and she must realise that droopy is NOT an acceptable look at any time (take note, Maggie and Kirsten).